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"gross dubose" Discussed on Tha Boxing Voice

"Taken our smoke them out. J. six four three hundred thirteen pals of devastation. Let's get to the next super remember going down. September eighteenth in watertown wisconsin. If you don't know aboard wars is hit me up on social media at gto. We got the return of jarrett yo. I never thought all this tom. Fucking jared is. Mike y'all jared nelson's mike is back it's might burner count. Mike you are. Jared louis liger mighty like no y'all so you don't remember jerry lawyer when you the show buffoni always call him bump crawford the garbage man. You'll remember that. Love is so many of those guys out there and this guy's crazy soon as you what he. What's the rationale well. Why would it be. Mike who is well known dog. That's the thing he's been appropriate. He's gonna crawford fan ever since we lead. Many burn. Account the shit auto. Well you many many as being a fan many many frustrations you express. Ghostwriters goes right. Get those those frustrations out the ghost. Rene you aka mike gross dubose garbage man crawford a duck tales. He fights the pedestrians and the damaged goods. Father bob trying to convince you that garbage truck is ferrari bum lord crawford. It is funny. Get stone bone mass. I'm tony he's been gone. It's just. I mean. I'm not saying it's really you. But it's like whoa. You're back he's back. That's the governor's being like a ferrari. But i'm damn sure no garbage truck gets going downhill. Just keep going. Hard to stop heart-stopping turn that around. We got steve moon. Munoz's where the winning nine says programs versus crawford at one forty seven. Got crawford obviously reasons. That mario satellite. We seem porter lose and we seem regis lose. The differences between regions importers puertas. Tough is nails. He's like dog dog doll. Every just you know what i'm saying. We should he he. He looked good. It would tell but we again another. Do you know you let us down. You was talking. He was talking. He was about to move up and beat the shit out of coffee to remember. He was on social media. Happy about that. I would by put that out. I sent him a about aaron video he sent me back a a Article of him and mike garcia. So saying that no. I'm not. I'm not buying. This is the fight that that have been talked about in being negotiated. Yeah i'm telling. He's very adamant mike. How do you feel about regis first of all. Do you know if he's wit. I'll because our the backtrack no but do you know. If he's with allen. Not because i mean he's all over the place right he's gonna fight with mike he on thriller he fought on four top-ranking ford and world boxing. Like this every i don't know who he's with to be honest but i did see some al hayman i would. I'm not gonna say some al hayman words and then they disappeared again. So yeah Your thoughts on that whole situation. He he'd not without he can pretty much work with anybody that he he feels like a paid. The reason why he came back and said that he said To begin with is the kind of that he really wanted. The device that that the borrows fight in the in the i guess the king david fight but maybe out just in seed in his plan for a. I don't really have a problem with him. Being critical about aetna because if history has shown has anything everybody does don't succeed without aiming there are there are some outliers jamir harris. Who went somewhere else. Had a better career over atop britain. So everybody's not going succeed. Would without hammond and maybe reach for like a moment he was one of those guys who couldn't but he had to go back. And backtrack maybe management. Or somebody says amanda. It's not a good look. Never wanna burn bridges and just keep the the the door always open to do business in believe we had a lot of respect for i am i just think it was certified that he wanted on the pbc. I browner that he was never really able to get. We got a side box and talk about in talk. Do me eisai vip ola..

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