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"guillermo fan" Discussed on The Bechdel Cast

"FOLLOWER WHO'S A newsy. Patsy. and. That's rewarded because she's like well, then she you know she sacrifices herself and and you know I don't know the moral of the story is just don't follow orders without questioning them because then you become a fascist the end. Yeah I think it's like A. Failure I don't know Aristotle I'm really because you've you heard so much more entrenched in the discourse around this movie than than we are affiliate I it makes me sad that affiliate is but I it does I mean if we're going with the read where she dies. I think that makes like a kind of interesting complex point where like you have one character who defers to the oppressive forests and it kills them you have one character who pushes against the oppressive force and survives for now, and then you have a failure who pushes against the oppressive force and loses and just seeing all those different kind like. It doesn't necessarily mean that there's one. Way, to go against an oppressive force that's going to be a win it just means that you have to do. It shows the weight of the oppression of like this is such a massive. Massive Front. Of, evil. Is Hard to get around. But another weird is the fun gas lit affiliate, right? Oh. For sure because that's what. That's the weird. That thing that is still kind of have some trouble under standing. Why I suppose like was the eating of the grape saying you'll never see me again but then coming back for a second chance part of the test or was is that just like? All of this one long gas light and the other problem in this story really as a number one number one self proclaimed Guillermo Fan I also have to bring up a lot of the hiccups but the odd thing in this story is that it's about Princess Moana running away from Patriarchy into a human evil evil like very oppressive patriarchy you want to return back to the original Patriarchy so. There's never really a freedom that she gets. There's a happier ending, but it's still goes from patriarchy. Patriarchy right. It makes you wonder why she ran away from the underworld in the first place like imagine it was out of curiosity right but that is I hadn't. I hadn't even considered it from that angle and like yes, she is like is another daddy daddy zone but a nicer daddy this high. Yeah. Is it like I mean, it's not like the Little Mermaid where she's like I fell in love with a man from above. So I have to go up there to see a plot witch and then you know get some legs and then become a human. It's nothing. Yeah. We I guess we don't know why she ran away or like that part of the story doesn't apply to her I was kind of struggling with that too or. where she gets to the labyrinth and then the Fawn is like you're the main character in the story but then it's like well, then why doesn't she know about anything that happens to the character before because she loses her memory is June ray comes she forgets. The first patriarch is bad. So the ending of the movies she's going to go back and then find out soon. I mean patriarchy bad but also explicitly say bad so I like what wait truly i. just imagine like the kind of situation I want to live amongst the humans to see what it's like but then I, want to be where the people are. And? Kind of she's a child so you can't falter for. But the other odd thing about the situation is that the world is so oppressive she would rather leave. You know what I mean. They kind of feels like a in the current situation it feels a little bit like I hate both of the candidates. So I'm not gonNA vote. Ooh, so I'm just going to I'm out of here. I'm moving to Canada moving. She's literally moving moving to Canada. Yeah Wow and I'm like. She's a child. So of course, that's the option we'd all take at least she can't vote. Yeah. That makes sense. It's always I. Mean I guess the other the other way that I saw to read that happening was like whatever your if you're going from like. She pushed against the oppressive for. A loss to her life but then it kind of also won her this immortality that's implied almost like a Marjorie martyr for the cause kind of immortality. So even though she's physically dead maybe. I don't know her death meant something in the human world and it impacted people in the human world, which is I mean. Y-. Yeah that's the positive spin I can see on that but it also could be seen as moving to Canada that I had not considered the martyr I saw I saw it more as it like another victim of the Franco regime, but the the martyrdom of I is That changes every I hope hopefully Mike. You would hope rate like Mercedes survives, and hopefully she survives long enough to tell the other rebels about this little girl who wouldn't listen to the captain and like had this big imagination and lost her whole family and gave her life up. Because she wouldn't capitulate or whatever. I mean I hope because otherwise it's like, oh. God. Life is so meaningless. And that no, let's take a quick break. And then come back for more discussion..

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