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"gregory chaplin" Discussed on MMA Roasted

"Well, somebody that we have here, we have the man, the myth, the legend, is just joining us Colby Covington, one of the greatest fighters in the world. A guy who is exciting, controversial, training, just got back from Muay Thai practice, right? Haven't even left yet, still here, brother still sweating. Looking good. Looking good, nice. I hear with the best Muay Thai trainer in the entire world, Gregory Chaplin. How many times you win the WBC Moore Thai championships? 5 times. Damn, look at soccer spirit and everything, man. You can tell that guy's been a soccer shirt. That guy's nasty. You don't want to mess with that guy. That dude will knock out anybody on the feet. Fuck that. How are you doing, Colby? I'm doing good, brother, training hard, feeling great. Just ready to save America and save sports whenever they put me back in. I know, by the way, I saw the video of you with those girls for the betting thing I don't know. They keep getting hotter. What do you meet those girls? And if I ever got divorced, even the question was how to call because good work on that, by the way. Not really a question, just saying they're welcome. Well, you know, of course, you know, a lot of them are reaching out to me by DM, you know? They want to jump on, you know, what's hot right now and I'm hot right now and you know, my name is blowing up. So of course they're trying to reach me through the DMs, but I also have a girl down here at South Florida. This is a plug and she helps me out. She has a lot of friends. She grew up here. So, you know, she's worked for the dolphins for the Miami Heat for the Miami Marlins, so she knows all the women, all the cheerleaders, and everything. So it's pretty nice. That's a good hook up right there. What do you think of Ferguson versus Gates? What are your thoughts on that fight? My thoughts on that fight were, you know, I kind of saw that coming. We all knew that Tony, you know, he gets hit a lot and fights, he gets dropped, and I just didn't think it was a very good fight for him, but you know, I wasn't really surprised. You know, he just comes forward, he doesn't have a lot of diverse striking attacks. So, you know, I figured Gigi was going to have harder stripes and be able to.

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