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49ers Super Bowl Preview & Prop Bets (Ep. 783)

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49ers Super Bowl Preview & Prop Bets (Ep. 783)

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GPS Ed Cox in one of those guys penetration you fucking sandy super. ooh welcome everyone to the sports gambling. PACK SM Sean Stack. Zaken that money you're in with my partner and picks Ryan real money cracker. What's happening cream dog? Had to go way back Sean Way back way back back to the beginning thousand eleven you got some old school old school. SGP shirt. I know I know pick massar our boy from back in the day he has one Poker Poker God for twenty also rock in the old school. SGP Swag it's truly a badge of honor and Sean the last time that and I got to go hard against the San Francisco Forty niners in the play. Offs was in that two thousand twelve postseason. Eli Manning Oh now now drops back fifty times and takes a beating just like rocky. He lands the final punch. Yeah no oh I'm I'm I'm stoked. Our first year existence shown the San Francisco Forty niners versus the New York giants in the in the conference finals. It's been a long time and the last time the maybe we've made all the conference finals. Shame on me to convert all units conference championships. Abia Chips Ryan. This is the San Francisco podcasts. If you're listening to this thank you guys. Obviously you're listening to this. What Al we also have a chief sedition taped the night before and the night before that we did a DFS addition? So we're really really breaking it down getting into the nitty gritty. Because there's so many bets so many angles to break down and it is super bowl week. We're GONNA talk. SF Offense F- SF defense be joined by superfan online. And then of course give out our five best props CBS San Francisco related. Forty niners related Ryan. Let's get pump for the Super Bowl. I brought my pro tractor the city. You're listening to the Super Bowl Week on the sports gambling. podcast net word word. He's GonNa Touch San Francisco. Can't take Jin's only oh man it's going to be high scoring game around the chance of making a run at this thing. Saint fired up to go to Miami. I super bowl week or that Or that Guy Jayme Oh yeah Jayme Oka- and we got some Jayme. Oh flown in the studio shadow in balls forty four again for the Jayme O.. Ryan it is Super Bowl Week for down to Miami not actually physically Dan in Miami. But we're data Miami and spirit were loaded up on the during slowed enough on the cocktails and loading up on all the bets. It is a bet bonanza over at my bookie dot. Ag Of course you can play winning get paid millions of different I mean just so many free pets and if you see a bet for the super bowl that's not listed on their website that you would like to be listed tweet them at Bet Mybookie for any sort accustomed prophet you throw it on there and again deposit with bitcoin withdrawal with Bitcoin. Bitcoin really popping off lately so perfect. Time I'm not a nice little high here. Perfect time to deposit some of that into the old mybookie dot. Ag Account that sweet deposit bonus and of course he's Promo code SGP Property One Thousand Dollars Bonus Bats Could Ryan real money. Kramer make a field goal. Equal to the distance of the shortest hortus field goal in the Super Bowl. That's interesting what do you think will. I'm sure there is no one can nail a forty seven yarder. So I'm pretty sure like give me me the money now. Oh my God rights Y.. Oh my God Ryan because there's no way you can hit a forty seven yard field goal all right well why have you not filmed this. If you can't hit a forty seven yard field goal why are you not on the XFL wildcats right now. Why are you not trying nine out for at least the XFL any of these playoff teams? You can hit a forty seven yard field you could. You could be playing for the Tampa Bay Bucks. Why are you not in the league? If you can truly hit forty seven yard field goal I mean it sounds like we have to watch. What is the what are we putting out? What are the stakes to get me to put this video? What do you mean they get us to the things? You're proven right that you can hit forty seven. We're going to do. We're doing the combine. We talked about it. We're GONNA do it. We'll go to a field. We'll watch me kick a forty seven yard or Sean really what I want to talk about because that boat music and made me think about the fact that have you started thinking about about what is going to be life with Odell Beckham next year. No I have not and why do you. Why do you think that's going to happen right? Well I think there's a new relationship there the pipeline billy over there in Cleveland with the GM. Surely you didn't get the newsletter. The Eagles Eagles Talking Pisces. Oughta I saw that Berry this like. There's nobody in the GM office run over. I mean Oh I'm sorry you obviously got the talking point. No but the guy is that he's not like he's I mean how he roseman is the GM. This guy was like in a extra assistant dowie. Roseman Euro Bom rock clearly. Cleveland isn't going to give him a lot of power that's brought him in a pedestrian or whoever is name is he's he's the guy in charge. They fired this guy one year ago and then all of a sudden decided to rehire him. Back what the hell out of Philly. Why I'D I? I would be really surprised if the eagles traded for Odell Beckham what what about that makes you think they're going to bring in a guy that's so horrible in the locker room we already Eh. Speed guy into Sean Jackson. I just don't see Imagine Sean Jackson and and and Mr Odell same locker room and imagine you've tuned into to this podcast thinking we'd be talking about the San Francisco Forty niners we will. We will be getting the San Francisco Eagles. There's there's a couple of things we have to get to speaking of Philly. We sports news. This is just a great little side story. Gritty update no Hashtag free on gritty. Watch twenty twenty. Alan Iverson had his is a backpack of stolen with five hundred thousand dollars in jewelry. Now this man must not have realized who he stole the backpack from because he turned himself in and return the backpack once. It was clear that it was Alan Iverson's backpack and that's that's just I mean that's it kind of reminded reminds me of that scene in Goodell's when Oh are you. Are you worried. They're gonNA steal our wedding of Lopes not here not now they know who we are and I think that kid must've shit himself when he realized he stole half a million dollars Alan Iverson who seemed like he had money problems not that long ago so good not good for a that. He has five hundred thousand dollars in jewelry. Throw around in a backpack. He was just going to play cards or something. Nothing to see here. Well if you have five hundred thousand dollars in jewelry you're gonNA wear. You're going to rocket much like or keep it in a nice like envelope contained like not a backpack. What are you doing walking around with? Where did he get it from us? The question you wear it on you though it makes no sense but if you have a nice piece of jewelry you wear it much like. We're wearing watches right V. I. N. C. E. R. I o.. Watches got a sweet little. Promo Code S. G. P. Fifteen percent off and free free shipping watches again. I was never a big watch guy until I tried to open. Sarah Watch their affordable. They're nice sweet astle. I like I like using the phrase time piece feels real classy and I. I'm a guy who a lot of times I pull my phone out. We'll check the time you see what's going on. And then I get sucked into the phone and I realized Oh my God. I'm yelling at some guy about whether that Carson Wentz this is a franchise quarterback when really I just wanted to look at my phone to see the time and then I get sucked in when you have a nice watch you can just look at the phone see what time it is the. Watch a rerun Brian. You can look at that beautiful time. He's beautiful time these great comfortable band really though it's always great time it does Accurate time really. If you want the time they got you covered wrong one. There you gotTa Ryan. It was the wrong one occasionally. I make mistakes like the mistake of giving away one thousand of our own Dallas to listeners in our superbowl squares promotion I all you gotta do go to go to itunes leave five. Serve you screen chat that send it in over the contest at sports gambling. PODCASTS DOT COM. We're opening up the contest Ryan to the college experience feed and the SGP network feed. Oh so you send in you WanNa you WanNa get a maybe a second square Review because this is S. G. P. N. nation we're putting the entire franchise that we talked to the lawyers. Can we do that. We it's been green lit. Okay we have The squares are filling up. So if you WANNA get involved sending that five serve you or if you WANNA protect your own square sheet GonNa what S UPN Data Slash S. B. Squares S. G. P. N. DOT AO SLASH SB squares and we just put out our party prop sheet. You're holding a super bowl party guy night so she can print out run a little fun pool with the friends and family and data slash SB PARTY S. GPS data slash S. G. R. S. B. Party one last thing before we Start breaking down. San Francisco's offense dance. And that is Philip Rivers Sandiego superchargers charge dovers. Not Coming back to to the chargers. Very disappointing for one Justin Decker. He's moved to Florida. He's moved to Florida. I think there's a chance. Wait a second. Tell me what you think but I think we're on the same page. Oh I I think he could actually end up playing on the colts In door tore. Reuniting with frank there at the You know head coach a lot of family values wholesome midwest lots of big like uh-huh hometown buffets and shit the feed that family. Yeah a lot a lot of easy access to a bunch of stakes that you could feed your pack of nine kids and really Quinton Nelson if your quarterback an old quarterback. Don't you want to go play behind Nelson now. Tom Brady Indianapolis too small market for big boy. Tom But but I think Philip rivers I could be a sweet spot for him ends up happening I think he I think he ends up. Going to Miami really draft kid. He gets to sit for a year or two behind Philip rivers. Yeah maybe they draft you as well. I was Brian Floor. Is I mean that that seems like on brand for the kind of move or but then when they just kind of keep fits magic for one more year. They're going to do that. Is Philip. Rivers an uproar Orion Fitzpatrick magic is great. Right like he's he's the uncle that can watch the kids for a week. But he's that's it at that point boy I. I don't know if you want your young quarterback modeling there the anything after Ryan Fitzpatrick. He's running headfirst he sling thing in the rock like Brett Farve. I mean God you know they're not gonna be able to relate to each other. He's from Harvard. Meanwhile you got Philip. Good old country boy Roy country's`strong Collie doesn't curse. Let's let's let's dive in head first to to the forty niners preview shadow traffic kinks to broil fifty. Four it's all on the line. You WanNA chance at one million dollars overdraft kings yes. I know what you're saying why I don't even know someone who's ever one big on draftkings. You're lying to yourself because you know I one hundred thousand dollars and we are working on booking Scott atrazine so I can confront the man that cost me eight hundred grand thankfully Scottsdale Z.. NAP played in the Super Bowl. So your odds of winning one million dollars have just skyrocketed to do as a new user. Use that Promo Code S. G. P.. Hit your shot at winning. One million dollars can't get in on the Super Bowl fifty four action Dalo that Dr King's Zap use that code. SGP during sign up new users free shot at one million dollars minimum five our deposit required eligibility restrictions apply see draft kings dot com for details. Now we're going to bring it on a Superfan Matt Haines later on the show here okay. Let's I dive live in. San Francisco's offense. There's been a lot of chirpin about how Jimmy G. is more than a game manager that seems to be a storyline. Some people people in the media are are getting behind a he's got to eighty four point. -O Qbr in the fourth quarter. Wow and game with one possession best the NFL one point seven passer rating. Oh my team trailing behind best in the NFL sixty percent completion percentage on throws fifteen yards down the field best in the NFL. All right but they only let him throw the ball eight times in the Conference Championship in the biggest game. Kyle Shanahan's career as the head coach. He said let's take the ball out of Jimmy Hands and maybe it's unfairness. They didn't have to write. And maybe it speaks to how good of a running team they are but but I think at some point it also I mean that is a guy. He literally managed that game the same thing with the Vikings game he literally managed I came. It's as a team strategy. It makes sense if you're really dominated running the ball which they are they've had great times You know they've ran the ball You know what the thing about being called a game game manager means it means you're winning games. Because they don't they. Don't call a quarterback who is running a tight offense a gay manager when you're five and eleven your call the bad quarterback that's true so only game managers are winners you. Yeah it in order to be called a game manager energy it starts with your team winning more than the person who's calling you that thinks you should so sure. Do they have a coaching advantage. When it comes to Kyle Shanahan sure but not not any more than the chiefs? Do with Andy Reid Do they have an innovated innovative offense that has given defenses trouble all year. Yeah absolutely will will. Will the chiefs be able to stop the rushing attack. I don't think so. I think the promise the props like one hundred thirty seven yards team rushing yards. I think that's probably a fair number. But then I. I'm having trouble in the math. Because how does met Breda not have a a huge game if most are total. Last I looked over my book. He was like sixty seven and a half. And if they're saying the total they think's going to be one thirty seven and a half. I was just good for like twenty reverse yards. I just don't think Coleman's going to have much impact on that game. What is the latest on? Coleman can I- Shanahan. I just feel like you can't trust the guy in the super bowl coming off that dislocated shoulder injury. Especially when you have. Depth breeze had had good Games early on the season he just kind of slowly lost favor but really and no. It's not an insult Coleman or Mozart I really think their success is more about just the scheme and how will the offensive line is doing. I think you can plug anyone in there. So wouldn't you rather put in a healthy Brita over over Coleman coming off an injury now. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe he comes comes in there and just looks awesome but just if there's any sort of a I don't know if there's any sort of hesitation on him I don't know Oh man it kind of Well I certainly think this is one of those adding props where you should do the math you should you should do it. Sean is suggesting and saying well I if most dirt is sitting at a total of sixty seven and a half. Where's the rest coming from? Yeah we know it we. We spoke about Garoppolo indirectly directly through the mahomes prop. Now is three and a half. So he's not exactly eating up yards Coleman thirty seven and a half. There's still oh a gap there. Sure will Will there be a reverse Will will there be some weirdness will get a random twenty yards in there. Perhaps that's the angle I know you throw them in DFS lineup. Yeah a my my my thought. Is I think one of the ways you can play the prop market here. Is I like San Francisco to be put in a situation. Where maybe they have to abandon the run a little bit and we discuss In the chiefs defensive portion but will Shanahan have to put to the test of if he's going to stick to that running game and again I I believe Andy Reid. If he's a head coach with with any influence over his defense he's going to point out. Hey we have to make them show US Jimmy G.. We have to make them show so what he can do. Because no one's even done that yet and maybe that speaks to how great this San Francisco team is. And we're just all sleeping up and we're like quarterbacks not don't do anything but maybe they're just beating teams one dimensional because they're that good. Yeah and that is how you win in the NFL. Hey I can do this one thing. You can't stop stop it and that is in the NFL a lot of times you kind of know what the other team's going to do every once in a while. There's a chip Kelly. Someone that has this new scheme that takes a little bit for people to adjust but eventually for the most part. The other team knows what you're going to do. You just have to be better at that to actually impose your will. Jimmy Garoppolo led the League in Pa.. Which USUA- again I'm a I'm a data guy? EPA success rate. I have to look that up again. It's like expected. Points added or whatever to each play good plays essentially when targeting the tight end and the slot receivers verse the slot. So born wasn't a guide the slot receiver for the forty niners. He wasn't guy really thought about much in draftkings lineup or whatever until we really started focusing focusing on the forty niners it'll make sense but That born thing kind of jumped out at me. The other thing is it really seems. It's it's weird because there are obviously going to have to throw more than they did last time Or the last couple of games. We're just in the playoffs. In general the two wins. But how much do they really have to pass. And then the chiefs have been on a decent streak. They've held the opponents to under one hundred rushing yards for the last six games it. It does seem like Tim. Cisco's going to run that zone scheme and Ken Kansas City. Slow it down. That's really what's going to come down to Ken. San Francisco be Be Put into easy third downs. That's really I think we'll be on the offensive assistant quality. Whatever who does all that film prep for the San Francisco Forty niners but I'm walking in in telling them right now? Is the area the field we have to attack because we have to attack the slot. Receiver the slot receivers initiative slot. and which could lead to a nice game for born as you point out we also have to attack them out wide with the running backs in the passing in game now again I I kinda based on how I think this game will go if the forty niners there's lose it's going to be a shootout because I think Andy Reid again in. He trusts his team in the shootout. He's GonNa WanNa like make Jimmy G. Beach you even even if it's just like that New Orleans game make him repeatedly have to beat you because Ken Ken you if he if he has to make seven if he has to do with eight times that that failure I mean he's GonNa fail one out of eight he's GonNa fail at least so just keep juicing the numbers up drive them away. The only works. If you can get out ahead and you can take control the game so I worry if they fall behind again the chiefs that is that this would lead the offense offense to crushing that rushing total. Maybe seeing everyone go over there total. What's interesting about the chiefs? Is they've been tackling really well. And if Sorenson Tara again that's why we like to Sorenson over tackle prop and the honey badger him getting getting involved. Those guys have had really sound tackling lately. And I think that'll be key. But of San Francisco breaks off some break. Some tackles gets on some runs. You you last episode. Kramer you brought up that night and prediction that Sammy. Watkins will have a pass thrown in some trickery San Francisco couple guys. You may want to look at Dante. Pettis annual sanders have both attempted to pass both completed it for a combined. Fifty one yards a season Emmanuel. Sanders is the guy throw in the past ask among the two passes. Sanders threw his touchdown. I think he has some quarterback. I believe he has thrown a pass in a super bowl hasn't he. I gotTa look that up but I wouldn't be surprised I feel like he's I gotta look up his passing stats because yeah. That's he could be an interesting. It could be an interesting interesting guy to throw a pass and we'll get we'll get to it at the Prophet but there's there's definitely some interesting ways though is look at that number of people to throw a pass. What does it usually sat at? It's usually set at two and a half right Kramer and there's this year to okay because it does seem like an ma. We're just over thinking it but does seem like there's is kind of be at least one one trick pass player. Yeah and I. I almost why I keep wanting to talk about props but of course I know we're not allowed to do do they. we're teasing it. We're breaking down the game lay into the case. And then we'll get into the very specific props but I think we're on the same page for forty niners to be successful. It's a Set us the run to set up the pass tight end slot receiver and and don't allow Jimmy G. to get in tough spots and I think that's how you build a case for the forty niners. Well there's also the case where Jimmy G. is forced to pass pass the test test which I don't know I don't see it. He's a manager again Ryan and I couple degenerates. We've won some bedspread. We've also lost some bets right when you like to be on the other side of the counter you probably. If you're listening to podcasts. You probably have some friends and family remembers coworkers. What better way to build your relationship with your boss? Take His sports gambling action. That's right you can become your own sportsbook all you gotta do is head over to a spur. Head dot com slash s GP. Let's say spread dot com slash. SGP issues that you're ELP and get up to six weeks free as for head set you up with your own professional bedding say all the lines updated. Second wagers graded immediately. They got top notch. Customer support going twenty four seven some of the sharp lines in the industry plus a spread offers live bedding and an amazing mobile experience. All you gotTa do is head over to as per head dot com slash GP. That's ace per head dot com slash S. G. P. sure so cousin. Bush was He was out west. We we were talking about maybe going meeting up in San Diego the plane. Some golf this Friday and I just got a text from him. Saying San Diego's off. Cut My vacation short. After my drunk frank got himself arrested for punching someone. He's in jail on that baby. fucking wheel man. I balance them out man. So what were you. What were they arguing about? You ask my friend told the guy to go fuck himself because the other guy bet on the chiefs while my friend like like San Francisco. Why is this not? Why are they recording this? Can we get both these guys on the podcast to call in. I mean I'm looking forward to talking to Matt and Danny Salomon was a great guest. But why do we have these two guys hang out in your garage and sort it out. Yeah we livestream it. Oh man that'll be awesome. Free pay per view Kramer. What time are we going to be doing? The pre game show video pre-game show Super Super Bowl Sunday kickoff three thirty the game yes and people are generally what going to the party. I think I said an hour before. I told people to show up so the people were probably showing up at their party between like one thirty and two thirty Pacific. Yeah so we should probably do something before that right. Well Yeah I say we kick off our pre game. I'm show one o'clock maybe we. Maybe it stretches one thirty two o'clock because the TACO guy. I think he's getting to that. It's pretty exciting Kramer. WE'RE GETTING ATTACK SACCO GUY. He does burritos as well enchiladas versatile I hopefully as a deep fryer could really use Jimmy Chunga that would mean that assets kind of American. It's actually tex-mex. American Texas is an American. I don't we encourage some of the listeners to stream our pregame show at the Super Bowl party. Oh probably the ones hosting the party. They're getting there early in tuned up. And whatever you get should we do it closer to kick off then. Yeah what do we we do. We want to say one thirty one thirty good. I don't know I don't know. Do we go even closer to kick off to to make it as now. That's crazy what I was saying. Iraq doc well yeah you want to do too. I don't know where we're what do we do that. I mean if you want if you want us up at the big screen in front of people in front of these super these de Gen- only yeah super bowl parties. Why do we? Why don't we say two o'clock? We'll let it go as long as it goes. But if you take a screen screen shot of the S. G. P. N. pre-game periscope the Super Bowl pre-game periscope take a screen shot not a screen shot. But like a photo of you streaming streaming at your party said that in. We'll hook you up with US rematch. All right so two o'clock sold to packing backing up the brinks truck our just on one game can we. Can we make it will we. We'll we'll answer all the listener questions on profits. I'm sure there'll be a lot of shenanigans going on. Yeah there'll be lots of people filing in the garage yeah they'll get a C- a live. SGP broadcasts it'll be a lot of fun. So get into the San Francisco defense. They really just have to get off the field. It's it's just that simple it is really it's GONNA come down to containing mahomes shall kyw homes and real containing him running the ball. I think he's GonNa get his passing regardless. I think Casey victory comes from scrambles because those will keep the drives alive. Those are backbreaking. Play as a guy who had Tennessee plus seven and a half when mahomes had that scramble into the end zone late to get that touchdown before Halftime Tab that was the backbreaker and QB scrambles really are. That's really just as a Campbell. You're like fuck himself and then got a third and eleven year. Run around and get the first one I mean. I think it's it's not even a yeah. They gotta get off the field but it's really it really just comes down to. They have do. They have to win up front. I don't think they're defensive. Backs can hold up. I think this is one of those teams where the DB's are great because the pass rusher greater and and will. Kansas City's offensive line. hold up under this pressure. Will they hold up against this. I mean it's a dominant Senate pass. Rush says at dominant dude. I mean God. What are they feeding those those boys I don't know they're injured a lot? Going all in on trump. That's for Our our boy. Nick Bosa but the problem with the speed defense like that and I think the difference between I'm gonNA use the SPAGNOLO reference but I think the difference between the way the Patriots played offense and the way the chiefs Sorry the forty niners play. Offense is that the the Patriots were. They weren't really quick hitting team at that time. They had Randy Moss. They had that Aaron Hernandez Gronk like they were stretching. The field that pass rush got home. The Patriots were number. Weren't able to adjust. I think the difference with with San Francisco against this Kansas City team is I just. I don't see them getting home consistent consistently against a offense coordinator who is GONNA adjust to get the ball out those hands quickly. Yeah and it's weird. The San Francisco Defense. What they do well or their strengths? Almost it's like the opposite for Kansas. City's offense because Richard Sherman plays on the right side of the field like almost hundred percent of the time. He's always on the right side and you look at the advanced metrics Kansas City city. And they're passing game. They're like noticeably better when going to the left so you're already planning to that strong side. You're playing into that week. Second San Francisco quarterback and I think that's kind of how how they need to defend this. They need a mix up the coverage. I think if they're going to sit and cover three. Kansas City's going to pick them apart. So I think if they're gonNA end I I think they will play zone but they need to play physical zone. They need to test the receivers early and often bumping within that five yard line hoping to really stretch it. If if I mean and we'll see how this game is ref but if they're getting called for holding early contact early I think it could be long day for San Francisco. But if you're the San Francisco go defense get up to the line. Play physical defense and you know take what. Let them get some stuff underneath. Tackle them but again. That's why like Kelsey and Damian Williams like pr stuff but tackle well be physical with the receivers. And I think that's your best chance again contain mahomes. You gotTA keep those Pash. The past lanes don't be undisciplined because they I mean look at Tennessee. That's really what killed him. I also think the officials those will have a lot to do with how this game goes because San Francisco will have to be physical. Near the line of scrimmage the to slow it they have to slow it down that half second and if the officials shows aren't letting them grab they're going to be in trouble now typically the officials kind of they swallow the whistle. Come the Super Bowl. They're not trying to get involved here. But you know the chiefs are pretty tough team to pause for that half second so I think the t the test will be he can. Can they keep it a horizontal game. Because if if the chiefs get caught in playing a very game and and trying to trying to trick him with shovel passes reverses versus. I don't think that works what they have to do. is they have to use the misdirection to free up time for Mahomes to to just get that extra second for tyreek Hill to get over the the top and and I believe they will the last thing. I'll say San Francisco can play a perfect game and still give up five. Plays that turned into touchdowns. And that's the problem when you're playing. Kansas City yeah and really you saw against Houston. When they struggled early couple drop passes on third downs? All of a sudden that hot rhythm offense goes cold it's like it's like the Golden State Warriors. If you're you're shooting well and you're you're on fire. You miss a couple of shots early you get outta rhythm the muscle Memories Gone Your butthole clinches up. That's what San Francisco has to force. Okay Kramer let's will bring on San Francisco Superfan mad here in a second. I can vote before we do time to talk about our pals prop swap dot com baby. That's right prop swab. Americas marketplace is to buy and sell sports bets. You may not even be able to pet in your state but you can possibly buy sports betting tickets again guys looking to hedge their bets. Maybe they have Casey ticket. They think San Francisco is going to win. They WanNA head right now. And what does that mean for you. The buyer means you can get better better prices. It's just how the marketplace works this week Casey chiefs Super Bowl ticket with a collective amount of two thousand nine hundred dollars sold on props up for fifteen hundred dollars. Ars those odds are minus one fifteen better the money line odds For most sports folks out there right now and again if you use Promo Code S. G. P. You get one hundred percent deposit phone up to one hundred dollars if you have one hundred dollars right now and you want a two hundred dollar bet on the superbowl. Just go to PROP SWAP DOT COM. There's no rollover bonus honest You don't have to worry about that and make it even a little bit sweeter send in the screen shot of you using that Promo Code and you get a free lock dog t shirt. Just send into podcast at sports gambling. PODCAST DOT COM joining us on the line San Francisco Superfan Mad Hanes you you can check him out on twitter at pennywise picks Matt. Thanks for calling in to the PODCAST. Yeah thanks for having me guys. Big Fan really excited to talk some nineties. He's football. Yeah going into the season. You're a forty niners fan. We of one the forty niners. They're coming off You know a rough year because you're the pretty boy Jimmy G. blew out his. ACL where were you. As far as level of optimism on this forty niners team coming into the season. So I knew we had promise I was optimistic about the super bowl before Jimmy G. blew out his knee coming off. The I think he was undefeated like five now To close out the season so he was off to a hot start as the niners quarterback and then actually ironically against the chiefs that a game after he blew out his ACL You know I figured once he's healthy an we got the draft pick because of that. ACL injury unless kind of manifested itself into the number two pick. We dropped Bosa and now ready to play the chiefs again. So of always optimistic. He got you gotta be optimistic mystic new like an NFL team. Did you have any. Did you have any forty niners. Future bets where he that optimistic to win the Super Bowl you know what I I did not have any tonight's feature bed. My I actually had patriots feature bad switches fellow Patriot Yuna China still represented. There you go I love I love the Jimmy G. He's the guy it's fucking wheel man patriots. It's fans just can't deal with the fact that they're not in the super bowl so they have to. They have to assimilate someone and pretend like they're still part of the Super Bowl and really we've moved on John. I mean there's still some pending investigations swing. There's still there's still some accusations out there floating loading around Patriot nation. Do you have any big plans. Matt we had our buddy Danny on last night talking about his superstitions rituals as a fan for the big game. Any anything you're doing in particular. Walk us through your plans for Sunday so very excited for Sunday. My ritual is eh living in Arizona. We have the Waste Management Open In town during superbowl weekend so Sunday will wake up and go to the waste management. Open start the game and you know Nice Nice. Early on wasted Management Open Waste Management Open. Absolutely I'll be rep in all my niners gear there And probably start you know talking trash by chief's fan but after the waste manage management open going over to a buddy of mine in Hudson at a Nice Super Bowl party and Yeah cooking some making some guacamole and then just enjoying the game probably pretty pretty messed up. There's no other way to do it. Sounds like a great place. When I was just over at sports gambling PODCAST DOT COM and I was reading a great article about the wasted management opened by our boy Steve Shurmur so it does seem like a super fun event to go to have you guys ever been no no we got to come out? Oh I got some family out in Phoenix. So yeah I gotTa make the trip out there and you have to the sixteenth tall. There's there's nothing like it's like a super bowl in itself. Yeah I love that. He's going to watch off kidding. Tuned up. Maybe maybe we'll be worried. I'd pass out well before the game. That would be my concern. The over under on that is About two and a half hours before right all all right. Well let's get to it. Let's talk a little profits for the big game from the forty niners perspective and I didn't mean to hold back and say Super Bowl. I love seeing super bowl the. NFL tried to stop me from saying the Super Bowl. I'm not the guy that says. Let me get this cleared the lawyer show of course not we're we're renegade a group who plays by their own rules again all these processing over mybookie dot. Ag Kramer kick things off. What is your first home? I got you're putting me related. Prop wrap it well. Let's let's start strong right. Yeah I'M GONNA start with two. Is that allowed. Sure I got I. It's a bit of okay. I'll save it. I'll do one one at the end but I'm GONNA I'm GonNa Start with this one because it's a stone cold lock. There is absolutely no way Emmanuel. Sanders is not catching four balls in the super bowl. His totals at three and a half the juice use is plus one twenty on the over. I'm I'm telling you all week all super bowl week here on the sports gambling. PODCAST network. Sean I've been telling you this is going to be a game or Andy. Reed's fat ass is not losing to a running back. He's making Jimmy G.. Throw the ball if Jimmy is forced to throw the ball it's Kit Alwan and when they do everything they can to get Kendall off the game plan it's GonNa be Emmanuel Sanders. He's an absolute salute. pro- yes. We were discussing this earlier. But if I if I if you gun to my head I got to choose a forty niner receiver to throw pass. It's Emmanuel all centers but for this case taking the over three and a half or catches because it just seems way too low. I mean I'm GonNa put this in the same category as big as day. This is a way the places that your cash this has halftime cash potential. I love when I call out all these halftime cash potentials. And I'm I'm just chewing on my fingernails in the fourth quarter mark lows Emmanuel Sanders over three and a half year Matt. What's your what's your first profit? You WanNA threat is the first product Actually go on special teams that The First Growth Fund distance by Dustin Colquitt who has achieved funner is going to be under forty five in half once minus one fifteen I think that with the the his average is only forty point. Eight point Forty point eight yards per punt So far this season I know he hasn't been able to punch Much it's only been six months but I have a feeling that either they're going to be a good. I know the Texans blocked a punt. Oh yeah so I maybe a little nervousness in the Super Bowl's biggest game. He's never played before it'll be under forty five and a half which is pretty high like it and I think it's easy to sky upon then it gets to be a touchback. Let's say the chiefs are on their own forty five touchback that's only what Thirty five yards easy to if it's a touchback especially it's easy to hit. It's a gross. Oh gross okay so where. It's I believe no well. Net would be the return. But if it's Haji react cuts yes okay so a touchback would still be gross. But I think there's a chance the chiefs drive a little bit and our punting from like either they're punting or your cash in a ticket like I threw out on the chiefs show that they're take a fourth down. I just I just love this Ryan. We have a listener specialties. Doing who's breaking down. Gross versus net punting yards. This is really past tank consume the four. Doing doing all the math. I love it and I'm just glad we're we're encouraging this kind of degenerate behaviour my first propogate and I feel really strong about this. I kind of come through some game logs. The total number of San Francisco Forty niners to to have a reception under seven. Now it's minus one forty five but I just really like that. I don't think even with them throwing throwing the ball more now granted they won the NFC championship with eight passes so six catches that clearly hit under but even in the Minnesota game where it felt like he was throwing the ball more that was only between four guys. I just don't think they're diversity comes from who the receivers are like. Yeah you got killed. deebo Samuel Amiel Emmanuel Sanders. Were he mows sturt. That's four born. Throw him in there. Five mabry to catches his touchdown in the end zone for me. Ready to win a million dollars on John King's we're only at six throw in one random guy off the street that seven Sean can count. I'm doing the math right right here. I got you I feel you Kramer. What's your what's your second property like why you made me save it so I'm GonNa go to the second part of my double header Emmanuel Sanders forty one and a half yards the this this prices all wrong? This is priced all wrong. Yeah that does seem low and I. Honestly if I'm the chiefs I probably let Emmanuel Sanders runaround for the short stuff underneath because that means a man that means Jimmy. Garoppolo is throwing throwing the ball into danger so again I I like this. I like this angle. I think I think again. I'm all in on Sanders. I've already met this boy. Yeah I mean I like the veteran presence I I like the mad ship I think of the San Francisco receivers. He's he's jumping out to me. More than Samuel and kiddle will get his as much as I like goof anonymous did you know. deebo Samuel is rushing total is set to seventeen and a half and when I was doing the research on it. It is. But he's he's he's gone over that six out of nine games surprisingly so I don't know about that because it was actually. I kind of fell into a warm. I'm host researching the total players with a rush for the forty niners anyway. Yeah I'M GONNA I'm GonNA stick with Emmanuel Sanders for my second one Sean Matt. Who's your what's your second prop crop I do like you guys is a props? Doubling up on manuals is kind of the forgotten piece in our offense. We didn't even have a catch last week. But would that veteran presence in a big game like this I feel like a big game is coming from Emmanuel Sanders I do like a kid to score a touchdown anytime at plus just one thirty five I felt like that was going to be a little bit closer to even money in a plus when thirty five you know he's a big red zone threat. He's probably our number one red zone threat. If we're ever going to pass the ball and I'm I'm one of these fans at say we because it's shorter to say we then the forty niners each time so wanna keep saying it We were down the red zone. We look for kettle first and also he might get A. I saw a prop up on my bookie that he is about plus three fifty for a rushing attempt. So low curveball. Ne'er he might get a get a rushing attempt in for a touchdown so anytime touchdown in what's projected to be a high scoring is going game kitto. Plus one thirty five. Lock it in the WHO I like that. Yeah he had. He has five rushing attempts on the season. Do you know it's a prop what will have a rushing. Attempt was three fifty. Yeah he just said Oh. I'm sorry no no. He said score anytime no no no but he threw in that that that part. Did you know that George Kill before every game. His Dad writes them a handwritten letter like five to seven pages of just and he reads it as part of his pre game ritual. He was on pardon my taken he has a pre game ritual where he throws up. He smashes his head against the wall and then reads this long letter from his dad. It's just it's just not there. I don't think my dad's side and I don't think my dad's written me a seven pages combined and I love my dad. He's a good dad but I just can't imagine my dad being that for both. What do you have to talk to your son about that much? The handwriting type it. I think he writes it. Jesus Christ guy. It's a great father. Son Bomba coddling soft little bitch. Daddy's he's litter before you can play football. I mean just the thing about think about Chuck Bednarik puzzle for. WHO's the WHO's the chief? That was smoking a cigarette at halftime. Just reading the letter. The letters they read was in World War Two and they're killing Nazis now before they the home until you win a championship son. NO SON MINDS GONNA lose the NFC championship. Yeah I mean Archie. Manning had it slightly lately different now. Matt you may WanNa close your ears for this next prop Jimmy Garoppolo interceptions over a half. I paint a little Jews. SWOLLEN WON'T SIXTY I. Jimmy G. has had his moments. I think he's going to have to pass more than eight times. You saw them Minnesota game. He just gets a little At times and I wouldn't be surprised if I have a pretty good feeling that Jimmy G. IS GONNA throw a pick here. I reason it's your land and with the end of the world but but it might be we'll see but I knew Jimmy Garoppolo over a a half interception of safe safe. Bet There Kramer before we get to show before we get to your third prophet here Jimmy. I G NOT GUY to go out and party. We got a pubic service in housing or Jimmy G.. Courtesy a man scape dot com. If you're you're going out there hanging out with an adult film star Mira Kira or something here Amirah. She sounds hot what she's very Gigantic gigantic gigantic breasts. If you're with the porn star you're you don't want to have some old seventies Bush you wanted to be nice and trance up and you can do that by using the lawnmower. Three three point zero seven thousand RPM motor that quite stroke Technology Matt. Sounds like a young guys probably out there in the dating field. You don't want to be coming in there. With the giant giant Harry. Bush goes MANSCAPING DOT COM. Use Promo Code. SGP Get twenty percent off and free shipping. Do you could be nice. And Trim like Jimmy G. Twenty percent off and free shipping MANSCAPING DOT COM Promo Code S. A film star claimed that. That's why the forty niners were doing so well because because she hooked up with Jimmy in the offseason mad. Do you subscribe to that there. I do think that a woman plays a big part in a man's life so Kiera Keer Mia was the the adult film story there. I'll have to do some research later on. Do Ah Research for the show. I listened breaking down. This prop here because I know Bullshit Sean. This tees up my next problem game film the number of women claiming sleep with Jimmy during Super Bowl. Week I didn't I didn't read the fine print it all at all but Jimmy G.. He learned under the fine tutelage of Tom Brady. He's striving every day to make. TB twelve proud. Dad Bill Belichick and just Daddy. This is for you. And he's not GonNa have distractions during super bowl week minus one fifty for under one girl claiming to sleep with Jimmy G.. He's got missing here at one girl. Jimmy I've I've heard this. This is no bullshit so a friend of a friend may may run in circles with Jimmy G. up in the bay area yes the. Ah I've heard rumors of similar contract to the rumor. Derek jeter waiver now. This is really funny because what is included in a Jimmy G. Gift basket because he's he has it. What do you get like a game ball from the end of that? He's daring seventeen not derrick jeeter. But I mean I. I don't know picture that Chin maybe one day a nice portrait of that face anyway I it was cracked me up. Yeah there's no. There's there's no way we're going to hear anything about women sleeping with Jimmy during super bowl that does feel like a man. What do you got for your third prop? So it's a speaking of women I WanNa make the NAS Mitsu gentlemen if you're out there Washington's central with your girlfriend or with a lady interest And she you may not get all the sports gambling represents. You're you're talking about. Ask Her about the the national anthem. And what Demi Levada outfit is going to be too great in. Oh great icebreaker I personally did it and my girl said she likes to black outfit after doing some insider research twenty five. So I'm I'm rolling with that and it's kind of a win win you know if Demi comes out and black outfit when we went and money and if she doesn't well it's it's at we start to talk about back on remember that time. We lost thirty five dollars on Demi LOVATO'S F it. Yeah I took a photo. No you're right because it is the the super bowl much like hard knocks. Great Way to introduce women into football. You just got to kind of find the right angle. Listen maybe there are some chicks hardcore porject. But maybe they're just dabbling. This is a great entry point. Get them a square one of those party prop sheets and you fill it out the root for it all of a sudden they're invested once they know a little bit of halftime. There's like I was asking my wife. What constitutes but cleavage because that is a problem Whether or not it's unclear what colleges I'm guessing it's if you see the butt crack a little bit. Yeah so there's a lot to be broken down over mybookie DOT AG and you know and also women like their entry points to be dabbled with so just just just Mosey on it now so anyways a real back to back to football a real problem that I like. It's a parlay. It's a long shot but if we're projecting the superbowl it'd be high scoring I like the parlay of Moster to have at least eighty rushing yards and score one touchdown. Jimmy have at least two hundred sixty passing yards and the forty niners win at plus six twenty five more. Oh nice price right there. Yeah like that. If you see a niners win why not dabble parlay and some of those things and get it instead of what. What is the money line at now? Like plus twenty five plus one fifteen want to give it all that six twenty five and that Jimmy G. to sixty makes me a little. Oh nervous but most are. Having one scoring one touchdown either rushing receiving and then eighty yards. It's it's doable. Yeah and that comes perfectly transitions. And my third prop score a touchdown. YES MINUS ONE SEVENTY I. I don't think he's going to have that colossal game that had the championship game. But I still think he'll get his. And he's had a touchdown seven out of the last eight games and you're getting that price at minus one seventy. That seems that seems fairly easy. He seems like the Guy who's going to get a bunch of the goal line stuff matt. Maybe your phone this closer than I am. I am still thinking Coleman's not going to get a lot of us because of that injury. What do you think about that? I I noticed that some of the some of the Kalman Brita products have been Taken off right now as they are kind of figuring out exactly what his role is going to be. Or what is projected to be He has a shoulder injury so he hasn't practice yet so if he likes Rita Rita it would be a good time but also that this kind of makes most are more likely to score especially be that that goal on back Yeah Manhattan. Then have that role so I'll bet a lot courtesy of NFL DOT COM. Kevin Coleman all my time spent treating shoulder but doesn't sound like a guy who was one hundred percent for the Super Bowl. Not at all Sean. And here was two thousand. One Plane University of Tennessee this RIMAC try saving tackle my shoulder completely out of the socket. Rollover medics come out they WANNA cut the shirt off. Never Chris Graham again boy first of all do not cut this. We don't have replacements where club team. We know all the money but also just pop my fucking shoulder backing someone man and I'm going back on the Goddamn God Damn Pitch Right now. Simpler seeded to play a full season. I traveled to West Point to help get our ass ass kicked in a national Sweet Sixteen Round Tournament or round round game all with a shoulder that was well l.. Well worse than Tevin Coleman. So so you're in this fucking super bowl sack up. I think he I think you will play. I just think thank Shanahan will be hesitant to use him. beat Shanahan loaves him. I don't know here's where we're not align Sean. We're not seeing eye. Hi Is this because I think he goes out of his way to give Coleman the ball for some reason and especially with the way we see most show out in these games. It's crazy anyway. Hey sorry didn't mean to shooting your Komen Point. No I'm standing I'm standing in my Matt Brita Coroner and I'm not I'm not getting out of there Sean. If you've seen a Brita catch prop crop. No I haven't I mean I'm sure it's on there but I think he's the guy that could attack that weakness in the chief he's the guy he's got him in my draftkings criminal. What's what's your fourth prop? Jesus all right so did the research kyle US check three carries all year yup three carries all year. Well you know what Shanahan has to do. Do He's going to. He's going to be a little different I'm going to take a stab at this one because I think Shanahan more than most coaches self scouts and will go out of of his way to be different and I think that involves giving college you use check a carey loss three hundred on this one. It's a it's a fun one. I think he gets a carry those Sean I think he might giving multiple carries you. They're not actually booing them folks. Okay just saying you really know. He thought they were booing by favorite hot. Take from the NERD Media Aka Robert. Mays is talking about how smart the San Francisco Forty niners are forgiving. Twenty million dollars to a full stop it. Stop It. Yeah all right look I enjoy SAQUON Barkley. I'm aware of the value conversation when it comes to running backs as a fullback. He's yeah. He plays so many positions. He's so full-back. Like calm down. It's not smart. John Lynch is not smart. John Lynch is a man who used his forehead as a welcome mat for fifteen years and the national football league anyway. Well that's the funny visual if someone could do photoshop of like John Lynch is heads zoomed in just says. Welcome as if it's a floor mat will give him some props. He did tolerate Warren Sapp for all those years. The man now. This is one of those moments not to get completely off the super bowl but mad props to Tomlin mad props perhaps the time when because Antonio Brown is Fuck Yeah. He really kept like whatever people have said about Tomlin in the past take that shit back he he runs a tight ship. The worst thing that happened it was filmed live. Oh my Tomlin in hindsight looks like gene. I'm sorry we're we're we're we're we're on our boy matty's prop at Mattie Geico on what else do you like. I like. I really liked the niners. Here's to score I in the game at minus one ten If you look at both of the niners playoff game so far they have scored. I if you look at both of the chiefs playoff game. So far they tend to start slow and fall behind and they have their opponents score. I in both of their game so at at you know. Basically even money Anderson Score I minus one ten. I know and Danny last night on the chiefs preview. He liked the same thing he liked. Niners score I ersan chiefs win. But he was he was aligned on that same style of gameplay where it starts out with the Forty nine or scorned. I this is flipping over to the defensive side of the ball Nikki Bosa. I'm going all in on trump and his exact total is set at one right. His Act Dole said at one and under are under one sack is minus one twenty now in only three out of his eighteen games. He's played this year. Has He had two or more sex so one sack push but if he doesn't sack it's a win. How many games has he not sack? Do you have. I don't mean to put you on the spot. I can look that up but but I mean I saw that and I thought it was a ridiculously high line set for defensive Lineman who isn't named Justin Tuck when one 'cause he's yeah as far as games had had zero secs got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten then at the eighteen games. He said zero then. He's had a handful of five. He's only had three. That have gone to or more so I think this is a bet that feels is pretty good. You're either GonNa hit or I think push I mean you could play this and Nick Bosa. MVP and I think you have a lot of bases covered there. So I think there's tremendous value under one at minus one twenty and feels like it. Just make sense. I looked at that almost through on the list. I I really liked that Sean Glenn we remember what's your what's your fifth prop here. My fifth prop so. I think I highlighted earlier. That we we. We talked a little bit about the chiefs and their ability or inability to defend the running back in the passing Game Right Twentieth. Dvi I'm going to attack that prop here and Dan Wall. I didn't see a Brita prop for reception reception yardage Unfortunately I'm still GONNA dig for this one but I'm I'm okay going the most angle and the way I'm GonNa play this is I'm not gonNA play his first reception over over six and a half yards. I'm not GonNa play twenty and a half receiving yards. I'm GONNA play that. His longest reception is over ten and a half yards. ooh MINUS ONE MINUS HENNION HAL MO most most longest reception over ten and a half yards. I think the chiefs will be susceptible to Whether it's a screen game whether it's getting into him out in space he's clearly explosive and while I I wouldn't be mad at you if you WanNa fade his rushing numbers this week. There's some nice plus juice on that and I do think they're going to spread the ball around there. I absolutely think he gets loose one time. So I'm taking the over ten and a half at minus one zero five. It's really need is just to get a little break one tackle and you're you're hitting that on the ten. I mean we watched Tim right like there's a version of this where he just dominates again because he's really good. Yeah he's good so anyway. Ten and a half yards. Let's go solid is very good. What's your what's your fifth? Prop here that you like fifth props so game prop. I like over four and a half APP sex. I know that because the niners is two and a half and so's achieve so you can just kind of combine those in over four and a half. I like that but I I do want to throw something out there. As far as an exact score I'm baton twenty four on the niners twenty four on the chiefs in honor of of rest in peace Kobe. Brian just numerology one for either team to score twenty four points and I feel like that's a pretty common number prince right around what the total is for each team. So feel like you're not just Kinda got a funny way of working these these things out where one of these teams going to get. Twenty four that is I mean you always see like there was a bunch of kind of weird like coincidental Kobe. You you know with trae young. I think he had a number of times. Yeah and then. They combined for like eighty-one percent. There was a lot of that stuff going on which is always kind of interesting when that comes together and sports I admittedly. I'm I'm possibly a negative. Reveal my pick for the super bowl yet. Row please. But I'm leaning possibly Kansas City chiefs however I looked at this is a scenario where the forty niners score I engines kind of never ever let the chiefs back in the game. That is certainly a game scenario. I see and for forty niners to win every quarter net twelve to one. No that isn't that is I mean there is. There's a scenario where they get off to it early. Start in the first quarter second quarter push third quarter of the push and then when the fourth quarter are that is certainly a scenario. That could happen so give me the forty niners as my long shed. Twelve to one to win every quarter. Love it yeah. Of course Matt's that's loving it. It's you know celebrating his forty niners. And Hey maybe you have an awesome super bowl you get some cash. You can head over to Vinh Vince. Sarah Watches B. I N. C. E. R. O.. Sarah watches DOT COM. I mean just legit Nice watches is we'll post them photos of them other ones hooked us up with over on instagram sports gambling. podcast over there on the Graham bold modern designs turn the head start conversations. I was thought that was just A phrase like it starts conversation but legitimately every time. I've worn a night sincere. Watch and see he someone I haven't seen in a while or hey what's going on. He'll get a comment like. Hey what's that what's going on. Oh you got a nice watch you do your this guy. Where if you're watching this over right youtube dot Com sports gambling podcast? You're the guy like he does like the loose. Like left Arm Jab. Roll out free. This ship in which is always nice. Thirty days returns So if you don't like your watch for some reason and your watch guaranteed two years so anything happens to your watch you send it back act And again fifteen percent off using that Promo Code S. G. P. Kramer Talk to me about your watch. I mean it's nice. It's it's it's fancy Get comments all the time. It's like walking a cute dog in the park. Just WanNa come and and you know they want to touch the watch. Well and maybe maybe we're old fashioned a little bit but it is. It's a way to spark a conversation. You're meeting a woman at a bar. got a drink. The drink I got a nice. I watched her. A watch is like hey. This guy has his shit together. He's able to go to Vince. Sarah watches DOT COM. He knows how to use the Promo Code as she. He's smart with his money. He likes fifteen percent off and free shipping. This guy is someone I should Consider hooking up with and then and then you're back to MANSCAPING news the lawnmower but really great watches. Couldn't recommend them enough. I feel like you're still champing at the big. GimMe one bonus prop you WANNA throw out here for the listeners owners. Well I mean if you WanNa have some fun I really think again. We we highlighted how I really like Emmanuel will sanders if you look back to the shootout Against the saints he had a huge game But we've also seen the way that this chiefs defense can be attacked Through the slide. Don't think it's going to be just Emmanuel Sanders so I don't I'm trying to stall as I pull up the number Sean. On but born to score a touchdown anytime a slot slot could be recency. But I I like taking a stab at this at plus two hundred I I have. I wonder my notes on I was trying to get an updated number but also I don't know I mean I'm going to have like a two dozen more of these. That's why we have four podcast. That's why it's Sean Superbowl Week. Hashtag de Gines only dungeons only fucking. Shana I'm seeing a cross. Sport prop seventy sixers. First quarter points. Jimmy Garoppolo pass attempts Garoppolos Garoppolos lane one and a half okay. That's an interesting one. Yeah past tense. Yeah so if he has That seems that seems like you should go with no because I think Jimmy G.. Well I think he's going to have some of the they attempts line is at twenty nine and a half. Yeah so sixers sixers getting thirty points to fucking lazy. They'RE GONNA they're not gonNA go hard the first quarter I would. I would take the other way. They're probably going to be you know party anymore. Prop shown yes I do. You have anything else you WANNA throughout prop was or Y- one one found all kinds of just. It's actually a commercial crop that I love. It's a long unlock the day. And it's going to be the over three and a half dogs featured in a commercial America loves America loves puppies and you know the whole underdog Doug and a play that sound bite at stone cold reminds you the puppy bowl and how I got jobbed all right for my final My my final here. And it's a spike prop. And that is Tevin Coleman rushing attempts under six and a half the is not getting seven carries Kramer. You're wrong it's minus one ten. I just don't see it with that. Busted up shoulder. I wasn't saying he's going to. I said that if he was as a man he walked. Okay well then. That's I don't know if he's a man. Well we're GONNA find out the great. Philip Rivers Sandiego Sandiego superchargers charge all right map before we let you go. Can we get a final score. Prediction for Super Bowl. Sunday final score prediction. Twenty eight twenty four forty niners love any any. Satan is twelve to one prop rob for you. Guys see how he did that he worked exactly and I will say that. The niners are undefeated this year against the spread as an underdog five now so when whenever back against the wall I know Sean you can relate with the eagles super bowl running backs against the law. We step up to the plate. Sir Can I throw out one more little I it. I kind of thought about saving this for our final predictions but sh forty niners by six or more chiefs by six or more or any other result so basically it's within a six point game right within five any other result plus one sixty if you think this is a close game. The spread tells you it's going to be a close game. Granted variants goes up a little bit with a total of fifty four. And a half. But if you think this is going to be a close game like spread suggests plus one sixty the middle that that ten point middle It's a very real possibility. especially with a scoreless. Twenty eight to twenty four stay tuned for our final predictions for the part four of the four part. Super Bowl preview here are on S. G. P. N.. And sports gambling podcast. Thank you for participating. In the Spurs goal podcasts. Make sure you get in your five star review and send that into contests add ED. Sports Gambling PODCASTS. Dot Com to get your own Super Bowl squares and a personal response from Ryan Romani. Kramer look out for the sort scaling back. Yes I'm Shawn second the money green and he is Ryan you know. See You tomorrow show crammer let it ride.

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