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"guarumos army" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

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"guarumos army" Discussed on ESPN Chicago 1000 - WMVP

"Good. I don't know what happened. Yeah. That's correct. That is correct here though, again, courtesy of Fox Sports west. I do know what have you? Kenny. Talking. Draft sticks. Man, let's get cracking the little rain. Let's go number three wounded liked that was number three. Correct idea. Go gator giddy. DR get out to way flu. That's how fans watch it, man. That's what's so great. Who's number three Farrah's? Go fight. He can call anything. And it's interesting. Did you see Jimmy Kimmel had a thing with him where he would just play videos of things being made? And they wouldn't tell snoop Dogg. What was being made? And you'd have to figure out what it is that they were making, and it just be like factory footage of how they made crayons or how they made lasagna whatever, and it was just nuke dot calling things like that. Like he was calling a game. Watching things be made. He makes a good point about the way they sub in in that sport. It is crazy that just wall the game's going on they can alternate players on the ice. It's odd sports like you stop the game. And then make a substitution. Right. Subs on the fly. He's like I just jumped over the wall. Football like a running back stretch out of play. And then a wide receiver comes out, and you just sub in an extra offensive line. That would be awesome in football players running off right onto the field. Didn't you guys make all sorts of changes last week that rich Eisen stole from you? Didn't you Billy make all sorts of changes to sports last week, weren't you? What did I hear you talking about during the break where you were complaining that rich Eisen wouldn't wear chef's hat during a segment called hotcakes in which they were taking hot takes off of the grill and everyone more chefs out accept him. Here's the thing. That's exactly what happened on network this week, and they had all the analysts and they had a barbecue. Inside the barbecue. They had red lighting. So it looked like it was hot. They didn't have gloves for the analyst. But they reached in there anyways, they risk burning their hands. They had chef's hat on. And they would go in and they'd pull out a hot taken that either have to agree or disagree with the hot take a great segment. I couldn't believe I was watching it on NFL network. Everyone had a chef's hat on except rich Eisen. He's a serious journalist. I'm still got this weekend. Observations are going to be in twenty three minutes. But what is it that? What is the idea he stole from you guys? I mean he's getting crushed right now on Twitter by the the stugotz army and Guarumos army. He is you picked up some steam here with your army here. He doesn't have an army. He's got a mafia. Okay. He's got a mafia. But is in tweeted out since everyone is proposing off the wall ideas for the eagles Wentz foles decision about they keep them both. But start Wentz only into week fifteen and then let foles do the rest ashtec. What works we discussed that. Exactly. Like that on Friday in the final hour had to be listening like the way he phrased it like week fifteen I think we had a week fourteen. So he thinks he's beating by like a week. Right. He changed it around a little bit. Right. So we can claim it as his own. But we were saying it'd be funny if you had quarterbacks that actually pretty interesting if you had quarterback closers and they had walkout music. And that's when we were talking about. Exactly. Then everything changed the quarterback. Exact same quarterback. I'm surprised you didn't throw in the lefty specialists idea that Chris brought up lefty specialist quarterback. If you're going to face it. Righty? Lefty QB matchups Dan. We were talking about how you. Give Kevin cash all this credit for being a visionary and Craig counsel for using bullpens to start game we want to do that in football. And all of a sudden rich Eisen wants to do it. And you know, what they're gonna do it. I'm telling you right now is instead it he told del next season is going to be a thing. He's going to get the credit. That's ridiculous. It's ridiculous that he's stealing our stuff. And then they'll come on the air here and say, he's not stealing. And then patronize me tell me, you know, he's slapped me around with his resume and the reality is he has his producer listening to our show. How long have you been I've been at ESPN, boys? Journalistic integrity, except when it comes to plagiarism. This show. I don't think that's plagiarism. I don't I don't think the accusation. And Dan, we did something.

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