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"guadalupe placentia" Discussed on ACLU Civil Liberties Minute

ACLU Civil Liberties Minute

01:30 min | 1 year ago

"guadalupe placentia" Discussed on ACLU Civil Liberties Minute

"Here. You are nobody I'm Bill Newman. And this is the civil liberties minute, and that's what immigration and customs enforcement ice told Guadalupe Placentia who had been picked up by the San Bernardino, California county sheriff's office and handed over to ice because there was a ten year old court order to appear as a witness issued for someone with a similar name, MS Placentia kept protesting. She is after all and has been for decades a US citizens. She has nothing to do with immigration nothing and the agents in response mocked her and added for emphasis, you are nothing ice eventually let his Placentia go after her daughter showed the ice agents. Her mother's US passport waiter with the ACLU as her attorneys, MS Placentia sued and just recently, the federal government and the county sheriff's department settled her case for fifty five thousand dollars her ACLU of southern California attorney Adriana Wong said quote. San Bernardino county residents like MS Placentia have the right to live and work and raise their children in peace without fear that ice will arrest them without cause and the government should be held accountable. When it violates people's rights this case shows, fortunately, it's still at times the government can be held to account. The civil liberties minute is made possible by the ACLU because freedom can't protect itself.

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"guadalupe placentia" Discussed on Talk Radio WPHT 1210

Talk Radio WPHT 1210

07:01 min | 1 year ago

"guadalupe placentia" Discussed on Talk Radio WPHT 1210

"That right now at our country. Nothing has changed. I mean. Over the weekend. You know, I was watching what are these people going about their day doing their Halloween stuff at apple picking on Sunday. And doing all that stuff and thinking not much has really changed since the election. If you think about it in terms of Trump's America, but the Democrats are running on that they're running on that point. But you can't show anything that evidence. And then it occurs to me every time they do that. Yes. But that's why they they ratchet up the fear. You think about who's playing on fear right now. I understand that the media would like you to believe Trump and the Republicans are playing a fear. But are they I mean, I mean some races they are. But overall the consistent theme here from cabinets on the left is America's changing hate crimes are on. The rise. Always reject those Satistics, by the way, they hate crimes are on the rise to six reject those. I can get into more detail fat as the show goes on. We're losing our rights or not. Sure, there's a story here. This is. American citizen from San Bernardino detained by is threatened with deportation. When settlement. San Bernardino resident Guadalupe Placentia an American citizen who last year was mistakenly detained as an unauthorized immigrant and threatened with deportation. More c- fifty-five thousand dollar sediment shamburg county will pay her fifty thirty five thousand dollars and the feds will pay twenty thousand dollars under an agreement to dismiss her lawsuit in US district court in riverside. So they made a mistake they detained her. They shouldn't have. And now they're paying the legal system. And she could keep fighting if she wants to to try to get more money, but she's not she's gonna take this money. And then the point is that. America's really not that different people still have the courts to protect them. There are still investigations that are going on right now. These these situations that been going on previously where mistakes are made or not new let me give you an example between two thousand eight and two thousand twelve. Eight hundred thirty four US citizens were detained by US, customs and immigration enforcement. Did you ever hear about any of those stories? No, he did not eight hundred and thirty four American citizens and twenty nine thousand legal permanent residents. I mean, people have green cards were detained by US customs and immigration enforcement from two thousand eight and two thousand twelve the first term of the Obama administration. This has been going on for a long time. And it shouldn't happen. There's no doubt in my mind. This, you know, this no American citizens should ever be detained in this matter, but mistakes are made. And when they're made they have to be resolved not always with money, but they have to be resolved, and they are still being resolved. And it was the problem still going on, and they're still dealing with it in the courts, not that really changed that much. Not much has changed. Unfortunately, as Ben Shapiro put it who's a orthodox Jew, and he's a talk show host and a conservative who's been getting antisemitic threats for a very very long time. Now, this awful synagogue shooting shows us that unfortunately that hasn't changed either. I mean, there are still people to hate hate Jewish people in this country. It's awful suspectful. Ben Shapiro one who gets targeted all the time for this pointed that out, and he said, you know, why do we just assume that the people who are this is just happened now in Trump's America? He said I've been getting antisemitic threats for years before Trump was elected. The president. So again, now much has really changed. Unfortunately, right in terms of we're trying to move towards dark dark place. And we've got to get you scared. So the troops are going to the porter. Okay. But other presidents have sent troops to the border to what's different. Well, what's different is that, you know, you get the the press asking questions that they would never ask him Democrats before will you suspend habeas, corpus? Will you suspend posse? Comitatus will you impose martial law. They ask these questions for reason they ask these questions because they want to write those stories now the US military has already begun delivering jersey barriers to the southern border jersey barriers those long concrete big barriers the secretary of defense. Jim Mattis said they are they're sending them down there. And the troops are going down to provide logistical and other supports at the border patrol. They will bolster the efforts of the approximately two thousand national guard forces ready down there. National guard troops perform the same functions air support equipment vehicles, tents and assisting with border security. So that's happening. Right. That's happening as well. But notice the difference in terms of the questions why? Well, we'll he suspend the constitution. Well, he starts. It's the narrative it's the narrative now you look at this awful attack in Pittsburgh. They turn around and they say in Trump's America, he stoked the fires of these people. And then they don't offer any evidence to that. Or do they say they go, well Charlottesville, and I just turn back the Trump ever tell people to start killing people or shooting people hurting people. No never did never did any of those things. And yet he's blamed for these incidents that happen. Why is he blamed for these incidents that happened because for a long time the left is always operated on identity politics, identity politics being a thing? And if they can't get you out on the economy, if they can't get you out on voting for them for for policy position. They have to get you out on fear the ultimate fear. That's played is a fear when people are targeted based on their religion, the color of their skin their nationality. And that they will become a victim of Republican politics. And it's not new we'll talk to Seth Grossman a little bit later today. He's running for congress. He's Jewish and he's a Republican. He wasn't even invited last night to a Jewish memorial that they had in his own. Is on county. He was not invited to speak. I should say because he's Republican. They turned the entire a Trump bashing event. And again, what is it? What's different right now? What's different? Let me play this for you again. For example, I want to play this for you. This is now. MSNBC? MSNBC live on Sunday. Now, the president. He completed something that was a long standing US policy, which was a move the embassy to Jerusalem is a long standing US policy, and he did it as he said he would fulfilling a campaign promise, this awful synagogue attack happens on over the weekend in Pittsburgh is nothing to do with the president or anybody else who's a conservative the guy who did this pure evil scum off his rocker. I don't care who you voted for could care less. It's irrelevant to me. But this is now MSNBC host. And you gotta hear this. This is I'm in mo- leading. Okay. Take a listen. And the reason why I brought those up is because people are saying those are dog whistles to antisemitic white nationalist groups in the United States. Do you not see that from your vantage point? There was an attack in two thousand.

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