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"guy leila no" Discussed on Yesteryear Old Time Radio

"What did you say Mr. Braswell come ridenour and tell me everything found out. I'm just done curiosity. Comfortable take the show put. BAGS! His still far he. beat up at never mind the needlepoint. Who? Let me like to shake off all volume, and then you tell me Alabama. Nossa Guy Leila No, no, thank you. Know Chicago. I've been given them up giving them up. Wouldn't know you without a shake off Rachmat. would be like shaven off you much. I've had given them up. Had To. Really I. Don't know who we going around with. These days thrive mountain, and I don't. See. Anything but shy women are never satisfied. All again proven a mine. Foul many now passionately I like the Schnell Shea Gosh Mo- it show masculine. The Shah dot like Amanda feel he can be comfortable when he's with me well, this has nothing to do with any woman Leigh Life. That's what you think. The. DOCTOR'S ORDERS! You've been to a doctor. Wasn't gonNA. Say. Anything about at least. It isn't anything serious. Well. We'll die tomorrow I guess, but what did he say? Five Mile Auden? What did he tell you well? You know how doctors Eilly. I never tell you anything. Always trying to make you think there's nothing wrong. He told me I'd better go a little easy. Particularly guys. You and. Elaine. Let me get you. Know. Don't bother Leila. Let me, put it behind your head. Ethically. Leila. Crawled Ni. I like it. Just, let me move I. SA- guy the other pocket. Broken. Given up, she. Oh, I have. Just had this left? Couldn't bear to throw it away. I, just carry it around with me and snippet when things get bad. Bad show. Shy! my last guy. Tell your trough my. BODY SHAVE IT! It's my silver bullet. Now, now let's try to be cheerful them at. Tell me that Mr PD. What did you find? PEAVY! Come to think of it. I didn't find out a thing, not a thing. John Oh. Hey, I thought. You by George I can't help admiring meal. Fellow that many men in this town would have done what he did. Just walk out like that. I think show admirable. Wrong thing to do but. I do admire him for doing it. I never would have done it. I know that. Because you too much central responsibilities off, Martin. He's because I haven't the nerve now. That's not true why you have more than anybody, I ever knew. I'm not talking about physical courage, Leila. Nola. I think about TV. Just lighting out like that. I realized how dull and colorless my own life has been. Shark Ma. Can you. Know, that's true. Who knows if I'd handle things differently. Taking the bull by the horns struck Liley I hot. WHO KNOWS LEILA? Things might be different today. I might be happily married by now. I might be almost anything. It's too late. You know thrive my line. He wasn't saying much today. But I couldn't help noticing. There was a new light of his I a new spring in his step. He proves I think to himself. Approve something to his wife to. Prove he was master in his own home. They Mash to thrive my heart in Yaw. Decision that's the thing I wish. The auto dealers, a man who is capable of making great Shea Shen Throckmorton. have. Could never be interested in any man who didn't know his own mind. I think the thing about you hours. Man That you don't rush into things. Look not the shallow type who? Proposes to the fish. Kelly runs into fake Zion. All marriage, the first girly proposes to but once y'all mind is made up about anything gracious. I wouldn't get to oppose how I can tell you. Maybe. After all took P forty years to get around to doing what he did. Yes by George I'm not GonNa waste any forty years you WANNA make up your mind Leila. That's the thing and don't be too cautious, either after all the only live once you want to enjoy like you wanna live to the for. Sure Mile Hatton shell right, you know. By George is a big day for me. Leela and you re not. ally. Yup. Made up my mind about a lot of things from now on no more nonsense yards to leave no more pussyfooting, make decisions take action being being live life to the fall. Watch Kanodia fish decision drop. Leila. Stock! Have you got a match. I'm going back to cigars..

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