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"guam nassar" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Super typhoon U2.'s top sustained winds are one hundred sixty six miles per hour the equivalent of a category five hurricane away. Public radio's Bill Dorman reports the super typhoon has caused significant damage super typhoon YouTube tore through the islands of tinian inside pan with maximum sustained winds of one hundred eighty miles an hour there part of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Let's say US territory about thirty eight hundred miles west of Hawaii wins a ripped roofs off houses and blown out windows. Trees and power lines were reported down around the archipelago as the storm moves west flooding is expected to continue and may also affect Guam Nassar's calling super typhoon you to the most intense storm to ever strike the islands for NPR news. I'm Bill Dorman in one Lulu. You're listening. Thing to NPR. Most stock markets in Asia were sharply lower today. Japan's main index fell more than three and a half percent. Hong Kong's market was down more than one percent. These followed steep losses Wednesday on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average lost more than two percent. The Dow has now lost all the gains. It has made in two thousand eighteen Texas based Exxon Mobil has been sued by New York's attorney general alleging the energy giant defrauded shareholders by misstating the risk of greenhouse gas emissions to the company from Dallas NPR's. Wade Goodwin reports the legal action is the result of a four year investigation by attorneys, general I in New York, and then other states and to other Exxon Mobil engaged in a long-running fraudulent scheme. What was the alleged scheme, essentially, the company claimed that the cost of combating carbon emissions would be so high that no meaningful. Government restrictions could or would ever be. Implemented therefore investors didn't have anything to worry about. And the company could pull as much oil out of the ground as it could procure Exxon call the legal action against it. Meritless untainted blaming Al Gore Democrats and environmentalists Wade Goodwin. NPR news, Dallas, the national weather service says the first nor'easter of the season we'll develop this weekend frontal systems, are absorbing the remnants of hurricane willa and will spread thunderstorms across much of the southern east coast by tomorrow as the storm moves into New England. Forecasters are predicting wintry precipitation along the coast, I'm korva Coleman. NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include Charles Schwab who believes a modern approach to wealth management starts with asking questions and providing straightforward answers. Charles Schwab own your tomorrow. Learn more at Schwab dot com and the Annie E Casey foundation. A former deputy director of the FBI tells NPR's Noel king what investigators will likely be looking for in the investigation into suspicious packages, mailed to.

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