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"gus greene smith" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

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"gus greene smith" Discussed on The Autosport Podcast

"He also said he was quite sketchy in places Tom and he wasn't even fully under control, but described being in the zone. We talked about that on the podcast before where if you were driving a rally car where you are the car and the car is you and it's just all one, but he had to often you can there's a sports person do that for a period of time whether it's a hundred meter race in the Commonwealth Games have been watching or but to do it day after day is a superhuman effort. So it sounds like you're massively impressed by his weekend. Yeah, absolutely. I think everyone was hugely impressed by what tanak did and as I said earlier he was really sort of competing with lesser machinery. And I know that there was there was a bit of mind games from tannock, which was quite interesting during the weekend, you know, he was sort of saying our Toyota unbeatable here and that's fair because Toyota, this is their backyard, this is where the team is based. They are based in the host city of the rally vascular. They've won every rally Finland since their return to the championship since 2017. So they were fully expected to win this. So to be able to sort of fend them off like he did was just simply incredible. And clearly there's something going on behind the scenes. He was an inspired tanak. He was driving with a purpose that we haven't seen, perhaps this year. And let's remember that he did win in Sardinia, but this was a different kind of victory. And he was quite emotional for Tanaka at the end as well. He sort of paid tribute to his wife for being there for supporting him during some difficult times he didn't sort of allude to what those difficult times were, but he's clearly there was some there was some emotion involved in this victory. Which we haven't seen before. And as I said, the only way I could sort of describe it was he was sort of driving like a classic Colin McCrae maximum attack style that we've seen Colin McRae produce over the years where it's just full attack. There's sketchy moments at the very, very many sketchy moments, but somehow he manages to drag this through. And I think the telling points of this was on Friday where he sort of said, you know, the car is uncomfortable, but I have to be uncomfortable to be able to produce these times. And after one stage, even said that his hands were shaking, that just so how much effort and what he was doing to try and hold this car. He was physically shaking afterwards. So it was a herculean effort and one that will go down in history. And a battle of the Finns behind him over Friday and Saturday with lappy and Robin pair a bit of a ding dong between them earlier in the rally before Robin Perry pulled clear finishing order tanak first, Robin pair a second lappy third elf and Evans in fourth Thierry navy 6th if sorry a new deal and katsu was sick there wasn't he. And Gus Greene Smith in the first, the fourth. In 7th, I hadn't run down the order, which I hadn't so apologies dear listener. So Tom, what do you make of that battle of the Finns for second and third place? Yeah, so obviously calorie run per massively the favorite going into this rally with his home round. It was his homecoming, I think everyone was to deliver a victory. It would always be tough starting first on the road because we championship position, but he had a huge amount of support in Finland. If there was anyone worried that Finland not having a world champion for 20 years that the sport was sort of it's popularity was dwindling, then Cali rov and pere has reignited this because the crowds were huge over the weekend. His support was massive. If he wanted to get a glimpse of calorie often pairing the service park, you were sort of 6 or 7 deep in the crowd. The Finns really do love this rally. An interesting stat and I will get onto the answer to the actual competition in a moment, but interesting stat that appeared yesterday was to sort of give you context as to how popular rallying is in Finland the entire rally is broadcast on pay television and free to air television via online platform. They have their own special TV studio in the service park just for the finished television. Sort of a sky F one style type of studio. And the figures that were produced over the weekend were 5.5 million hours of WRC rally Finland were watched through the national television provider. Which are quite too, if we look at it from a population point of view, every thin watching at least one hour of WRC over the four days. So that's a that is what Raleigh is infinite. It is a national obsession. It blew my mind just how popular it is. It is just literally one of their most favorite things to do and watch. Okay, well let's quickly hear from Kelly Robin Perez in his own words after you spoke to him right now. You're obviously

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