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"<music> Hi guys. This is the governor show on E._S._P._N.. Two new show <hes> we will take you through the whole season talking about the premier league about European football the big topics hog the whole injure here Juliet or can I talk to do the first one I was very awareness is let me just let Julian talk a little bit but <hes> yeah I'm psyched for this. This is this is our pilot wanted to awesome. It's going to be a little bit different. <hes> so bear with us but it's kind of a taste of what we get and if you're lucky might get some mark Ogden on the show as well so join us this week three major topics. Do you want to take us through. Yes stopping them. The one much to the United Theater Kareem's most famous club in the world biggest club in the world to pick number two may scale club Barcelona and took them three close to your heart because of obviously you'll by going where you're coming from. You know I definitely not close my macos not from terrain I have nothing to do with those people are more one of those one of those global clubs. They're very proud of the fact that very proud of the fact that they're one of the few massive clubs in the world whose name isn't tied to a geographic location a lot of people don't even know what city you venture I trump. That's major branding so that's what we're going to be coming this week and quick by segment. We'll probably be different during the season bear with a stay tuned come along for the ride well. Let's talk some Manchester United Jewels obviously a ton going on there a lot of expectation social charge <hes> we should get mark Ogden for this right good rob Dawson's not available <hes> right now and so we got to go with the next best thing <hes> argue there actually the bill welcome. I is we take this. It's the middle of July question everybody wondering is Paul Pug by what's our man me no doing well. It's <hes> it might be the way many situation twice that <hes> you know way leave Kennedy <hes> limit and then comes right now attorney to publish. Wasn't he comes. I think that if you know you could try to buy selling I think Papa would happen available. I really that I think the obvious abyss clubs the couldn't afford him a club at this year and how the big big signing three three fifty million united's really spent a lot intensive phase of the united wage quite substantially with people around Bobbio bringing bootham bar under that so you know the lobbyists destinations extend the money and then P._S.. Gee I don't know together own problems in central name ourselves and went public about two towers at are now so to me options really great and I think you should know that it's a standard for the moment what's your feeling. Do you think he would still be there. Come September I think with that and I think that even though all passed on both sides are probably accepting leave nothing that I think you'll be that because you're three contract see united have had interns that need to sell and marketing and I think we'll be looking at it and say well. They sound like hockey news about money and keep Popa for year and he doesn't negative. I think that circumstances will be accepted Soviet Augie IRA give you the mean Araya. I'M GONNA go and character is right. Now won't do the accent but what if it actually is punked by essentially saying I've argued this on the show that he wants some assurances about what Manchester United are actually doing and the point is yeah. Give me a new contract commit to me because after three years people get new contracts that's how it works especially when you're giving Alexa Sanchez all that money but I look around and the next best player on this team W._d.. hair his situations are contractual actual mess rashes. Only just resigned resigned the talk of you selling Lukaku. <hes> the only guy we've bought is some right back. I hadn't heard of until a year ago and I'm still knows me no mode so give give me a sense of what direction we're going in for selling me because otherwise I'm gonNA start believing those rumors that the glazer just want to sell up and leave and I use it ruined allergy. It's like that way back. In Twenty Times like you know show me on that point. They showed the ambition by giving the money but the thing that I think that polk was quite right if I kind of point to question me because when he arrived found the show ambition by founding guitarist tape ended up not being a great sign still Sunday night back in similar poker Kayla disowning good meant some business was Cain to get back to the top of the tree now this like you said he signed on Bassac one primarily ninety Daniel Daniel James e Kit from Swansea who is absolutely golf potential so you know those plays count and say now if you go back a year to last semester the only seventy five million times shred Diogo Delo and a third choice goalkeeper so you know in January they spend any money either so you know the last time I want to suggest that the united partly well in polk arrived so people thinking will star as our to play with other players to play with top players because they make they made even played the eagles. Kinda clashes a little bit sometimes. Stop playing star players. You don't WanNa play with guys that you know. I'm not being built in Scotland Paul Company something you are being unfair right now. <hes> big difference with the Rooney situation was I mean this was the rumor afterwards but I'm pretty sure that Sir Alex was on board with Rooney all along and kind of behind the scenes orchestrating all this obviously united manager isn't Alex Ferguson. It's all going our social. WHO's not quite the same thing anyway so pug was not working with somebody within the club? Up to orchestrate this whole thing to get them to like there there. There's no scenario where Woodward in Prague. Where would he saying okay come on? Come on Paul make some noise make some money and then create some issues so that we can get the glazers to go and spend tons of money in bringing Neymar and whatever that's not what's happening. Is it no nominee syncopal twenty available in Singapore. You'll face on national read and when you get to Shanghai even more <hes> now I think my paintings you WANNA leave. I think he's frustrated by applying for united. I don't think he wants to play team. The <hes> ethnically shame events win trump's in the world cup. Who So anybody taught run players have made him play back to you know I also been appropriate probably not as good as his reputation? I guess he ain't GonNa play the gravitation that accede his achievements in teams will trophy champion Blade not one primarily because this thing the pub will be happy and abetted better players because I don't quite know. I don't think he's you know he's a luxury player right now because he played a team is successful chessel not in Cherry on the cake public because eventually number disciplined you know go forward either quite it can acquire celtics played in the sacrifice yourself for often so if you're playing for team is six primarily was away from home doc palpably really need. I don't think so I think he always better in place running all him run shaw make any angle about the play with Tommy Bay sending wants to go you know he when he wants he wants a new challenge and a better club and better players around him and probably really believe he wants a better manager as well and I'm. I'm not sure he's very convinced by soldier certainly no convinced by the direction the club is going <hes> towards as we've been discussing he's not unhappy at United. It's just he doesn't like what united all right now again like Joe said I think he's unhappy with the drift of the defensive. He wants to be well. Good man united doesn't want to be crappy social man united which is where they are right. Now here's logging. We're going to hang up now. You can keep talking if you like to. Joe's argue had to leave us because he's got a big weird looking on his finger. He's GonNa get frozen off and surgically remove. I'm I'm not kidding. <hes> sounds like it can happen. <hes> he brought up we bought up social. You brought up so shy <hes> <hes> before we move on to our next topic but this is a this is an issue so short now I remember back in April when social was brought in <hes> we were soldiers job became permanent and he got the three year deal l.. There were certain people who are in favor of it and others. Were I go to whole column about against this. How stupid you think the people who said yeah it was necessary to make the decision on social back in April? I hope hope for them that they realize by now. How stupidity was and it doesn't mean that social is not a good manager will not be a good manager? What did they couldn't have decided to point him at the end of the season exactly but the fact that they rushed so much after winning Paris Ace deposited prize that was probably more humane which they got outplayed completely which was more in a Web P._S._e.? Give gifting them win if you want in many aspects of them actually earning that win and Sorta must have mining that win was really weird and also completely backlash towards the end of the season and and also not our we've had a bit of insight on how as as a manager and he's he's been dead since December of doubts outs of Krypton a bit on okay. What kind of job is he going to do? is He really up for the task because from what we've seen since he got that job permanently hasn't been good enough for me. Nothing has been good enough practically in his my management even in some of its communication though was quite poor and I just think it's communication. That's not what he's only looks. Angeliki says Nice things after games. He's positive what's wrong with us. So you've got a problem with that. I interviewed him after for French TV after again the Ninian Old Trafford's and he came across after say bodily. Why would he do? He was look it was pissed off about something. Although it was a it was a draw in a game him that he had to make three changes in the first half and nothing really went united way they didn't play just to get the draw and he he came across as rude and he's answers didn't want to be that clearly and he was ordered the right holders there was no no one forced him to come and speak to people who pay money to show permitted for bowl of other worlds and I still have the image of him being you know who'd guy and interesting interesting guy and who you know the aspect that we've said so different and Josie look at him you know he boy Smile Back Old Trafford in Carrington none of this and actually that day I was quite disappointing because it was the first time how to one on one with him since he got that job and you thought he'd they'll be happy and cheery. Dude yeah been there six months and you saw the chaos and the nonsense around anyway. Let's move on to Barcelona <hes> it's weird right. The whole like waiting. League isn't enough <hes> they've been linked. They've signed Frank Yang for a ton of money. I think there's a major surgery to be done to this team but beyond that there strongly linked to guys who were Baladora contenders until very very recently might be again one day soon Antoine Grease men and name add two distinct situations but first of all. Is there any scenario where they signed both of them say they said they can afford then both I. I'm struggling to understand how the numbers will add up if you get four hundred twenty million euros which is released close places where Jeez article was sixty million euros net year you would expect him to get payrise from Vassar or not. Ah She's usually happens when kind of transfers plus name on top of that WHO's already on fifty two million euros net in Paris who might accept lethal paker but not too much plus whatever it some some context on the people. Here in Dolphin in the Anglo Universe they like to think that weekly pounds and you know we throw him a thirty two million Euro Zoo looks up <hes> so thirty two million euros net is going to be right around sixty million euros gross right just over that which is right around fifty five million pounds a year fifty fifty five so he's making close to a million pounds a week yeah right pretty much gross three times what Alexis Sanchez makes just just just as some context here exact and <hes> agreements about half that right and we think we'll get bumps and she already think about how much Michigan's and how much all all the other key players like Suarez <hes> even like Bruce Katz P._k.. You can just imagine already the witch blockbuster and we're not going to dwell too much on football wise. Can you play Messi Swire's Grysman and Neymar together gather and those guys eighteen your thoughts on on the bench and going back to you. You'RE NOT GONNA bench one of those four right you have to and we know together varies very <hes>. <hes> you know he's not the guy who would just be told okay through all the stars. They have to play together like Real Madrid used to be used to do before for him outfield then. I don't think you can pay this for you. Need Suarez has to be drugged and you play Grysman Neymar an MRI groomsmen lows playing center forward doesn't he well. You could always you know you could you could find a way where you don't have appropriate so the forwards and you've got those three forwards thank to get otherwise the full fooled them. I it's it's not gonNa work and what you bruce kits and author behind behind them to who would have two older divorcee where economy on the bench O.. The youngest skates and I'll show on the bench by so he's my thing and we'll get into the specific the cases I maybe I'm giving Barcelona too much credit. Everybody's telling me what you're saying that they're going to try to sign both of them. I'm wondering if this is actually a big smokescreen using one to try to try the other one is the alternative to the got it right because getting more into the specifics of the grease been case. He had a two hundred million euro release clause <hes> and this release clause. This is the Spanish version of the release clause which means that it has to be paid up front to the League. If we're getting somebody against their will so what normally happens is you do a deal with the club and you say what can we work this out. We pay you this much so that to avoid this kind of forcing him out right so Barcelona wanted to do that with Grossman and then what happened and then shoots and they refused why because they're clever clever also because the release close went down two hundred and twenty million in July the first and I think rightly so annoyed by the Fight Agreement mm-hmm and Bossa Negotiation Agreement and who precontract buck in March str- after inventors knocked physical Madrid Mon- come on or at least they could don't think different. I don't think it reflects very good on on Graffman on Boston owner. I have less of an issue. I think that let's go saying what leverage do we have here. The leverage we have is that Barcelona or not opposition to shop with a hundred and twenty million in cash and they want they want installment so let's work out a better deal. Maybe we can get a little more money than one hundred twenty million. Maybe we can get a play on loan or youngster or or whatever else yeah <hes> now. The flip side to the story is name out so obviously he's had some issues off the pitch. He missed the Copa America. He's another guy who was supposed to according to the club he was supposed to show up for training Leonardo the director football coming out and saying quite clearly that <hes> if he's not gonNA stay for quickly. If somebody comes up with enough money he can go clean is his died name. Our senior said well no actually the club knew he was gonNA come back on the fifteenth because he's got prior commitments so does he have prior commitments or his name our senior who would both be telling the truth commitments for example tomorrow is going to be watching the name our genial five aside finals in Brazil Pov is <hes> foundation over there and he says in his dot says P._G.. We were about that from the beginning P._G.. So no we were not we expected you bike for training on July the eighth Monday like everyone else and by variety kick a peacekeeping bit disingenuous sure because when P._S._G.. Plan their summer training right they didn't know he was going to be injured and skip the Copa America right exactly so they would've naturally planned in a couple of weeks off easy after Copa America. Is this a bit of a hint that maybe they're kind of. They don't mind kind of pushing him a little bit. I think he changed when you got injured and when the the medical staff in Paris went over to Brazil to have a look at the ankle injury and the ligaments injury and said you know what it's actually not ause serious as we expected at the beginning so you'd be able to come back on July and that's where I think the misunderstanding maybe whether it was on purpose or not comes from when they mosit- ain't gonNA minute I can't you know I can't come back on the because I've got all all those things to do. I will only come back on the fifteenth whether they like it or not. But the thing is Leonardo coming back to the club <hes> let's say a month ago plus the new sort of philosophy from Nestle v and the CASERIO ownership. She's like no no more of the B._S. of players doing what they want. We don't want those attitude anymore. So there's the rules. If you don't respect the rules whoever you are Neymar and by Rob your variety whoever does not going to work anymore and I think for too long plays over there go where with anything they wanted and that's not the case anymore on name all we'd be the first victim of the Barcelona being brilliant and trying to triangulate. Who would you choose between Greece and then if you could sign only one of the two totally depends on price if I can get them at the same number? I'M GONNA get Neymar no question about it but I'm assuming that Neymar is going to be still going to be north of two hundred million the baseline fee right so then Barcelona. There's been talk of them putting Pacino in the deal which could work. I think our price your man really need another attacking midfielder shootings name <hes> you need one. On to replace him drexler and this and velocity and yeah yeah you need one so what could senior one hundred at the One Hundred Twentieth Cortina Works Harder Twenty and continue and then you don't spend one hundred twenty agreement for what does Krugman do then you come back to you know come on. There's always there's there's always room for for forgiveness with another number as well because they've already given his number two joy phallic so that'd be okay you can come back but you have to wear the number eighteen got this another club with a lot of activity already. Summer is conventis a new manager Much Saadi love changes. Do you believe they're going the right direction. Schilling going into going in a radically different direction which <hes> it's a massive philosophical sea change right because they've talked about this. They think that successful clubs in Europe are clubs that attack and press high and I know some Chelsea fans will say Ooh Ju- chosen so boring or sorry clueless and whatever and content in front of the back four and all this other nonsense which was so painful painful to go through but <hes> but Saudis completely different from from a leg and it's interesting. He believes they have to do that. I don't think just about entertaining I don't know but but culturally though I mean the Saturday Saudi with you've especially given his his history is a Napoli coach. That's the thing because let's not forget month ago. When you went there with not really he was showing the Middle Finger arriving at the stadium on the coach so he would have to win over the funds? That's for sure he will have to Inova his court in many ways and especially if we do what do you do with the whether you play them. How do you play him in a Sarah System and the way he wants his team to play the phone? Three has to defend Qua- Lot Ranaldo selected defenders unwanted defense so how'd you shouldn't be defending because thirty four years old you want to keep them fresh for what he's for what he's doing all right so I mean hell hell of a job. I think for Saudi is what to take yeah <hes> uh-huh but then again you know he obviously wasn't going to say no after <hes> after last <hes> what I find what I find interesting too is they've they've added to mid toward midfielders Rubio and Ramsey being midfield four three three you soon piano which is going to do the Georgina rule. I don't know that there's a backup to that in two in this team and then it'll be some combination of maturity and Benton in court and whatever so Sean Sean as well a lot of bodies in there but I looked further up the pitch remember Gonzalo Hawaiian also coming back and moisture Ken there too. I guess you can play Ken on the wing up up and ask you for the Douglas cost for the way. I don't know how it's GonNa work. I really don't he's GonNa have to adjust and come up with something different <hes> at the back though this is not a done deal <hes> this might leave but the big thing is metallic yeah and what's going to happen to the it seems that he would join inventors for the performance. I'm believed that they had him <hes>. It seems teams that at some point I asked my have told the Lear minimize agent you know you can let you go in the summer twenty nineteen for fifty million euros. They said that before the season started obviously this year happened <hes> but there's the Barcelona angle too right yeah. Barcelona thought that they had a deal in place to bring him in <hes> but the players got a deal with with you where we'd like to believe so it's a question of of action you've agreeing a price. Yeah we should think some point even if you are trying to to lower the price where the I x one seventy five million euros or seventeen million euros that you've trying to get lower than that fan of that's why negotiations are that's all the time I do think at some point they would find any would go that which means that that will have Baluchi Collini already or they'll kill any is as complain a whole season right. He's GonNa get maybe twenty twenty games yeah a big games from Collini regarding has done well season. You also have demerol who the WHO is very good last season so there's a lot again love buddies there for two spots US antibiotics and the lift we learn a lot with Panucci and Collini none of that. It'd be interesting interesting to see the dynamic there when he got you know and when you rise because what you do you think how do we assess them as a pikers. It's weird I I'm most of the time when we see a very young centreback getting playing time it's because he's a freak athlete because it's Super Beta quick and strong now unless there's a bad athlete but that's not what stands out about. He's he's a big guy. I bought he's extremely extremely gifted on the ball. He reads the game very well defensively great tactical awareness that he's not a superb athlete no he's not he's definitely not remember he's debut full Holland's when he was only seventeen seventeen. I'm just saying we were we questioned the Fi that they gave him his debut at that time any may two shoes mistakes against Bulgaria but he bounced back because mentally I was a bit disappointed against Spurs the Champions League semi-final second season where are throwing the second half of was expecting his leadership to really shine and and when the team was struggling when they were dropping deeper and deeper and deeper the wound the pressure for him to hold the fourth and be really really and it wasn't and I was like okay based in very young and I agree with you the potentially huge and I think it would be a great asset for for you enters. Do they really need him right now. I'm not so sure Reiner why not run. I needed him. They would you know in a year or two so he makes sense for them. Yeah <hes> I think it's about getting the Gingham at at the right price. I don't know I I look at everything that's gone on. On they're going back to last season and obviously the Christiano signing. I think this is a massive massive role of the dice for the club but I think they also look at it in terms of you know what on this we don't let me get embarrassing Arison. Go Out in the group stage of the champions a <hes>. We don't necessarily have the imperative of needing to win the title again. You know we won. We won eight in a row. We can get away with the rebuilding year. If we're rebuilding towards something yeah <hes> I think that's going to be you know from a messaging perspective <hes>. I think that's something that works in the works in your favor. The House looks would get if the this the salary is not working out so let's say by January third in the table Napoli Inter with Conti head of them in the table. Playing word is not working like we know scoring and he's no hoppy and like duck would get quite toxic right. I think that's GONNA be real test of onion and fabulous problem edvin obviously especially the latter two were really the architects of bringing of ringing Saudi end <hes>. How does he deal with adversity? You know people people look at one of the part of the he's been overlooked he dealt with a ton of adversity Chelsea this year right with the media against on the continent article back to this because it really bogged stupidity <hes> but in the end he's still delivered right <hes> third place in the Europa League but I said different environment I think in some ways it was well first of all we should say this. I mean you know this. There's less pressure and the primarily there's less I know well. What do you mean like? The reality is the fans. Don't get in your face on a daily basis the way the people really are it's cushy life your football <hes> I think also also the language that was there to sort of insulate him a little bit. You know you had the hazard situation with hazard knowing US leaving so for all those reasons. I think you're going to be far more exposed. <hes> you've show if things don't go in there and that's going to be that's going to be real real test because you said like you've rolling the dice and good for them. You know after many years of generally playing it safe. They're going on a limb. Yeah I never that how about doc some quickfire Chelsea eh transfer band but they also have a new manager Frank Lampard Junior Joel's what would constitute success for him in his first primarily season. I think four will be a success. <hes> playing football will success. I think we all depend how the season goes if they do well in the cubs fight them but if they do it in Champions League but still finished up for it's a hard one because he's so young and his managerial life that you need to give him a bit of a roomful maneouvre if you on in terms of why can achieve and how what you could do great thing for him. Is that in some ways it's Kinda house money in the sense that if you screws everything up figure it goes really really bad and their mid-table Chelsea can serve the transfer ban this summer. Let him go bring in somebody else. You don't have to commit money to him. <hes> into people you might want to buy now which I think was why they're not fighting. The transfer rummage already spent in excess of three hundred million euros on and has odd fellow Mendy Luca Yovich Rodrigo Rato got. They're not done yet other. No I don't think they can be done. I think they need helping they need help. Midfield field you can go into next season again with with with Luca moderate and you know <hes> Dave. They've obviously they've sold someplace. I think the next big thing is they need to clear up. WHO's GonNa go obviously Gareth Bale? They want to sell <hes> <hes>. That's going to be extremely difficult CEOS. This kind of plan is symbiosis on the market east. Go as well as another one sell a couple of guys to fund the purchase of a midfielder who would have maybe initials like P P or awesome do not Paul Paul. That'd be good yeah get expensive very quickly Liverpool our European champions. They're like clockwork on the pitch <hes> jewels power. They're going to breach the CAP. How do you make this team better while maintain detain system apply the thing that got is not that big with city to start with as we saw last season? Is it really not. I don't think it is do this is one of the things we deal with the luck index foreshadowing through I still think they can breach that got because they would have. They would have learned a lot from last season. I think they would get <hes> Joe. Gomez hopefully fit for the whole season which I think will make a difference to them. I think Alex and Robertson will be even better and I think it goes back to the formula no last season but the season before that where he was really outstanding on fire with money and Sarah being the money on Saturday we know the I anyway. I think that we even even better if they steve. I think one or two players in the squads you know on on the bench. I think this is a summer where I'd like to see them. Maybe start thinking because he knows we had money saw and for mural roughly the same nature amino will have just played a Copa America as well I. I don't think you'd expect to get better. I don't think there's any reasonable expectation that Sala will get better monitoring so I was a lot to give and I think the midfield needs to be upgraded in terms of individual quality or can be upgraded in terms of individual quality already <hes> but it's a good point on Gomez coming back much to city on the other hand and I've spent big on Rotary Gob. Are they going to get the top draw central defender to given that companies going and stones Aziz Johnston's. I would've thought this. I would've thought this would be total power. I would've thought Thais delay is the guy that she should have gone for now. I did people say it's because because he doesn't want to deal with me know oh yeah maybe but that's got to be not. It's got to do Amino at some point right. <hes> it's weird I mean I guess they'll keep pursuing Harry Maguire but they need somebody don't they. They do think or the Rhodri back. None of the rotary makes so much sense in so many ways you know like like you and your wife you make so much sense. He's like Oh. This is perfect much. I think Rhodri and city I like you and your wife and that's an interesting. To put it <hes> women's World Cup in France drew huge audiences huge TV ratings around the world so that I think more than seventy five percent of the stadiums Jos. What's the next step people need to go and watch? The women leaks wherever you live whether you live in France in the U._S.. In Italy in Spain here in England as well go and support your local women's team whether that city arts no Chelsea Spurs and united are going up to to the W in England for example this this is this is the way if you liked what you saw the World Cup going and keep keep following you can't just switched off and just go get interested again in two years time for the euro's in England on for your stuff to the next four days this Champions League matches are very good as well in between wind that you can go and watch and follow all the players that I worked on a piece on this. I looked at some of those <hes> attendances <hes> they're absolutely tiny <hes> I mean really really small and I don't know I I think you have to be. I think as a T._v.. Spectacle it works. I think people should in creative about the future. The women's game and what I wonder is maybe this was just to me by somebody who's been an advocate of women's football is maybe be the model for the future is actually something like cricket and rugby in other words a model that's driven by club football. You don't necessarily to copy the men's game but by the by international football where you know in rugby six nations and the <hes> the tri-nations and all this nonsense in cricket to the to the show much bigger well attended bigger ratings. That's where the emphasis is and the club version of the county version here in England of the sports. Just Kinda Kinda keeps taking over <hes>. Maybe that's it's the future because <hes> maybe that's a better model for the long term sustainability of of the game yeah I think I think if they were doing a some sort of super league in a way as a league with nations Gianni Infantino <hes> also with clubs. I think it would work you lose I. I was shocked by this. I mean average attendance. Event is less than five hundred average attendance Athletico Madrid. I think it's like six or seven hundred so that when they wonder that that time because they were because they spent the whole month marketing the game and they gave away whatever less Chelsea and spurs would play the Athem for bridge on the start of this season and let let's hope when you play the Groupama stadium in the champions the they've got twenty five thirty thousand people every single time yeah and the rest of the year. They've got less than two thousand. Yeah I duNNo. I what I would like to do is is I refer you back to your love of tennis yet. Billie Jean King mid Seventies. They created the women's tour. I don't think it's a coincidence that when that tennis is one of the sports where you've got the most amount of of equality or or the least amount of inequality probably still <hes> still very much equal because the women run and they run in your own way in a way that makes sense for that sport naturally so you just come back from from the Copa America. I'm Brazil <hes> before we go onto a to like you know what you out for dinner and the food you enjoy all of that brigid one Michigan angry. Is that pretty much the way to seminar here not show <hes> Peru got to the final which is full and and <hes> <hes> Sheila illusion that they could still squeeze out another one that get three in a row didn't happen Columbia up and down messy big V._R.. Controversy I think only reinforcing the fact that transparency with V._A.. Is really important even after the game tell us what happened referring semifinal one Brazil be <hes> beat Argentina. There was foul especially on <hes> those archer on Otamendi which didn't get <hes> the V._R.. Didn't flag can take up to the referencing pretty obvious <hes> but you know this Brazil team. They played better in their more of a team without Neymar defined. Maybe name our value add but the movement of Zeus Upfront was fantastic advertising Everton you own the only Brazilian player only put in the Brazil squad who played regularly who also plays in Brazil <hes> he looked really good <hes> they're fun to watch. Don't get better being that. Did you fill there was a bit of dough genet about the the referee decision. We're not going to Brazil Hussein that basically I don't know I mean there was a penalty against Brazil in the final and I look back to that game and there were two oh very contentious incidents that they made the dining Alvis unaware which is not a penalty and <hes> which I thought probably was Argentina hit the woodwork twice and whatever I can see why they're agreed. Yeah I think Brazil Zhou are really really good and for me one of the top three teams in the world right now I so couple of things to look forward to <hes> the luck index you familiar with tennis Mo- about it well. We did did this last year and we got this guy named Dr. Tom Curren who's a proper academic. Actually moving to to the from <hes> what what you bought I think was universities up before <hes> and basically he and his a team of researchers day went back through. We did this last year too but they went back to every incident and the season they looked at deflections. They looked incorrectly awarded red cards incorrectly awarded penalties off sides refereeing mistakes. I kind of ran a giant simulation to establish what the luckiest unluckiest teams were in. The in the premier league was a top score. The Golden boot race affected can tell you <hes> some surprising results in that so look out for that. I think it's <hes> it's GonNa go. Go live early early August Ovidio segment. We'll be writing story for that <hes> as well too so that's good so joe's ordinarily be saying. We're going to be back next Monday. We're not going to be back next Monday because you know what season's over we're going on holiday not together as an ad <hes> but <hes> we're going to be back. We'll be doing our inaugural podcast on the season on Monday August twelfth the week after the start all the premier league season so oh tuning in the meantime you can hit us up on twitter <hes>. I'm <hes> Juliette. You're you're. You're handle is at Lawrence. One of those complicated has to put the last thing I and stuff but of course I create my early.

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