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"greta reta" Discussed on GrowthBusters

"Little technicality out of the picture but let me mention that when I interviewed polar for my documentary the growth busters. He told me that he liked the term climate disruption. He wasn't suggesting that we use it. Because climate change had already taken hold old and I really think climate disruption as a much better description of the climate change or even climate catastrophe or destabilization. Yeah Yeah but search engine. Optimization requires that we keep talking about climate change so I'll be sure to include links and the show notes want to make sure people have a chance to see the videos that you have been producing at SCIENTISTS WARNING DOT TV. And you and you. It didn't stop just because cup. Twenty four over your continuing. Oh yes new audio content. I closing a couple of parentheses here the TV the branding as a TV. He came out of out of. What was it twenty one in Paris when I had thought I was going to be filming a documentary there and managed to get a retired? TV News cameraman from England to come down and fill in for me for free for the price of his lodging paid his ticket as lodging lodging for him and his assistant and and he filmed for me for free and at the end he said Stewart. I don't want to be a wet blanket but I. I don't think you have a movie here but I do think you have a brand so he put it in my mind. That climate matters dot TV was a viable brand. And so with that in mind. I've been angling toward that. And yes I've managed to turn these free resources that the UN F triple C.. Gives to any NGO non governmental organization that is accredited and shows up at the talks. I mean that's a whole other level of administrative bureaucracy but as long as I get there for the price of paying a ticket lodging I get a press conference room which is my sound stage and they have four cameras and they have a sound controller and they have a mixer who edits it all together and then I set up a couple of GOPRO cameras so I have bureau shots from side angles and so I basically. I'm in charge of filming my own work. And then I send it off to a team of video editors so that turned into the scientists warning dot TV brand with the from climate matters dot TV. I broadened the scope to. It's an ecological problem of which climate is the leading edge but that allowed me to very directly discussed thus the elephant in the room population. It allows me to discuss any of the ways in which we are assaulting our mother Mother Nature and of course you scored beautifully by having Greta. Thunberg the fifteen year old superstar of cop twenty four on a couple of years for TV episodes. I consider myself the luckiest person in that people. I'm working with in Stockholm. They have a project called. We don't have time time dot org last Earth Day. They did the first no-fly World Summit on climate had people videoing in I had to wake up at two. Am to be ready to go by three am. Because I'm on the other side of the world from them and I'm working with them and they mentioned that Greta Reta was going to be bub-bubba. Greta found Berg. They said Oh yes yes yes and so. Can you introduce me. And that turned into her father. And she driving down onto Poland and being on for my programs and the first one was her alone and usually my guests are on stage with me but that one I said no my instincts were have her sitting in the front row and introduce her and have everybody plotter because she was already becoming world famous. And I put on the last slide if you'd want interview if anybody wants to interview Greta his her father's name and phone number and he said his phone did not stop ringing after for that so. She became world-famous. She was invited to Davos World Economic Forum where she very expertly stuck her fingers in the eyes of the assembled glitter rati and said quote paraphrase. There are many people and companies. He's and leaders who are knowingly stealing our future destroying our future so that a few people can make enormous sums of money and some of you or in this audience at the end of her to misspeaking. There was slowing strained silence. Broken by Bono of rock and roll old fame starting the the meagre applause. Greta is a blessing she and and so I got at her and her father of the badges for week one of the COP and Antonio Gutierrez the Secretary General of the UN gave them their badges for week two. And what point did they invite her to speak this part of the conference. The COP officially started on Sunday. And when I asked if you needed another day which you knew you would. Why didn't you added on the end? And they said because the first day nothing gets done so we wanted to make the first today a wasted day Sunday so that the second day Monday would then be. Everybody's ready for work. There settled into hotel. They know where the bathrooms over. The lunchroom is ready to go. So that was their logic nick so she and her father came on Sunday arrived in Poland and came to the cop to get their badges and I don't know whether they met him or or how it came about. But a member of the Swedish negotiating team met them again. I don't know how that came about and told the UN that they were there air and so in Tony Guiterrez passed back to them an invitation for Greta to appear at a private meeting. He was having with youth with global youth. It's a few youth leaders from around the world before the COP Monday morning and so she participated in that and it was extremely private. I was not allowed in. She brought with her. A cameraman was filming a documentary. That was being made about her in Sweden. They wouldn't allow him but someone recorded that and that's it's available up on my website. The two minutes that she spoke to world leaders sitting between the head of the UN and the head of the climate talks at the UN and again again she has this way of pointing her finger gently as only a fifteen. Now she sixteen can do but with clarity and power and innocence all all at the same time but a blessing she is so back to world science Let's see scientists warning dot org first of all. That is a website where anyone can access that scientists warnings second notice and I think there's a link to the original nineteen ninety-two scientists warning there too. So you can get that you can read it. It's short you can share that you can learn a lot more but also there is something else that people can do for you for the scientists for our future at that website and it's not. It's not donate right. There's no donate button occasionally. I'll get comment from somebody. I noticed. There's no donate button on your website that speaks volumes. We need engagement agenent involvement from the people who come that is we are always looking for people to say. I've got some spare time. How can I help? I've already mentioned video editing. We need translation. We need people to translate our videos subtitles for. We need a lot of things but there's also a wicky under the menu item learn and act and people can go there to learn more and to figure out what is doable in their situation. Okay one of the big ones that I'm emphasizing right now is civil disobedience now I cannot probably legally encourage encourage children to skip school but I can mention that there. Are Hella kids doing it right now. Taking their future in their hands realizing that they're being screwed crude K.. And Jim Hansen. Dr James Hansen said that in Paris when I presented him publicly said world leaders came here and at the end into the talks. They're going to pass one another on the back and said we did good. We had a good result here. We're going to handle climate change. If they do that that they're screwing next generation and all the following ones. He was nervous about saying he was playing with his microphone but he said it. And that's really where that's out. You know we are screwing in the kids. Who are realizing they're getting screwed? I mean they're not stupid and they're beginning to say this doesn't go down and we won't go go to school. We will not obey your because we're preparing for your future that you are destroying won't be there. You may be not able to see it but we can we. We haven't bought into the system yet. We don't have student loans that force us to take a job that we're not happy about you know so we're seeing seeing a revolution. It's like the Greek playlist Estrada where the women come rushing out on bond. They don't do it in quite this way. But it's two warring warring sides in early Rome. I think are going to go to war and the women decide. They've had enough of this and they're going to deny marital pleasure to their husbands on. Both sides is until the husband's agree to a truce and it worked in the play and our kids are saying that to us so can individual individual members of the public are you. Is there a place to sign up to endorse the world. Scientists warning or is that only for scientists and organisations no no no you on the allies world scientists scientists website. They are still calling for scientists only to sign we are calling for everyone including scientists to sign okay. They don't share their mailing lists with us US 'cause that was their agreement but we are willing to share with them so many scientists come in and sign with us then we will be presenting that group as Co signatures and those will go on the main. Osu website also so please come to scientists warning dot org orgy and there is a adjoin menu item. And you go under there and you can join as an individual if you have an organization that you represent anything from Garden Club to an Ngo you you know and then you can sign as a scientist so as an individual as an organization as a scientist you can endorse slash sign that warning so please come. Thank you could talk to you well. That was a journey down several corridors in the mind of Stuart Scott Executive Director of the Union of concerned citizens of Earth. We're just on many topics and several weeks mentioned so be sure to hit the show notes for further reading and some viewing also in the show notes. We'll be links to a two part essay just just published in the Thai online newsmagazine published in British Columbia Canada. The Essay was written by Bill. Reese who I consider one of the brightest minds on the unsustainability of human civilization as we know it reese is professor emeritus of human ecology and ecological economics at the university diversity of British Columbia back in Nineteen ninety-six Bill and one of his students Mattis Walker novel develops the concept of ecological footprint Brent Walker. Nago went on to found the global footprint network which annually computes the total biocapacity of the planet and the total demand. Human beings are making of the earth in other words. How far we are into overshoot? Be sure to check the show notes for a link to our episode with Walker Knuckle earlier this year this week. The title published a two part essay recently penned by reese the essay makes to queries the first. The modern world is deeply deeply addicted to fossil fuels and green. Energy is no substitute. Am I wrong. The second human nature and our methods of of governance are proving incapable of saving the world. We need to get real about climate science. Am I wrong. Let me share a few few highlights just a wet your appetite. So you'll be sure to look these up from race policy for climate. Disaster Avoidance seems designed to serve the capitalist capitalist growth economy and make the ladder appear as the solution rather than the cause of the problem also wrote the international community. Despite the Paris accord Greta tune Berg climate strikes and mass public protests seems determined to stay its growth driven fossil. Fueled course the the green new deal won't do the trick now on the green new deal subject in this essay Reese Proposes Eleven Point Green..

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