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"greg weisman hooper" Discussed on The Jock and Nerd Podcast

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"greg weisman hooper" Discussed on The Jock and Nerd Podcast

"We've got share interviews you know we interviewed one of our biggest ones is the destiny interview which was with chris barrett the game designer if you like video games and destiny is what does that one six sixteen yes i'm gonna tell you the actual episode numbers for these just search spat out some names and you can go look it up for yourselves we had floyd norman which was the animated for disney who had a documentary about them that's still available to this day i think used to be able to watch on netflix but it's available i think on voodoo definitely the hummers black animator hired at disney in the fifties we had sean christians in an oscar winning director who directed a short film called curfew on and he went on to direct to other movies we get winter we had a oh yeah photographer who ross deb men who has won an emmy we've had an oscar winner todd disalvo who was working at marvel when they were doing the lightermen herman for years really nice guy that was a great one we talked to greg weisman hooper who created created gargoyles and produces young justice and the rebel star wars rebels with dave baloney that was a great interview we had eric sharkey who did the drew shrews who's one of my favorite artists and directed the documentary that's true archies great i i really want donna from the howard stern show like benji girlfriend and howard stern like calendar girl i guess only on youtube though you gotta go to our true that's mike rips we got we have bike rips we dope we had dope lots good interviews.

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