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"guy health clinic" Discussed on KFI AM 640

"All right, well, the World Health Organization has issued its report. They went to China. Trying to take a look at the possible sources of the Corona virus, and they say it's unlikely it came from that research laboratory in balance. We'll find out more from okay. Crumble art after the news. That's what you say. All right, A Lister recommended. We talk about this story because it has what John and Ken like. Well, not the way you like it, but it's about a criminal who can't stop. Performing criminal acts, and even when they nabbed him, they keep releasing him and it involves a creature an animal. For Debra Mark just for me. Yes. This is the story of a Daycare center up in San Jose. It's like a pre school. And there is a man by the name of Jorge Robles, who apparently has broken into the place. Three times. Back on January, 27th at this play and learn preschool security footage showed him breaking into the school through an unlocked door. He stole $1800 worth of computers. IPad Minis Other electronics six. It's a pretty good It's an upscale preschool business. They got computers and iPad Mini. Is that the kind of ipads for the preschoolers? Yes, yes, they do. He returned three days later. Where he stole more items. But thieves story got a lot more attention because Oh, He stabbed the pet tortoise with a big wooden stick. Oh, no. You know that is so upsetting. I saw a picture. Of the stab toward us. Yes. Yes. And that really put the knife sticking out of it. No. I saw the tortoise with bandages. And that is horrendous. You know, tortoises, you know, First of all, how do they defend themselves? They cannot. They can barely move there. So so right. This was not a guard creatures. Let me write that down. I thought he was their security. Okay? Yes, it's from the obvious desk, but still, it just makes me really, really sad. Yeah, He took a wooden stick and impaled 65 pet tortoise. Michelangelo over. This was a huge thing, huh? 65 £65.1 of those large right through the shell. Ah! Yeah, She's right about the advantages of practical cracked his shell penalty. Well, that does that grow back. What can you do about superglue? E? Don't know. Does it grow back? Or look says quick actions by a doctor. They performed emergency acts of relief. It doesn't say what they did. I'm look at the picture she's talking about. It's just a bunch of bandages on the shell of the too many times, there's a there's a tortoise gets stabbed. I mean, how did you even know what to do? Exactly. You see, this guy just took a wooden stake and drove it right through the back of my guy Health clinic and a gang neighborhood. We have stabbed guys come in and all day the tortoise that what That is so mean. They catch him. Okay? Yeah. And by the way, the tortoise is expected to survive. But it was serious injuries. So a cop files a request. To review the bail because he's eligible under emergency covert rules for immediate relief. So and he was released. And guess what? He went back to the pre school and broken again. This time he took apple ipads and groceries. Oh, my God! What a sick sick! Ah! $1000! Maura, What time was this? San Jose? Is this? Not a six state. Look now he's behind bars without bail. Oh, now he is. I would feed him to the tortoise. Yeah, that's a great idea. Grind them up and feed him. Oh, my God, really? He ought to get executed. Yeah. Did they let him go? They don't think that he's a violent psycho could harm the kids. If you're willing to stab a tortoise in his shell. You can't avoid enoughto Hold them under the no bail rules. Imagine being a kid going to that school and you come, You know your tortoise as a stick. Yeah, That's what the detectives they're saying. Our thoughts are with the poor kids. Who now you know, you know that Michael Angelo's been attacked Michael engined. They cracked. That's the name of the tortoise, Okay? Or is it pronounced Michelangelo Michelangelo? Uh, yeah. So now being held without bail, whose decision was it? I mean, he ran up all his three strikes just in just in the school. Don't you think? Well, somebody called the magistrate. That's who made the decision to deny the bail. He said no bail. This guy could go free. Well, that magistrate ought to be recalled. But I don't have a name. No. Yeah, of course. But the cop tried the cops said, I don't think this guy I think he's going to go right back there. Who knows what else? Those dabs a tortoise in this stupid judge Lets lets the guy go free because we're afraid of him catching the virus. I hope he catches the virus. 40 year old Jorge Robles to his mug shot. He looks kind of drugged out and probably is homeless. It doesn't say course right, because that's what we create. He was obsessed with the with the preschool. I don't know why I guess is there was an easy place to get the free electronic psycho. He doesn't think he just has impulses. Yeah, And then he takes all that stuff and the any and he sells it for more drug money. Right When we come back, we'll be talking to Mark Reynolds already Terrible, isn't it? It's beyond terrible. I feel so bad for that poor, defenseless tortoise. It haunted me that night. You've upset everybody can Upset John to the Lister sent historian said You guys should talk about it because he knows we cover criminals like this and you cover animals. So it's very upsetting. I don't know where I have a tortoise on the hierarchy. I would love to have a tortoise well higher than this guy. They're kind of dull, though, but they're so they're just sweet. They just seem so kind and innocent. You pet them? What the hell do you do? You just feed them. What do you feed them Lettuce there, Like like the lizards that John has lizard son. I got three lizards and a gecko and I visit them several times a day. I'm not really into the prehistoric type of creature. Stare at them. They stay I feel I mean, I'm in sync with snakes and reptiles, alligators, and now they like to lay there and stare. And I'm thinking, Yeah, this is just the way to go. Let's see what's the life you want pet them. Um no..

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