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"But I mean that's that's. That's a long time twenty one years. I mean I'm on the second page of the seniority. Listen so before before we move on. I just wanted to say you brought this delicious wine with you. Normally I drink root beer but today today yeah because that's that's one of the things things you and sort of a tradition where we get together. There's gotTa be some wind so I just wanted to say. Thank you for bringing in this delicious wine. It's it's on top of myself often. Do you want to be This is aged in Bourbon barrel us two of my favorite things and what is this will promote them. One thousand stories bourbon barrel aged infidel F. and from California twenty sixteen glasses about finding a corkscrew in my schoolbag back well. It's funny because if you hadn't this is an open bar here so we probably would've been able to accommodate it didn't work out of their whatever but so I mean South Lyon twenty years what do you what do you remember like. What is your I know I know. Twenty years is impossible but like what how has it been like. I mean obviously it's been good enough for you to stick around right. I it's very weird. I come back to a lot of like weird south. Lyon connections like I got my job because they had hired. Somebody outs from Adrian College this actually I met my husband. I don't know if I I told you that story either so I got my job because the previous teacher was taking a full year from attorney leave Angela Ferguson. Oh that's yeah yeah yes so if you took a full year for maternity leave. They told her job. They wouldn't hold that your spots you could come back when there was another opening year qualified for for so that's how. I got my job. She's taking this full year off at least for maternity leave and she came back and she worked at one of the elementary schools for awhile and her husband was did a tour in Afghanistan and she switched the elementary to be on schedule with her kids and that kind of stuff and came back to the middle school and she was there for a couple of years and she said you should you should really meet my brother-in-law. I think he would really get along. He's dating somebody else. We really meet my brother-in-law and then she say anything for a while and then she started again a couple blue years later and I was like you know what hinge we're both adults like just want to give them my phone number like no big deal so you anyway. That's how I met. My husband was three South Lyon. Even so yeah so there you go but you said something before we went on the air that that really struck me in because you just started doing you originally the drama. Director Star about that when you did the drama director for how many years then well and that was your only job your the drama director taught hot drama and they offered a drama class. They offered a communications class which was like a public speaking class. They did a leadership class for a while which was like community service and in growth mindset kind of stuff so I did a ton of electives for the longest time and then every once in a while if they needed another English teacher the sections of English. When did you move to English teaching fulltime then think after the year you left. I think I got like one or two sections of English than I didn't didn't have English for a while and then I did maybe here and there I did the year that Ben and all those guys wearing eighth grade so long ago that was I had a couple of sections of English. You just turned thirty this series. Everybody's turning thirty or thirty three. I'm still I'm still twenty two that when you were when I listened to that pass episode of the Alec Hutchinson was a former student of mine to Natan Breath about that was that was that was a G. rated say. I can't remember what it was but I was like holy. Shit like everybody is an adult grown ass men. These are these are adults that don't even think about being a not a new thing to kids you know older than Mine uh-huh and so the part of the condition I was hired came with doing the school place and then on one year so I think it must have been like two thousand. God bless him. I think it was like the first full year. Dan and I were dating. I was told I think it was right. After Dan and I started dating I was told that I was going to travel between the two schools and I was going to have to teach eighth grade English at centennial and then come back and teach four different different things at Millennium Room. Oh God yeah it was a rough wine that was a rough year and so at the end of that year I went into the principal's office and said oh I would rather not do this again. Thank you that was too much and the schedule for the following year had three teachers each going over to centennial teach hours of eighth grade English and size it. Can I just go to centennial and teach eighth grade English so that would have been like two thousand thousand eight two thousand nine. Maybe ten years ago ten years ago yeah so centennial. It's been centennial but now you're doing the drama I took the place they posted the other day that they needed a director so when your kid was sort of the reason for Ashby there till four anyway so late release elementary school so I get out of school what to thirty and he's not done until four so might as well enjoy it. So what do you think you're GONNA do for. I actually ordered. It already ordered the script today. Hey it's smiling fifteen kids it's called help wanted so it's about fifteen teenagers looking for their first job. I got to say Stephanie. You're the for my brother and sister. Were the your plays where the first place they ever did. madams been murdered till the Van Burqas Bobby that'd be tighter and that show it was murder mystery kind of like yeah and what started the it's so funny that you're the second one on after after Donna because if it wasn't for you they wouldn't have been interested in the theater in high school and Donna never would have become part of their lives and and I never would have done the theater reader so there you go and I have to say I remember the first time I know who you were just from being a teacher and seeing it in the hallway and things but I remember the very first time that I've ever interacted with. You like not personally but you came into. I had a there were I had name is Aaron Brown stairs. My English teacher and you had to next to hers and then there was my science teacher was yeah that's right yeah and I can't remember his Limor Andrew Branston. I think it was bracing era and her friends you're still you're still friends but so you came in and there was some sort of like you're playing some skit with your kids about like they were from the future and they were supposed to be asking about these about our our quaint technologies not and things like that it is funny because it's one thousand nine hundred ninety two. What did we even have the yeah yeah but but I remember that you you you came in and they the students like only one kid really participated in it and it was Griffin Holbeck name and and I remember at the end of it. You took like the whole class to task in front of us like about like you're like so the rest of you really didn't do anything. I just want to make sure that you you know you're aware of it but that was that was like my first okay so that's what's. Berry you know but but yeah then you you did the plays of my siblings and so that was when it was sort of start hearing about you at home and things like that and you know I was going somewhere with that point and God damn. I can't remember where so before the show uh when I told you I'd I'd taken it back on. You asked me why yeah that's what it was and I wasn't going to it. It's been posted before I haven't taken it and I saw the posting. I don't know I'm going to be here until four o'clock anyway. I could do that and I could pull stuff. I've already done shed got a twelve year backlog of things I've already done and another teacher came in and said he did you see that posting it differently. Erin lowery whose Aaron really when you guys were in school and I did and she had helped me with all the like she and her mom so it all the costumes for wizard of Oz and I said I did and she said he could do. It and I said I don't know and she goes can i. I'm just GonNa say it like the last time I thought you were really happy. At work was when you during the place it goes in who like who your kids like who are the people you know and then all of unlike other your you know your brothers and sister and I've got a couple of their like the kids that I I still know and see and it's funny 'cause I just was a couple years ago. We went up to traverse city but with Jeff Tom gala and his husband spend just getting engage at the time and we were TC whiskey. which is where we want? There is jeff husband jared. What's the bartender he goes. Esso's to how they know each other in the nation because what go ahead ask you'll never guess Esso's to how they know each other. How do you to know each other and Jessica's and she's my eighth grade English teacher. Didn't that happen to us. We were up there. Just this past artists to teach. It's not one of my students but was in the room next door and she's married him every fucking going to start wearing a t shirt but like those. I like the kids I mean like. You said they just turned thirty. They're all adults but you know being I haven't seen Bannon who knows how long but we facetime him when we're entrance right yeah and I came onto the screen and he goes holy. Shit young adults that unfortunate enough to friends with these kids as adults adults. That's how really kind of forged those so. You're hoping that happens again then basically at least to be an different mindset because the. I know them a little bit better so I always everybody does but I always think he did a pretty good job at my job like I would tell you a good teacher. I passionate about loosening just in general but it took four and a half years of fertility treatments for me to get pregnant with my son was it was a really rigid did medical shot scheduled doctor's appointment and so I didn't have time to do the stuff after school that I had done and then my dad got sick and my dad moved into a nursing pursing home and my dad died last year so there was all of this stuff where this two point and then he had a baby at home so like this is kind of the first time where I thought even to myself in years I could do. This took damn fine. Get back to more of that kind of stuff well. I'm glad I can tell even the way you're talking about it. You know you're you're excited about it and you're you're kind of like you know. I hope that I can help. This is still the way it went. This'll be the way is is back in the day. I said to my boss like listen. The last show centennial did was beauty in the bee's. I'm not running costumes building sat. It's going to be this huge thing. It's not even my philosophy for what theater middle school should be. I'm talking like fifteen kids. Blackbox minimal props to shows one night and he was like yeah yeah. That's what we wanted perfect. There's so much I want to get to Stephanie but we're we're. We're believe it or not we're almost we got about seven minutes or so yeah well. I got a bunch of SORTA rapid fire questions. I want to do here and if you could just keep your answers relatively short as as they can be without while still answering the phone but okay well. Actually I had a great question as you were talking about the kids and fricken. I hope it comes back to their written it down swallow my pencil here but whatever what is in your opinion what is the future of schooling teaching what is how are we going to adapt to these smartphones. How're like really quick. I think the way that it's going to go to school and not so much about learning facts are demonstrating that you know facts because Google Kapadia for so. That's the biggest difference I no longer. I'm no longer delivering facts. I'm helping in kids. Learn where to find them. Okay so yes I know. I know you found the answer. Tell me the answer. It's more explain your thinking about then..

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