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"gresham chapman" Discussed on The Science Hour

"Is there presumably still generally stage so people can panic about it at the moment but chronic and it doesn't definitely doesn't create a certainty of your baby developing schizophrenia in later life nothing like that it just raises the risk of it might go from something like one percent chance for the typical member of the public to perhaps two or three percent maybe a few percent more than that but it's of course still a very small risk altogether thanks grow of course vaccinations is one of the ways in void those of infections but one of the problems with vaccinations particularly involve a needle is they're painful and that can be enough to put some parents off taking their children to the clinic for the variable protection that vaccination can give you can argue the benefit of your health professional but actually the most successful persuasion can involve much simpler measures psychologist gresham chapman told claudia hammond this world immunization week step one established what kind of parent you're working with the first category be called what people think in feel so that includes attitudes confidence risk appraisals worry and there's a lot of correlation evidence that those things walk in lockstep with vaccination but much less evidence that you can intervene on people's confidence or they're worry or their risk appraisals and have that change their vaccination behavior the second category that we looked at were social factors so how people are influenced by their friends their neighbors the people on their social network and also by a thorny figures who tell them what's important to do so those kind of social influences are a very promising area for future research but there's not a lot of evidence yet that people vaccinate either because they're getting influenced through their social networks or because they're trying to outsource tickly benefit other people that they might come in contact with is there anything that we know does work that can make a difference.

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