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"gulf mexico" Discussed on The South Florida Morning Show

"We had the most awesome story coming out of the sports world over the weekend. And we're gonna put a dinner right putting up the video right now in the morning show blog. Eight fifty w. f. t. l. dot com. This fallen cat story caught by an american flag at the. Um game you. Could you get any better. I don't think so. Wow i've i sat there and i watched it because i i saw the video. I i didn't see it live. But i had heard about it and i said i gotta go watch this. I i'm thinking how the heck did the cat get where it was. I don't know and it was under the tarp on the second level. You've been running under i. I don't know how did it get to where it and it's hanging in you watch it and i'm thinking in you know it's just one claw now it's not buying. I'm like oh this poor cats going gonna plummet to its death. You hear the moment when it goes down to the one claw all old stadium. Stop to watch what was going on here. That's when it went to one claw and that's when they caught it. Wow but the people that caught it. The guy works for the university. He and his wife have season tickets. And then every game they bring an american flag. I love that. Thank god because they used they. They were underneath the cat and they opened up the american flag. Elka an emergency blanket to catch it and sure enough at worked out at broke the cat's fall and then cat lady did safely. And then the the the ultimate closing moment to make it the perfect story. They saved the cat's life. Turns right around and it's punches. The guy right in the head Did you see grabbed him in the chest and the guy's like oh you see his eyes to bulge out of his head like get this damn thing off or they catch it. He holds it like simba. Crowd place went to catch maxim tries. A clause is out and then the cat form. Put the poor thing. Can you imagine how scared that poor cat

joe biden Daiki caccia gulf mexico football Elka santa biden diener maxim reilly britney spears south florida jen nicholas louisiana
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"Shotwell. And now for your commute tomorrow, sky. Mike will be doing the traffic with rain coming at you because you're going to want to follow it for your commute. All the attention well beyond Trump Storm Nicholas and is formed in the Southern Gulf Mexico will be inching toward the Texas coast could be a slow mover, bringing heavy rainfall and storm surge our way. Hey, Flats watch in effect tonight through your Tuesday evening and Trump Storm watch and the storm surge watch in effect for the coasts. We're gonna be looking at some bottom rainfall and even that coastal flooding showers. Storms likely tonight, especially overnight. Low, low seventies chance rain 6% and 80% check the showers and storms on Monday ahead. Rainfall possible high low eighties chops from conditions possible on Tuesday. I'm either as Todd work for Weather Channel 85 in Galveston, 87 from the ktrh Top tax defenders. 24 hour Weather Center Ktrh news time is 501. Our top story. Tropical Storm Watch, which means tropical Storm force winds are possible in the area within 48 hours has been issued by the National Weather Service for Harris County now, according to Inland Harris County that includes Houston, Kingwood and Spring Ktrh is your severe weather station and we have the whole staff on standby through the storm. So keep your radio tuned right here at am 7 40 ktrh in Sports, Texas were three point underdog against Jacksonville, but the Texans won by 16 points. Final score. Texans 37 the other guys 16. And the Astros winning the series with the Angels. Two games to one final score. Today was 3 to 1. And tomorrow they go up. I 45 they play the Texas Rangers. The game is at seven and you can hear that game right here on K Trh 7 40. NEOS on demand. Ktrh dot com Our next update will be at 5 30 breaking news as it happens. Sally Adams on Houston's news, weather and traffic station use radio 7 40 K T. R H. Hello, listeners. Welcome to the trading group Show..

Sally Adams Mike Texas 16 points Tuesday 80% Monday Texas Rangers Tuesday evening Today 6% tomorrow Angels Galveston Astros 24 hour Southern Gulf Mexico tonight Two games National Weather Service
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"A trending story. Hey, Natalie. Hey, Brian. The tropics are definitely active As we're reaching the peak of our hurricane season later this week, there's a disturbance over the central Gulf Mexico and what forecasters are saying is that it's got a medium chance of developing into a tropical or subtropical depression as it gets closer toward the northern Gulf Coast, either tonight. Or by early tomorrow, and it's a little too soon to show indications of it possibly impacting at least a portion of our state. You can get to work to bear that deal. Larry Thankfully, looks like it's going to leave Bermuda alone, so that one is mostly going to be for the fishes deal Looks like aside from a little tropical storm like condition in Bermuda. So you know, I was I was taking a look at this this morning. We know last year was insane Record year for Storms, everything. You remember how many we had in September. We definitely were already into the Greek alphabet. I remember that. You're right. We ended in the Greek alphabet. We had 10 named storms last year, 10. We started the month With the end storm We ended in the great gal Pha Bet. So the good news is we all have that guy. The other good news is Peak day for hurricane season. Commercial Peak Day is Friday. And we know that there's nothing out there. It's got our name on it. Always begin to like told at the other end of the peak of the season. So, Yeah, it's.

Natalie Brian Bermuda September Friday Larry last year tonight northern Gulf Coast early tomorrow later this week 10 this morning central 10 named storms Gulf Mexico Greek Pha Bet
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"You'd be more secure when it comes to your money and some of that is overblown right like the idea of being able to buy coffee every now and again outside of the house. Like that's not gonna make a break you but yeah it is true that those little things do add up and i remember that that was one thing. My mom always told me growing up. Is that the little things. Add up and it's true like even something as small as a haircut. How much money you could lead to over you know. A few decades is pretty impressive. So yeah just just to note. You don't necessarily have to cut your hair at home i like to have someone else. Cut my hair. It's quicker to have that done. It's less messy drive there to try the lesser. Yeah so You don't necessarily have a dog in this fight. So where people want to want aside at no problem with people painting it there seeing here to each his own her own. But it's nice to see the numbers and be like. okay yes. Is it worth it for me to start at home because it will mean a whole lot more money down the road if i start doing it myself but then again you might get passed up for the race because your hair looks awful. I don't know there's a lot of things to consider. that is true man. Let's introduce the beer that we're going to enjoy this episode is by cruz blanca a out of illinois and this is echo corn gazette This is sent to us by dennis looking forward to enjoying this one on the show and we will share thoughts at the end of the episode. No doubt but for now. Let's go to the topic at hand. Matt and let's dig in people assess whether real estate investing is right for them Recently matt i've kind of become fascinated by big waves and the people that you have yeah like surfers that decide to risk their lives and go out and serve. Sixty foot swells. Well if you must have you talked about how you wanna go like if you had to go out and like a giant you know flash go out by like letting this giant tsunami or just the giant wave just overtake you like the worst thing now if you had to dine in natural disaster. That's the best way to go drowning. Drowing awful you don't drown in soon. Nami one hundred foot wave hits you. I think he just kind of like boom. You're gonna think you're out. I guess if there's a piece of wood in the way they hit you in the head sure the sheer force of that way. Dude come on. We'll see now. He's like big but they're slow. You're picturing like one of these massive like like you're talking about these giant waves that people like the big wave surfers surf. Yeah i don't think there's many of those overtaking countries or whatever no yeah right so but really yeah. The the big waves fascinating. I think it's kind of incredible how you can get it is cool. Waves that big Because i'm used to play in two foot waves in the atlantic Ocean or the gulf mexico and like sometimes the more that we research something the more we we realize that..

cruz blanca dennis illinois Matt matt gulf mexico atlantic Ocean
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"You do just that to learn more about how you can help visit Houston public media dot org slash amazon Smile Thanks. We've spoken before about things that used to be in Houston but aren't anymore. Astor World the Comets and Arrows much more recently, the disco Kroger. There's been a similar disappearance of some key landmarks over the years in Galveston. Wayne Jones is executive director of the Galveston Historical Foundation. Tommy Boudreau is co author of The book Lost Restaurants of Galveston's African American Community. Dwayne Tommy. Good Morning. Welcome to the program. Good morning, Dwayne. Let me start with you. What immediately comes to mind for you when we talk about things that used to be in Galveston, but are not anymore. Well, there are several that come up to me come to mind immediately. One of them that most galvestonians talk about is the loss of the Ursuline Academy, which was just off 25th street in Galveston. So after Hurricane Carla, uh, that building have had some significant damage and It was removed within a few years after that, but it's it's one of Nicolas Clayton. It was one of those Clayton's really spectacular religious oriented buildings. And so we lost that. Some years ago. So that's the first one that most local people talk about as being a significant loss. What else? What other ones right after that? Well, you know, hurricanes aren't very kind to Galveston. So it's been one of one of the things that's probably determined the fate of a number of buildings that we would hate to lose. But I also think of the balconies room. I don't know if people recall right after Hurricane Ike that was totally destroyed. And for those who may not be a player with the Balinese room, it stretched out over the Gulf of Mexico from Seawall Boulevard, and it just fell into pieces from the the power of Ike and 2000 and eight But it was the great story. It was one of those sort of almost romantic and romanticized stories today in Galveston. About the underground sort of gambling and entertainment community of the island and the the 20th century, particularly in the mid 20th centuries with the Maceio family, So and I had this wonderful kind of, if you if you all remember that and see those images from the past this wonderful kind of Asian influenced architecture. That just set out there on the water with the It was just really, really amazing Little building and so that that was totally gone. And people still talk about it still has. I think it has some Sort of a social media thing following it, even to this day. Tommy, what prompted you to want to write a book about black owned restaurants of Galveston's past? Want to be honest with you. Um we were going to publish a cookbook. Um That Dr Jones, Dwight Jones suggested that we do After the first book, Allison I published and As As Blaine has sad, um Our storms, uh, devastated us over the years, and we found that we couldn't find a lot of recipes because so many people lost everything doing Hurricane Ike. But as we, um Start hearing stories about some of the restaurant owners, some of the great cooks and Galveston we decided that we would tell their story and included many recipes as we possibly could. Tommy. What are some examples of some of those restaurants that whether they were lost during Ike or or from other reasons, other times from Galveston's past that we all should really know about. Listen, had always been known for, you know, excellent food. So, uh, we had a number of them barbecue restaurants. Uh um, uh, Oliver barbecue stand why? It was called saying I don't know, because he You is indoor eating into a dining tiptop cafe, Honey Brown, Uh, people had their choice of restaurants and If they like one person leaks and the other person deal. That was kind of how you know things wet and you know, we had people of all nationalities. It was time to those restaurant and The owners were really kind of the head of this. African American communities. They were the ones who kept up with all of the city issues and so on those things that would be relevant to the African American community, Dwayne are there other restaurants or hotels from Galveston's past that stick out to you as landmarks that have come and gone. There are and I would like to mention a couple of those. But I was going to ask Tommy as she might talk about which is my favorite lost restaurant in her book, which is called the squeeze in and the building is still there, I think, but I love that name, and she might describe a little bit about it because it was pretty pretty distinctive. Yeah, By all means, Tommy. Okay, squeeze and was in an alley. Um, and the first time I heard about it, the name was kind of like uncomfortable for me. But, uh, found out that it was Mrs Richardson and her daughter who ran this. Restaurant in the alley only had about six tables and when they would prepare of the food, they had a special menu every every day, And once it was gone, it was gone. So you have people lining up in that alley waiting to get in 11 o'clock. My memory of it. I did, uh, either one day and I still remember this smothered pork chops and Mac Spectators and Grady Greens and corn bread. So, uh, it was. It was a very unique place and again. It's closed now, but the building is still there. And if you live there Dwayne, We have just a minute or so left. Can you talk a little bit about maybe some hotels in Galveston? It that aren't around anymore that people remember Sure, I think almost everybody would remember the flagship hotel, which was also over the Gulf, Mexico about 25th story, which came down also after Hurricane Ike and is now on entertainment center, of course, but The sea walls had a lot of lots of motels and the seahorse motel. People might remember that Jack Tar Motel, which was down, uh, near the end of Broadway, Uh, the Buccaneer Hotel would was also on seawall. This wonderful sort of shipped shaped hotel, which was called the S S. Galveston came down about 2000 and four So a lot of the things that we remember a lot of us growing up and coming to Galveston or hanging out down here. Lot of those motels and early hotels are are gone just because of the dynamics of real estate and the impact of storms. Still on those two Duane Jones is executive director of the Galveston Historical Foundation. Tommy Boudreau is co author of the book Lost Restaurants of Galveston's African American Community. Dwayne Tommy. Thank you both very much. Thank you. Thank you are Uncle And that will do it for today's show. The Houston matters team includes Michael Haggerty, Joshua's in Brent Ruiz and Troy Schultz. David Pittman's Our Technical director. Remember to join Ernie Menus for Town.

Michael Haggerty Troy Schultz David Pittman Wayne Jones Tommy Boudreau Duane Jones Dwight Jones Dwayne Tommy Dwayne Brent Ruiz 11 o'clock Galveston Historical Foundatio Seawall Boulevard Clayton Tommy Galveston Hurricane Carla 20th century Gulf of Mexico Joshua
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"Other side of Prince Charles is this He's really into organic farming and taking care of the Earth and the sky. Kate Brown is this American farmer who does this thing called no tillage cropping the rather than using one of those plows that you know, turns up the soil all the you know Seo, too, That's in it'll the carp and, you know, just disappears up into the atmosphere in ads to climate change. He has this amazing system and he's being a Uh, talking all over America to farmers, and now we've got 35% of our crop land is this note tillage cropping, and it's this amazing machine that doesn't turn it up. It pushes Feeds into the soil. It's got a GPS that knows where it should go and all the time. The soil still has a crop on the top of it, So it's got a leg booms or something that six nitrogen or it's got the end of a radish crop. What you're that serve the mulch from a crop that's already you know, bin and then harvested. But it keeps that crop on there. It pushes the seeds into the soil very strategically. So you've got this ground cover CEO to carbon doesn't go up into the atmosphere and That soil can hold. So much more water. There's not erosion and run off when the rain comes actually a maker of soil that already has a cover on it can hold 20,000 gallons more water than the bearer. Let's have a seat put in and then the rains come, and it could just rode away. This is fascinating. I had no idea really. So this is all about how the land has worked is what you're saying. And it can. It can be a profound difference. Yeah. Yeah, and the thing about it, and you know, I know that I've said this before on the show, you know, hashtag low tech high impact you I love these really simple solutions. That's the sort of at hand and it's um or Principle and her holistic way to farm and you know the thing I was saying before you know it's animals eat grass. We don't have to pump them full of all the antibiotics So then we don't have antibody resistance in human beings. The animals, the livestock that get pumped full of you away. Those antibiotics are on a K foe and they're in unsanitary and crowded conditions so that you know, and then they were also eating corn or grains, which there as ruminants. They're not designed to eat. They're supposed to be crossed so we could use, you know cows and grass to reverse climate change. Right? I guess I don't know We're supposed to be thankful it's Thanksgiving. But I go straight to the politics of it. And how will a proposal like that be twisted into an argument for a political reason? Did that farmer seem really encouraged about other farmers adopting something like that. Should the money be passed? 300 million doesn't seem like a lot if you're fixing the planet. Oh, that's that's 300 billion with a B. Okay, so long as you're writing checks, Make sure you get to be on their way to get your get your you've got a dm not gonna do it. It's gonna be a B this time breath you go, have, sir. Well, you know, the thing about it is that you know, this guy gave Brown he is so in demand of the speaker in the U. S, you know, talking to farmers, and and what? How does you know? It's like fishermen. You know you get I thought the way your dad did it. And so if he did, you know, you know, um, you know, he told the ocean floor. You thought, Well, that's how I should fish. And it's like he's promised sold away that their dad did it. But I'll also send you this New York Times article about Gabe Brown because he now he has to turn down speaking engagements and since he's been going around the country and teaching farmers this the amount of No pillage agriculture in the US, It's now 35% of our crop land. So that yeah, it's pretty. It's pretty amazing. And if you've got you know we've got Cory Booker Elizabeth Warren. I mean, there's going to be huge pushback, obviously from cargo and Smithfield. You know Monsanto, all those big agricultural sort of, you know, behemoth. You know, they want our farmers to be subsidized. Poor used tons of fertilizer. You know they're genetically modified crops. I think the thing is, there's this awareness coming. And I think with a Biden presidency, which Thank God this week has been given the money to, you know, do the transition every year. We I think we're turning a corner and we as the voters have to keep pushing because We can't keep farming this way, you know, And the fact that there is there already is this put, you know swing to this other kind of farming because the farmers are making more money, Perica. And they're keeping the farm healthy. You know, there's the croplands healthy and one of the things you know, hopefully with a you know, a re, you know, functioning EPA. The Clean Water Act. They were going after farmers, you know, in the misses, you know who's or their runoff was going into the Mississippi because there's so much nitrogen from the fertilizer. You know that the overuse of fertilizers We have that big dead zone either, both both both in the Mississippi River, and then where it comes out into the Gulf, Mexico that huge area where it's just dead because all the nitrogen uniforms the big algae blooms, the algae, you know. Guy sucks all the oxygen out of the water. And then there's no water journalist for the fish that they all that's how you get a dead zone. Is all that nitrogen coming from agricultural land, though the runoff from agriculture is is disturbing the show many repercussions from it. So you're right. It can't It can't continue. You know Brett's I think right about alluding to certain you know the sort of political realities But by the same token, there is change, but it does require Public pressure it required and and I think that public pressure is played out. Also with the media, you know, people ask, what can I do? And people say, Well, you should write your senator and Congressman represent well. Think should also write your media outlets. I'd like to see more coverage about this on. You'd be surprised. They respond to emails that respond to demand and I think the media spotlight could actually Lead to some change. I want you to just review for me the movie the movie is called Kiss the ground. Kiss the ground. Yeah, it's available on Netflix. And if you get a little depressed in the beginning, I'm urging. You push through it because once you see a lot of things that are happening, and how we are, actually that, you know, you'll see examples of how it's being healed. And American farmers who are doing the snow tillage agriculture, which It was, you know, it blew my mind. And then the fact that you know it's not just that we zero out the emissions. We are actually going to suck carbon, you know, into the and it will be held in the soil. I mean, it's just going in the right direction You're saying Make America great again. Is that what you're saying? Yes, our tour of the planet on a regular basis on Thursdays and even on Thanksgiving. Great to have you here. Belinda Women's W A. Y M O u T H Belinda Weymouth on Twitter and on YouTube. Thanks for Linda. He's going on Thanksgiving so much by make American a cop and think again. That's what we want to do with America. Shop..

Kate Brown America Prince Charles Mississippi Mississippi River EPA Monsanto New York Times CEO Cory Booker farmer Netflix Belinda Women Smithfield
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"gulf mexico" Discussed on World Oil's Daily Brief

"Not really any other big discernible trends throughout the US Gulf Mexico activity offshore remains the same at fourteen rigs. So Canada on the other hand has now. plateaued out for the moment. Don't really know what's going on there. They went from seventy nine to seventy eight rigs on shore. The good news is the the offshore has restored a second rig back to off Newfoundland on the eastern coast. So that's positive Would just have to wait and see one thing I wanted to point out is. Our Meteor forecast was predicated on a mild and emphasize the word mild a mild recovery in the fourth quarter. When I say mild, we're going from you know alot in the rig count awhile back in the two forties is something a little bit over three hundred. So maybe sixty to seventy rig pickup. Now right now we've already since the low point we've picked up about. Twenty seven rigs. if we just average about two three rigs picked up each week for the next eight weeks, we'll get there. If. We average of about two and a half. that would be twenty rigs on top of the two eighty to figure. We have right now for the US be three. Oh to Mike Get up to three, zero, five, three six. So if we do that and I think there's a decent chance will do that. Then our our forecast should be a pretty tight. Will. You know it's interesting. You point out that the you know there's been much talk out in New Mexico lately about the drillers to go ahead and get work underway. In advance of a potential ban on drilling on federal lands, and that receive a lot of attention. However, as you pointed out, the numbers don't really reflect that that much mean there is a I. Guess it just goes to show that there is the political Kabuki theatre happening, and then there's the actual work out in the field that goes on and you know we all we all carry on but. You know getting back to the topic of. Drilling and production in the US I. Guess of this week. Dickey Hall of over at Occidental made some. Observations that might. The might call some ideas and question. Well, you know I think it's one of those unfortunate comments that the person involved will probably at some point wish that she had made because I just think it's out of line and it doesn't do anybody any good to say this right now because we don't really know what's going to happen we can't even predict three or four months ahead.

US Gulf Mexico Canada New Mexico Dickey Hall Newfoundland Mike Occidental
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"United by a common truth. America's ultimate power lies in her people. Democracy 2020, It's in your hands. Fox News America is watching. Hurricane Delta's bearing down on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula as a monster. Category four. Storm with 145 Mile an hour winds bad bad news for Cancun and cause a bell Fox eight. New Orleans meteorologist David Bernard says Delta may hit Mexico just shy of a Category five with 155 Mile an hour winds and a 13 FT storm surge after weekending over the Yucatan Delta's expected to plow through the Gulf Mexico towards the U. S. Could restrict into a Category four on Thursday afternoon before making that much advertised turn on Friday afternoon. We need to prepare for a major hurricane crossing the Louisiana coast on Friday or Friday evening. Bernard says. Delta is likely to slam into Louisiana as a Category three hurricane Facebook says it plans to step up its crackdown on cue and on the fast growing conspiracy movement that's thrived on social media. The movement centers on the idea that a powerful group of child traffickers Control the world and are trying to take down President Trump Singer Johnny Nash dies Can see Clear rays go. Nash took that song to number one in the US and UK in 1972 died Tuesday at his home in Houston. He was 18 years old. Earlier, we learned Eddie Van Halen died Tuesday of cancer at 65. Van Halen was A guitar virtuoso who propelled his band Van Halen into one of hard rock's biggest groups. Rolling Stone ranks him as the eighth best guitarist in the world and on the courts. The Seattle Storm wins the WN BA championship. I'm Carmen Roberts, and this is Fox News. From the news radio 1080 Okay Weather Center and the four warrants Storm team Clear and mild Fall Savings sale is happening now in mattress warehouse. Save up to $1000. Plus get 0% interest financing for 60 months unsure of which mattress is right for you. Those people are but mattress warehouse is home to bed Max diagnostic system that recommends the best mattresses for your individual support needs trying for yourself today. Mattress warehouse One year price guarantee means you know you're getting the best price. Why shop anywhere else Visit sleep happens dot com for a location near you. This week at Macy's getting extra 25% off.

Hurricane Delta Eddie Van Halen Van Halen Johnny Nash Mexico Louisiana America David Bernard Yucatan Delta Yucatan Peninsula Fox News Cancun Fox Macy Okay Weather Center Gulf Mexico New Orleans Facebook Carmen Roberts Seattle
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"Delta's bearing down on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula as a monster. Category four. Storm with 145 Mile an hour winds bad bad news for Cancun and cause a bell Fox eight. New Orleans meteorologist David Bernard says Delta may hit Mexico just shy of a Category five with 155 Mile an hour winds and a 13 FT storm surge after weekending over the Yucatan Delta's expected to plow through the Gulf Mexico towards the U. S. Could restrict into a Category four on Thursday afternoon before making that much advertised turn on Friday afternoon. We need to prepare for a major hurricane crossing the Louisiana coast on Friday or Friday evening. Bernard says. Delta is likely to slam into Louisiana as a Category three hurricane Facebook says it plans to step up its crackdown on cue and on the fast growing conspiracy movement that's thrived on social media. The movement centers on the idea that a powerful group of child traffickers Control the world and are trying to take down President Trump Singer Johnny Nationalize Ray's gone. Nash took that song to number one in the US and UK in 1972 died Tuesday at his home in Houston. He was 80 years old. Earlier, we learned Eddie Van Halen died Tuesday of cancer at 65. Van Halen was A guitar virtuoso who propelled his band Van Halen into one of hard rock's biggest groups. Rolling Stone ranks him is the eighth best guitarist in the world and on the courts. The Seattle Storm wins the WN BA championship. I'm Carmen Roberts, and this is Fox News. Doubt Pro extra is the Home Depot's.

Eddie Van Halen Delta Van Halen Mexico David Bernard Louisiana Yucatan Delta Yucatan Peninsula Nash Home Depot Fox News Gulf Mexico Cancun Carmen Roberts Fox New Orleans Seattle Facebook President Trump
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"Is moving around there but prepared for an extra 5 10 minutes or so it lays Zack back in the Gulf. Those windows dot com 24 hour traffic center a fairly tranquil stretch weather for next several days, We'll have the watch future development of another system in the western Caribbean that could end up being coming and name Storm Delta and could be playing a role in the northern Gulf Mexico sometime. I'm late for work week. Lot of fine tuning between now and then. But something we have to watch a 10% chance of stray shower tonight. Otherwise mostly clear, low, low sixties Sonny Low eighties Monday, mid eighties sunny Tuesday and Wednesday. I Mean Ross Todd, Work with Eddie and Galveston 80. Foreign Spring 86 Katie 85 with the K T. R H Top tax Defenders. 24 Hour Weather Center Katie Courage News Time is 501 Our top story. Fox News Sunday Tramp. Trump campaign senior adviser Steve Cortes says President Trump is energetic and focused on getting work done even while being traded for covert it Walter Reed Medical Center. What I know is that we have it from the president himself, that he's doing well and he is on task. Believe me, there is not one even iota of the president feeling sorry for himself, he said. We are going to win this campaign he is still governing actively as president of states. Even from the hospital. We are fully confident that his recovery will be complete and he is feeling so good that he has toy did one more time and we'll have that for you shortly. Doctor Tom Ingles B is also on Fox News Sunday, and he's the head of health security at Johns Hopkins and said that Trump campaign should not be holding.

President Trump president Sonny Low Gulf Walter Reed Medical Center Fox News Gulf Mexico Zack Doctor Tom Ingles B Storm Delta western Caribbean Ross Todd Johns Hopkins senior adviser Steve Cortes K T. R Eddie
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"Because that will then have everything. Flying voice is bad because you weakened everything. With that first high wall and even justice, rain coming now helping my face. It feels like someone is taking a bunch of rocks and throwing it at my face. That's how bad it stings with strong winds. Thiss will be historic, seeing a category for making landfall by the way, 10 any data with Rita Rita's water. Up to 9.43 FT. Forecast for this 1, 15.6 ft and portions of tender shut down from the Texas Louisiana border and the chapel. I abase and heading this way, So you know, Jim, Hopefully nobody is traveling during the storm on, But the problem is that water it could stay up for quite a while. It's not just gonna go up and then Go right back down. You brought up a great point earlier about people that stayed behind and may have, you know, one story home. They have to get on the roof of because the water is so high. I want you to show me one person one Hold on. 150 win. I just want to I want to meet that person. I really I really do. So you're you're you're you're not a good situation here. All right, guys. I want to bring in Dr Rick Knabb. Big difference, though, isn't it? Between stepping my shot? She's on the back side. She's exposed the Northeast wind. The hotel's blocking me For the moment, the wind you will come around a little bit more to the South East, which is going to expose us again in this area where I'm standing. So, Dr Knapp, I think a few viewers are kind of looking at this and saying, OK, this is interesting If the pressure now is 9 37 millibars with, uh, with Laura And the pressure with Rita was 987 millibars. Why is the wind with Laura 150 MPH and the wind with Rita was only 115 Miles. Pressure and Max winds don't completely lineup. Rita had been a cat five over the central Gulf Mexico with wins 180 miles an hour when it weakened. Pressure didn't come all the way back up, and what happened is read. End up being a larger hurricane. It's hurricane force winds extended out more than 80 Miles, as opposed to Laura's hurricane force winds about 60 Miles, So Rita was a larger hurricane won the lowest pressures for a cat three ever on record. Saturday and Sunday. August 29th and 30 have come to Bel Oaks phase for a grand opening land sale and get your absolutely gorgeous one. The blue whale, the saltwater crocodile thie African Bush elephant. Not all the largest things in nature are easy on the ears. Discover the one that is great. Still Act pipe organ, the world's largest musical instrument, only at Elleray. Cameron's What will you discovered?.

Rita Rita Laura Dr Rick Knabb Thiss Dr Knapp Texas Louisiana Jim Bel Oaks Elleray Cameron South East Gulf Mexico
Dallas - Texas Expected To See Rain From Marco As 2 Storms Threaten Gulf Coast

WTOP 24 Hour News

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Dallas - Texas Expected To See Rain From Marco As 2 Storms Threaten Gulf Coast

"Are are spinning spinning near near the the Gulf Gulf of of Mexico. Mexico. Fox is Adam Klotz has details. Tropical storms on the move, likely going to be both hurricanes in the Gulf. Mexico at the same time within the next couple of days. Tropical Storm Marco, currently sitting just off the coast of Cancun, this is gonna lift to the north run up into the Gulf of Mexico, really passing by perhaps Louisiana and approaching Texas, getting late Monday into Tuesday, So the timing of these are going to be really important ones going to arrive a little bit sooner, and that's going to be Marco. But they're going to be in very similar areas. 45 Mile an hour winds right now for Tropical Storm Laura, basically passing Puerto Rico as we speak. Heavy rain beginning to fall in areas of San Juan. This storm just slightly slower, but has a little bit more time to strengthen. So I do think this is a stronger storm. Adam Clots reporting

Gulf Gulf Mexico Adam Clots Adam Klotz Marco Puerto Rico San Juan Cancun FOX Louisiana Texas
"gulf  mexico" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

Permian Perspective Podcast

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"gulf mexico" Discussed on Permian Perspective Podcast

"West Texas for ten years now and enjoy hearing about my colleagues journey to the Permian. Keep up the good work and you make it a great day whole thank you so much jerry. Thanks for thrown my tagline back. Make it a great J. Jerry and just want to thank everyone so much for leaving a review or stopping by sending an email. And if you do so I will read it in a future broadcast like Jerry. So thank you all right. Aaron thanks again for joining us. First of all I just WanNa say how are you doing? You know. We're all dealing with something new idea. How are you doing overall doing pretty well? All things considered a traveled around the world enough and out of our truck working on rigs enough to know that being stuck at an. Your own comfortable is not necessarily a bad thing so so just adjusting to this new normal. You know exactly just Hashtag doing our best right. That's right that's right so Erin. How did you get started in the oil and gas industry? Well the it's a little bit of a long story but the yet so I. I went to school for Engineering degree as I was trying to figure out what I WANNA do that way. What career fair and saw the mechanical engineers were the most commonly hired out of Mississippi State? Where I went so I decided to go mechanical and graduated mechanical and Luckily I had a good buddy that his family was oil and gas their whole life and he did internship with Summer J. He accepted a job with CONACO and he was like many. You gotta get into oil and gas business and I was like well. I don't know and finally he convinced me and it was kind of like one of the things like well give it a shot and see so graduated mechanical when gas industry not knowing anything about oil and gas kind of had the ambition of spindle top thought the whole in the ground. Then you just have to catch the oil and it's just a little bit more complicated than that right. What did you learn that first year that you have never forgotten a lot of different things you know the first year? I started as a field engineer trainee for Baker Hughes and so I got to you know. Put the hands on the tool. Starting warehouse learn how to build tools. Learn how to run on the field so that really and truly was the fundamental for my knowledge. They're getting out because it you know it's one thing to see or to talk about the tools and talk about what they're doing in the film another them built and then ran on the field and how they work in the the challenges that you can have out in the field so that I think that's really probably what stuck with me. That first year is is how the bigger picture works when you're talking completion tools and putting them in the well bores and so you spent that first year you said it Ed Baker. Right off the bat. That's correct. Yep Awesome now. How long were you with Baker Hughes so I was with Baker almost eight years I was like seven and a half so and then from there. You made a transition. Let's talk a little bit about that transitioning into what you're doing now. I did. Yeah so quite a bit of a transition so with Baker I had a fantastic career bounce all over the world. The kind of funny how. I got involved with unconventional in what everybody does in the Permian out there because I technically started in Lafayette Louisiana doing off-shore well December seven rolls around. And you know Gulf Mexico's to healthy. This was pre Macondo. And that's just what. The Gulf of Mexico work is budgets. Were spent in two four go into the holidays but being young ambitious than didn't register with me so. I'm sleeping the shop floor five times a day pestering my boss and the coordinators come and give me something to do and so finally my boss said you know what come to Houston. Start BUILDING FRAC lease and so next thing. I knew one of five maybe ten people in Baker that knew how to build them so I started teaching people how to build them. And that was kind of my intro and unconventional so bass all over the world. At least to my knowledge I was the first one to run multi completion and these unconventional formations. Outside of North America. Erin Two completions in China in two thousand eight and bounce around the permian the Marcellus the Bachan just all over the place and then did a variety of different roles in engineering and product line and Business Development and then I unfortunately did get caught up in layoffs in two thousand fifteen. So as I'm doing the layoff thing trying to figure out my move at it hits me one day that I can do whatever I want and I always wanted to have known business so decided to Fi- you know thought about it. Do I have a business plan in place and something I can do and create a business and I was like you know what I think I can and the whole inspiration actually came from an incident or a situation Baker where I was supposed to teach an industry class and somebody at Midland wanted to take it was in Houston so they went to their balls got permission and then they told their colleagues and then all of a sudden five of them wanted to take it and so they went to the boss and they said well we can't send all of you to Houston and they reached out directly and said how about you just come to us and all of a sudden they got fifty people in the class and Midland and I was like you know what I think. There's a business there. I will go to them and teach in house by. I love that and I think that's such a great story to tell right now. It is no so many people are going through a transition with everything that is happening due to covet and the oil industry that maybe this is a time to look and see. How can I use these skills that I already know? And how can I change? You know what I've been doing and serve other people and serve war people and that's exactly what you did absolutely honestly I mean that's that's what helped me find purpose journey times and and find purpose quickly just kind of keep moving forward and staying positive because you and I talked a little bit beforehand but for two years or so. I've been talking about taking my courses and going online with them and I finally started putting in the work September. Maybe October of last year. And right as I'm getting ready to roll out of course cove it happens. So I- hustled up about a week after Houston went on lockdown. I on my course launched and released it and then in April. I was supposed to go and speak at several universities. Penn State Marietta College University of Texas Permian Basin. Where you are meany. Yeah and of course. Those trips got cancelled and one university specifically Penn State. This a really cool program they have set up through their SPA. Chapter where they get outside and shutters myself and the students actually get elective credit for it so this wasn't just a casual event for the students. I mean some of these students were looking to or my course to graduate so I was able to get the video on demand course out. They were take it. We were able to jump on Webinars for think. We did three Saturdays for about an hour and a half each and they were able to graduate and get their elective credits. It's fantastic and says that's the thing is the students are. They can't their guest speakers so I've set up University of Houston. Ut Pb Texas M. Marietta College and working on several other universities in the US and international as well to to give the students free access to my my full day course. I love that I love that. You just pivoted once again. You took you know what was happening in the world and were able to to change it and use technology and still be able to share that knowledge that you have with universities and wit and with companies that's fantastic. What have been some of the topics that you've been sharing online. Now that you have pivoted to that online role know this is really my full day. Course that I teach undermined brand and under other industry organizations as well and it's all about it's an overview of unconventional completion. So multi-stage completions for I dry. Like fracturing the kind of the general outline in my course is the the basics of hydraulic fracturing and then what the completion systems are plugging per ball drop sleeves cool tubing sleeves and then how all three of those compare so. I've really been focused on that. But like you said right. You have to pivot in these times. So I've started kind of doing new presentations and actually writing articles. I writing is definitely not my preferred medium of communicating but to a certain extent. I think I actually the first article I wrote in quite a while. Anyway was my thoughts on getting laid off and how to handle it and it really just kind of started. The project of it was almost journaling. Honestly Kinda came up and came through. I was like man I. I think this might actually help people so so I went ahead and published it in actually gotten great response and then my articles have not really been the technical. It's more like hey. Don't forget ohlinger assets here today. Us Shale is here to stay. And you don't necessarily believe everything that analysts it's a. It's a good point now. What a what about to go back to what you just said about helping people that are going through something like this. What advice since you went through this in Twenty fifteen? This might be something that is new to those that are here in the permanent twenty twenty. We've had so many layoffs here as I'm sure you've you've known or heard about and what advice would you offer to someone that is going through this difficult time yet? It's you know it stains. There's no doubt about that. It hurts you personally and you know I have been developed the mindset over the years in two thousand nine. We had to lay off when I was in West Virginia. And the strange thing about that was that was natural. Gas and natural gas was booming in two thousand nine we were. We were breaking records and we still had to lay off. Which you know didn't make any sense except from an accounting perspective. So I kind of that instance and I was like you know what I want to be mentally and financially prepared for this because we are a cyclical industry. So at that being said as much as I thought I was prepared. It certainly stings. But you know overall you know my article. I really kind of highlighted five. Different things and first and foremost is an especially in this downtime or this downturn here because I mean it's tough but the reality is is nobody's drilling and fracking. I mean it's it's just depleted overnight. So we'll take it personally. You know if they're not drilling. And fracturing there's no work out there right now right so so it is purely accounting decision. Nothing more and nothing less. Nobody's out to get you your Boston and hate you by all means do a self evaluation and if there were performance issues and be honest with yourself and and improve next time but in all likelihood this was just an accounting decision and you shouldn't take it personally right that is so true and that is very important to remember anytime when something like this happens and then the next thing is to keep going move forward right. I know that that's important to you. Is Moving forward? How do they do that? What's the next step? So as I on my path because I decided to have my own business and focus around training you know. I was taking a developing my courses. I've been teaching. Sp courses for while teaching courses under Baker's brand so I was taking it and developing my own content and my own material and it was kind of interesting and this was two or three months later I had. I had put all the personal.

Ed Baker Permian Houston J. Jerry Erin Two Baker Hughes West Texas Aaron University of Houston Mexico line and Business Development Penn State CONACO Boston Mississippi State Gulf Mexico
"gulf  mexico" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

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"gulf mexico" Discussed on News 96.5 WDBO

"On your way out the door or heard as your waking up this morning a low pressure system from the Gulf Mexico has turned our beautiful Sunday before the holidays into pretty much a wash out urologist Kissinger creamy is in severe weather center nine as a shield of light to steady rainfall has been pushing across the area and continues for us and we will continue as we go through the afternoon now it is possible for flooding in potential thunderstorms as we continue through the day we'll keep you posted on whether developments news ninety six five W. D. B. over Orlando turns first for severe weather on the largest checking out the interactive radar right now the shower activity is stretching from the villages towards the southeast as it touches near Melbourne in palm bay also the bulk of the mid to heavy activity is up near Gainesville and there's also some activity heading up towards towards Deltona other than that right now it is seventy three degrees in Orlando and the weather is also impacting the holiday travel as folks hit the road or catch a plane to their destinations reporter sacrifice tells us about how it's impacting the west coast in Sacramento in internet outage at the airport there impacting eleven outbound planes the weather creating travel chaos in several parts of the country in the west the California coast bracing for torrential rain and high winds a system that already brought to Seattle one of the wettest days on record if you're headed there are expecting someone you can always check the flight status under the traffic tab and news nine six five dot com for representatives Carlos gear most Smith in and ask the money are asking the state for nearly six hundred thousand dollars to keep a pulse help center open your landing United assistance center on Michigan Avenue has been available for survivors and family who need help but the facility has used up its federal grant and is running out of donated funds without help from the state this resiliency center that has been a lifeline for post families and survivors may close Smith and asking money are co sponsoring a bill that would provide the facility with funds to.

Gulf Mexico Kissinger Orlando Melbourne palm bay Gainesville Sacramento Seattle Smith W. D. Deltona reporter California Carlos
"gulf  mexico" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

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"A burning car that area has been doused and pulled off the roadway traffic is right back up to normal no major problems on the remaining interstates big bridges on toll roads however if you're going to be on the sunshine skyway be aware there is a high wind warning in effect throughout that area three oh one north of Sun City center Boulevard an earlier crash now gonna traffic is right back up to speed Steve foster newsradio WFLA. scattered showers and thunderstorms this afternoon the overall rain chance about fifty percent with high temperatures in the low nineties of course we continue to closely monitor the path of major hurricane Dorian forecast track dangerously close to the east coast of Florida but forecast remain off shore still bringing some dangerous storm surge in hurricane force winds to the east coast for us just a windy day locally on Tuesday we'll see a scattered coverage of showers and storms once again the rain chance fifty percent high temp ninety one on news channel eight meteorologists Ian Oliver. this is our radios operation stormwatch. to do operation stormwatch hurricane Dorian coverage I'm your host Ryan Gorman joining me is Randy west Erin Jacobson Felix Vegas Sutri kiss and Morgan lashes we provide comprehensive coverage over the next few hours for the entire state of Florida all along the east coast from Miami to Jacksonville in inland from Orlando to Tampa Bay joining us on the hot line right now once again we have weather channel meteorologist Todd boric taught how are you I'm doing all right are you doing we're doing good so the four PM advisory what I have in front of me here is hurricane Dorian still continuing to move at a snails pace west northwest a one mile per hour and the maximum sustained winds are now a hundred forty five miles per hour what stands out to you about the latest information Hey if it continues to be that forward motion or the lack there of the the nearly stationary motion of the storm so it's a major hurricane it's sitting about twenty five miles what northeast of Freeport grand Bahama and it's just not moving and so it's waiting for that ticket waiting for some kind of support in order to get it moving forward but until that happens grand Bahama island will continue to be devastated even though the wind speeds have been decreasing this is still a major hurricane it would've been a big story if it hit the grand Bahama island at a hundred forty five mile an hour sustained winds affected hit a hundred eighty five mile an hour winds whatever's out there and still standing has been weakened considerably and just be persistent wind and rain and surge will continue to cause more devastation and all the video we're seeing I I I can only imagine how much worse it is out there for the places that can't get that video out but it's all about that for motion we we gotta get the storm out of there and we have to get it moving in a direction obviously away from the coast but north that to happen it's going to slowly move toward the coast and the question is how far west as the storm going to move does it stay off the coast like the majority of the computer models are suggesting. most likely path is for the storm to parallel the Florida coastline stay off shore and then move up to Georgia and the Carolinas Papa making landfall somewhere in South Carolina North Carolina that's most likely path right now but that's not be for sure thing and there are certain possibilities that the storm could still make landfall on Florida worn Georgia before that ends up happening as well so it's not a certainty that stays off shore although the most likely path for now continue to be off shore have we seen a storm of this magnitude stole like this before move and when one mile per hour like we're seeing with hurricane Dorian we know we do have to just go back to our hurricane Harvey yeah and that was for taxes and what was amazing and deaths thing about that storm is that it actually hit as a category four down by Corpus Christi only close to it and the some the berry islands there but the devastation happened over Houston so in also along the I forty five quart or so the the biggest devastation happened fifty sixty seventy eighty miles away from where the center situation was because it wasn't about the wind is what the fact that they're the storm didn't move and had all that ample Gulf Mexico moisture in it was almost like a fire a fire hose from firefighters it just kept blasting the same region with reign over the course of not ours would be of course of days and to this day was still about the the highest a twenty four hour rainfall total in in recorded history as far as United States concern is all from hurricane Harvey and it's because it wasn't moving it stayed stationary you mention that kick in how important a forward motion is here when can you expect that is there any indication for you one that's going to take that case we need the exact minute if you can exactly seven PM. you know its and that and that's really the question it it does look like at all indications that the forward motion should begin to kick up later on tonight in the very early on Tuesday and I see that we're going basically from one mile an hour to maybe four but that is at least a positive thing what's happening is that it's it's less about the hurricane itself is all about everything happened around it and we have this big area of high pressure that one's the main steering motion of of Doreen was sitting on the Atlantic Ocean your your typical Bermuda high and was.

fifty percent forty five quart twenty four hour
"gulf  mexico" Discussed on WSB-AM


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"gulf mexico" Discussed on WSB-AM

"We've got the all clear or could be a couple of days before you come back yeah well if Jim Cantore he says it I'm I'm going to go by whatever you say well first Jim explain why are we seeing storms later in the season now I think it's a little misperception is what people don't realize that the Atlantic hurricane season actually goes all the way to November thirty wow right but where I think that I'm fond of Linda if if you look at Matthew it was October swarm the twenty sixteen a lot of impact United States special Carolina's audit of course we had yeah Michael last year in October which became a category five so is it a storage on both by urological white also what he did a devastating Warner and poor south Georgia tremendous of damage down there the agriculture and then moved on and got tangled up with the one in North Carolina and Virginia and water not at all ones again so you know it is a credible Spock late in the year and one tell everybody you know what if you look at the atmosphere last year in October we had no cold fronts on through it almost felt like August in the eastern part of the country for the first ten days of October and the water temperatures were very very warm on Mexico so the atmosphere just said look if this this is the stuff I got to work with that I can preach one heck of a murky right and that's pretty much what he did this one just develop develop develop it we kept developing had it not wanting to Mexico beach for Pena and I was just in Mexico beach in port St Joe about a month ago and that place is still reeling from the devil Yassin that was our bigger hurricanes like where I am here in Gulfport Mississippi this morning this of course is Camille country fifty years ago used to treat a country of recent back in two thousand bodies twenty eight forty feet of storm surge down here was ridiculous yeah it forever changed the Mississippi coast but you know after Katrina apple Michael after Charlie immediately speaker category storms it's going to take awhile because there really is a lot of destruction there's a lot of infrastructure issues that have to be changed you know insurance is always fighting the battle yeah what other what we and you know which one did it so so there's always things going on and naturally makes for a slower recovery process but but don't be fooled I was down there on the start of hurricane season in Mexico beach knows closer their return to get out they they they want their their beautiful beach back and it's going to be different they realized that yeah but you just wait what it's going to be that it is going to happen right now every I will tell you right now every place that I've gone that's gotten hit by destructive hurricane has come back better yeah the state but it's better it's better better prepared for the next one now speaking of being prepared what do we need to do and here in Atlanta we get the remnants of the storms that down we need to be prepared in one way or another how can we be prepared when the storms take a turn and we get the wins the hot the rain and some of the devastation from it how may we be prepared people forget that it Lana and Georgia all right there close to a major water source for the land of Goshen Gulf Mexico we can get storm tracks that way and the storms are ex celebrating upon landfall like we saw with old pull back in ninety five years from now understands north Georgia we can get big impact as a matter of fact when the back in twenty seventeen we had Irma come across Florida.

twenty eight forty feet ninety five years fifty years ten days
"gulf  mexico" Discussed on News-Talk 1400 The Patriot

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"gulf mexico" Discussed on News-Talk 1400 The Patriot

"Lou Dobbs. Tensions rising in the Persian Gulf Mexico ratifies, President Trump's trade agreement, and a one year budget, freezes rejected by House Democrats, those stories next. Hi, this is green chief investment strategist for the club just for a moment to picture the perfect stock. No doubt it would have hundreds of billions in revenue more than IBM Facebook, and Google, it would probably be a leader in cutting edge technology like smartphones in robotics verge of dozens of blockbuster announcement. But most of all, it would be ultra cheap trading less than three dollars a share. Now it may seem crazy such a stock exists. But it does a cutting edge tech company that has made deals with hundreds of millions of dollars with Nokia Microsoft and Cisco and twenty nine point two billion dollar deal with apple if set to create fifty thousand new jobs, right here in America, and Donald Trump, even calls it the eighth wonder of the world, yet, you've likely never even heard of the stock. Why because it trades under a secret name to find out why the secrets our stock. Help you retire, simply go to one snack retirement dot com. That's one stock retirement dot com. Tension in the Persian Gulf rising again, today, the Pentagon confirmed that Iran shot down a US Valence, your own flying, and international airspace, a US military spokesman says it was an unprovoked attack on a US asset Mexico's Senate handed, President Trump major victory last evening, it overwhelmingly ratified his new free trade agreement with Mexico, replacing NAFTA, the vote one hundred fourteen to four in the Mexican Senate. Mexico also executed a series of labor reforms that the United States had demand it house. Democrats rejected President Trump's proposal for a one year freeze on the federal budget as negotiations drag on aimed at blunting speaker, Pelosi's plans to go on a huge spending for social programs with no agreement..

President Trump Persian Gulf Mexico Mexico US Persian Gulf Lou Dobbs President Mexican Senate edge tech Senate NAFTA IBM Iran Pentagon Nokia apple Facebook Google Pelosi
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"gulf mexico" Discussed on WNYC 93.9 FM

"Let me give you a tip. Don't think the natives are square. They're very very hip. Nexen food the native to rain the waiter brings you bowl of eggrolls and show me. I'm the Gulf of Mexico. Tampico Tampico, that's place, full you. Check into a hotel do right to the just one key, my friend. And you forget where you go to see and your mission new fake tell you when you're inside baseball hair. On the Gulf Mexico. Tampico place for you to. Campi campy. Tampico? That's place to go. Be. Tampico? To the beat around with Beverly Kenney and Billy.

Tampico Tampico Tampico Gulf Mexico Beverly Kenney Mexico baseball Billy
Summer heat sizzles Europe: Portugal and Spain could see record temperatures

All Things Considered

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Summer heat sizzles Europe: Portugal and Spain could see record temperatures

"Decades with temperatures forecast break records of one hundred, twenty degrees in Spain and Portugal as Allison Robert's reports much of the rest of southern Europe has also seen a rapid rise in temperatures. Three of mainland Portugal's eighteen districts are on red alert the highest because of soaring temperatures and the rest are on orange with your priorities advising people to stay indoors and drink lots of water temperatures in half the district capitals are expected to equal or beat all time records the highest ever recorded in Portugal was just a one. Hundred seventeen degrees in Malaysia, in the interior in two thousand three as ever hear when hot dry weather. Sets in there affairs that. Wildfires could take hold and some have already broken out last year more than one hundred people lost their lives in such blazes for NPR news I'm Alison Roberts in Lisbon a slow moving weather system will pump abundant moisture. Up from the Gulf Mexico across the. Eastern third of the country through Friday show weather, service posting flash flood watches and warnings from Georgia to parts of New England saying there's the potential for periods of heavy rain which could. Lead to flooding rivers as well as urban and low lying areas heavy rains have prompted authorities to evacuate parts of Virginia city in case of damn fails the Lynchburg department of emergency services said areas near the college lake dam were being vacuuming the national weather service says at this time the dam has not failed and is being..

Portugal College Lake Dam Allison Robert Europe Spain Gulf Mexico NPR Alison Roberts Lynchburg Malaysia Virginia Georgia Lisbon Department Of Emergency Servic New England Hundred Seventeen Degrees Twenty Degrees