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"gubbay mcgary" Discussed on The Tennis Podcast

"So he he'd borrow demo Frayn's in in the pro shop just to his his his father was a janitor. The local tennis club is parents were were immigrants to the United States. From Sierra Leone. His dad was the he and his twin brother who could Franklin. They his dad was. Yeah. A janitor. The local club in nice to be able to play. Their results says she says FRANZ would Bora demo friends from the pro shop or pull discarded rackets out of garbage bins accommodating, his strokes and groups to the way each played. If his hand skills ever catch up to his first step and enthusiasm. He could get real good. He's still a better athlete than he is a tennis player, which I think is probably a pithy. What we were saying what we were saying that Mary Greeley said it better. She said it's a pity. He wasn't to better an early age. Retro fitting stroke production is difficult tearing down and starting over is not easy either. He's a good kid with a big engine. And he plays his third round match tomorrow on cool number three, which is off air recall. The Australian Open say that is one of the many places to be as we leave. You. It is two three forty thirty Gubbay mcgary. It is one forty one eight AM. Do you know Matt Roberts where you're much pointers is certainly and I'm sure a despairing David law in in up censure doesn't either we've been the tennis podcast booty in association with the telegraph. We will get Briggs on some stage. Hopefully, very soon we tried to get one today. But he genuinely is working so hard that he's unable to you. But we will get him on. We'll get vis he's written. Plenty of interesting stuff in the telegraph. Check that out we've been tennis podcast put Unisys Asia at the telegraph. Our executive producer is tennis balls dot com, and our mascot is Rio with a Y is a wonderful dog. We'll see today..

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