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Quarantine GP Review

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02:31 min | 2 years ago

Quarantine GP Review

"China's in the last couple of weeks we had the trailing curl pray. We then had the canceled postponed in the end. The Bahrain growing praise just when he thought the bar and Grill impre. We wouldn't have to sit through it. I think there were a bad literally three or four different visions all right most of rice in the digital world at some point. I have an aunt in rally on Monday morning. It's incredible because we obviously deciding what to do for this podcast. You might have noticed. This not really eighty four. This time. We thought we'd go and have a look at what happened in the racing world overnight. I did say one of the many Bahrain Grand Prix but I didn't realize to looking it up. How bloody many of these things? They were overnight. Candidate isn't there. Some kind of is this because of competition law like what's GonNa do. We have to have five different ones. Have One this is why they just be one. Formula One and INDYCAR and champ schism that American open wheel racing had prove. It just doesn't work. We just need one dictator shifts to rule all of the one of the one. And that's it. So this is what's happened. We've had three unsanctioned run divisions of the Byron Parade ever on trying to put the writing sponsors on their own cars and this is like wealthy with cricket. Seriously these exactly what it's like except somehow the only common thread. He's lander Doris who's either all of them. Except when he's Internet connections not working. He's on the post of rolling on the media for all of them. Somehow I say somehow he's managed to compete in older rises. I only had to stay. Home and asks the organizers to not have them clash so I guess it's actually very achievable also Nicholas. Latifi was in all of them as well as far as I can tell and also Nico convert. Actually he's on the postal one of them but I can't tell if he actually competed in it. It's a bit confused. Yeah well for all we know could have been just the Landau Norris. At one point in the form of the one vision wasn't physically can pay the Digital Ladda. Toco away presumably. He must've piked the former. Do something else on. Twitch could do more than one strain but you know. This is linear and scary. Well that we would leave

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