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"grinnell scott north korea" Discussed on WZFG The Flag 1100AM

"Fox news on the V. hand by Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer wants witnesses and documents at the impeachment trial the Majority Leader McConnell says none of it is needed Schumer says that baffles and he still hasn't answered the question what is wrong with witnesses what is wrong with documents Schumer says they have the evidence he says can establish who ordered to aid to Ukraine with failed and when that order was given boxes Grinnell Scott North Korea promises the US a Christmas gift Fishel's think another test of some kind could be imminent but the intelligence is quote murky days before Christmas north Korean leader Kim Jong moon that is top military brass new satellite images show another concerning development in North Korea a factory link to making long range nuclear missiles has expanded boxes Lucas Tomlinson America's listening to fox your your WCF G. three day forecasts from weather ology dot com for tonight we'll see mostly cloudy skies low school around twenty two on Tuesday for will be possible through the morning then cloudy in the afternoon how is your twenty eight degrees with cloudy skies expected Christmas day I temperatures near twenty nine for Thursday slight chance of snow twenty eight from the flight weather center I'm meteorologist Eric Allman on nine eleven hundred the flag currently it's eighteen three of the white community health corner your source for reliable health information for you or someone you care about it's a busy time of year and you don't have time to be sick it's not too late to get your flu shot don't miss.

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