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"gulf barcelona" Discussed on Global News Podcast

Global News Podcast

01:30 min | 3 years ago

"gulf barcelona" Discussed on Global News Podcast

"Signs of financial nervousness a continuing in spain over a possible unilateral declaration of independence by catalonia two of catalonia's largest banks cash of bang and serb day a reported to be considering moving their headquarters if the catalan parliament declares independence next week the spanish government is refusing to talk with the catalan leader unless he abandons his stance on independence our correspondent james reynolds as in madrid i asked him if there was any chance of a compromise do you have madrid and barcelona sterling only the side of a gulf barcelona are the authorities they're threatening to make a unilateral declaration of independence early next week in madrid says if you do that we will invoke close the constitution suspending selfrule in catalonia each side has that huge semi apocalyptic card to play they get to play them there is still potential middle ground to try to work out a compromise that potential mediators may be investigated and king fully pay has been criticised by mr putin all he has a key philippi gave a speech two nights ago followed by a speech by pettus bridge law last night essentially rebutting some of the criticism is the king of may the king of lined up very much in support of spain's constitution and madrid as you would expect and careless wish divorce at how disappointed he was by the king's remarks in catalonia we've heard that the referendum is opened up deep divisions in public life what's the mood in madrid.

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