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"guildford surrey" Discussed on Tape Notes

"Producing music. Every episode will be reuniting an artist and producer and talking through some of the highlights from their collaboration in the studio. So join us as we lift the lid on the creative process and the inner workings of music production to see what lies beneath. Hello, I'm John Kennedy and joining me for this episode of tape notes are Bastille and producer Mark crew to talk about how they wrote recorded and produced the album, give me the future. Bastille are an English indie pop band from Wimbledon, southwest London, consisting of singer Dan smith, drummer Chris woody wood, and multi instrumentalist Kyle Simmons and will Ferguson. The early sound of Bastille began life as Dan's solo project, who throughout his teenage years in Wimbledon and university years in Leeds would spend a large part of his time songwriting and recording, but in 2010, having moved back to London, he began recruiting local musicians and Friends and the band Bastille was formed, following several independent releases in 2012, the band signed to EMI records, and the following year released their debut studio album bad blood, produced by Mark crew, the record entered the UK album charts at number one and included the breakthrough single Pompeii, which became the band's first multi platinum selling song. The global success of bad blood saw them nominated for numerous awards, including the 2014 Grammy and BRIT Awards in which they won breakthrough act of the year. Since then, they have released two further chart topping albums wild world and doom days, as well as four EPs and rework their live shows to be performed with an orchestra. They've also collaborated on tracks with numerous artists from Craig David heim and lizzo to marshmallow on the hit single happier. Their latest album giving the future another UK number one sees them approach themes of humanity in a tech age and the strangeness of living through times that can feel like science fiction. Mark crew is a producer engineer and songwriter from Sussex, having studied production at the academy of contemporary music in guildford Surrey, Mark moved to London and in 2010 was introduced to Dan through uni friend and Bastille drummer woody, having heard some early demos from Dan's laptop, the pair began working together on what would eventually become Bastille's acclaimed debut album bad blood. Following the album's success, in 2014, the pair formed record label best laid plans with Marx production partner down pretty, going on to sign their friend Rory Graham better known as rag and bone man. His belief in Rory's talent saw them working together to develop his sound over two EPs, which led to Mark producing the majority of his debut album human, reaching the number one spot in 8 countries, including the UK. While Marcus shared his talents with many other artists, including Katy Perry, James Arthur the wombats James blunt and Micah, his partnership with Dan and Bastille continues to this day. Often referred to as the 5th member of the band, he has produced or co produced almost all of their subsequent work, most recently diving deep into the sounds of the 80s on the band's new album. Today I'm joined by Dan and Mark at one eyed Jack studios in southwest London, and what better way to start our conversation than by hearing something from the record. This is plug in. Say that we'll be fine. Pug me right in jump through the screen, final frontier I can be anything maddening scenes after a scene blinking your misses like we were a dream. Baby AI is the massage my machines learned on my kinks and desires but you were born ever. We haven't fun yet. And let's all take chaos Lorraine guessed me that nothing from history's mistakes billionaires rocket to Mars stuck on a drinking and driverless cars. Ice caps of four caliber muscles in Ireland till it's my turn, a bunch of old white men who don't give a fuck who we are the phone yeah tell me we'll be all right, say that we'll be fine. It is plug in by Bastille.

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