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Politics with Amy Walter: What happens to Immigration and DACA Under the Biden Administration?

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Politics with Amy Walter: What happens to Immigration and DACA Under the Biden Administration?

"Each listener supported w nyc studios. It's politics with amy walter on the takeaway good to be with you. Immigration was an issue. We heard a lot about in the two thousand sixteen election from candidate. Donald trump when mexico sends his people. They're not sending their best. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. Their rapists day are not our friend. Believe me no path to legalization unless they leave the country and come back and you can call deported. if you want. The press doesn't like that term. You can call it. Whatever the hell you want. God we going to bill. Hey great border wall. And when he was elected one of president trump's first actions was a travel ban on muslim countries. We're going to take our cases far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme court and let me tell you something. I think we ought to go back to the first one to go all the way. Which is what. I want to do in the first one and during the two thousand eighteen midterms. The narrative changed but the sentiment did not. This is an invasion when you see these caravans starting out with twenty thousand people. That's an invasion. I was badly criticized for using the word invasion. It's an invasion and perhaps the most consequential trump's zero tolerance immigration policy was widely discussed by minute. A huge warehouse are very large changes in which children have been separated from the bringing children with. You doesn't guarantee you won't get prosecute. Nobody likes his policy. You saw the president on camera and he wants this to end. But everybody has congress thomas own all should be able to agree that in the united states of america we will not intentionally separate children from their parents. We will not do that. We are dead at that early on in the twenty twenty democratic primary campaign. It was a major factor. Democrats have to get off the back foot. We have to lead on this issue because we know it is right down at the border. We've got to rework entire. Should also this off get rid of trump suit zero tolerance policy the remain in mexico policy and the metering policy. Not did you make a mistake with the president. Did the best thing that was able to be done about you. I'm the vice. President honest states but the issue of immigration was rarely mentioned in the twenty twenty general election campaign in the fall. I wondered if the lack of policy debate about immigration was deliberate. Or if the issue was sidelined like most things by the pandemic and its economic fallout. And i wanted to understand what that may mean for. The future of immigration policies put in place by the trump administration. So i called daryl lind and i'm a reporter with propublica covering immigration to find out what she thinks really. This was a very strange campaign. Because the pandemic nba economic crisis that had engendered took up so much space that you just didn't see a more conventional policy debate on. What are the candidates stances on various issues. I don't know that immigration was uniquely. Sidelined i think it just is the most obvious example of how the twenty twenty election kind of prevented any sort of normal campaign policy rollouts because trump had been able to set it as a big culture war issue in two thousand sixteen twenty. Eighteen as president-elect biden is rolling out his what he calls his top priorities. His top four priorities are grown virus economic recovery racial equality in climate change and there are a number of democrats and progressive groups. Who were not happy. That immigration wasn't listed in there. What do you think that is about. And and what do you see as the biden path forward on this issue so when we talk about what a presence priorities are. I think that there are particular parts of the job. Were that matters more than others. First of all there is a question. About what would the legislative priorities be. The biden administration would be pushing on congress which obviously will matter a lot more. If democrats take the senate and in that regard there is a lot of very limited oxygen. I mean i'm thinking back to the first. Two years of the obama administration when there was a lot of democratic infighting about what the legislative priority would be after healthcare and immigration. Very much lost out in that fight. If you believe that the current immigration policy setup is broadly broken needs a big legislative fix including legalizing be eleven million or so unauthorized immigrants in the country. Then lake yes. Not being listed as a priority is a big problem in that regard but because the executive branch is large and diverse and there are a lot of different people working on different issues. It doesn't necessarily slow the ability of immigration regulations and that kind of thing executive actions to not be a priority. It's a question of political capital. And that i think is where there is still a little bit of progressive worry. The biden administration is going to be less aggressive than some progressives want not because they're focusing on other things but because they don't necessarily want to bring attention to immigration as an issue. Yeah that's an interesting point because the person that The biden has to lead the department of homeland. Security allah hundred. My orcas comes from the obama era. You know there was a lot of criticism of the obama administration and hesitancy on kind of moving in a more progressive way so does his. Dhs pick suggest that indeed. This will look more like an obama era policy on immigration than one that we heard about a lot during the two thousand twenty democratic primaries which was much more progressive is. I wouldn't say a unity pick necessarily i. I was honestly surprised at how warm the reception to him was among groups that were criticizing the administration. It does seem that he personally had a reputation for being on the more progressive side of that administration and to be fully honest. I think it doesn't hurt that. That's a job that not a whole lot of people want. It's not a job that pays a lot of political dividends and having someone who's very experienced in the apartment who wants the job. Is you know that that's a plus. The big accessible administration at dhs was it's twenty fourteen executive actions which a couple of those got blocked in court but they did successfully rain in isis ability. To just you know arrest and deport unauthorized immigrants without paying any attention to kind of be equities involved and getting them to exercise significant prosecutorial discretion in that happened in large part because then h. Secretary johnson did a lot of internal stakeholder work and built up a lot of legitimacy so having someone who already has those relationships as is probably the way. You're gonna get change done. But i do think that as we see kind of some of the lower level staff names that it's just very hard to name a bunch of people who weren't in the obama administration and weren't in the trump administration not necessarily people who were political in the trump administration but senior civil servants who stayed in government and ended up having some decision making power. And i do think that there are are probably going to be fights. We saw a little bit. When cecilia munoz. Who was kind of obama's point person on immigration got named the transition team There will be upcoming battles on. Who should get to make immigration policy decisions under biden and the tension between having people who know the system and having people who haven't been associated with policies. That as you said. The party has tried to turn. Its back on. So let's think about you know the realities of being the president which is one. You have the sort of proactive agenda. Some of the things that a president biden can do on immigration on things like daca etc through executive authority or push legislatively. And then. there's the things that happened that you have no control over like for example crisis in central america that continues to push people to to seek refuge in the united states. So can we talk through the tension between both of those things. Like how much of the biden administration do you think is going to be just dealing in a reactionary mode to another border surge given how much Struggle is still happening in central america and mexico. That really is the million dollar question and again it's not necessarily a matter of. Oh if they have to be responding to events they won't have be policy bandwidth to do other things like there's nothing in the levers of government that says. Oh if a if more than x. People are coming to the. Us mexico border. In any given month you have to take staffing away from fully reinstating the daca program which is a totally different population but again it is a question of political capital and we saw in twenty fourteen that the obama administration's efforts to take broad executive action on immigration. Were delayed by several months when they had to deal with a surge of unaccompanied children coming to the us mexico border partly because it was something that they needed to direct a lot of resources to very quickly but partly because they didn't like the optics of being seen as dovish on immigration when the was quote unquote overwhelmed and so there is nothing in central. America has made it any better for people to stay there than it was a year ago. We saw really really low numbers of northward migration in the spring and summer and for a bid it looked like that was the new normal because countries were really shutting down their mobility policies due to the coronavirus because people were worried about catching it if they if they moved through a bunch of different areas. But what it seems. Like in retrospect is that that was more of a temporary pause and smugglers. Were deliberately pausing bear operations and then restarted them in the fall and so between that the economic collapse that has given a made a lot of people just totally out of work and hurricanes have struck central america in recent weeks. There are so many reasons to leave and even if donald trump were still going to be still in office next year it would seem that there would be a relative rise from his mind bogglingly low levels of migration this year and what we saw under the trump administration is that relative rises the point right the trump administration was the victim of its own success of the border in some ways. They had really really low levels of apprehensions in the first few months of the trump term as migrants appear to have kind of taken a wait and see approach of before deciding whether to leave and because they couldn't sustain those low levels. They often as if they were in crisis. Putting even when you know historically apprehensions were that high. So if that approach remains then yeah the biden administration is going to be on a politically defensive footing very early on. It may or may not be the case that the number of people coming gets to the point where it actually does exceed capacity and i think that also will depend on what border policies are because the current policy at the border is that everybody just gets expelled back to mexico or deported back to their home countries in a matter of really just hours because of an order put up by the cdc early in the coronavirus pandemic and if the biden administration chooses to continue that policy it'll be a little easier for them logistically to deal with more people by even from a capacity standpoint. You're not reaching overwhelmed. Numbers the idea of a kind of media attention to a border crisis or media attention to rising numbers coupled with the fact that immigration hawks are already saying that any rise numbers will be because people are enthusiastic about a biden. Amnesty might make the kind of people who were making the decisions in two thousand fourteen. A little bit worried about being seen as being too aggressively left or toben exactly on lego. Dera lind covers immigration policy for propublica deferred action for childhood arrivals or daca began under the obama administration in two thousand twelve the first lawsuit challenging its legality was filed that same month now doc grants temporary legal status to undocumented immigrants who were brought to the united states children hi. My name is syriac alvarez. By i am currently docker scipion Living in salt lake city utah. My family immigrated to the us in two thousand one When i was about five years old my family has called you home for the past. Twenty years i grew up in the same city went to elementary middle school high school and college in salt lake. And so yeah. Utah's been home and it's been a good journey for my family From the people that we've met who have been supportive In our lives despite our immigration status studies daca recipients are awarded some security and stability. But it's not a long term solution. There is a renewal process. They must go through every couple of years. I got doc. Oh when i was a senior in high school right in the middle of my senior year was when my application was approved in. I've had daca ever since and it's been like eight years seven years now And because of dhaka. I was able to one have hope for the future. I think it allowed me to see more stability in my life than i had imagined before and two. I was able to pay my way through college. I graduated from the university of utah in two thousand seventeen and now i work fulltime as a policy analyst at voices for utah children. The daca program itself is actually quite popular. A recent pew research survey found that almost three quarters of americans favor granting permanent legal status to immigrants who came illegally to the us when they were children even so congress has been deadlocked on the issue and the daca program continues to face legal challenges. Hi i'm diane so lease i'm a senior writer at the dallas morning news. I write often about immigration and social justice it's been a litigation roller coaster for those who hold daca. There's about six hundred and fifty thousand people who hold daca deferred action for childhood arrivals and there's new litigation that began in two thousand eighteen when the state of texas filed suit against the us government to was already office. He'd already announced that he wanted to in dhaka. So mall daf. The mexican american legal defense fund jumped in and said they doubted that trump would adequately defend doc so they were going to and they got twenty two doctor recipients together and so now they're defending daca. It's been on a slow track. But now next week there will be a hearing in houston on this litigation. it's the only litigation that deals with whether daca is lawful. If the judge rules against dhaka what happens then there are Folks who try to bring it to a higher court and argue it. Does it go to the supreme court what happens absolutely has said they will immediately appeal and we could have this back at the supreme court. But it's unlikely that it would end immediately. The maldives attorneys feel that it's unlikely that hanan with immediately ended and that there would be a phase out of the work. Permits daca provides a work permit a two year work permit and Deportation rap rafe. So is the only way then to ensure that the doctor program exists without the roller coaster. Ride as you pointed out that it's it is entrenched into into law is that congress has to pass some legislation. It cannot continue in this sort of executive order limbo that is what the immigration advocates. And those at whole daca want they want permanent legislation that puts them on a pathway to you as citizenship. But as we know congress has been in gridlock for a long long time over controversial issues that could change given After the outcome in enjoys her right with the senate but could visco limbo go on and on while we do have another situation where there is a limbo that has gone on and on and it's something that snow as tps temporary protected status and we've got salvadorans who've been in temporary protected status for about twenty years. So there's a history here. There's a precedent here for the us immigration policy to basically go along in this year-by-year fashion rather than or administration to administration fashion rather than being actual settled law. Definitely there's definite history for that and for those that hold these kind of limbo status. It's very hard for folks to plan their life in one year or two year. Increments it's difficult to plan a career to plan to get married to have children if you have the threat of deportation hanging over you. It builds emotional stress. Diane sali's i really appreciate you taking the time to help. Walk us through this process Thank you for all you do in in covering it for the dallas morning news. Well thank you. For having me syriac alvarez via the ducker recipient we heard from at the top of our segment she can bury the sigh of relief for at least another two years. She learned this week that her application had been renewed. She told us what that means for her. Personally with my new doctor renewal. That means i have my Daca card for another two years which is really great and can help me as i think through my future As i plan going back to school. I to continue working this year and then applying to grad school programs This upcoming fall. And then hopefully next fall starting school Grad school program. And i think part of that hope does come also from the biden administration knowing that even though i may only have a two year Daca Renewal i do. I do have hope that one there won't be as many challenges to the daca program. These next couple of years coming from the administration itself and to hoping for a permanent solution from congress These next couple of four years since november. We've been talking to the newly elected members of congress checking in with them before they're sworn in on january third. This week i sat down then. Signed the congressmen elected from oregon congressional district two fences a republican and like his predecessor. Congressman greg walden. He'll be the only republican serving and oregon's delegation. I started out by asking him to describe his district. Oregon to is one of the largest congressional districts in the united states. There's much debate about exactly where it fits on the list. But i think is number seven. It's little just a fraction less than seventy thousand square miles. So it's As my predecessor congressman walden likes to say bigger than any state east of the mississippi. And then he has many other means of trying to show how how large this takes about seven eight hours to drive across it. it's It's a beautiful space have very very varied in how it's Jar geography exists in. It's it's a. It's a beautiful. It's a beautiful place if you like lots of open space because we have a lot of it wonderful people in it ranchers farmers. We have a really really wide variety of folks. We have the columbia river on the north side. We have california on the on the south. We have nevada idaho towards the east. It's a very very different. When it comes to the people live within it. Which which i like. You know you're coming into a washington dc where republicans are in the minority though by a smaller margin than many had expected. What can you tell them. And what did you learn about being in the minority party Where in your case you had a governor. That was a democrat. Come to washington. It's the president who's the democrat What did you learn about working with the majority party. Bipartisanship what worked what didn't work. Should we throw our hands up and say it's never gonna work you. Can't you can't cross party lines these these days or or what. I hope it's not the the latter i would. I would say that what i learned. Is you you. you have to rely if you're in the minority a lot on on the majority on what what they're going to allow you to do. It's kind of up to them. And i learned a you know in the last couple of years. I was in the oregon state. Senate that the politics of portland oregon made it extraordinarily difficult for my democrat friends in the senate to even allow me as a as a republican to be at the at the table. I was the co chair of. The carbon committee is of old carbon committee and i was frozen out of of the discussions for five months on a very very serious cap and trade bill. One of the more aggressive approaches to managing carbon. That i've seen and i was just not allowed. I was allowed in the room. And and that was because my democrat friends told me later. the folks that put them in office back in portland didn't want a republican in the room and so they didn't allow didn't allow me in and ultimately that that meant that we we actually we. Republican senators walked out to to deny the democrats a quorum indus- prevent the cap and trade bill from passing. But i will share with you. And i've told it to everybody that that's not the right way to do business the right way to do business. Try to sit down and work these things out but if you're not at the table it's pretty tough to do but The thing i learned when i was in salem is that if if i worked really hard to know more about the issues than anybody else at the table generally that had a value and generally people wanted to hear what you had to say and if they all have viewed the problems as a common problem as opposed to just somebody's problem one side of the others then they wanted good thinking and hard work and so i'm gonna take that thought to to washington. Dc and and hope that hope that working hard and showing up and thinking and being civil will will work. I think a lot of people are hoping for the same thing and it's it's clear that you know that's something that president-elect biden is also counting on and is something that he campaigned on But he also campaigned on a pretty aggressive climate agenda including zero net emissions by twenty fifty. I'm wondering as we think about the issues of climate going forward the kinds of things you think you could support or work with democrats or work with an administration getting actually accomplished like we're the we're the places. Democrats republicans could come together on this. There are many things in the climate space that worked for large parts of my district that looks suspiciously like adaptation so irrigation for example as a means of adapting to dry climate. And we a gate an awful lot of cd too and so you use words like adaptation and sequestration and innovation those words resonate with people on both sides of the aisle. And if you can show people that you can save them money by using Electric cars for example rather than paying for for fuel. They'll knock you down to get to electric car and There's there's many this is proven by if you go to a hardware store now. How many people are buying electric drills. That have occurred on him. No they'll be buying drills that have battery. They're so much more convenient so you need to find those in there are a lot of them as people get You know smarter about all these things in innovation happens That you can you can find common ground and you can move forward on one side of the aisle. You'll be saying. Hey this is because of saving money on the other side of the aisle people be saying. Hey it's reducing carbon and those are the kinds of opportunities that exist all over the place what what ends up happening. People get caught up in the politics of it and that's too bad because it makes it very very difficult and your district unfortunately suffered incredible devastation with with wildfires. This year Talk about how. The issue of climate change has impacted. Those you know the kinds of Fires that you saw and whether that's the kind of thing that can also bring democrats and republicans together that you may be a democrat sitting in portland oregon but you see these wildfires going on in the district you live in and say well. Gosh there has to be a way we can together. Make sure stuff like this doesn't happen anymore. One of the problems in talking about forests most people myself included have a very difficult time understanding the sheer scale of the problem because probably feel a northern california oregon washington you have about a hundred million acres of forest and this year one million of those acres in the burned up. I think three million down in california and that means we still have ninety six percent of the forest burn and we don't want it to burn the but the sheer size of the problem is extremely hard for people to understand the number that was thrown about in how he would try to address this issue just on oregon was forty. Four billion dollars worth. We don't have forty. Four billion dollars is the other thing that generally has overlooked is how long this problem is going to take to fix if we stopped generating carbon tomorrow. It would be forty years before things perceptively changed and so what we have to do now is addressed the immediate problem. And then y- people can say well it's drier because climate change less assume it If it's gonna take forty years to address the issue in that assumed we stop generating carbon tomorrow This is a long term problem that needs immediate attention and long-term attention and so To two approaches and the first one is do a risk analysis to let people know what they're facing how how likely it is at their house is going to burn up. We lost twenty seven hundred homes down in bedford and we lost a six seven hundred home just outside of salem to fire the the one down in medford was not so much for us involved It was it was a different issue but still those kinds of risks are up and down the west coast and we needed. Let people know what they need to do to save themselves in the short run in the long run. That's that's a great big huge issue in. It needs so much work that then it's not just one solution is going to be dozens dozens of solutions to try to address this issue. It's huge one thing. I wanna point out why you asked this question. A lot of people don't understand that the additional co two in the air is driving much more aggressive growth of the forest twelve thirteen fourteen percent more growth than used to be the case. Just because there's so much more. Co two in the air than the trees are busy. You know sequestering and so this this makes the problem even more difficult to deal with you. Raise a really good point. Which is there is a short term in the long term. And you've been in politics for a little while now and you're coming to washington. How challenging is it to get political figures to think outside of just. The immediate short term was hard In social media made it even more difficult when you come from the stand my standpoint having spent so many years in this space you realize that that a short term solution is really defrauding. The people you representing. It's really not. You're not doing your job and so it's it's that short term gain is just not worth it and somehow you've got to tell people. Hey this is a long term play and we're all going to have to work together over time and eventually we'll get this problem solved but boy the our whole society seems to be They wanna be gratification. And in this this this kobe situation great example people being forced to actually wait. It's a real lesson. How how as covid impacted you. And your constituents i mean i. Obviously we know that the toll that it's taking nationally but if you are talking to to folks in your community specifically how are they processing this moment. Well as a huge challenge in fact the local restaurants in my little town asked me yesterday. If i would please come to a meeting with them sunday at two in the afternoon up a little coffee shop We used to go there every every morning. And we don't now because you don't get to go in and and this is true across the entire landscape of restaurants in in oregon and they're going broke and the people are their lives are being destroyed and it's not. It's not just that space. It's all kinds of spaces like that and these people are desperate. And they're they're saying. Hey we know we know you're not in the state government anymore but you know all of us. Would you please come down and give us some hope and this really really challenging. It's this is really bad. And and and of course. We want the work that they're doing in congress now to try to help these people bridge over the next next year. Because i think it's gonna take that to get back to where we all want to be about People lose some people are doing really well in this situation. That a whole bunch of doing really is really bad. And so how how we try to help is is a real question and you know. I'm not sure what. I'm going to say. When i go down on sunday other than i'll do my best to to to help car wentz i. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me. I wish you the best luck. Please stay safe out there. Thank you so much. Of course you also cliff benzes. The republican congressman elect for oregon's second congressional district. It's hard to believe. We are just a week away from christmas and two weeks away from the beginning of a brand new year but as we toast away twenty twenty minutes many miseries. We also know that we're just turning pages on a calendar come january first we will still have a virus raging people hurting and a political system in need of repair. That's why we need to dedicate our celebrations this holiday season to the struggle. Still ahead the see the new year not as a time to forget but a time to recommit even with the vaccine on its way we know that getting it out to everyone who needs it is going to patients and resolve and it will test supply lines and distribution plans. We'll also test our ability to stop the spread of misinformation and conspiracy theories plenty of people who know better are already trying to undercut faith in the vaccine and the lethality of colbert. So enjoy that. Eggnog light those candles. Give out virtual zoom husband your friends and family but also remember that twenty twenty one is going to test our endurance and patients. That's all for us today. Our senior producer is amber hall. Patricia is our associate producer. Polly who is our digital editor. David gable our executive assistant jay cowardice our director and sound designer. Vince fairchild is our board up and engineer for executive producer. Is lee help. You can call us anytime at eight. Seven seven eight my take or tweet. I'm pat amy walter. The show is at the takeaway. Thanks so much for listening. It's politics with amy walter on the takeaway.

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Daily Brief, Monday, January 20th, 2020

World Oil's Daily Brief

13:48 min | 1 year ago

Daily Brief, Monday, January 20th, 2020

"Welcome to the daily brief the world. Oil podcast network daily review of market news emerging trends new technologies and the people who are advancing the oil and gas industry. Here's Cameron Wallace with your top news. Stories of the day. Good afternoon and welcome to the World. Oil Daily brief podcast. I'm Cameron Wallace. And these are your top oil and gas headlines from Monday January the twentieth between the three main energy forecasting agencies. Somebody has her analysis for two thousand twenty completely wrong. The EU is mulling a military mission in Libya as oil exports grind to a halt and Republicans are plotting their own green strategy as pressure from younger voters mounts to address climate change. I up somebody. Big Got Their analysis of the twenty twenty oil market completely wrong. That's the bottom line. From a comparison of supply and demand forecasts provided by OPEC the International Energy Agency in Paris and the US Energy Information Administration the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries agreed in December to deepen output curbs until the end of March OPEC's research team sees that packed continuing to drain global stockpiles. Through two thousand twenty by contrast the EA and the EIA inventory levels rising even if the deal gets implemented in full the OPEC plus group agreed in December to lower their combined output target by a further five hundred thousand barrels a day plus a voluntary additional reduction four hundred thousand barrels a day from Saudi Arabia which depends on everybody else meeting their targets. Opec's latest forecast shows global oil inventories falling at an average rate of almost one hundred thousand barrels a day over the course of this year assuming the December deal is implemented as agreed and runs through March. That rate of draining could hit three hundred thousand barrels a day if the measure would last throughout twenty twenty even if the group fails to implement the deal in full without what remaining. Atas December level. Opec's numbers show. There still be a small decline in global inventories. This year the other two agencies both have very different and less bullish outlooks both see stockpiles continuing to build even if the agreed output cuts implemented fully and extended for the whole year. The same differences are apparent in the views of three agencies on the effectiveness of the OPEC. Plus output cuts since they were introduced at the start of two thousand seventeen OPEC supply demand balances show that global oil stockpiles have fallen by six hundred and fifty three million barrels since the output cuts were introduced at the start of two thousand seventeen withdraws in both twenty seventeen and two thousand nineteen offsetting small build in two thousand eighteen once again though data from the I. E. A. and the I. Both imply that the output restrictions have done no more than limit the size of the global stock builds since the start of two thousand seventeen. After initial draws in two thousand seventeen stockpiles replenish the following year and then remained essentially flat in two thousand nineteen the net result according to the I. A. Is an increase in global oil inventories of one hundred million barrels? Since the start of two thousand seventeen and the end of Tory nineteen while the I. E. A. Data Show them rising by one hundred and forty two million barrels. So where is all this oil? Well each agency have slightly different things. That accounts different methods for counting. And then of course their assessments can differ as well divergences aside OPEC and its allies remain resolved to press on with what cuts aimed at draining excess stockpiles. Saudi Arabia Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz Bin Salman sudden an interview our endeavor in OPEC plus is to try to bring him in Tories to a certain level where it is within the contours of recent years. He said that range should be around. The average of the last five years and the period from twenty ten to twenty fourteen not suggest the group doesn't exactly have a precise target OPEC's latest monthly report pigs. Ocd commercial oil stocks at two point. Nine two billion barrels at the end of November a little higher than the two point nine one billion reported by the way that puts inventories of between eight point nine million barrels and seventeen point five million barrels above the average level for the past five years but there is one thing on which the EA OPEC do agree we CD commercial stockpiles are sufficient to cover sixty days forward demand which is half a day below their latest five-year average. This is a much more useful measure of stockpiles and simple volume and it was suggested that there's agreement that OPEC got inventory levels back to at least one of its measures of success so now all it has to do is keep them there over the next two years. As the high inventories levels of two thousand fifteen and twenty sixteen drop out of the ruling five-year average. Today's episode of the daily brief is brought to you in part by energy web. Atlas Energy Web Atlas Delivers Real Time Market Data Analysis and coverage of midstream infrastructure and downstream projects as the most comprehensive tool in the market energy web atlas provides access to key global project details and context for operating licensing construction engineering companies. This is the only fully integrated global intelligence platform for liquids and Gas Pipelines L. G. Gas Processing and refining petrochemical projects users can effectively pursue business opportunities with greater market insight and the most current project intelligence to learn more visit. Energy WEB ATLAS DOT COM. The European Union may deploy military mission to help enforce an arms embargo and a potential ceasefire Libya. As the block scrambles to contain a conflict that's drawn in Russia and Turkey and threatened to stabilize the Mediterranean while no decisions were taken at a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday to officials present in the discussion said there was consensus that preparations should begin for expanded naval and air patrol mission. One of the officials said that any troop deployment presupposes a UN Security Council decision and a truce between Libya's warring factions as many countries are wary of active involvement in a raging conflict. European leaders are trying to regain a foothold in Libya. After they were sidelined by Russia and Turkey support for opposing sides in the conflict. They WANNA find a way to enforce a UN mandated arms embargo nominally in place since two thousand eleven after World Leaders Meeting at a conference in Berlin on Sunday to respect it. The you already has a mandate to monitor the embargo but its naval mission. Lacks any warships and its efforts. Have Been Hamstrung by disputes with Italy about where to park migrants saved at sea one of the participants in Monday's meeting. So the e you can't expect to be taken seriously if it can't commit forces to patrol its immediate neighborhood. The senior diplomat said the mission discussed on Monday would in essence be an expanded mandate and a new name of the so-called Operation Sophia which is currently in place without any ships speaking before the meeting EU foreign policy. Chief Joseph Burrell said. The block has to decide how it will ensure. Libya's tentative ceasefire holds in order to capitalize on the limited progress achieved at a meeting of leaders in Berlin on Sunday. Libya's oil output plunged to the lowest level since twenty eleven this week after eastern military commander Khalifa half. Dr Began a blockade of several ports in his offensive against the UN back government. A ceasefire requires someone to take care of it. We cannot say this as a ceasefire and then forget about it and parole said is. He arrived at the gathering Brussels arms control embargo control. There are several possibilities and the ministers will have to decide what to do. In order to help implement the agreement of yesterday's conference. He said the leaders meeting in Berlin on Sunday agreed to work toward a more durable ceasefire in the North African nation yet. The talks also showed how global powers are struggling to find solutions to a conflict. That's raged for years. Half tar has led a month long assault on Tripoli and fighting continued outside the capital the weekend global oil prices jumped above sixty five dollars a barrel on Monday as the Libyan disruptions coincided with the shutdown of some oil output in Iraq reigniting fears about the markets vulnerability to geopolitical risk in key supply regions. Libya holds Africa's largest proven oil reserves. After HALF DR blocked exports from ports under his control. The State Run National Oil Corporation declared force majeure on Saturday allowing Libya to legally suspend delivery contracts. Libya won't be able to pump more than seventy two thousand barrels a day once it storage tanks are full according to a spokesman from the NFC down from more than one point two million barrels. A day on Saturday Dario Cristiani a fellow at the German Marshall Fund the. Us said the Berlin conference achieves only a truce not a real ceasefire and there are no clear mechanisms to sanction. Who violates the truce or the arms embargo which means there's no real way to stop external interference highlighting the complexity of the ease objective to find a way forward? The Greek government has said it will not accept any political deal for Libya the dozen annul an agreement the Libyan government struck with Turkey on maritime borders. You Foreign Policy. Decisions require unanimity. Eu officials are concerned that unless they have say in the Libyan peace process the block could be vulnerable to waves of immigrants flowing across. The country's fragile borders Libya has been a gateway for migrants seeking refuge in Europe and the EU is also concerned that the chaos in the country is proving fertile ground for Islamic extremists who've targeted Europeans in the past under the terms of Sunday's agreement. Half Tar who is backed by Russia and Libya's internationally recognized Prime Minister Fayez El Sarraj will now each put forward five names for a committee to hash out. The terms of a more permanent halt to fighting the United Nations is pushing for a meeting of that group. Geneva WITHIN DAYS. Today's episode of the daily brief is brought to you in part by the Sustainability Leadership Conference in energy. This first of its kind event is for all professionals with an interest in developing a sustainability initiative for the company working on technologies to make oil and gas cleaner and minimizing the social impact of the production and use of hydrocarbons. Abstract for the conference are being accepted online through Saturday January. Twenty fifth to learn more about the sustainability leadership conference in energy. Please visit sustainability in energy dot com. Finally Today House Republican lawmakers held a closed-door strategy session over their approach to climate change on Thursday as they face intensifying pressure from younger voters to address the environmental threat. The huddle was spurred by recognition among some Republican leaders that the Party has seated the debate to Democrats Representative Garrett Graves of Louisiana. The top Republican on the select committee on the climate crisis said there's been a lot of credibility given to some really crazy and dangerous irresponsible ideas. We've got to make sure we're working to inform and educate the public about the dangers of some of these policies. Grays addressed his colleagues at the session along with Representative Greg. Walden of Oregon. Who's the top Republican on the House Energy and Commerce Committee? The meeting came amid polling showing young Americans want politicians to tackle climate change and warnings from gop strategists that if don't address the issue they could alienate and entire generation of voters. It remains to be seen if Republicans can make any change in party or many of its politicians including president. Donald Trump has denied that they're human factors behind climate. Change Minority leader. Kevin McCarthy convened the Special Policy Conference discussion which was the first held this year. It is set to be followed by similar gatherings to discuss privacy technology and other issues that call out for deeper caucus wide conversations. The session could help inform later. Republican climate proposal built around advancing green innovation carbon capture technology a nuclear power McCarthy said Republicans are identifying realistic policies that can build on us progress in lowering emissions without decimating our own communities and dismantling our economic system as we know it. Democrats are preparing to advance climate change legislation in the house this spring potentially forcing some Republicans to take tough votes on the issue before the November elections the moves east to exploit Republican discord on topic amid growing public alarm of global warming and as ambitious proposals for addressing it such as the green new deal. Shift the debate over what should be done. So far. Congressional Republicans have promoted accelerating innovation in Green Technology and the meeting was intended to help them convince the public that their proposals would do more to curb. Greenhouse Gases Worldwide Graves said Republicans can offer solutions to climate change that not only do a better job of reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally but do so without abandoning traditional conservative values of living in government low taxes and Free Markets. Republicans say that policies put forth by Democratic lawmakers and presidential candidates that would throttle fossil fuel development the US wouldn't propel economically viable low and zero emission technology instead they argue the US needs to propel innovative solutions that are attractive for export and can stifle emissions from China and developing countries grave stress that quashing fossil fuel development in the US could increase greenhouse gases globally by making the world more reliant on natural gas from Europe and Russia that generate more emissions. One of the problems. We're Democrats misfire is that they've deemed oil and gas the enemy when the reality is it is emissions need to be focusing on graves said lawmakers need to be looking at innovative solutions that have been applied in the United States. Not just some conceptual pipedreams and there. You have it our top oil and gas news stories for Monday January. The twentieth content is courtesy of world oil magazine and the Bloomberg News Service to read more on. Today's topic's please visit world oil dot com slash. News. I'm Cameron Wallace. Thanks for listening today. Thanks for listening to the daily brief on the world oil podcast network. If you have any questions or comments on the program please email editorial at world oil dot com and check the show notes for more information about today's episode. Don't forget to subscribe either on Apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast also be sure to visit world oil dot com for more information about today stories and sign up for our free daily newsletter.

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Tue. 10/29  North Carolinas Gerrymandered Map Is Toast

Election Ride Home

17:21 min | 2 years ago

Tue. 10/29 North Carolinas Gerrymandered Map Is Toast

"Welcome to the election. Ride home for Tuesday October. Twenty ninth twenty. Nineteen I'm your host Chris Higgins with a summary of election news. Today North Carolina's gerrymandered demanded election. Map is officially thrown out. What's a pack versus a super PAC? The trump impeachment stuff in three minutes or less another Republican publican congressman announces his retirement bullock releases his LGBTQ rights plan and sessions may run again for Senate in Alabama. Doc here's what you missed today from the campaign trail. I stopped today. A three judge panel in North Carolina has officially rejected the GERRYMANDERED congressional map developed by Republicans in two thousand sixteen. The judges have demanded this map. Be Redrawn for the twenty twenty. Primary incidentally that primary is on March third which is Super Tuesday which is real darn soon. The judges also said if the map isn't redrawn. They will order that. The primary three be postponed now. This all comes on the heels of the Supreme Court opting to stay out of this state by State gerrymandering issue. Well now at the state level. This particular map is not gonNA fly reading an article in New York magazine's intelligencer by Ed Kilgore quote. The bottom line is the big victory. Republicans thought they'd won last summer when the Supreme Court refused to do anything about North Carolina's and Maryland's partisan gerrymandering was pyrrhic state. Eight courts around the country. Now have two models this one and Pennsylvania's twenty eighteen for using equality protections frequently appearing in state constitutions institutions to stop partisan gerrymandering and precisely because the Supreme Court has pushed federal courts out of the whole business of dealing with this problem problem. Some eager would be gerrymanders. must now deal with possible state constitutional limitations just before the next December round of redistricting districting begins in twenty twenty one and quote. And here's a bit from an article in The New York Times by Michael Wines quote the state panel said the map violated violated broader provision in North Carolina's constitution guaranteeing freedom of speech and assembly and equal protection under the law as well as a guarantee of free elections that does not appear in the Federal Constitution. The ruling in the end came down to very different decisions in federal and state courts on whether blatant didn't Gerrymandering to benefit a political party is permissible North Carolina Republicans tried to beat democracy with their gerrymandered maps and the US Supreme Court would've let them get away with it. Stanton Jones lawyer for the plaintiffs said on Monday. The State Court's decision today insures that North Carolinians will finally get to vote vote in free and fair congressional elections and quote. So what happens next. Well there are a few options. This could be appealed up to the state. Supreme Court Court or Republicans could use an existing bipartisan process to redraw the map right now given how imminent the primary is. It's unclear which path makes more sense dance. If the map is redrawn it might substantially change. Who represents the state in Congress right now? Ten of the thirteen districts. It's in that state are essentially locked into Republican control in part due to gerrymandering but the state itself as a whole is closer to fifty fifty in terms of a Republican Republicans and Democrats Split. So this is a big story to watch as we get closer to actual primary voting the next up explainer on packs versus Super PACs. Now I've been using those terms interchangeably but they are not and I want to pass along the differences there so you will understand those things for the different beasts that they are and thanks to listener Richard for pointing this out. First up. Pack stands for Political Action Committee. Today we'll talk about regular packs and super PACs reading from the definition of a regular pack from ballot. pedia quote load. The general definition is a group that spends money on elections but is not run by a party or individual candidate however packs can donate donate money to parties or candidates. They support and quote so packs. Come in a variety of flavors but the key point is they are corporations corporations that take in money than spend that money on political things including donating it directly to candidates regular packs are subject to a variety of income income and spending limits like how much individuals can donate to it and how much the pack itself can donate to a given candidate or party. Your typical Michael Pack is limited to taking five thousand dollars from an individual in a given election. Okay moving on to super PACs oddly. Enough a super PAC is actually. I'm not a political action committee. It is technically an independent expenditure only committee though we say SUPERPAC because there are similarities there and it sounds way cooler. The key station between irregular pack and a super PAC is the U. limits on how their income and spending are governed reading again from ballot pedia Unquote Super Pacs can accept unlimited contributions and spend an unlimited amount supporting or opposing federal election candidates. But they cannot directly donate to federal candidates or parties and quote. Okay so a super PAC can't directly give your money to a candidate and there are FCC Rules Aka laws around coordination between a campaign and a group like a Super Pac the intent there is that a campaign can't just just say hey super PAC. Why don't you go by Zillion ads on this specific issue for our candidate because that would be coordination that would be against the law but if your campaign publicly announces gee you know our campaign is really worried about this specific issue? That's really tough for us. And then the Super Pac just happens to start running ads on that issue. Well that's really not enforced very strictly so. When Joe Biden yesterday said that he is open to a super PAC that would be an independent entity created by people who are not him and who are not his campaign and they wouldn't give your money to him or his campaign but they would effectively spend that money on things that his campaign wouldn't have to like you know big league? TV ADS so that is why a super PAC is handy for candidate also in a weird twist. A candidate cannot stop a super repack from springing up and doing this stuff on their behalf so you could have an anti SUPERPAC candidate benefiting from a super PAC that they don't even and like or want okay. There are lots of links in the show notes to related articles including a Washington. Post story from Twenty fifteen about how this all worked out in that the primary season A. and now a new segment limited to three minutes or less a quick update on the trump impeachment inquiry and other election-related stuff in the world of the sitting president. President also I hope you enjoy this revised mellow music all right. Let's have to speed yesterday house speaker. Nancy Pelosi said she would in fact hold a floor or vote in the House to authorize the impeachment proceeding and lay out various procedural details. This vote is scheduled to happen. This Thursday this comes after judge said last week it was actually not necessary. But that didn't stop critics from saying the preceding was illegitimate until a vote occurred in a statement. Pelosi road quote. We are taking thing. This step to eliminate any doubt as to whether the trump administration may withhold documents prevent witness testimony disregard duly authorized subpoenas or continue obstructing the House of Representatives. Nobody is above the law. Best Regards Nancy end quote. This move has three clear purposes. I it addresses complaints from high profile. Republicans like Lindsey Graham. That's such a vote was necessary. Second it puts house lawmakers on the record asked whether they support the proceedings things for not third it is expected to establish some ground rules on the process which should help clarify how it will work that last part may have some interesting ramifications nations rules about which parts of testimony will be public versus private. But we don't have those details yet and today. The biggest news is that lieutenant. Colonel Alexander Zander s testified in the house this morning. He is the top Ukraine expert on the National Security Council and a decorated veteran of the Iraq war he. He offered a firsthand account of the phone. Call between President trump and Ukrainian president so lansky confirming the report by the animus whistleblower in his opening statement villain said quote. I was concerned by the call. I did not think it was proper to demand that a foreign government investigate a US citizen and I was worried worried about the implications for the US government support of Ukraine. I realized that if Ukraine pursuit investigation into the Biden's and BURRIS SMA it would likely be interpreted as a partisan play which would undoubtedly result in Ukraine. Losing the bipartisan support. It has thus far maintained this would all undermine US national security and quote and last up in this segment you may recall that yesterday. Charles Copper men who had served under former national security adviser John. John Bolton didn't show up for scheduled testimony in the House a few more specifics up his legal challenge have come out long story short. He claims to be caught between a gag order from from the White House. Saying he can't testify and a subpoena from Congress saying that he must that issue is what legal filing is about in that complaint has now been assigned into a judge though at the time of this recording no hearing has been scheduled yet for the record. Congress doesn't seem to agree so there may still be contempt of Congress proceeding at some point. Here's a quick item Representative Greg Walden of Oregon. My my home state has announced. He will retire from Congress. Not running again. In Two Thousand Twenty Waldon's retirement is notable because he's on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and would be able to remain there for another two years without term limits but he is calling it quits at age. Sixty two in a statement Walden suggested he was confident he could win again but decided had to step away from public service. Having been at this since nineteen ninety eight seems fair to me. According to a count made by Politico Walden is the nineteenth house Republican to announce that he will not seek re election in two thousand twenty yesteryear Montana Governor Steve Bullock released his plan to improve legal rights for LGBTQ Americans reading from the introduction quote. Every American can deserves a fair shot at success but for Lgbtq Americans are work did not end with marriage equality as president. Steve will continue the fight for for equal rights and opportunity for LGBTQ AMERICANS AS governor. Steve signed a landmark executive order that provided significant protections to LGBTQ workers workers in Montana and was the first governor of Montana to officiate a same sex wedding ceremony and quote. There's a big photo at the top of the policy page showing knowing that wedding and then the policy details began. The plan starts by suggesting liquid past existing legislation for instance bullock says he would pass the Equality Act. Which which quote would prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity and quote he also suggests passing the LGBTQ Data Inclusion Collusion Act and the Census Equality Act both of which are laws aimed at making sure we properly represent the number of LGBTQ Americans in this country three now? Of course you would have to get those bills through the House and Senate but still. That's the starting point. His plan would also reverse trump executive order that allows healthcare providers writers to deny services to LGBTQ Americans further liquid allow transgender servicemembers to serve openly in the US military and he would create create gender-neutral. Passports those are items. The president could do without legislation simply by executive order directing agencies to adopt new policies. He also says he would direct the TSA to better handle their screening of LGBTQ travelers. which would involve at the very least a bunch of training? He would also ban conversion therapy though admits that this has to happen at the state level and his role as president would be limited. There are no cost figures or payment proposals. Those listed having said that some of the legislation he supports which is key to the plan would itself need cost estimates. I in order to actually estimate the overall cost lost of this plan and last up today in the rumors that are probably true. Department apartment politico reports that former attorney general. Jeff sessions is strongly considering a run for Senate in Alabama in fact he would be looking to take back his old seat which she had to leave in order to serve as attorney general for trump before being kicked out of that job reading from the politico story by James. Arkan Burgess Everett and Jake Sherman quote sessions would scramble the already crowded field of Republicans seeking to take on Democratic Senator Doug Jones who won a two thousand seventeen special election to fill the remainder of sessions's term and is widely viewed as the most vulnerable senator on the ballot next year session served in the Senate for two decades. It's before being tapped by president. Donald Trump to lead the justice department. The two had a bitter public falling out after sessions's decision to recuse himself from the DOJ's as investigation into Russian interference. In the two thousand sixteen election sessions age. Seventy two must decide within days whether to run candidates have until November the eighth to qualify for the ballot and quote so this is pretty interesting that Senate race is going to be a doozy no matter who runs but that primary field already includes a bunch of notable Alabama Republicans and. It's quite possible that president trump would be. Shall we say less than supportive of his former attorney. General reading reading again from politico quote a sessions comeback would face steep hurdles chiefly assuming he hasn't had a change of heart. The president trump castigated eight at sessions throughout most of his tenure and a reprise of his twitter assaults could make a primary campaign untenable. There isn't anyone who has fallen more out of favor. Favor with President trump then jeff sessions whatever goodwill that might still exist for him among Alabama Republicans would evaporate after sustained the trump tweets said one republican steeped in the race who is unaffiliated with a candidate. It and quote still sessions may persist in his run after role. He's got plenty of money in his old campaign account the end you know. He is very well known in Alabama. He's won this seat before and I think he could win it again. So so all keep you posted if he files by that November eight th deadline. Well that is it for one more episode of the election ride home. It might have been your host Chris Higgins. You're gonNA find me on twitter at Chrissy. teigen's autumn is turning to winter with alarming. Repentiti out here in Portland after the show. I have to go turn off all the water taps outside. So they don't freeze and blow up or whatever it is. That happens when things freeze here. I don't know Portland is a strange place in that regard. We don't know how to handle handle snow. Were not real sure what winter is ice is a pure mystery. Nobody carries umbrellas somehow UNCALL- even though it's always raining and we persist in believing that summer's are never hot in there for air. Conditioning is unnecessary. Despite for Peter Evidence to the contrary I can tell you right now there will be the snow at some point during this podcast. And you will get to hear what it's like when a stir-crazy Portland daughter has been cooped up for like a week because everything is closed used and nobody knows how to drive and we've been eating canned beans for days so stay tuned for that if nothing else as always thanks for listening and

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NutriMedical Report Show Tuesday Nov 12th 2019  Hour Two  Gary Richard Arnold, www.News-Expose.org, List of RINO Republic Trump Hater Opponents that MUST BE REMOVED from OFFICES,

NutriMedical Report

53:50 min | 2 years ago

NutriMedical Report Show Tuesday Nov 12th 2019 Hour Two Gary Richard Arnold, www.News-Expose.org, List of RINO Republic Trump Hater Opponents that MUST BE REMOVED from OFFICES,

"Dr Bill deal show presented by neutral medical dot com. Call Eight one eight eight eight six four zero and why hear an echo. I guess we'll turn off the echo so I can hear myself We have Gary Richard Camman came plan. Can't make it. He had some other family or other issue going on. We'll get it back on sometime next week or two Amazing Prophetic moviemaker and author. We actually talked about to see the day on a weekend promoting video. Well he's now made public The the last trump you know basically that video go to Cancun productions dot net. You can actually watch that video which is very good at kind of like very very simple basic Introduce Different Kingdoms of the end of the age and really Some visions of God's plan is so Gary Richard Arnold on As a Alternative we may try to get doctor. Dr John W spring on early and we'll try to get them. I had trouble getting a hold of me yesterday so I'm not sure what else is happening there but we will have them on. We do have a back contacts Sebastian. Gorka who actually has apparently network who has direct contact with trump we also have contacts who Burke Goldman Co author and founder of the American Academy of Anti Aging Besson knows vodka trump. So I emailed him last asleep. Haven't heard back from yet. He's got dry context vodka And we need to get through the president trump. I put together video which I'm posting up. Today was posted up on the weekend It talks about Grace Center and praying for the president but a talk for virtually every problem nation's facing in the world and a solution for Ford in in a godly constructive way. You know one of the things that I saw my news items. I reviewed this morning which posted up today. Is They talkable came. We do counseling to He. kind of left front come together. Well I don't think so. The left is actually so far. That if you disagree with them they consider your like an enemy. You know if you're going to have dialogue. UGH which I think everybody should have. You'd be you'd be able to kind of work issues and figure out what's going on with society you can't do. That is is kinda crazy to be honest with you and I whereas seasonings going as its -ociety I think is reaching the point where it's a kind of breaking down. It's breaking out of the point where I I don't think society as we know what is actually going to is going to make a honestly think that we have a society. That's the require a godly transformation in order for it to kind of wake up Isn't it so we hope to have air shortly. are amazing guests and we will be doing that here in just a moment Let's see wrong number. We have here Let's see Gary Richard Dr. Let me get number for Richard Arnold Ah Eight three one. Two eight two second but all I got the wrong number right I got the number here again Eighth Three one okay. when you're trying to multitask sometimes it's difficult when you have if crisis happened and this is live radio. This is what happens when you have live radio. Sometimes people will say they've contacted you. Cancel at the last moment because they have a family crisis and things happen. And that's the nature of reality There's this this number. That'd be the correct number there now. that would we can get a hold of Gary. He should be available now is usually around in the afternoons so they should building into contact Nelson. Keep trying John debut have you spring. I'll put up by John W cell number for a for him as well he might be in a lot of personal carer's wife is disabled Ah I'll put that up as well. So we'll get even John W on we're working hard to get our documents under whistle-blowing through to president trump and we need to get through to them because well President trump negotiating trade trade agreements trying to bring Russia back in the g eight Russia's nukes and four countries at least North Korea Iran Venezuela and Nicaragua. And the letter. We've got an twelve whilst timber which are prophesied and August and exact. They would receive a letter back is a sham. Basically obviously is the people around him. It looks like Nikki Haley is executing tillerson who is previously government and Mr Kelly proves the government is actually trying to attack trump from the side so these are so-called pseudo Republicans and she's they're trying to say oh no no no. I believe Nikki Haley. She's got a pretty straightforward person And although she's pretty aggressive in the nation's against these countries which shows one aspect of one vector what's going on This should do the trick and we will We'll just see what happens there that see that number I gave their. If we're our special guests to we'll also get a number four and John W spraying which we'll have over in just a second as well to my Okay let's see that's interesting now. The one people understand that we're trying to connect the dots and had very long discussion today with Kishan Rogers augurs and of course Lyndon Larouche understood that the need for Bretton Woods for powers agreement many years ago he understood at the bankers behind the illegal wars ever since at least Napoleonic only on war he realized global run by people that are cultists like the Tuli society. The run Nazi Germany we actually transplant transplantation of our space program that the United for the such agency in the CIA are actually transplants from Nazi Germany. So there's a miniseries on On Amazon Amazon. About how although we did the Germans lost the Second World War Okay Okay ten minutes Jerry's GonNa be reading ten minutes that's fine. I'm going to go for some of the major news items by the way. A Google is actually Searching through the records at twenty six hundred hospitals and combing through the medical records authorization for patients or doctors or health professionals people have to understand. The Matrix is coming next year. Tober I The world idea and every country. You don't have biometrics. You can't travel or fly across state borders anywhere in the world. They want eventually have no either tracker ship or by metrics say being sarcastic they could make a mandatory velcro law so they have to put a chip in your cell phone and track. You don't have your cellphone Velcro to body party against the law and you'll get a year in jail. Ha just being funny but a lot of companies are actually pushing the Chipman shipping the population. They can track your bones using terahertz scanning at over seventy miles an hour if you're driving on the freeway car digging scanner iris scan or your retinal scan scan your fingerprints or DNA biochip. I visited In Twenty Years Ago Oakridge National Eleven Tennessee working with after metrics in Chicago and they already had chip it was at that time. Forty two cents a good analyzed with Indiana into nucleated. Your exact acting a structure and determine your haplotypes for organ transplantation and two other six digit numbers deal with other genetic issues including IMF issues such as your location. It's another information they can track you. So would you have to understand that the matrix Israel The primary noticing Americans not overseas. These are these nodes of it in direct carnage Anisia in Beijing and Moscow. The Intel agencies in the world seems to be a dialect of of conflict and chaos at the top. They're all connected they're connected choose. DRUID council thirteen runs in the banks. They're connected to as these agencies regulate tobacco Atkin for example runs. The worries would reserve system controls ninety percent of world currency ten percent is controlled now by China and their affiliates in the parallel to the swift system for overnight Chance for money but people have to understand. They're moving very quickly toward the market system for the entire planet and the agreement that says La- Bible Bible be for ten kings will bring agreement across the nation states to trade zones for one hour published in nineteen seventy three in the Council on Foreign Relations Journal at the Foreign Affairs. So what I do is try to connect all the dots so I see people like occasion. which will have on a Friday on our two? And what you'll see is we're going to start you'll start start seeing the cross-connections where this all makes sense. So that's what I'm trying to do the same thing with healthcare issues. We want you to understand you. Need signal plus substance. I need the right signal As well as generated feels like the Maj I- specific frequencies you need building blocks like minute alka mice and and Red Velvet I'll make a profit cetera saved thing in front of the truth. You need us for religious. Jews understand the nature of the real nature of the Gospel not the false false. When it's being preached up on many churches or the incomplete? One you need understand politics that when you move away from a godly culture you can have a republic with Oh God in the center of it so when you have people that become socialists or communists you don't have a constitutional republic where your FA- Tommy and control of the Taliban regime where people become caged in a separate matrix especially with the new digital controls that takes it over. So that's what I see happening and right now are moving toward either under a period of conflict where we had a conflict for example in the last week North Korea has announced that they're going to enrich uranium to weapons opens grade Israel. Same Week actually announce that they're going to attack the Bushehr reactor which means even during the last years of Rock Obama. We gave tankers to these race to get all the way each of the Bushehr. Reactor bring the jets back with airborne tankers. What people need to understand is that if we have a conflict with Iran and Russia relate nuclear intermediate range hypersonic cruise missiles next generation headed toward American cities either for emp attack high atmosphere worn attack on military military sites and population centers? Now of course they would be counterattacked by our advanced weapons including space based things like rods from God or project for You you know space base Nuclear Weapons and other technology and people would have to understand this will be very destructive because we weaponized the planet. There's five countries that weather weather modification. We can do tropospheric conversion it can drop in temperature ground level two hundred degrees. We also can trigger earthquakes and volcanoes soak in the Russians. In fact it was over twelve years ago. The Russians offered the Brazilian to stop the cycle from striking Sao Paulo Brazil. So you know this is not a theory it's not like in your opinion Occasionally especially with with the Monday show a different virus. I have the occasional person that doesn't appreciate the addition enough supporting science and connecting the dots. They need to know that I I care for them and I want them to have a full range of information Very good at documents and very poor. The scientific backing of what's causing the fires and how to stop them. I provide evidence to show that what she's saying is true. And you have to understand if you don't like the way I presented. Don't listen to the show. Now if you listen to show you're GONNA save yourself a lot of pain because if you make bad. Decisions made in information nations inadequate. But it's only the rare one. We have huge numbers of people. Listen to the program and they appreciate the fact that time I have to you kate or bring bring on information that corroborates the evidence we have from other guests and that's important understand that point understand that that's what's going on here. I think we've soon. Maybe I have have Gary Richard Arnold I let's see if we if he's available Tomasz and of course keep trying and John W spring. I'm surprised that he somehow not answering to either his cell phone phone or his other liner. Because you have both numbers now So we'll see see how we succeed there The other issues that are going. Hang on let me just scan up to The news items right now Looking at it we have of course Lots of stuff cooking. If you go directly to the drudge one of the best prices drudge jobs not always always for for trump dredging dredging things that are in no test. The Republicans helped Clinton impeachment is troublesome Colder Trump Musco go Is An colder and colder by the ways of disinformation. I happen to know some re-genesis behind her so when AMC called her says she's part of the right side at a counter trump movement that's tied to the globus okay. You have to understand some colder says that. She's another disinformation up now. Trump needs more better better advice and some of the adviser trump. He's had to fire like Kelly Tillerson and many others And even Nikki Haley. Who did some things in the United Nations made statements were a little bit extreme now? Yes we need to watch for to the Russians in fact we need to seize your bank accounts damn weapons of Lower Sheila Sheila Island in Venezuela we also make sure we actually blockade oil from Iran and from from Venezuela. So that's what's going on there. I got a message to see. Do we have have our co host ready to come on the program that see Gary Gary Okay. Welcome back area. Yeah you're a guy to get a hold of. I don't know why I tried to your regular number phone number. You should be able to answer yourself case. I need to get a hold urgently. What happened is my guest in show? He had some kind of family crisis. But you have information. Tomorrow's the big day with the maniacs like Adam Schefter by the way the last two letters of his name I've replaced two APPS was is to tease. Is that's what he's full of. We have Nancy Pelosi and I've actually got pretty good evidence that she's involved with pizza gates. She's a pretty demonic wet and she's crazy because rather than passing legislation for US MC to help Mexico. Canada America passing drug relations got cost of drugs and getting infrastructure. She's magnificently out of her. Mind wanting impeachment and you know why don't they just try to good policies together to figure they have somebody replace trump. They don't they have nothing need is already says we're going to talk with Quiche rudge's and Friday attitude if we don't impeach trump he's GonNa get re-elected of course but I believe it it'll blow up in their face just like the Mueller Gate Things Millerton even understand things in his own document. He just put his name on it. So when you're going to hear from here Gary is going to be on for the next couple of segments state-owned with a very rich. GNARLED news dash expose dot. Org Do you have difficulty taking supplements. 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Now you got a list here and I want to go through the list of people get it audibly. If you read the article I think he actually should print it like you said and you look at this article. This scroll down the page and you'll see the idiot Beatles records two thumbs up and want to seize guns now. I work with the military for four and a half decades and I can tell you I don't know any sheriffs military even seals. They'll start trying to take systematically weapons away from law abiding American citizens first off the first people they do. They're going to get the guns. The second people third are GonNa die will kill him so fast. They won't know they ever had a skinner a pulse. So if you think out there your military are really tough. South American citizens are tougher. And we technology. You don't even know coming. You won't have any warning. You won't hear a pop from gun it'll be other technology so you need. I don't know that we're not just threatening guaranteeing you want to try to take our guns. You're going to die doing it. It'll be a civil war. Linda really quickly public. Go to that site right now. They can look at pictures beautifully. It looks like you know at at the minimum political bed fellows but you know their romance inert smiles in there. They're hugging glances who'd CIA. Republican will willy or heard or Will hurt was ten years in the CIA before he ran for the seat. And we've got a map if you go to that website that covers. That's a kind of sitting there with Beethoven. US border let me stop here for a second. That Guy Willie heard is sitting sitting there with his sums up right beside deal with his mop and they're basically smirk in their face off about how they got their scheme going. Don't send money to any of these morons now. I'm going to go through the list. I want you to respond to each one. If you want to date I won re on the site. Is Senator Shelley Moore Capito Secular Susan Senator Susan Collins Maine Senator Martha mcsally Arizona City Arizona Tagliani with a snap of a finger. Don't give her dying. And by the way the alternative senator. That actually moved in there. She's another not ball but she's a democrat. Then we got into bed Don Bacon and New England we've got a Nebraska mean we get representative. Troy Balderstone Ohio. Yeah we name these people. If you have relatives in these particular districts call your friends print out if you go to the website you can print out and stop this fifth column up. Republicans that are working these these are these are okay. Let me finish last year. Representative Mike Bastille t Illinois Twelve district rhetoric. Creditor Susan Brooks Indiana th district. We've got reparative. John Curtis Utah. Third District Roser Representative Mario Diaz Balart. Another Monster Mr. I know about him from Florida resident. Tom Emmer Minnesota district six Brian Fitzpatrick Pennsylvania district one reparative reparative Jeffrey Fourteen Berg Nebraska Zero district. One Representative Mike Gallagher. Wisconsin's district eight regular Bob. Gibbs serves Ohio district seven dollars just for a minute. These are states where there's good decent people that that figure the way against a socialist new world order is to vote for the Republicans. These are the fifth columnists pre Republicans belong to the rippon and Main Street. Republicans there Rockefeller. They're dedicated to the inside of the Washington belt. There's gotta catered to case treat their dedicated foundations. They're they're they're anti-american and they republicans into voting for them go ahead sorry. Yeah So yeah so the next one is Republican representative and going to all of us. We had represented Bob Gibbs district seven you go. I can't lot represent Jennifer Gonzalez Cologne on Alabama I remember Jaime her Harare Bler in Washington Rep. The bill wouldn't Zanga Michigan. The wheel heard of Texas. Actually I saw will hurt oxy on Fox News the other day. And he was making the most weird statements. Volt the so-called attentions of trump about the the dossier and everything about this Ukraina Gate. A million this guy is is is not even a good liar higher. I mean these are the accuracy are ten years. CIA He jumps out and takes the Republican Congressional district with the largest Mexico American border. This is so setup. This is such a fraud and people need to get ready physically mentally and turn of candidates. We need alternative candidates to move into the Republican party because trump's on just dealing with the demon rats on the Democratic Ax is dealing with devils on the Republican side to like Romney. I'M GONNA continue to list. Represented Dusty Johnston of Sosa Cota or Bill Johnson of Ohio. Reverend David David Joyce of Ohio or John Capco of New York represented Mike Kelly Pennsylvania. Peter King of New York Adam couldn't Zag Gonzaga of Illinois River Roger Marshall of Kansas Amazing reparative. John Buner of Michigan Representative Dan new. The House of Washington represent. W John Tom. W Reed of New York Guy. Russian Fowler of Pennsylvania. This this goes on represented John Rosenberg Farda. Mike Simpson of Indiana earned Lloyd. smucker Pennsylvania represented peace Stober of Minnesota. I representative Fred. Upton of Michigan Representative Greg Walden of Oregon Michael Waltz. Florida reparative Steve Watkins of Kansas. And the last last one is represented. Lee Zeldin liles another maniac of New York. I mean that's just and we touched with the deep state exposing and of course they can contact you directly but it's news dash expose dot org. I'll have all this shit up. What people don't understand does not very each one of these? You've got pitchers smiling. smirking hugging collaborating bringing their history of where the CIA. And it's no wonder the Komo statements like this guy. I heard about trump. This is disgusting and of course he's open hearings are owned by Adam Schiff or are not constitutionally correct even legally there's no defense for the for Donald Trump or even Republicans managing. This is completely illegal. This'll be even considered almost most extreme event of Soviet republic China. Although not so frankly sedition. This is one of the most important programs. You've you've ever had because you name the culprits. Those a handball in there that have been conned and along but right there's a whole lot of deliberate I know they're killing our constitution four network. I have a thirty five minute video. I train movin. Shows trump. A Superman Superman now. He needs help with few people me. We need to have back door video. Secure line contact with trump. Because he's got bad advisers Tillerson. Kelly who Nikki Haley the ass archie fingered and others have actually fingered are actually trying to manipulate from inside to attack trump. Now these people that we made in that list there's not open to opinion. This is just facts. You got their history. You know who they are. And there's a long less man. I took me a long time two plus with lest well people need to understand. Is it's not surprising. Trump's under but the danger here's ears through public fails because they try to reverse the two thousand sixteen election but actually stole the house by continuing the we call Mueller Gate when Miller was actually in a in a democracy answering questions he didn't even know what was in the document because Nostra he didn't knowing was in it. It shows it was just all scam. Scam tastic I call it already adult. He didn't know GPS fusion or you know he was shoved out there after he was either you know brain roster drugged or adult or you can tell from his response. I developed back when I was a medical school residency over forty some years ago a mini mental status exam for mental illness and dementia. And let me tell you. Just observing him. The man is showing signs of dementia and Incapable Bowl of pudding connecting Saas together the fact that they put him up there because of his history and member he was involved with the cover up nine eleven he was involved with Euro crangate. He was involved always massacre in Libya destruction of Moammar Gadhafi people who understand this guy in the anthrax and all the rest of the stuff. This guy was totally on the other side and people want to understand how masses are manipulated. pick up. The book called Tavist stock by I Daniel S Chalon. They can get it under trying day under suppressed. Books The world. You know we're not in Kansas anymore. Are we ever been you buy stock. You Free Talk Institute and Bright Apt absolutely and you events one for all all poor people that were built into that war Then we're suffered from Bomb Tom Shock. Or let me fill you innocent tech details I e Tau Stock. They starting research their first successful. electrode implants in various nuclear out of the brain to control behaviors. Numbers nine hundred. forty-seven is turmeric with the University of Bethesda Maryland and other universities like in Illinois and across the West Coast with University of California Irvine and they were doing work on mind control and the project we call monarch which is working with the Disney Corporation that came out of their monarch project etcetera. All of these projects were Mike. Yeah that's that's Tom Brayden. who was a part of operation monarch whom I was on the air with the Pat Buchanan and Tom Brayden Actually who had a wife. They had an open marriage and he shares wife with Kissinger and a whole bunch of other people. But that's irrelevant Tom Brayden was active in suppressing and promoting After World War Two organizations that would support the European Union and at wor nationalistic Were attacked and destroyed and It it's it's really evil Yeah and they kidding kidding into you. Are you kidding me. My that crossfire interview on Youtube. Unless they've they've knocked it out within the last month or two but they're they're active US cleansing they're ready for a revolution here. Eighty nine right now. Protect yourself and your family have some defense. Have some food Mostly get some books so you have some knowledge of what this. What's what's going on about the bills burgers and the CFO and the trilateral commission and These phony fifth columnists under the rippon on and mainstream Republicans though. You know the people on your own side. It's he had to brew Tei when you think that are on your side that are you know cutting your neck. It's Condoleeza Rice in and the Ed Schultz and our George Pratt Shultz. You GotTa look for your own side to protect it. There's there's a lot of you know. We have a lot of fellow Supporters including across the political spectrum kerm including some of the left that that both both sides need to stop for a minute That allegheny college. That's that's mentioned in in this particular article IRA tar bill Came from allegheny college allegheny college today. It's just a Operation for the world government and they gave the civics award civil not in public life to both will hurt the CIA guy and beto who wants to take away. Your arms by force was given given by allegheny college civil thirty in public life. Actually Ida tar bill came from that particular college I'd Atar. Bill did an expose on standard oil. And that was as good as anything Gary Allen could put out in fact the NRA DR A was formed in order to protect the blacks You know from from the you know the radical The other person that came from there was it's Clarence Darrow Clarence Darrow. ended up. You know fighting for you. Know the radicals and revolutionaries in the murders the What was right now? The appalled in Loeb who wanted to kill somebody for the pleasure of and he was there supporter. So okay you know. There are people out of that college that were both had good intentions and the most evil and anyway that college Ended up giving the CIA guy. Come on and tell me. They're not part of this but yeah I remember all the let me finish. The agencies are all connected through the Tuli society. That's called project. America can see by the Nazi tools nineteen thirty-three and when we so-called so called we lost the war because it truly society was the space program was the first Intel agencies including Co may complete it by George Bush senior and Which is now the ninth for the no such agency in the CIA and manage the connection to every other Intel Agency on the earth? And they're all occulting they're all evil and people people don't know that they don't realize that we're heading toward a new world order That's why next year October first biometric. ID comes up which you if you don't have it. You can't travel across state alleged country on earth. You have to understand. They're getting ready. Google's bandaging twenty six hundred hospitals in all patients. They're managing their data. Yeah the person that founded The mainstream Republicans. Amory how junior. He's worth like about a half a billion in dollars and he founded the Republican mainstream partnership and if they go to the website they'll see the areas across the United States in Red Ed in which they control what that needs his a super imposition of the Equally evil Rippon society that was founded by right very. JFK was killed by the deep state. That's why we have some of these people coming forward like Taylor. And others against trump trump. There's supposedly in different departments of the government of Ukraina Gate and the fact is he doesn't just have the demon was he has he's evil Republicans and there's also Intel agencies running running everything to Wick back. We're GONNA continue with doctor with doctor doctor of knowledge wisdom. Gary Richard Arnold and news dash expose dot orgy. You gotTA visit their articles. Read a more. Gosh we've been act. Are you still looking for that. 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Every day I remember and I remember I remember the so called neutral medical report and we have also done w spring on a little early and Gary originalists usually on Friday on Thursday and second hour I managed to make a contact through Sebastian Gorka to trump indirectly. He's one of their main calls here on Talk Radio Los Angeles we also get a bark. Goldman is the CO founder of the American Academy teaching mess in the nose of vodka. Trump Directly in so we have several contacts getting directly. SEUSS over soon made it would make a breakthrough to have direct contact of our co hosts like John John W spraying Gary Richard are myself and others that need to get Intel through to trump because he's making this judgments based on incorrect are manipulated information from fake and false Republicans. False people around for example Nikki. Haley recently just accused Tillerson and Kelly of trying to attack trump indirectly. We see that happening. We see people inside the White House that are supposedly Republicans are supporting trump at all and trump just needs good information because he's operating the presidency like game. Show listen to the forest contestant if sound good even though he doesn't have experts he's an area and they needed all basis or not providing all the good Intel and all these fake so-called Republicans besides the demon rats the Democrats. They're only attacking the presidency and the Office of the presidency for future president but also the operation of the government are paralysing. So we're not. It was reduced prices. USMC The border or basically many issues are not being been paralyzed since host was taken over because the extended Mueller Gate eight and lost the host of the Maniac and undermined a witch. Nancy Pelosi So Gary continue for moment and I want I want John W circumference of Isa. We're going to have a month with the next full hour Gary where's this going tomorrow. They start the show play of of so-called public testimony. I think as my recommendations of my video I did you know Grayson Cetera that you can find my youtube channel. I did just over the weekend. Trump trump needs actually declare. A national. Emergency needs actually started shutting down media and putting people like Adam Schiff into jail. They need to be removed from politics and removed from the Public Spectra Troy. We need to have a situation. Where if we have Democrats want a dialogue? That's fine but we don't we have Democrats won obstruct not pass legislation and want to accuse the president doing something that's required by law if you're a president or the executive office you have to make sure the company country you're dealing giving money to is not abusing it by doing now with political benefit which. I don't really think there is to be honest with you. I don't think Biden is going anywhere. I think what I see happening is the other Democrat none. None of them are electoral. The policies have someone electrical if I was advising Democrats gamma half dozen things. They should do which they don't they don't give a damn the only one power even if they're going to destroy troy to country and kill people really don't give a crap there's so what are their mind so power hungry they don't care if even do something right for the American people and for our country the our economy they want power unit destroys America. So your comments Gary and we're going to have John W on for the next hour as well so when when you look at My reference to the fifth column You know which was I guess coin during the Spanish civil war war. Where the you know the Communist for the fifth column Looking like they were part of the. You Know Patriotic Spaniards. I I also saw. Aw clipped today. That Spain is moving more and more towards nationalism than than before. But when you look at at the beginning of my Republican mainstream. You Know Partnership which was founded by an air for skull and bones I got it the right hand side. a quote of from the I`ts of March says people are losing the spirit of the ice of March nut just about stabbing gene. It's about coming together and stab in groups and of course that's what we actually see against You know our president We go back and this is something. The listeners can do right now and They need to gear up by themselves. Or if they WANNA take somebody in with them agrees with them. Go address those series of people that you mention probably about thirty or so Tell them that they will not get any money They con them by the list that you gave here. He's only you only need to send me the link so we can actually download it. Imprinted you can't do anything other than viewing it okay. So whenever you're did technically does does not allow me to cut and paste it over to my site or anybody else to print doesn't allow it only live review it okay. Let me feared with this. Simon like macgyver. NAGGUS and you need a tech person because obviously and laundry challenged because view only can't actually downloaded copy and paste it into the body of another document like mine this got security protection so they can attack your site and shut down. They can't attack mine. I got high enough security. You can't be destroyed. But I can't even pay his over to my side again so I can contact him but send no money in the Republican National Committee. Eddie which comes out every other a three or four weeks in this Guy John Trump and trump himself and they they. They can't really hardly not support them you know but don't send them the money. You're constrict Goto one freedom caucus To new personal committees of people that support trump and only to those who know they. We'll distance themselves from Republican globalist. But if they go into these offices and say you know quit get out of the rip on Society Eddie if you've been conned or the mainstream Republicans I mean. These are basically Rockefeller globalist. They're socialist like Romney. Yeah Oh absolutely Although I'm not sure you're going to be able to ban him. Because he's really embedded in into the ED network of the Globalist Conspiracy Church itself Zane and the other outfits he's involved with you comment here important Gary The Mormon Church in the nineteen forties rescued by the rothschilds because they went bankrupt because they're sugar operations in Hawaii and so the rothschilds and the Mormon Church at the top are connected. Like you know. Siamese twins people know that right. Yes yeah no I I. I think that let's literally true of everybody from the Catholics. The CY young Zionist and the Jews and The methods for social action was I communist Front You had the Dallas brothers. John Foster Dallas ahead of the World Council of Churches. They got as a purpose driven churches by Russ I can't think of his last name right now. he's a member of the Council on Foreign California right. Yeah yeah he's in southern southern California and backwards. I think it's called right. Yeah exactly Rough Lauren I think his name ms or something close to that and you know they. They've they've got you know you go into their churches in. They'll give you sermons. That have made me we dropped. Here's I mean they. You know I mean it's very very sophisticated and Reported to us. I'm bulletproof Virgil B. S.. The problem is I can't go to the churches I search a cringes as I go to them and trouble. 'cause they raise questions they don't want to answer right. What in fact what's surprising to me and I went This last weekend because you know normally I just hang out and work through Information I have and I thought I need to get out some more so anyway I went to the local UNITARIAN church UNITARIAN church Years ago I went to in Santa Monica. Good to Because that was where Armand Hammer Son of the founder of the Communist Party in the US and You know it turned out after the known papers came out he was. KGB wasn't a tendency of the Santa. Monica UNITARIAN church When I was there Couple of times yet information I saw organiser really sweet Beautiful woman and she was walking down the aisle before she went to the Oregon. And there was Sunlight coming through the glass windows and it was like like look like you know something Hollywood would create but anyway I I dated her for a short time. Anyway we you no. We didn't talk too much about politics and stuff and of course I didn't disclose myself as but is wanting to do. But you know she. He was decent. She was not evil. She was not She thought that you know world government would probably be the solution. You know for mankind's unkind peace and so people are brainless I mean. Honesty is not part of the evil arm. Let me let me just agree with you OK. The basic definition is genesis. Three of evil. Doing what is right in your own is most people including the shriners little shrine hat on their head and and they have houseboats. I think is good. He does a lot of good for these little disabled kit doers of good. But you gotta understand the very definition of evil in if you're good intention jaren organised completely ignorant still doing evil. Because you're not doing the will of God by the definition doing evil including supporting it so the problem I have. is we call milk and cookies. Christianity churches fake false. Judy churches falling the CEPHEIDS. IRA in the town of Babylon fake so-called socialist like birdies. Enter clause and ex Jew. WHO's a communist? Who has his is marriage kind of ceremonies afterwards afterwards and Soviet Union before it fell people need to realize? These people are doers of evil. By definition if it's not God's will it's evil so even if they're nice people people there's nicer people to go into Hell GonNa be annihilated. Because they're not doing God's will they're doing what is right. Oklahoma coverage could be good. Or they're millennials have been to college and they think that it's a good idea to have socialism because they're bankrupt with their friends or Baker because they have giant student loans make education affordable okay healthcare affordable notable that. The idea. The idea. Here let me finish the department finish. Okay the import ninety here as we need to stop making excuses for people that do stupid or damaging or destructive things. 'cause they're nice people if people are ignorant. They're part of the problem. Americans is support for example the veterans Wednesday in serving more Americans into harm's way round using ward actually annihilate sue the drug cartels and people navigate us. Dan We put them in places where we don't give them proper levels. We body the Amer. Armored personnel vehicles will protect them legs blown off. We put them in harm's way where we don't go and take out the enemy. We screw around with them or make deals like the Taliban so we can get our illegal drugs back to American salt to our population for two trillion dollars so that we can do illegal project like back down under cities well people need to understand. is those those who are ignorant like this organised. Those who think that they're supporting you know. Republicans are supporting these maniacs. Even as they're nice people they're still doers of evil. Aw that's the problem. It's God's definition not eagles that evil is doing anything other than God's will even if you're a nice person that makes sense. Yeah I they have a little bit. Yeah I think a lot of these people with whether they were on farms on the prairie where they had no access Asu you know anything. The founder has Some of what was called commonsense was actually blake good sense. I don't believe in common very common. Good then we'll be back in two days. Gary was another full hour for you coming coming up with John W spring. We got lots to talk about with Sebastian Gorka in our contacts who coleman of a forum directly to the pope's.

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Ahead of Impeachment Trial, GOP Falls In Line with Trump 2021-02-01

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Ahead of Impeachment Trial, GOP Falls In Line with Trump 2021-02-01

"Kirit and this week in the united states have anxiety the origin story of black history month. It's the first in our three part series on the future of black history. Join me for the united states of anxiety. Subscribe where ever you get your podcasts This is the takeaway tanzania vega and. It's great to be with you on this monday. The second impeachment trial of former president. Donald trump now. A private citizen is scheduled to begin next week in the senate but just weeks ago. There were signs. That impeachment could be a bipartisan issue. After a number of prominent republicans criticize the former president for his role in inciting the capital and direction the mob was fed lodged. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people in the president bears responsibility for wednesday's attack on congress by mob riot. He should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw unfold. I hate it then this way. Oh my god. I hate it all. I can say as count me out. Enough is enough. I've tried to be helpful when it's over it is over it is over but now most. Gop members are delivering a very different message. Here's what i'd like. I'd like to get this trial over sooner than later to my democratic colleagues. If you try to one witness us on blow up the united states senate do that. High partisan democrats are about to drag our great country down into the gutter of rancor and vitriol. the likes of which has never been seen in our nation's history. But i want. Everybody could be threatened and understand the all responsibility here. That was house minority leader kevin mccarthy who met with trump last week last week all but five senate republicans attempted to block the impeachment trial for moving forward voting against it as unconstitutional. Now that trump is a private citizen so with most congressional republicans shifting into their roles as members of the opposition party and looking ahead instead to the two thousand twenty two midterms a reckoning within the gop over the capital. riots doesn't appear to be coming understanding. Why the republican party is sticking with donald trump in his post-presidential days is where we start. Today let's get going with doug. Hi who's lead communication positions in the house senate. Rc and served in the george w bush administration. Doug thanks for coming back on the show. It's going to be with you. Thank you also as sahil kapur national political reporter for Nbc news sahel. Welcome great to be back doug. I'm having whiplash listening to those statements from top. gop officials here. What i mean. Why is accountability for what happened at. The capitol considered something. That's tearing the country apart right now. How did we go from wanting to hold the president accountable to this. Well i think it comes down to a word called politics and you know when you talk about accountability the one thing that house republicans senate republicans to have been very mindful of over the past. Four years is that they face an accountability for their voters and their voters are overwhelmingly supportive of donald trump. That's especially true in the house than in senate where you have congressional lines that are drawn in a more partisan way. And that's what they're reacting to because that's who they're hearing from most vocally. I can tell you my conversations with members of congress on the feedback that they get from their voters is overwhelmingly pro-trump and one thing that we know about trump supporters. They're not quiet. It's not a silent majority or silent minority for that matter. They are loud and vocal. That's what they're hearing from. And that's what they're reacting to. So doug i mean these voters or support. Trump supporters are sort of intimidating their their representatives into Into what into believing that. This didn't happen into believing that the president has no the former president. I should say has no accountability for this. Well they're pushing them to not convict him or not impeachment if the votes in the house and that again is is what they're reacting to and part of this as you mentioned in the setup for the two thousand twenty two elections. I can tell you a big part of why House leadership did not vote to impeach the president a house republican leadership despite the words of kevin mccarthy Despite the private misgivings of steve lease is because they want donald trump support in two thousand twenty two taking back. The house is their biggest priority and if donald trump is not on board they see him as a real impediment to that because he would potentially go in and and cause trouble in a house republican primaries and then even in general elections where he wouldn't be supportive. That's a big concern for them. Sal i want to bring you in here because i'm wondering. We heard different clips from from gop leadership immediately following the capital insurrection. We heard from mccarthy Mitch mcconnell lindsey graham and were they just shell shocked by what had just happened and hadn't had a chance to process the political the political calculations that they were going to have to make. I mean trying to explain this sort of shift here i think. Many republicans including party leaders were legitimately rattled by what happened on january six. It was extremely extremely unusual for them to be in a situation where in the building they work in the united states capitol their safety and their lives were put at risk so this was an extraordinary event and i think that did play into some of the early republican reactions chris. Criticizing president trump israel as a result of that certainly played into the fact that ten house republicans voted to impeach former president trump. making him the Making about the most bipartisan impeachment and history but overtime politics has a way of progressing to the mean and the sentiment as doug was pointing out that these lawmakers heard from republican voters was overwhelmingly pro-trump. And that's why you saw a little bit of vacillating early on from the orbit of senate republican leader mitch. Mcconnell who was reportedly pleased to see impeachment go forward. He seems to have walked a lot of that back. And now he is signaling. Along with ninety percent of senate republicans that they intend to intend to oppose the impeachment trial on procedural technical ground and by all indications appear likely to quit the president. So he'll if there is no. I guess we should. We shouldn't get ahead of ourselves here. But if if the chances of trump being convicted here are very low. Why are democrats moving forward with the trial. Well they have to have the trial now. it's a little too late not to Given the house has impeach the president and the house managers of walked the papers over to the senate. There's not much else that can happen except a senate trial. The reason democrats did this was not necessarily out of politics. I think politics had little to do with this. I think this is out of conviction. there were democratic members. Who who believed that doing impeachment at this time would distract and detract on the senate floor from president. Biden's agenda from his cabinet nominees from getting his legislative proposals off the ground and that was legitimate concern but that argument lost out to the overwhelming sentiment of house. Democrats that if the house won't impeach a president for this for inciting an insurrection on the us capitol putting the safety and lives of lawmakers and everyone in the building at risk then. what is the point of impeachment. What is the point of having a constitution of a president can aim a dagger at the heart of a legitimate self-government and a legitimate election and the congress does nothing about it so this was more about conviction than politics. I think we definitely need to ask that question. Doug i mean if the republican party. I want to get into some of the folks who voted a four Impeaching the former president. Just a minute but if the party as sahel is pointing out doesn't hold donald trump accountable or any of the gop accountable for this. What does that mean well. It means again that this is this is this is process. that's about politics and Republicans are very mindful again of what they're hearing from. Their constituents are also mindful what they're hearing from their other members and so if you look at The backlash that liz cheney has gotten for sticking her neck out and doing what she thought was the right thing doing so as a member of house leadership the only member of house leadership to to support impeachment. She's being campaigned against already. In her. In her district. In in wyoming. I can tell you. I had a wyoming politician called me saying i'm being recruited to run and this was two days after the vote. That wouldn't have happened. If liz cheney voted the other way members are very bein of the politics of this you know. I would equate them sometimes too. You know animals that. Start to scurry before anybody else's the earthquake coming but that's the reality of where they are right now and ten house. Republicans did vote to impeach former president donald trump. What's their calculus there. you know. it's it's hard to say politically. I think they know that that it's not a popular move You know we just talked about liz. Cheney tom rice in south carolina has been censured by his own state party And we're seeing other state parties your republicans who voted to impeach. Just well not that. Every member of congress necessarily worried about what the oregon republican party is doing but it demonstrates the sense of what is out there in in the party right now and that the politics of this are especially treacherous for those republicans. I would say there's a flip side to that politically as well. I'm looking at my home. State of north carolina where fifty eight hundred republicans in this in this month of january since january six have changed their registration from republican to unaffiliated so the state parties losing voters. And if you're motivated to leave your state party to do something political in january of an off year that means you're really motivated and you're really angry. It's unfortunately a lesson. The republicans only learn come november next november not in their primaries intensify. Kind of that trump problem that they face so he'll in the days. After the capital insurrection the rnc re elected chairwoman. Chairwoman are ronna mcdaniel. Who's a trump ally. What does that say about how much i mean. I guess it underscores this point that the gop is leaning in to trump and trumpism. Yes it's still very much. Donald trump's party we saw that when house minority leader kevin mccarthy a few days ago went to visit him In florida released a photo of him with the former president talked about how trump has committed to helping republicans win the house. Majority which again as doug pointed out is the overriding priority of much of what happens here. There's a separate controversy involving congresswoman Who has lot of inflammatory and conspiratorial things named marjorie taylor green who is also invoking Former president trump as a supporter of hers and saying essentially signaling to leadership that. Don't don't you dare cross me. Because i have the support up. Donald trump. he is still the king maker in the party. He is no longer. Has the bully pulpit in the white house. He no longer has his twitter feed. Which is preferred mode of communication. But he still looms large over. The party of the voters still have a passionate kind of connection to him. And i wanna make one little point on your earlier your earlier question. Why did those ten vote to impeach the president. The reason one of the reasons is all ten of them ran ahead president trump in their district. So they feel insulated To to an extent and they also believe that they have independent brands. That can kind of help them at home. Doug we're talking about How frightened say the a lot of the gop are for their holding onto their political positions Free to turn away from constituents who are bathed in The glory of their former president here refused to let go of that. My question to you doug is. Why don't these folks leave government and go make money in the private sector. Like why are they holding on so tightly to this ideology which is in fact appearing to tear the country apart. You know it's a very good question. I actually asked a pretty similar question of that to a member. I've known for a long long time. Who voted against impeachment and said basically you know. Why is this worth being ranking member of a subcommittee or if you get back. The majority chair of a subcommittee members of congress aren't very happy. Capitol hill is not a really great workplace. I tell you my experiences there. I had a great boss but it was miserable because we were going through things like shutdowns constant fighting with your own team to where you didn't have time to worry about fighting when nancy. Pelosi 'cause you had to show up your own side constantly. That member of congress was eric. Cantor and you know. He's a cautionary tale for a lot of these. A lot of these republicans who are scared of if they do what they see is the right thing that they're going to lose and i would tell you the fact that eric cantor wanted to do something on immigration was a contributing factor to his loss and immigration. Reform never happened in congress since then in two thousand fourteen. That's been six plus years now. Sil- how do we explain that. I mean the idea that there are members of congress In the gop who are choosing to stay in these roles choosing to stay in this position when they could easily you know go into the private sector or into consulting and make a number of different career moves. that wouldn't Have them you know. Essentially in fear of a political party or if certain constituents look at who is retiring and who has retired in recent years People in the house republican conference who are known to be workhorses. Who are known to be interested in getting things done. Many of them have left. Greg walden is one example. The former chairman of the energy and commerce committee other figures like pat tiberi. have retired Previously a close ally to the pre the former speaker. John bainer understood us. You know someone who's respected in the conference. There are a lot of people who wanted. Who were there to to get things done. Who were policy minded who have decided to leave all of them but many of them and this moment and politics is a very good time for for show horses. You know who want to spend a lotta time on right wing. Media maybe booster their personal profile and collect social media followers. This is a very good time for them. Because that's kind of the political moment that that They're in right now but for those who are more policy minded who were more interested in getting things done through the hard work of compromise. This is a pretty dark political moment. Silent wondering also there are rumblings I don't know how real they are right now that There could be and we've heard this many times in in our political pass that there could be the emergence of a third party here Are you hearing anything like that is. It's still too early to even think about that. I think rumblings is fair mainly because they're dating from former president trump but my my view on this. I'm highly skeptical. Because there's always some talk of a third party or the potential for third party given that the two major parties are so unpopular but there are many reasons that doesn't happen. The single biggest one is negative partisanship. Voters dislike one party strongly enough to vote for their opposition and having two major parties only entrenches that trend. But the one caveat to this is donald trump and if he were to decide that he wants to fully throw his support behind a third party there they seem to be testing out potential names for that if he decides he wants to do that then i think the republicans are in a world of trouble because he will take a big chunk of that party's base with him and it's unclear how much of a future republicans would have then. And frankly i think that's one of the major reasons you see party leaders and lawmakers and operatives eager not to eliminate him and one of the reasons that he is on track at this point to being acquitted if he were to be significantly and sharply disowned by the republican party. Data only raise his odds of wanting to start a third party. Doug we're not just talking about the political calculus That a lot of lawmakers are making but there is a this really happened. The key capital insurrection happened live on national television on january six in the afternoon americans and people across the country and a world were watching what was happening. If there is a failure to convict the president for any role in this does that doug further emboldened some of the radical groups that we saw involved in that capital insurrection. Who the fbi and the cia are already saying are a serious problem to our national security to be honest. I don't know the answer to that. And that's because one one thing that a lot of republicans have said is that going through second impeachment processes divisive. I agree it's divisive. Now i push back on that. How is it to finish. I think it's a necessary division. We have to show that they are real punishment's when you do something wrong. I'm not a parent but every parent that i know doesn't not punish their child for doing something wrong because the kids not going to like the punishment but we need to be mindful that w- it's very clear that there could be further adverse reaction to this. It's part of why. The capital is still under lockdown. And you still have national guards Members patrolling that perimeter. So i think it's i think it's unclear which is going to cause bigger a bigger problem with that trump base of and people are going to break the law. They need to be put in jail. There's no there's no question about that. The impeachment process is entirely political. It's not illegal process. It wasn't designed to be. I worry that you know. Without a conviction we also send a message to any future president. That as long as you do something in your closing days to pick an idea. That's not hypothetical anymore. Shooting somebody on fifth avenue that you can do that as long as you do. It late enough. That's a terrible signal to send. We got to be watching very closely. Doug highs communications expert who's had positions in the house senate rnc. And the george. W bush administration and sahil kapur is a national political reporter for nbc news. Thanks to you. Both for being with us to join. Your january has been the deadliest month of the covid nineteen pandemic in the united states. So far nearly eight hundred thousand people died over the past. Few weeks bringing the country's total death toll to more than four hundred and twenty five thousand that incalculable loss has left so many families grieving and on top of that grief. It's left families struggling to cover the cost associated with those deaths. Too namely burials and cremations but relief could be on the way for some families with federal funding for covid nineteen funeral costs being allocated in the december stimulus package. That was passed by congress for more on that. I'm joined by tanya marsha professor at wake forest school of law and host of death at sec. Podcast a podcast about death care and the laws around at tonya. Thanks for joining me. Thank you so much for having me. One of the things that i don't think is top of mind for a lot of people when they lose a family member or loved. One is how much it's going to cost. What's the average cost of dying in the united states today. Well that's a really good question. We know that what it was pre covid was about eighty five hundred dollars but of course that varies significantly from place to place A market like new york city. It's going to be understandably More expensive than it would be a smaller community elsewhere in the united states Then on top of that eighty five hundred dollars. You have the cost of any burial. So that would include the the cost of the grave itself opening and closing the grave with her service charges That are incurred at the time of need so you can easily be over ten thousand dollars. I've heard that figure the ten thousand dollar figure a lot and that seems to be regardless of the type of funeral home you know that's even at the lower levels. I'm hearing from friends and family. Tanya why our funeral costs expensive well. There's a lot of goods and services that go into those funeral costs so you're getting the services of a funeral director and they do an awful lot of things behind the scenes. That grieving people don't want to deal with or can't deal with or its legally logistically difficult for them to deal with so muendane things like getting the death certificate submitted and dealing with the paperwork with the state getting something called a burial transit permit With necessary for final disposition they also deal with coming and taking the body from the place where death occurred and cleaning it up and making it presentable in a way that is socially acceptable for us. I suppose to let are deceased. Loved ones go. The federal government has been involved in this In some ways representative alexandria ocasio. Cortez co introduced a bill back in spring. Two thousand twenty to provide financial assistance for funeral expenses. That bill itself is stalled but she and other members of congress were able to get some financial relief into the stimulus. Package that we mentioned at the top was approved at the end of two thousand twenty tanya. What is in that package. That will help grieving families right. So in december twenty twenty stimulus package there was two billion dollars allocated for fema to distribute as funeral assistance as part of their sort of typical way that they disperse money up for disaster assistance and so fema is actually in the process of the rulemaking for that. So there's a lot that we don't know about how that money will be allocated. We do know that the famous spokes a person has said that it will only be available for funeral expenses that were incurred prior to december thirty first of last year. I don't know if With respect to funerals that take place in twenty twenty one whether or not that would require additional funding. Or if that's something that fema has the authority to do under that pryor bill does it look like there's a lot of red tape for families right now who are looking to get some of those resources well if you look at historically the the disaster funeral assistance rules that fema has adopted. There's not a ton of red tape. This is a different kind of disaster right so the documentation i suppose that would be required is going to be less difficult for people to obtain for deaths due to covid than say a hurricane or other natural disaster which may have wiped away people's homes and may documentation really difficult to get. I will say that one of the potential hangups is that in general the fema disaster funeral. Assistance program will only pay families for unmet. Funeral needs so that is that they're not being covered by veterans assistance benefits social security or even personal income and savings. So i know that the folks who proposed this to congress keep referring to it as a reimbursement but that's not typically how the fema disaster funeral assistance program works so whether or not they're going to change it For covid related deaths remains to be seen tanya. You mentioned fema assistance in the past. What about something called the stafford act. What is that well. The stafford act is basically enabling legislation that defines sort of the limits of assistance and about some of the programs that they can engage in so the stafford act doesn't really say anything particular about funeral assistance and what character that might take. It gives scheme the flexibility to set up programs that are responsive to a particular disaster. We've been talking about the financial hardship that some families will face when trying to really bury their loved ones and have end of life celebrations for them because that can be very costly. But there's another side to this. Which are the funeral directors. The people who work in funeral homes who themselves have been overwhelmed with demand Some going so far as to do things that may not be appropriate. You know say storing bodies that they don't have the capacity to store because they just feel overwhelmed and want to do what they can. Is there any relief for them. Well i suppose that this two billion dollars. If it's is all spent on funeral expenses will be going to the funeral directors right but i think part of the unevenness of this as a response to their need is that i know anecdotally. A lot of funeral director simply knocked down the cost right when faced with families who had financial need even though funeral directors have experienced increased costs themselves. Some have had to go as far as get refrigerated trucks etc to sit outside and then of course the ppe and other sorts of protection for themselves from virus that is continues to be communicable after death. If female is going to follow the same playbook that they have in the past. That's not going to really be able to compensate funeral directors fully for their cost to the extent that they wrote off some of those costs because families were struggling in two thousand twenty china. Is this moment to rethink the funeral. Industry moving forward. Oh i think that we need to fundamentally rethink a great deal about the relationship between the government and what is essentially a privatized system for handling and disposing of the dead. We have a private funeral industry. We have a private cemetery industry then of course. More than half of americans are cremated Now that is also entirely privatized. So one thing that. I think we've really seen in new york city and we've seen in los angeles in recent weeks is how did the system is so the private market when it is subject to a great deal of regulation whether that regulation is reasonable or not cannot nimbly respond to great increases in demand and we have a very static rigid system so if the government isn't going to be able to step in and help out in these sorts of situations and so far it hasn't then i think we do need to look at ways to make the private industry able to respond better. Tanya marsh is a professor at wake forest school of law and host of death at sec. A podcast about death care in the united states. Tonya thanks for joining us. Thank you it's the takeaway. I'm tanzania vega this past summer. Americans watched as an uprising for racial justice. Made its way across the united states as that remarkable historical moment unfolded the takeaway spoke to history teachers to ask them how they explain that moment. Their students the place that we started in my classroom was just for what i needed to do. We need to start with just dispelling myths. But now history. Teachers are grappling with how to teach another historic moment the capital insurrection and one of the most tumultuous transfers of power. We've ever seen. Here's what one teacher had to say. My name is niles. mattera me. Mr m And i teach fifth grade. Us history at boston collegiate charter school in boston massachusetts. As a history teacher. I do want my students to feel hopeful for the future of the country however i also want students to know that while they may love this country in order for it to improve must never stop critiquing. Also got one of the teachers. We spoke to back in july with us. Matt and failed is a social studies. Teacher fishers high school in fishers. Indiana matt welcome back. Thanks so much fabric back. Also we have some new perspective from brenton cobb. A sixth grade history teacher a math teacher in fort worth texas brenton. Thanks for joining us to ren let's start with. You has teaching online and in person sort of Prevented you from having in depth conversations about what's going on or student sort of approaching you with. Hey what's happening. That's a good question I think with design teaching in person and online at the same time it does have a barrier with students online at times and I mean i feel like in the classroom. It's a lot easier to have those conversations but engaging with students online there is still a barrier and I think that it does cause some problems to have those deep conversations. Sometimes i think. Also there's a disconnect too when you're online from your students you're more when you're in person you know those people and i think there's a lot of anxiety for these Students during this time. And i think that that also takes away from you know just learning in general when ask you a little bit brenton in a moment just about what kinds of questions. You're your sixth graders are coming to you with but matt. what about you. You teach high school. What are your high-schoolers coming to you with. Does it matter if you're remote or in person or did they have lots of questions for you right off the bat. Yeah well i mean listen. I mean if there's never been a better time to be a teacher or a harder time to be a teacher because I think the pandemic has kind of magnified every imaginable social issue and so Kids i mean. The questions have been absolutely nonstop. And i kind of share them. It's incredibly difficult. What brinson was describing kind of creating that safe space. Have the environment have sort of honesty in the vulnerability to talk about politics. Talk about race to talk about honestly talk about death as the kind of the pandemic drums on in the background in so it's been incredibly challenging and very rewarding working at kind of building a a classroom space that is both online and in person at the same moment where you're still having those conversations. 'cause the kids have never had more questions than they do right now. I'm going to come back to you. About what kinds of questions. They have brenton. What are the sixth graders that you teach. What are they want to know about. what's happening. Are they scared or they confused or they excited what what are they. What are they coming to you with. A lot of them are nervous or scared or don't actually know what's going on because there's so much disinformation out there and so i've had a lot of students like when it happened. A lot of the students were like. Are we going to go to war. And even when trump loss remember a lot of the students came up to me. And they're just like you know if he loses. Are we going to war tomorrow. Like to happen and a lot of them were just really concerned. I think that a lot of them didn't understand certain things to which also promoted a lot more money from me and Yeah i just. I felt like or sixth graders like all the information that they're getting from their parents to and they don't really know much besides that Like the students a lot of them. Don't like search the web or anything like that or they don't really at this moment in time they're just learning about credible sources. So it's me more light trying to find those credible sources for them and talking about that too so it's been quite interesting and and teaching right now man. That's a really important point. Because i often say we are in the Misinformation wars as we speak and so for high school students. That you're teaching. Are they coming to you with similar questions or have they done their own research or are you also grappling with the effects of misinformation in the classroom. Undoubtedly i teach in interesting context. Were a suburban school. Just a city very rapidly diversifying. But you know within my building we have you know we have students who are sympathetic to the proud boys or even have said that they plan to join the proud boys and we also have undocumented folks just kind of trying to make it in america. We have this broad swath of society that we have to. We have to serve all of those students and so we have students that walk in and they ask. Is this fascist takeover. We have students asking. Are the police going to be abolished a soon as asking what is white supremacy and so we're kind of hosting all those conversations within the context of a very very divided city Politically and everywhere you can imagine. It's just hyper polarized. Is that polarization match showing up among students. So i think it's showing up in the classroom because we are contract with students. Who are they hear what they hear from home. And they i guess what we say in the classroom is that Pulse truth is pre fascism. Some what we have to do is tell the truth all the time in hold to human dignity regardless of people's perspectives and so when we sort of set that context our conversations are i think much more productive and they would be otherwise brenton when we think about things like fascism white supremacy. These are not new ideas but they also aren't pillars of a lot of american history classes to begin with especially in the sixth grade. How do you introduce these topics. Well i try to relate it like the other day we talked about We talked about germany and they have a little context behind that. So i try to bring that into bike taking their background. Knowledge to what's going on and this fascism or are we seeing something that could result and like something as a fascist takeover and. I think a lot of the students were really nervous about that. But also sprung up more conversation amongst them trying to an of ideas going and that was really great like trying to relate found their background knowledge. Because i mean they are young. They're only in sixth grade. So that's like how. I kind of related fascism to them when you when they don't have that big backgrounds matt what about you. I mean introducing topics again. Our history textbooks in this country are are often lacking In the full story of the united states and that can include our history of white supremacy. So i'm wondering how you incorporate those conversations. Maybe it's an introduction of these terms for the first time to high school students. Or maybe it's a deepening of their understanding of these concepts. Yes i mean what we say is that we know that classrooms are the frontline democracy and that the future of democracy will be won or lost in the classroom and so what that means is that we had some hard conversations as teachers. You know over the summer you know. We kind of agreed that you know. We know that. George floyd died within the unas neck but it got there under the weight of our apathy in so what we need to do is completely right the curriculum. We can't just add a lesson about george floyd or add a lesson about the capital. What we need to do is go from the foundation right. How can we understand. What happened to george floyd without understanding the redlining of our cities Without understanding the continued racial segregation in our public school system. A school system that remains about as segregated as was in nineteen eighty and in many parts of the country is actually continuing to further segregate and so we want to build the foundation upon which we can have the conversations that we need to have. I don't believe that we can talk about a class matter until we talk about for example the origin of whiteness itself. Where does this come from. And what does it do to us. And so i think those are. The foundation is what we're building in order to be able to have conversations about what's happening today. Brenton went about parents. You mentioned having a students that come from very diverse backgrounds very diverse political backgrounds at least for for their parents perspective our parents saying. Hey we don't want our kids to talk about that or we're not interested in them learning about that or or the opposite. Teach them more about this so far. I haven't had a lot of parents reach out. Actually that's like in my school. I feel like we have to tow line but also like i'm trying to bring as much information to them as possible and have them critically think about what's going on and A time like this. Most parents have not reached out to me or told me. Don't use them this or teach them that So i try to teach them as much as possible. And unless i hear otherwise amman but i think that i just keep going i. I want them to as much information as they can especially in a time like this. It's so important that they're getting the right information. And being able to find this nation the right places. I mean being in a classroom. I think that as teachers it is our job to make sure that these students that they're able to find the right information. That are not being pushed into disinformation and if parents like i haven't had very many parents like i said Say anything about this but I'm just trying to give them all the facts that i can. At this omen matt we talked a lot about the mental health effects of this pandemic. Now that we're a year into it and it looks like it's gonna be a while before we reach the capacity of of having enough people vaccinated to really make a difference to go back to something quote unquote normal Are your students feeling the weight of history and also the weight of this pandemic right now. does that That has to add to the stress and of course the educators themselves. Yeah i mean to be blunt. I think a lot of my kids are really struggling both with the anxiety from the pandemic and also just the changes. that's kinda underway We have a theme in my class. in in the book the fire next time by james baldwin. There's a quote where he says accepts one to accept one's past is not the same thing as drowning in it and so we we find ways to look clearly at a who america has been and what we've been without drowning in that and so we don't let despair sort of takeover. We understand that. Our generation is sort of the next generation whose job it is to help realized that democracy in so in that sense i try to sort of restore a sense of purpose to the students so that they don't just sort of like drown in the The weight of what's happening man. That's a really interesting point that you're raising their and brenton. I'm wondering how you see that a lot of my students they're they're thinking about vaccines and They have hopeful for the future off. Lot of students might classroom. Who also with doubts in the family because of corona virus I have several students. That i've talked to over just went to a break who grandparents died died at one girl who she got part of iras and then it spread throughout her family and because of out or grandparent or grandfather died. And so it's there is sadness around here and they're also dealing with so much more outside of school and My job i feel like right now is to create a safe space for them when they come into the classroom and provide them a voice in here. it's just wearing a time that we've never in such a. I never seen before and so just creating that safe space being able to talk about the difficult things and it's also comes to you have to know your students knowing each individual student is probably the key thing is not every single student. Learns the same or you can talk to them. The same way and One thing that i've found especially in such a difficult time right now. Not every conversation is that same and you just have to be understanding and listen and allow these are just going through a really rough time right. Now brenton cobb is a sixth grade. History teacher in fort worth texas and matt bach and felt a social studies. Teacher at fishers high school in fishers indiana brenton matt. Thanks to you both for joining me. Thanks so much thank you. My name is keith harrison. I teach european and united states. History grades nine through twelve at a private high school in los angeles when i speak to my students about the events of the capital in january sixth. I remind them that our democracy depends on the peaceful. Transfer of power is part of our national identity that was put in place by none other than george washington students have asked and how we come back together as a nation after something like this my answer through justice. Those who were responsible must be held accountable. Then we can unify. The nation witnessed the results of the hasty reconciliation in the wake of the civil war which gave us nearly one hundred years of jim crow segregation curtailing the citizenship rights of millions of americans and ideological animosity. The many ways is still with us. Perhaps we can learn our lessons from the past and then carve out a just future. Hi my name's. Brian sheehy on the history department coordinator at north andover high out about thirty minutes. North of boston i teach. Ap european history ap us history sports in american culture and sports of the past. I think that especially with the storming of the capital. It was important for me as a teacher to go in the following day. And just kind of understand where my students heads brat and helped them process. I mean there's so many things that our students have to process through this pandemic that i thought it was important just to listen and see what they had questions about and see how they felt. Young people really are much more tuned. In than i think we give them credit for and much more in tune with current events than the. Maybe i was when i was their age. It's really a great thing to see as an educator to see young people taking an interest in wanting to initiate change. And i hope that continues. That's all we have for you today. Folks and thank you as always for spending part of your day with us and of course you have any thoughts or ideas for the show. Send us a tweet at the takeaway. I'm at tenzin bega. But we also take your voice. Memos you can record them on your phone an e mail them to take away callers at g mail dot com or you can call us at eight seven seven eight mike tate. That's eight seven. Seven eight six nine eight to five three and leave us. You're takes their. Thanks so much for listening. I'm tansy vega this is the takeaway and we'll see you tomorrow.

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Facebook 5 Billion Dollar Privacy Fine #1384

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Facebook 5 Billion Dollar Privacy Fine #1384

"This is Geek News Central. My name is Todd Cochran coming to from the new media production studios in southern Michigan on tonight. Show the best streaming service for cord cutters on a budget a five five billion dollar fine against facebook a week in the life of Youtube video and today an Asner asteroid gave the Earth a close haircut. I want to welcome you to episode one thousand three hundred eighty four of the geat new central podcasts for Thursday July twenty fifth. This show is sponsored by GO DADDY DOT COM in listeners. Just like you great deals from go. Daddy can be found at GEICO CENTRAL DOT com forward slash go daddy you can support this show today. At beating central Dot Com forward slash insider heroin welcome to the show and tonight were doing abbreviated livestream extreme on stream yard. I'm just dreaming facebook only as I record the show tonight. There's GonNa be no extra desktop graphics. There's nothing behind me. It's a plain Jane White Wall and <hes> all this being done I mac so <hes> video is here for facebook only but the audio will be only for <hes> the podcast distribution which most of you are listening to one A.. Welcome all all the news is show. Thanks for being here Frank. Thanks for checking the show out of course. I want to make sure you get a geek news central dot com when you're on the website you can scribe the podcast. It's real simple to do is apple podcasts on android via email Google podcast asa stitcher tune in on spotify. All those bill of all those links are right there on the main page Keaton central dot com including a standard R._S._S. feed of course we want you get subscribed the newsletter when you're on the website that's an important thing so you get to show notes delivered directly inbox immediately following the show and when we are live with video on a normal basis which will be coming to the studio soon nor streaming on multiple channels he can watch the show on Apple. Not You can listen on blueberry dot com of course you can always listen on your smart home device by using the keyword to launch that device and say play the podcast Geek News central join a chat room and Keith News Dot Chat. That's a Mastodon server on slack. You can send me an email geek news at gmail.com. That's best way to email me for anything really to join our slack channel or on twitter at Geek News you can follow me on facebook just by searching for my name Todd Cochran partner shows include and these are all linked to new center dot com G._N._C. Week in review by corless the gadget professor my Mr Dan bane pro gear site being written by my team the new media show co hosted by myself and Mr Rob Brenly and of course the podcast legend show. You can always pick up a Honda geared cafe F._A.. PRESS DOT COM forward slash ohata store in this show is sponsored by the longest running continuous sponsor podcasts. That's our good friends at go. Daddy you can take advantage of all might go daddy codes by going to beat new central dot com forward slash slash go daddy whether it be thirty percent off a new product purchase whether it be a four ninety nine dot com whether it be a standard hosting account or eight manage wordpress wordpress account both for dollar month for the first year. It's twelve bucks get you in the door. You get a free domain with that. So really you get started. Five bucks for the domain seven dollars for the hosting is a great deal really fantastic traffic deal to get started again if you are not taking advantage of these offers and trying to do something online he should really really consider it and of course go. Daddy has a large variety of services for all of you that are business sooners the goody with go daddy would say building your thirty day free trial on that all my promo codes are available eaten a central dot com forward slash go daddy check that out. Take Code and use it today or shirt with a friend family member people that you know well. Here's someone talking about website recommend go daddy for the show. It's like an in-kind show donation when he do that especially. When you share my promo coats again central dot com forward slash go daddy's were all those codes are at and we WANNA thank you for being a longtime sponsor here Geek News Central and hope that you will continue to support them in this ongoing effort to keep the show moving head doing what we do do what we do best so? Let's talk just a little bit here. Hear about what's been happening. I flew out of Honolulu. Tuesday night arrived in Michigan Wednesday around noon <hes> very <hes> kind of late to begin with <hes> mm-hmm because I was a two hour delay should have been literary but I worked of worked a full schedule on Wednesday. <hes> passed out last night got in here. This morning met someone for breakfast this morning. Another podcast Rata Kalamazoo came down bought me breakfast. We talked a little bit and visited the studio work in progress and then I put a full day in here been here ever since <hes> this morning and knocking the show on actually got some physical work down on the studios well that videos up on facebook put in the new <hes> trust system and macgyver did in and I think those of you and you see what I've done there for two hundred dollars save myself about twenty one hundred bucks if I would have bought something from being a professional solution an and guess what it's going to serve the purpose of what I needed to do just fine matter of fact. It's going to be more powerful than what I even had setting up in Honolulu so this coming Saturday. I've got a full on Saturday morning tech show we're going to have Dan Frank Saen from podcast. Yes movement going to talk to him about the upcoming trade show in Orlando. I drive down to Clemson Monday morning. <hes> be in the office all day Monday. Then <hes> had a pop-up meeting the happened. I have to be New York City on Tuesday. Sussman all day Tuesday in in Manhattan flight back to Columbus Columbus on Wednesday and Thursday during the daytime and Thursday back to Michigan Thursday night and then a full basically seven nine ten days. I guess <hes> in Michigan before I do the round on Robin Back Down to Columbia actually think I go to Orlando so <hes> anyway. That's kind of what's going on here and <hes> just to have you up to date on on what the what the schedule looks like so I <hes> hey hello from. Oh you're in Osaka. So are you on your way back or are you <hes> anyway so she was out in the Philippines. She's the one of the the designer diner of the new Geek News Central Studio and <hes> we've got that finalized very very excited so now just a matter of <hes> getting a signed contract and getting things in production so <hes> time is a is moving forward Ford here. I'm very very excited to be able to hopefully when I don't know what the timeframe is waiting to the vendor to come back but hoping to three weeks maybe four weeks we have the <hes> everything installed and we are back to full blown studio media production here in the studio layout with everything and <hes> while things have to come together. I don't WanNa reveal a tie revealed at some key members of the audience <hes> over the weekend gotten some feedback and <hes> <hes> I think people are pretty at least the the response has been good in the three studio layout and of course getting a central be in Bay two and <hes> excited about being able to show you all the finished product there and how it's going to look the lighting and all that so but I got a couple of key things to get done this week to get some views of the studio outlooks with where the cameras are GonNa be positioned so that's Kinda on tap but other than that things are moving along here and get a lot of stuff to do over the weekend and put in some some long hours but let's get into the show got a good stack of stuff for you to talk about tonight. I'm on the road caster this this afternoon or this evening and <hes> let's move into. Into the the first article of the evening the best streaming service for court cord cutters on a budget and if you are on a budget which many people are this is a great way to save some money in as you've cut the cord from the you that was interesting is we had to cable boxes that we had been sitting on forever and I told my wife I said you need to take those back to <hes> Oceanic Inc which was spectrum in Hawaii and she took him back and of course they tried immediately up sellers in all if you add these channels is not going to cost any more than you're paying now. It's a two year commitment. My son has kept the one GIG Internet service service which he really doesn't need the one GIG but he's paying for it so you know it's his money and <hes> she thought we were still paying while we were paying with the one Gig service with tax and everything is like one thirty nine that's with no channels also whatsoever. That's Internet only and the guy had told her all your bills GonNa you know he had mistakenly told her the bill was going to be the same but it wasn't just the basic cable package was going to drive it up another forty bucks and I told her I said said why do that. <hes> just Youtube TV and <hes> if you're you know you're local channels on that you can watch you just got to learn how to use the remote control a little bit but <hes> they tried to try to pull a fast one saying the price is GonNa be the same and it really wasn't it was more money. She was pretty <hes> pretty upset about it but just goes to show you the cable companies. Do not have your your best interests at heart but anyway these best street the best streaming services for cord cutters on a budget includes sling thing you get a solid mix of channels for less than twenty five dollars a month with an optional cloud based D._v._R.. The pros of it he get more than thirty live channels with Sling Orange sling blue including major ones such as E._s._p._N.. A._M._C. and comedy central. I don't need any sports channels. None the cons of it the cloud d._v._R.. Feature cost extra five dollars month and you still need to find a way to get over the air channels like A._B._C. C._B._S.. N._B._C. and Fox I didn't have much luck with the over the Air Antenna China in Honolulu. That's one option. Filo is another one P. H.. I L. O.. which you get more than fifty live channels for only twenty dollars a month pros? I mean what would you you can have major channels like A._M._C. Comedy Central Food Network in H._d._T._v.. There's no E._S._P._N.. Or F s one so it's not best if your sports fans. This sounds like maybe something for me again. This is <hes> the the twenty plus actually another other solve option is a fifty eight fifty eight channels for twenty per month includes an e._M._C. Comedy Central Discovery Food Network H._D._t._V. History M._t._v. vice land among others. You won't find again E._S._P._N.. And so forth and of course net flicks on demand that continues to be a great value Hulu as well <hes> daughter pays for Hulu and then <hes> really get the best of both worlds now you can sign up for E._S._p._N.. Plus that's an option yeah. Tons of sports content from most was popular leagues both live and on demand. It's for ninety nine a month. You'll still have to deal with blackouts meaning if you live in New York and a fan of the New York City <hes> with F._C.. What is F. C.? You won't likely be able to see the game so <hes> <hes> they have one hundred eighty major league baseball games the English F._A.. Cup The N._H._l.. Games they've got basketball baseball football golf softball wrestling in gymnastics so those are some options air for you subscribe to E._s._p._N.. Plus for five dollars a month so maybe your sports fan which you do is you get the Filo p. h.. I L. O.. Service and you get the E._S._p._N.. Plus any kind of get the best of both worlds for twenty five dollars so again in best dreaming services for cord cutters. Maybe there's an option here even for <hes> for Shoko because <hes> the the T. The T._v.. Package from Youtube has gotten a more expensive so this might be a really good ed option for her. Look as she's watching a budget to are moving on here in the U._S.. Government today is issued a stunning rebuke historic five billion dollar fine against facebook for repeated privacy violations. The settlement ends a sixteen month probe. They began relations the tech giant's entanglement with Cambridge Analytica. This is huge five billion dollars and they must submit to significant federal oversight of its business practices and again. This is sixteen eighteen months. They took to get to this point and Deaf T._C.. Alleged the facebook had misled is two point two billion users. They agency argue that the social network company was not upfront about the way APP developers advertisers and others gain access to user's personal data <hes> from the content they liked to phone numbers they stored in a breach of facebook previous promise to improve its privacy protections online so this is the largest blind largest finding U._S. history for privacy violation dilation and get grants federal regulators unparalleled access social networking shine business decisions for the next two decades for the next twenty years in regulated scrutinize the action of facebook's leaders including Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg in its efforts to launch new products and services facebook covered did not have to admit guilt for its misdeeds five billion dollars and <hes> but even within A._F._D._C. serious concerns emerge the punishment does not alter the way facebook collects and monetize its users date in the first place the fierce prompt the agencies to democratic members row hit COPRAH and Rebecca Kelly slaughter devote against as per approving a settlement earlier this month and their public comment on the settlement the Democrat said the dissenting statements the fine should have been higher and the re- remedies much tougher if the F._T._C. truly hope to change facebook facebook they expressed alarm that the agency may have game Zuckerberg and his fellow executives and facebook could complete pass on any other privacy mishaps that may have occurred in the past while while calling the settlement historic commissioner slaughter says she believes the F._c._C. should a suit facebook and named Zuckerberg in a lawsuit. The commission would better serve the public interest and be more likely to effective change face facebook by fighting for the outright right outcome in a in a public court of law. So what are you what say you five billion was at enough should've been more really loved to <hes> love to hear what you think and for Richard <hes> video only on facebook and maybe for only this episode depending on where Madison I'm doing the show moving on here week in the life of Popular Youtube channels and this is a research research study done by a Pew Research Center at P. E. W. Pew Internet Dot Org and they did analysis of every video. Excuse me I do have a mute button here that I could use by hi subscriber channels in the first week of two thousand nineteen and they found that children's content as well as content featuring children receive more of us than other videos isn't that interesting and this goes into some really <hes> deep data looks they looked at <hes> youtube channels the with those at least two hundred fifty thousand subscribers the existed as of late two thousand eighteen and did an analysis of those channels. The center identified a total of forty three thousand seven hundred seventy of these high subscriber channels using a process similar to the one in the study of the Youtube Recommendation Logarithms they <hes> they determined that of those forty three thousand seven hundred seventy channels they were creating <hes> a quarter million those popular channels alone posted nearly a quarter million videos in the first seven days of two thousand nineteen think about that. Tilling Forty eight thousand four hundred eighty six hours of content if you watch continuously eight hours a day at sixteen years to watch just the content that those forty three thousand channels put up in the first nine days altogether those videos were viewed fourteen point two billion times in the first seven days on the platform and they found that they should not come as a surprise a small share of highly active creators raiders produced the majority of content and many of these content creators posted those videos in multiple languages so if they're posting them in multiple languages you know they're making pile of money. The pugh center mapping topping process identified nine thousand eight hundred sixty nine channels across the two hundred fifty thousand subscribers Russia between July two thousand eighteen when the Senate last conduct analysis youtube data when the data was updated for analysis at reset and thirty two percent increase in total number more popular channels over the period by the same token. The numbers subscribers to existing popular channels already been identified by an average of twenty seven percent over the same period a year before but again videos aimed at children were were highly a popular especially those that feature children under the age of thirteen regardless of their intended audience. I don't watch videos with kids in it. Is it because teenagers are watching videos with kids. WHO's watching Chin? These videos more broadly videos featuring child children appear to be under thirteen regardless of where the video in question was aimed exclusive children not recently received nearly three times as many views as any other type of video age lane videos related to current events politics posted by those proper channels tended to have an international rather than U._S. focus but they go into justice deep dive of this and there's multiple pages in this report so if you wanna see what's going on youtube I have that linked up in the show notes free to review and <hes> you can take a peek a deep dive <hes> on it a lot of good info there today the earth experience equivalent of strolling down the street and minding our own business and having a baseball whistle by ear that baseball was strayed two thousand nineteen. Okay a previously undetected rock the zoom by a little close for comfort. Excuse me it was last Thursday not today first thing to know is the asteroid didn't actually hit us. I don't think so because we would have known it. The Rock estimated between fifty six feet and one hundred twenty eight feet in diameter in it <hes> pass within forty eight thousand miles point nine nine A._U.. which is really close no appoint one nine? Excuse me if you come within one lunar distance. You're cosmetically fairly close to pump the planet while asteroid two thousand nineteen. Okay is the largest this past closest to earth this year again very very close so <hes> if they said if it would have impacted if <hes> came through the the atmosphere it would have left a one kilometer crater wherever it hit and <hes> probably been very bad for anyone in the surrounding areas you think about that for a few seconds so <hes> just messed US walking around. How would you like to have an air conditioner that you can fit in your pocket? Sony is introducing what they're calling the RECON pocket. It's from the company Startup Acceleration Program. I am a small device that fits your shirt pocket and keep you cool or warm via smartphone APP device the device lights into the back into the back of a specially designed shirt sitting at the neck temperatures justed through the APP and Basic Zeke package with Riyan pocket in one shirt cost one hundred thirty dollars shirts come in men's small medium or large device battery lasts for ninety minutes. After two hours charging corny south China Morning Post and Sony plans launched the RECON pocket only in Japan for the time being so <hes> for the salaryman this on the way to work trying to keep cool. This may be the the cat's meow but it's designed to blow cold air on you for about ninety minutes it just long enough for that commute to keep you from sweating through because believe me it can get hot on the trains Japan Nissan boy. They're in trouble Nissan planes on twelve twelve thousand five hundred layoffs after operating profits fell ninety eight percent so <hes> automakers around the world been struggling in recent months Ford said earlier this month that it would cut twelve thousand jobs in Europe while G._M.. Has announced plans Salaam eight thousand jobs in a series of cuts and of course Nissan's been having a really rough year there chairman Carl Golson was arrested in November two thousand eighteen on corruption charges creating a massive distraction for the company Nissan has a <hes> complex set of financial relationship Renault and Mitsubishi. They make manager of the company more complicated since go since dismissal from Nissan's Board C._E._O.. Hiroto Succour has struggled to turn the automaker fortunes around so so <hes> Ninety eight percent ninety eight percent <hes> net income drop not good A._T. and T.. This couldn't have happened to a better company A._T.. And T. has lost nearly one million T._v.. Viewers T._v.. Customers excuse me after raising direct T._V. prices. They lost nine hundred forty six thousand T._V.. Subscribers and quarter to two thousand nineteen loss companies attributed to the price increase competition other factors of Cord Cutters A._T.. And T. report a net loss of seven hundred seventy eight thousand subscribers in the premium T._v.. Category which includes it's direct T._v.. Satellite in universe wireline TV services eighteen triggered this loss to increase in customer rolling off promotional discounts ounce it also lost one hundred sixty eight thousand subscribers direct T._v. now an online service with linear channels similar traditional satellite and cable TV A._T.. And T. said the direct T._v.. Customer loss was due to higher prices and less promotional activity so the premium T._V. Loss Breath A._T.. And T. Down to twenty one point six million customers in that category while the direct T._v.. Loss brought that service down to one point three million customers including both A._T.'s total number of video subscribers dropped twenty five from twenty five point four million in q two two thousand eighteen to twenty two point nine and Q. Two Thousand Nineteen Fan tastic. I can tell them A._T.. And T. Fan not six Kaelin around. I know I don't matter of fact of because <hes> my one of my raps. My go-to Eddie Rep was on vacation. She got the accounting data into the system too late and I won't get paid for last month's. Go Daddy stuff until next month so yeah we're running on a tight budget here but l._G.'s short throw throw four K. laser projector and when I mean short thorough this isn't even really the word so this short throw four K. laser projector is going to be gonNA roll out is GonNa cost six grand now. Here's the deal once you keep in mind that this latest products to the short-term projector which capable creating ninety inch projection for merely to basically from merely two inches away it can create up to one hundred twenty inch projection if kept seven point two inches away the specs had been previously confirmed including twenty five hundred aluminum brightness over the four K. U. H._d.. Resolution can activities insured using U._S._B.. Ethernet nate she might porch this evening. Support Google assistant and L._G.'s thin Q. A. I. for Voice Commands Six grand. I think you have to be a business that needs that specific need need Roku in order to improve streaming reliability is making its own Wifi Center for improve streaming service. It's called Roco relay. The entire idea behind this product has improved wireless connection side the home of people relying Rocco Barocco connecting streaming the verge reports that Roque was currently testing its wifi center with users outside the company Roque was yet to announce the roku relates reported a small white device which can plug into a power that an arrest along the wall and it sounds like it's a pretty standard Wifi extender for Proxima instructions so that's meant to be is with roku devices of their WIFI connection can be approved. It's not clarified whether other devices can be connected to the relay as well all so maybe just marketed customers using extension the roku streaming device something that they install halfway between their T._v. and their router the rookery hasn't been clear to the F._C._c. yet. It can't launch into a required alright regulatory approvals attain and Roca's reportedly still undecided whether or not it will actually end up selling the rope relay. I know that this is an issue in some homes you have two or three row coups two or three different rooms and if can activities on great folks complain about it twitter and then be teamed up for live coverage of the two thousand twenty Olympics so <hes> I guess <hes> twitter wrote the check. The content will be able to twitter's website naps N._B._C. previously had similar ranger with snapchat during the two thousand Eighteen Winter Games were some highlights packages and live coverage was provided. N._B._C.'s been quite particular about keeping a firm grip on his broadcast rights for the Games even though it's worked for snapchat offer some content. This is the biggest initiative N._B._C. So far in allowing partner to us live Olympic live Olympic video as a New York Times reports. You know I'll be honest with you. I would watch more Olympics but don't broadcast it all. They just do select stuff. I'm sure they've got some sort of package. You can buy but you know it is what it is and stay in this digital age. Everything should be available. Earnings reports are out and <hes> here's the DELEO alphabet announced its second quarter two thousand nineteen results revenue of thirty eight point nine four four billion an increase of nineteen percent year over year. They're operating. How much was they had net income of nine nine point nine billion? Let's see here their employees count from compared to last year three months June two thousand eighteen to the three months and in June thirtieth two thousand nineteen as one hundred seven thousand. Let's see here they go into a whole bunch of different <hes> devices but their statement says our effort to build or more helpful Google of urban brings countless opportunities to help users partners enterprise customers every day said Sundar Pichai C._E._o.. Of Google from improvements in core information products such as search maps in Google Assistant to new breakthroughs in a our in our growing clout in hardware offerings he says with revenue thirty point nine million nineteen percent versus second crew two thousand eighteen and twenty two percent on constant currency basis Mesa's. We're delivering strong. Go Growth said Ruth Herat C._F._O.. Of alphabet and Google are ongoing vestments in compute can be capabilities engineering talent reflect the compelling opportunities we see across the company at the same time Intel you who disclosure I own stock rises on earnings beat and has an optimistic forecasts and that is because apple said it's buying the majority of until smartphone modem business in a one billion dollar deal so here are the key numbers for the second quarter earnings dollar six per share including <hes> excluding certain items versus eighty nine per share as expected by analysts revenue sixteen point five one billion versus fifteen point point seven until revenue fell three percent from a year earlier in the period which ended June twenty nine for declines in both P._C.. And server chip categories according to statement company's biggest the biggest business site segment the client competing group includes desktop and notebook P._C.. Chips posted eight point eight four billion revenue. That's about that's about eight point one three billion average so <hes> what are they saying here trade uncertainties creating city cross anxiety across our customer supply chain and drove a poll in of clients EP orders in the second quarter then their words they got a whole bunch of orders. We also halted ship. Mrs Certain customers in response to the U._S.. Government's admits revised entity lists in other words the ban on China after through review. We're able to resume shipments of some products in compliance regulations and the impact on the second quarter was limited and these comments were presumably reference to Chinese technology analogy company while way to which other chipmakers like Corvo and sky works posh shipments including resulting in slash guidance show <hes> also apple confirms plan to buy the majority of until smartphone business so <hes> apples making a move here they wanna move stuff in house so good on Intel for having a good quarter Amazon is reporting sixty three point four billion in Q.. Two thousand eighteen eighteen revenue A._W._S. thirty seven percents subscriptions up thirty s that thirty seven percent and other up thirty seven percent so <hes> sear sixty three point four billion net income is two point six remember when Amazon was just burning money so <hes> this compares to fifty two point nine billion in income a two point five in the two thousand eighteen analysts did expect Amazon Sixty two point four eight so they came in <hes> you know half a billion or so over that A._W._s.. Continues to be the star of the sugaring thirty seven percent in sales to eight point four billion subscription services rupp that made when mainly constitute Amazon prime which the companies expanding offer deals at places like whole foods which I we have yet to start shopping at. It's like a three hundred dollar bill every time you walk in there so I'm not anyway some good earnings reports across the tech sector so far Chinese ice base it says <hes> switch up here achieves or it with historic private-sector launch a space become the first Chinese private firms achieve orbit with thirsty successful launch from the national space centre in the Gobi Desert Beijing intercessor interstellar glory space technology also known as I space launch its hyperbolic one launch vehicle from the Yuan Satellite Launch Center at one A._M.. Eastern July twenty fifth the test like character casts seven be amateur radio satellite and a technology verification payload percent for China's central television into three hundred kilometer attitude or it with a three more small payloads attached to the upper stage. This makes ice base the first Chinese private rock and company did she bore but falling failures by land space in October and one space in March of this year the Hyper Bola one was early slated for launch in April than in early June before slipping for unannounced reasons so so <hes> will see here. They received one hundred million in series a funding from Matrix partners China tech giant Baidu and others. Fighting cough here was able to hit the <hes> the mute button that time so China's in the space race privately the U._S. House passed a bipartisan bill to stop illegal Robo calls it will require carriers authenticate all costs finally so <hes> this was introduced by energy and Commerce Committee chairman. I'm Frank Pallone and ranking member Greg Walden the stopping bad robocall Oct- enjoyed support from us all representative bill passed by four twenty nine to three the bill is very similar to Anti Robo Call Bill the Senate passed in May there won't be any formal proceedings resolve discrepancies between the two and informal negotiations will happen in August and hopefully we'll go to the president's desk for eight signature so very rare you see a four twenty nine to three vote on anything in anything in Politics Three D. printing is <hes> you know getting pretty popular has been popular for a while and the folks at c Net have the Best Three D. printers for beginners and budget creators and and talking about relatively inexpensive stuff starting about one hundred ninety nine dollars. I haven't done any three D. Printing but you know I've got room here now in the <hes> in the new studio to do some stuff like that so maybe how many of you doing three D. printing is it you know as it just a hobby is a Britney thing useful <hes>. I haven't really thought about it 'cause just consider it might be a a money sink so <hes> what do y'all think. Tell me about your three D.. Printers love to hear from you and let me know how how how it's going with those <hes> in what you're what you're making with them primarily. That's what I really WANNA know. Don't want to spend too much money because it may be just sit around and collect dust but what's amazing easing go here is what I've been finding out so much stuff I could not ship to Hawaii because it would incur massive shipping bills and <hes> it's opened up a whole new world stuffing it from Amazon without <hes> without paying for shipping <hes> bought a refrigerator off Amazon. No shipping cost <hes> in his refrigerator here for the for the studio <hes> I went over to Home Depot Oh and they were telling me Oh three four days and <hes> you know all the you know rigmarole they delivered to my door and I'm so I went online and found one Amazon bought it. They're cheaper. I've been trying to support the local stores here as much as possible but they need to be more competitive. They really really do. Amazon is still eating their lunch at big big way purposely hate going into Walmart but you know we're Walmart and Costco. You know there's not a costco close to me. There's a Sam's about forty five minutes away so you know what did I get normally Costco Toilet Paper Day. You know a dish of paper towels you know certain types of stuff and <hes> never ordered that stuff on Amazon when I was living in Hawaii was just kinda dumb to do that and looking here. I'm like yeah. Let's just have it delivered makes a lot more sense so <hes> am taking advantage of <hes> being able to have shipped here in the mainland <hes> n._T._N.. Get it the next day and not really have to even even walk into Walmart at all one thing that I did do here in the studio. Is I installed three simply safe. <hes> smoke detectors in there in different sections of the studio one here one in the studio and wanting to back in the kitchen area and <hes> android central has a review of the best smoke detectors for two thousand nineteen and if you've had a smoke detector actor in most homes today that are being built their wired by law. There's no batter. They have to be electrically wired but if you're an older home in you don't have a wired smoke detector her it opens up the possibilities of what you can buy and be honest with you. You know if if you're smoke detectors more than ten years old maybe it's time to do an upgrade because they've got a lot better but best overall was the nest protect second gen and <hes> it sent messages. smartphone also is color charging light ring of light and gives you a verbal notices when there's a problem in addition addicting smoke and carbon monoxide also has a split spectrum split spectrum sensor that sense as fast as slow burning fires will be able to pick up several different dangers. The nesper tech works with other smart home devices like the Hyun Nassan wink a little pricey obviously leap <hes> so that is the con- but the best budget alarms from first alert. It's it's SCO seven C._N._N.. And <hes> this is another smart smoke detector and it's pretty reasonable but it does detect a carbon monoxide is smoke and <hes> unlike other inexpensive first alert smoke detectors doesn't require Z. wave hub to work and <hes> it's it's inexpensive email smartphone notifications no hub required in it's it's got but it does have fewer fewer abilities but <hes> they've got some here that are best budget. Ones is all the REU smart battery <hes> on the Roost Smart Battery. Why do we wanNA talk the battery? Oh the roots smart battery turns their existing firearm into a smart device the batteries WIFI enabled and should alarm guava sends alert to your smartphone. Oh so it's actually he take your existing resisting smoke detector and make it smart and <hes> but it has limited smart abilities and Lebron for A. L. E. X.. Fans the first alert one link safe and sound these are all linked up the show notes on this article on the android central. Don't forget your if you have multiple zones in your house probably got four five smoke detectors. If you'RE GONNA make a change to make change everywhere it can get very pricey. ebay is gonNA take a shot Amazon with an end fulfillment service next year although won't own its own warehouse so this is interesting. They're going to provide in packaging and delivery to who at sellers ECOMMERCE giant plans to launch Manny Schiller in the U._S.. Next year using a network of third party partners says probably warehousing packing delivery services using a basic -nology Ebay says it that it sellers send one point five million packages every day in the run forty fifty percent of items on the site will qualify to use the new plan the launch and manage delivery marks a big change for ebay which is tend to take a handoff approach off seller silver the products but this has led to inconsistencies this season at service new fulfillment plumber should help solve this problem Ebay says it managed over aim to deliver package in two to three days and that it will simplify lower the cost of sellers are getting Proxima hands of their customers. It also says the customers will benefit from faster more reliable delivery three Bloomberg courts once involved in the trial of Ebay Film Service said that the Ebay charging three ninety nine Senate package from California New Jersey compared to three Oh nine he spent before which include the cost of packaging supplies however more importantly the the fact these save the time you spent packing products by outsourcing worked Ebay. He's can focus on running my business adding products rather than packing boxes all day. <hes> smart probably not for the one off seller. Being Rumored Apple Sixteen inch macbook pro could be a starting price of three thousand dollars. According to rumors apples was working on a new sixteen inch macbook pro now apple's macbook pro series laptops which were never laid that chief to begin with price howling going up with a fifteen inch model so as you can imagine the sixteen inch macbook pro will most likely not come cheap either again. The macbook pro could be price starting at three thousand dollars in this has to do with the display the laptop day. We'll see jumping resolution. The current fifteen inch macbook has roost resolution twenty eight eighty by eighteen hundred and the new one will have three thousand seventy two by nineteen twenty so we'll see but as a high enough a jump that the screen will probably considered retina but <hes> ridiculous prices for sure spacex star Hopper test aboard is seconds after starting the video shows the engines come into life and then three about three seconds later. It's shut down. I'm not saying what happened but <hes> they didn't get off the ground so we'll see what the reporting on that is. Is it goes on N._B._C.. Universal planes had bay debut at streaming service in April. It's mostly. It's it'll mostly rely license content with the office as a tent pole. The streaming wars are intensifying with likes H._B._O.. C._B._S. and Disney don't expect to C._N._B._C. number. Bankrolling dozens original original series and movies at the outset taking a different approach to net flicks is it will focus on license content with some original programming. I I don't watch the office. I didn't think it was still even on <hes> <hes> the Sitcom as reported by far the most watched show on Netflix office will be available on that service through twenty twenty after which you'll be on N._B._C. Universal streaming exclusive so anyway. That's what's happening there with N._B._C.. Verse I think is a big mistake. I do have a press release from apple talking about it's <hes> it's acquiring the majority of Intel's smartphone motive business have that show notes tonight Tulsi Gabbard Democrat presidential educate sued Google for fifty million dollars. She's a long shot presidential candidate from my previous home in Hawaii and she said in or set in a federal lawsuit that Google infringed on her free speech when it briefly suspended her campaign advertising account went after the first democratic debate in June lawsuit filed on Thursday to Federal Court is believed the first time repellent on Chicane is sued a major tech firm and it twists it reflects miscavige unorthodox political views claim that her speech was stifled by Google similar dictates by over the last year in Republican circles. Few Democrats have racist same circle. This is from the New York Times big tech on these google getting increased scrutiny by lawmakers and regulators and again a day before the gathered filed a lawsuit dude against facebook. No no no a day before gathered a day before a day before she filed the lawsuit against Google facebook said the F._T._C. it it opened a formal antitrust and make investigation to its business practices so <hes> anyway <hes> Tulsi now incorporated a campaign committee for Miss Gabbard said Google suspended the campaigns advertising account for six hours on June twenty twenty seven and June twenty eight striking its ability to raise money and spreader message to potential voters so was right after the debate so is prime time to get cash see where she goes with that t mobile said they won't <music> sell the galaxy fold when it's released but A._T.. And T. is still in discussions. T. Mobile will not offer well not care the galaxy fode because we already offer customers a wide range of the latest smartphones. Please reach out to Samsung for any further inquiries so they don't believe in it. According to the register hello there you're overspending on A._W._S.. Has Cloud Giant Introduces Chat Bot for slack alerts sends alerts and Diagnostics so basically Chat Bot is <hes> basically tied to your service account and send you a message when something is <hes> Sideways Cloud Watch triggers <hes> server outages all that can stuff. They've got US service already. That does some of the split this ties in to slack so if your knee W._s.. User in use slack this is a good titan all right getting down to the final article here and just a reminder Keaton centralize a lot of great news we we've been on the F._T._c. fine today if I- billion dollars we talked about a U._S.. Department of Justice announced the antitrust review big tack. We've talked about Facebook Messenger. Kids APPs allowed unauthorized users. We've talked about Microsoft investing investment partners with Open A._I.. So lots of articles Chris we talked about the Equifax will pay five hundred seventy five million so you know lots of good stories overheating central Dot Com make sure you pay attention to that and go over there do not forget that <hes> Hey Chris from Saint John's Philip from Tahiti. Thanks for being on tonight and Richard Dave thanks for being on the livestream tonight and I appreciate it as always don't forget Co.. Daddy is sponsored the show. This is how we keep the lights on and keep doing what we're doing. If you are thinking about a hosting service thinking about domain names whatever it may be it is my express pleasure when you use those codes to pick up products and services over there even if you're not a new customer just using the code is great as you guys know that I only get paid on a new customer acquisition so when you share my codes with friends family members people that you know the sign up for go daddy products or service that is where the rubber hits the road for this show and the sponsorship with go daddy so we definitely appreciate it <hes> when you share those codes and and <hes> in and using yourself as always the insider program with thank all the all the folks that are insiders at this time. It's greatly appreciated <hes> tight month here so <hes> definitely thank you for your ongoing. <hes> individual donations ends up to five ten fifteen twenty and twenty five dollars a month some even do one time donations. Those are greatly appreciated. Help really helps things go a long ways here <hes> so anyway. If you haven't become an insider yet. Please consider doing so and <hes> anyway. That's going to wrap the show for day. I do <hes> again one thing kirk forgetting the show production done in up and running. I found a few more articles besides the ones he hid linked up but as always <hes>. It's a team effort here again. Dan next show will be <hes> in Columbus in the Combo by design studio in in the blueberry studio might do video. Maybe nightly might use stream yard but there's not a lot to look. At of course there's not a lot to look in. This studio is well. My sister was in here today and <hes> we were talking about. All my stuff is on the floor for all my <hes> picture albums and and stuff so we Kennedy decision where some stuff is going to go so oh I might get some time over the weekend hang stuff so it's just an ongoing <hes> you know I got to work for raw voice blueberry first and then do this stuff second and <hes> but we're starting things will start coming together very very quickly now now. It's been a long the time we're already the end of July hope really Kinda beat ready to go by August but this decision to do this studio design and install that really <hes> is driving the delay but I think it's GonNa be well worth it when it's done. I think you guys are going to be blown away. I'm very very excited about the new studio design and for those of you that have seen it you wanna send an email to the audience and give them your thoughts on how it looks other than we get Outta.

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Mastering the Mindset of a Successful Musician Now and Beyond with Trent Phillips

The God and Gigs Show

1:19:13 hr | 1 year ago

Mastering the Mindset of a Successful Musician Now and Beyond with Trent Phillips

"Success is really more so defined as you in my view as you accomplishing your purpose and as long as you are on that journey continuously accomplishing bit by bit bit by bit. You're successful as you go is not waiting on a platform waiting on a particular award to define US successful. You're successful just by the fact that you are on this path and that you're following guy on the exact path that you that you believe he has you on artists musicians and creatives of all kinds looking for help balancing your passion create with your Everyday Life. Not sure of your faith can coexist with your profession. Welcome to a place where real artists discuss real life. You're listening to the garden GIG show visit garden. Gigs DOT COM for show notes links and more information. Hello and thanks so much for making this a part of your creative day my name is Alan. See Paul and ammo musician and author of the books. Got An gigs. Succeed as you musician without sacrificing faith as well as our devotional your art got heart. Both of those books are available at all online bookstores as well as our website got engaged dot com. And you're here. Probably because you're a musician author freelancer artists. Someone who wants to build a better life from the inside out so if you're one of those people you're in the right place we help you to solve your temporary created problems by applying timeless spiritual principles and we do all those things in the context of faith career relationships. So I hope you'll subscribe to the show and if you enjoy it. I hope you'll also review the show and share with your friends. Now let me get right to the point of this episode. The person were interviewing is so special to me personally because he basically helped the guy gets platform begin. He was one of the first people to give me encouragement and to really push me onto doing what I'm doing right now. Which is helping other creatives just like you so without Phillips. You've probably wouldn't be hearing my boys but just in case you don't know who Trent Phillips's let me give you a quick introduction to why he is one of the leading musicians voices consultants people basically anywhere in the music industry. Trent Phillips is the CEO of Lionheart Productions. And he has been one of the first call musicians for pretty much every gospel artists. You could name worked with dynamic clerk in as musical director for decades now. He has also worked with Taj caused. Leonard Bishop Paul S Morton and has been on Multiple Dove Grammy and Stellar Award winning projects. So as you can see. Trent is literally the top of the top when it comes to music training people go to Trent right away because they know he is an authority in this area. But what you'll learn from this is not just. How many amazing things he's done you'll learn about how his early years helped him kept keep inflexible how he learned about different genres of music and didn't focus simply on performance. You'll learn how his business has really evolved over time and now he's able to continue to pivot and the find new opportunities and you'll hear some probably some surprising opinions. He has about musicians creators and why we should be more flexible in terms of our overall goals and how we achieve those goals. Because if you are listening to this even as I'm recording you know much of what we thought we were going to be doing has changed and shifted so Trent has some great advice for you so please don't just listen for the great stories of them mazing artists that he's worked with and his experiences at the top of the Gospel. Music Industry listen for the practical tips. That can help you to do the best that you can do. And follow the path that God is leading you on. So I don't want to delay this any further with the intro. Trent has so much to share with you and again. This is one of the most special anticipated interviews. I've ever done so let's get right to it. Ladies and Gentlemen Well Ladies Joe this interview that has been coming ever since the two words guide. Gigs were put together at a sentence in this platform because the man. I'm talking to you right now. Is Literally the person who was the first one who responded when I ask my fellow musicians artists? Hey Do you think this idea will work? And I'm telling you that he is. He could be called like the grandfather of got engaged. Even I'm sure he doesn't appreciate being called grandfather but his his influence in industry his influence over me influence over so many musicians really speaks for itself. So I'm not gonNA spend any more talent already raised by. I'm just GONNA say Trent Phillips Welcome to the got engaged show. I'm great man. Thanks for having me on. Madison pleasure has been longtime coming. It has been little long guest the longest one because I could go right now on g mail. We're we're recording right now. And at the end of March I could go to my g mail. Probably Right now Maybe around here see no no. He's time you're not gonNA find that email and here we yes this year. Maybe this year could lead this year. Maybe this time but you're a busy man. You're you're right now and we talked about. You know we're already going to. Can you tell audience? We're going to get really like we're so familiar with our worlds? That is GONNA be hard to keep focused on just mixture. We talked to you. But I'll say this with everything that's going on and we said we're not going to on it with everything that's going on. Has There ever been times? Funny Funny I question has ever been a time where you haven't what you've had to use more of your juggling skills in terms of your at all the skills that you've had built up over the years. I'm not going to talk about whether it's music administrative whatever am I'm not gonNA mention why you have to his skills right now but isn't this an example right. Now you're not trying to jump on this call and all the time. We had the text each other. Isn't that basically? What what your life has been like in terms of balancing music ministry all this just a day like today. Yeah exactly you know part of what happened just today in trying to schedule this. 'cause we have this call guards may be or a week or two or yeah last two weeks and scheduled for the morning got to emergency call you know between last night and this morning heads jump on a couple of conference calls and then another one that was unplanned and you know we just we just had to make it work and keep rescheduling opt. Promise you I'm so trying to debate. I promise you that I'm not gonNA ask. You does another day which has been happening consistently over the last several years unfortunate but but it it. It is a yeah. It is a picture of what can happen. Sometimes when you know when you do have allowing your plate me to have a lot that you've agreed to You know a lot of times. We try to honestly use scriptures in adages like too much given much is required as an excuse Sometimes as a reason to just be busy at all over the place however in these past several years I have learned And continue to learn more more That you know number one being thought of as busy and too busy is not is not good and it's not always a good thing for people to feel like you're just basic as you have all this you know you're doing all of these things. I all of these things and I understand but you just too busy so I think the contrast to that is you know of course balancing I first pieces balancing will An include delegation at conclude Scheduling your time to the point. Bet You nothing else can can Can you date or invaded? Nothing else can get in the way of that because you have this time set aside And you know putting some time limits on yourself S. to you know how long you devote time you devoted to certain tasks so that you can get things done. My context is music. Ministry Music Ministry leader have been for many years. Also you know working operating in the music industry as a producer and arranger things like that even as a last concert musician and all that so a lot of times dealing with dealing between those three world not even counting What I do in terms of my business As having a production company just those first world's can just be so crazy so I again I've learned how to really juggle and and better juggled imbalanced my time. I also been mentioned out my husband. I'll waiting for that way through a slight priority. Just our knows about kids Elliott. Okay don't give you start out that way. We can agree whether it's wife kids either way. It has to come first before even all those other things you mentioned. I love the fact that we kinda started just in the middle of where we are as musicians and artists and I want to go back to the beginning. 'cause PEOPLE WHO DO NOT. I don't unless living under a rock and Gospel How they don't know who you are but let's just take them back to the beginning in terms of what you just mentioned about developing as musician as producer all these titles right all these roles he's roles develop from one perhaps a central like focus. And then as you go through life and as you've expanded your career you've seen more rolls come on like just as much as much as required in. Moore's required if you gotta make sure we understand like okay. How did you even get to the point where you can be athletic that? How did you re ask to be on a stage with you? Know with with best Danny or with any of these other millions of a millions but like a sounds like every project that you've been on as gone all over the place so let's just beginning talk about you. Know Your your humble beginnings down here in south Florida and where where I could say that I was right across the street. Didn't know much about this guy over Bethel but everybody says he's really good. You paid me a visit. One time about this. And I as lewd had showed up on scene trying to figure out why does man was screaming with his preaching and knowing nothing about the Baptist culture. Nothing about it and then Just having you in my world at that stage was again you just seem to come into my life and speak into it as such law amazing time so yes this is. GonNa be a love fest. Y'All forgive me but I got to know how much he means to me. But yeah take us back to the beginning to charge the beginning of your musical life. Why did you go to the start in the path that you started on as far as Church music and ministry sure Will start at the as a child of Asia says seven started to take piano lessons. Of course my parents and they just wanted they were. My Dad was a not a career musician but played trumpet are bad in school and I was an athlete. My mom just loved music with Saint but nothing professional. I later found out that I did have some other professionals. Cia family line in those who were also instrumentalists and singers But started at age of seven. You know taking piano lessons and learning theory classical music and you know at one point you know I was on a path to just being a classical musician and at the same time I was also in Church Costal Church Search so you know. There was another context and another world of music and styles and even worse styles. That was introduced too early on So you know that automatically. Kinda shows you you know. The first contract was over over time kind of taught me how to be balanced in terms of my approach of music So have that also have it all sort of a background or love for Pop Music for Blues for Classic Jazz for Contemporary Jazz Album. Soul soul and all that kind of came through my father and just the music we listen to as well as astles course So just kinda grown up with all of that by attached. I always say that attached quickly to The classical feel and sound but also Pop and you know in the day out at this point seven so kind of grew up course late. Seventies Eighties So Michael Jackson and things at generals loosen but now and George Benson and things like that you know. That was a a a huge part of of my musical of bringing just hearing what was on the radio was on TV and were being played in the house So taking all of that you know through also a singer Not Professional Singer not not looking to be artists at that. But I would say coming up at School of course chorus and all that so Just kinda whose experiences in and kept them going through high school and then later through some somewhat through college and then I kind of made a quick turn but we'll still while playing music and singing and things like that learning how to arrange parts and arranged vocals and range you know instrumental parts and things like that still doing that. had a to kind of quick term to wars. It and had love for computer science and things like that. So kind of had some experience here But then made my way back to on after a couple of years schooling. They're made my way back to music. Full time Salt later teen years. I was fifteen I was you know in Miami of course moving around the city a little bit more in within our circles and communities you know working with different Starting to work artists in different producers and writers in the area You know from concerts to bigger things like live recordings. By the time I was eighteen I was asked to do on my first ever live recording to produce it actually After an introduction by you know some of our friends I want around. Mutual Friends Bobby spry right now. But he you know musician Back then and still has musician but you know that that was the connection there and got a chance to produce. I Live or Gospel recording at age eighteen and I got ask you right there. I got stopped at age eighteen okay. So here's the first part where I think a lot of us Again is so weird looking back man. I think this is this. One was interviews. GonNa make us both feel really old. But you're like what an eighteen had you seen or obviously a lot of our talks when we talk about growing up in just learning how to be professional how to be musician. One Zero scale the discipline to learn those different genres. But then I really focus on this me personally. I really focus on the skills so right now. You're being asked to be a leader at eighteen of a production now album production. Whatever you WANNA call it it requires you to be in front so can talk a little bit about just the skills and the different things you had to either lower that you did well or maybe you didn't do so no at that first at that first stage where you being asked to step into a leadership capacity as a musician can talk about that. A little bit absolutely Yeah definitely stretched me time to me because I was his still a much of an introvert I you know so. That was probably the biggest challenge Dan of is that I wasn't fully introverted. Where did know how to deal with people or did WANNA do people are Lexi? Love People Love Communicating Laughing Abbott Fund. Things like that but I also knew that the the gift and the call and the opportunities would warn and and mandate bet you know had to kind of come out of my shell even more also recognize a little before that time You know that I did have a call leadership in that you know. It has some influence that you know. I had kind of of work through walk through and find out okay. How stay really housing works? You know where you can say something. I think we should do this. And the GAL a couple people are gathering you know. Say do this while we kind of you know explore this idea and if people do it you know all being kind of an introverted person like. I don't know how this works. How people would feel about it. This journey has its worry about what you feel or think. I still have this creative capacity and this leash acid. I was starting to kind of open up the explore. So you know learning early on that I had to not necessarily no no more than everybody else or the people who was you know essentially leading but I had to be ever lead into the resources and and find out if things I didn't know I had to find out so that I could communicate those things clearly To that team so bad that that's another big item. There is being able to being a leader as not you know this. You know everything you know. It's not about everything. Be smarts percent But being able to surround yourself with New People and the knowledge and resources that are necessary to be able to lead and to be able to take people essentially your team whatever that is To the next place so. I was starting to learn things Dan and even at that time From a technical perspective musical respective. That was a time where the audio technology was changing over and from analog largely analog recordings to digital so I started Dan to you know that was my first my first studio experiences with those that had analog unreal theriault but also moving into or had moved into the digital recording a debt. Those days was big people. Starting starting off approach zoos and things like that so this perform of course you know so things like that. Those are the things. I was learning even something that leadership conversation. You know kind of such as bad as well just being able to get the information to find the information to be able to help others. You don't know how to how about operating but it stressed instruction. Yeah well awesome that I was GONNA. They're two things in my kinda like father questions before we move onto kind of like how you start to to move your career into next level and how those lessons. He's time like We want distill from new These these moments of Your Life. Your career is when people look at a someone like you who's reached levels. I want them to see the step wise motion not that it was like ABC. Easy Like there's a simple path but I want them to see like their basic essentials and tools that you have and that all the other high performing and high character musicians and producers at this level have young. I mean so. I really want them to see kind of like the recipe. That kind of makes you you And that's one of them like you just said is that as a huge amount of wisdom and character. I was GONNA ask. The first question was a follow up was was there. Anybody mentoring you at that stage That was kind of helping you because I know you as a mentor. I know you as a teacher of teachers. A leader of leaders. Now you know you're at that stage where you step into a a room conference And you consult and you work with leaders who are leading people. So I'm not saying I'm wondering who was leading you at that stage where you were were did you have a mentorship apprenticeship kind of experience at that point Yes I The funny part about my journey is that I was really learning from everything and everybody I often call out. You KNOW CERTAIN NAMES. Several key names Because we're talking between that you know. Eighteen to twenty to age will That was really like the those key. Those were the key ages where I was really leaning in more To particular people The those who know South Florida with know a lot of the names that been to go out there like mark who profess mark right and who were you know. Major leaders in that in that time in terms of Gospel music in our area of Greg. Walden and began. The list goes on and on So I I found myself working with them but they also huge influences to me personally and you know in in person to the point where I could You know go and sit with them and you call and ask questions or you. Just sit in the room and watch as they were creating So there there are so many more but I was doing that You know on my own but in terms of particular people But I was also generally gleaning from everything that I was kind of taken in you know from visually as well as You know from audio standpoint. So even those those Those albums and songs and you know I was gleaning just even listening just kind of close my eyes imagining okay man does. I don't know In Gospel like the Milton Brunson tops communities. Things was like huge. Percy baby you know these guys are still around today at night and just doing some basic things and I've had the chance of course now to meet them at work with that but then it was just like I was looking at album covers looking at name and we have Video Gospel. Bobby generals that there were certain things that allow you to kind of connect what social media is to us now. We had TV. We ask things that allowed. Us connected at least faces the you know the personalities of the people and I would just imagine man just getting to know them but even before that. Let me get to know them by the work. They're doing So between that and said those Few mentors in more that caught out that I was able to really glean from personally those at my church At my my home church mess on you. There was so many experiences they are dead. Started me on on a journey because We were able even as I was coming up for re eighteen to. I mean he's a small church but a place that would gather had relationship with different artists. So we will get music artists like the Clark Sisters and the sisters in you know different ones who were notable that still notable awesome music today and they would you know don those they were they were. They would come in those doors and do services and special concerts with us. Go outside of our church and do other concerts with different people than up in even coming up in my teen years to be a part of so that kind of helped me to learn. Yeah Here right away course again. Know you so well knowing that you are listener and this is GonNa be like a little pet peeve moment for me. I don't know why that particular skill when you just sit. You said a couple times you sat down you glean you listened. You paid attention to who were following. You know And I don't WanNa go negative but just I wish that was a more common thing between musicians and artists of just saying Okay Indus Environment Let me learn as much as possible versus speaking up. Bright all the time because we are suppose have ideas. He's supposed to country. But you know it's supposed to bring to the table. I get that but I'll I'll be there. That's just my little my little pin in the listen. Listen everybody the best thing to do is listen. You know obviously proved while use I. I do want to Kinda jump a couple of years because you're talking about the eighteen to twenty two age but of course. We all want to hear about the stories about Psalms Hymns as on. I'm sure you've said a million times. I'm sure made old story. But some of us have not heard it in. Some of US ARE TIRED OF HEARING IT. So just tell us how you know you. You go from this area of learning producing in south Florida. Being Music Minister be Music Ministry serving local church to what is arguably one of the most important now albums of of Gospel and Gospel Industry Awesome. Yes and that that speaking of dining mcclarkin passed down Larkin In that particular album was the pivotal point for me in people turning point You know in a couple of ways and you know to briefly. State this I I got a chance to meet pessimist and actually worked with him at Bethel at our church Who served it out and started. There is an associated musician later. Became the minister. Use it and we had a conference and we do every year this year. They wanted to go for the Gusto. Say Hey let's get down Geico with I was the one who was. Actually you know calling in booking Calling the booking agent for so you know it was just as also real when I think about it. But that was the first Experienced with him. We've got a chance to Do a full concert at the conference with it and then fast forward maybe five years from then if I can correct I moved to Atlanta Georgia and This is the Golden Gate show and I don't do the story at all even if I'm talking to eight years but you know literally got a research place where you know for year struggle You know with just the thought and the feeling in the sense that man. I think there's something else out out out here for me to do. I think I'm supposed to do it somewhere else. And so really just kind of learned over time to kind of put certain things. Kinda on the shelf as say out. Listen to lean into it but it will come back around in his time. I'll fast forward to two thousand three November. Two thousand three. It was revealed to me that the that needed to move to Atlanta so at January second. I believe two thousand four. I made that move Of course not knowing everything that was going to happen. I hit some relationships bill. Some people that reached out to You know but still didn't go in did come to Atlanta with a job already lined up you know has some prospects ideas but nothing really lined up thing about five hundred dollars a month. Get out at the time I was going to do this. And we don't just make it. Work Opera was always omen somehow situation. Half soft move here Kevin Bond of course is here. He was Serving at Newburgh that time and He he and I had had a chance to work together with one of the main mentors of my life. Mr Elvin Ross. Who is a awesome musician ranger and Movie Score Director But he could together the really the first of like what we see Sunday best. What was the Sunday best on? He put together. Something called Gospel Dream which you can still look on on the online and see those Those episodes on but he put together some gossip dream. That was very similar For years of Sunday best and it ran on TV for something. The seven years and I was a part of that. You know Hemi the band director on the First Gospel Dream was two thousand three In Atlanta and came to do that back home Our part of the judging handle for that When I came to Atlanta moved to Atlanta two thousand four reconnected you know connected with Kevin. The call me out for breakfast or whatever and Even before that I reminded him of Gospel. Dreaming said all I know you are. Oh you are now for that. And he remembered me from that. Remember my playing in remember. You know everything that he felt like was stood out You know offered me a an opportunity Soon after that breakfast there was a shift that happened with Donny's Musician staff traveling musician staff. Maybe about three three months out that So you couldn't context four months after I moved to Atlanta to this place that I didn't know what was going to happen I got an opportunity camera out myself and several others. Like Darrell Freeman. Jeremy Hangings and you know Dariel edgecomb so many many of these musicians that we know and love reached out to us and say. Hey y'all WanNa do dining by shore. Okay cool Fast forward Maybe three months after that There was a plan that was already in place that we didn't know about For dining to do his next record. And that was the psalms of spiritual songs record Kevin Prep for that and make sure that we had everything we needed however he said hey already had a vacation with my family that you know this is not going anywhere. I need you to go ahead and take this and you got it. You Damn d you are you the man and he gathered us for rehearsals with Russell's a couple of in Atlanta and we were off from there to go to Virginia to record that record and as I say the rest is history but that was a situation now. you know is pivotal and significant. Because had I not said Yes to guy I and moved when he said moves moved where he said move. I would not have that opportunity. That really set me up for the next season in my life and my career I I knew I knew some of the timeline. I had not heard Daniel. You'RE GONNA say you're going to open up even even even further if you revelation in terms of like you said the timing that God is preparing for us. We're we're already talking about this current situation We don't know we're being prepared for. We're being prepared US prepare. You just didn't know what an and then for having a a a a legend Kevin. Bond another person who I think exemplifies that leader slash teacher But I'll also always a student. You never see the these are learners like I call guys like you professional learners. You never looked like you're stopping nickel figured it all out no matter. How many amazing things you've done like you're always in that seat of the student but at the same time that qualifies the teacher so fast nor little more again this this this this is you know we're still seeing these songs. I think I was talking to Talk to Daniel Daniel with weatherspoon and he. He mentioned his anything about records that he'd been on to become the new handbook. They are handbook. Now you know you never know what's going to happen you don't you don't we. Don't get to decide that thing. We're doing good as job and quality. We think we've put now but you know what I wanted to ask you right there in terms that we don't know what's going to happen in terms of planning and now on China pivotal creat- creative career development like the people who are listening. Now who who are always saying well. Okay now trans on everybody's record. He's he's always going to be on the top with the Super Bowl. Stop the Gospel or with new now working on your filming your production stuff like now. It looks like you're at the top of the game but I wanted to go back a little bit and just talk about the fact that you had to number one like you said you had to pivot yet listened to God. Then you also had to be ready and kind of plan. Even though you didn't know what was coming and prepare yourself for opportunities that you did not yet know we're GonNa talk about more in the practical size. What cake and this kind of like move forward as you step down Linda's world with as Donnie. And now you're you're doing all these Amazing records but they're still learning so tell me like the kind of career development stuff that you were again. I'm sure you were stretched again. So what would major lessons your learning as you moving into deeper into the industry things that kept you either again. Indian industry kept you understanding or maybe some things you didn't know about the industry that you were sorry pushed into like. Yeah tell us a little bit about how that development started to happen in your life. We'll get back to trans- answer to that question in just one moment but I think you understand. There's more to being a musician and entrepreneur than simply your skills. You have to have tools that will help you to reach your goals tools like an email list now. That may not seem like something that would connect with what we're talking about in this interview but you've got to understand that if you don't have customers that you can talk to and you're relying on social media to reach them then you're going to have a tough time building a business that you can count on and maybe you're feeling like well. I don't even know where to start with an email list and have never built one before. That's okay I'm a proud user of convert kit which is an email provider which allows you to build list and to connect with customers and they have a suite of training opportunities. That will help you to build your business and build your email list including a free workshop which you can attend simply by going to got an gigs dot com slash. Build my list. This will take you to a Webinar that you can view and it will give you three simple steps that can get you to your first thousand subscribers and if you have a thousand subscribers on your email list you have an incredible foundation which you can build your creative business enterprise and take it wherever you need it to go so once again. Go to garden. Gigs DOT com slash. Build my list to get access to that free training by convert kid and now. Let's hear some more great from. Trent got I think first about the fact that before I left Miami. And before the a that happened with vessel dymock are getting like I did. I started studying music business and a new anyone to go into education. I was just letting saw studied music business but I found myself in a place where that stuff was coming to life. You know saying what I had learned was coming to life and then I realize man I need to really really delve into this because if this is going to be my career I need to know you know I need to know for myself. United to know all the nuances of the music business which is totally different than music ministry. You Know Working Church so I felt like I had a good handle on when I knew music. Ministry industry business side of music was something that I needed to delve into salts. I started to kind of read up. you know and You know Google articles that reap books and everything you want to know about the music business handbook. You know those Ki- You Know Bibles for the music business as well as start asking questions One of the things that I started to do was think you'd mentioned earlier. Just the start of production company which. I had an aspiration to do that when I first moved but I ended up doing it like a year. Later is opening up or incorporating muscles as a business You know I did that in two thousand five. And so I I you know sought some counsel and ended up going to you know somewhat a firm to incorporate so I did I didn't do an LLC. Honestly I. I was cloudy on the differences. You know even at risk being has conversation. I was like all right. Well which way should I go? You know I ended up. Doing you know Lionheart. Music PRODUCTIONS INC at. I still hold Business Day. I actually the point. Didn't know how beneficial that would be. My hesam aspirants to to do some other things like for promoting you know entertainment events and things like that and and I decided you know what I'm just going to cooperate and just Kinda let it sit and let it do what it does So that I would be ready for whatever comes you know. Just be ready and and so even with that. I had to learn as having a business so those that may have LLC LLC or incorporated. Whatever you have You know even learning the differences you know a tax implications and all that You know what you can. You know right off in just continuously. Continuously learning what things could write off taxes. How that whole world works Also You know payment and you know you getting paid you know personally you know to your name your legal name rather than Your Business and how to operate in that. United have employees. That was just me. I was like okay well. I'm really so earnest you but I'm GonNa just step out here and just incorporate that's actually does my jury. I'm not saying I would recommend people like if you're playing for. Yeah daily do it. But I had a plan to again promote entertainment concerts and you know have other types of events and things going on so I felt like it was necessary but it ended up working at my favorite later. I'll go to already business started. Those couple of things say I love the fact you went to the nitty gritty of the business taxes. It stuff that creative musicians look all heard horror stories. We've all seen you know. So many documentaries about guys ladies in the industry who are you know who no get all the way up high and again the big checks and then you see them on these documentaries about how they lost it all and it's not an I think I can't go spiritual in here because we again. We know this is about stewardship. And we're not just stewarding our time. We're not just doing our gifts. We are stewarding finances that God gives us a lot of US complain about not being of the biggest in the music industry or them. We don't take care of what you just take care of. You took care of. You know what you making. How much are you making whether or not? You're you're you're paying this or paying that whether you're being a responsible I wanted to ask you in terms of that kind of to kind of like a two part question. Just opposites What was the biggest lesson you learned in terms of you know stepping into this industry and then what was the biggest highlight? What was the? What was the moment that you reached the Pinnacle You let? Oh my gosh. I never thought I'd be here. And what was the big? What if there was one? What was the big kind of wakeup call and industries? You've got hit by something that you didn't expect in terms of planning okay. I'm glad this is an edible We'll take any any names. We'll we'll see we'll change names I think I would say Man One of the biggest highlights of my career I would say has been the Being able to work with And play for the Andre Crouch memorial weekend experience and that was it was just it was it was pretty. Surreal to get that call Another one of my musical mentors Manno hanes with their mental hangs Was driving at news really the keeper of the legacy and he reached out and it was like. Hey I want you to be a part of this Mike what you know and I'm like are you. You know so I I've I've had a great great opportunities even with Doddie. I'm going to Africa a multiple times a year playing performing in front of thousands literally thousands of people over five hundred thousand people. So it's just like I have experiences like that had experiences of past three years. Of playing in this diller awards ban you know so TV opportunities that movie opportunities. I have so many that I'm grateful for so grateful. Four knocking highlight but I will say one key highlight is is that because I think because the Andre Crouch experience and being part of that memorial weekend just were the kind of connected me to history you know it connected me to just the history of music in general Connect to me very largely to the history of Gospel Music. And where we've come in you know being one dead. You know among many such as the Hawkins and Thomas Whitfield Salad and those who were the changed. The Face of Gospel Music. You know progressively He was one of those ones that Kinda represented the new school. At one point you know and and also built a foundation. A strong foundation for assault is being a part that in being in the room. You're you're I was in the room with great feeling gains. I'm saying B. I was right there. You know. He's a hawk it. I'm saying group with like a meeting boy. Equal mean just these legends are Stevie. Wonder is literally right next to me up saying I'm like what is this really happening. You know so. Not Because of the star power but that was one for you know being able to coin. Yeah it's GonNa be in that room just feeling that energy and Bela craze always people coming together. So that was that was one of the key. Highlights I would say of. My career is being a part of that and You know it was just a great experience. Great experience on the on the other side of things. I don't know if you WANNA go with. Yeah sure please knocking man I would say Ooh I think something that will be on the opposite side of the spectrum for me would be. I would say maybe experience where I also I've had several experiences where I I didn't go into An opportunity fully prepared and this is not. I'm not being specific. Now there's there's nothing to hide. I'm just saying because there are several strands. I'm like Oh man. With which one was that but but I had several experiences where I have not like. I came into it knowing that I was has caught. Because you know there are loud cloudiness of schedule and everything else that I was juggling That we talked about earlier to you know. Take away my practice time or you know I didn't have my stuff together And you know although you know at the end of it could still be a story of trying. It was also you know where you know in terms of getting through it but still you know you know have a good experience in I think that internally mentally you know things like that will take a toll on you even in the moment because this like man you know I blew it. You thinking that you blew it and you're thinking that you know. Hey what if I get cut because I don't know my part you know what I'm saying. Yeah or you know while you're walking through it you you all you in rehearsals. You don't know if that artists is gonNA come in and be like okay single you know. Play your part and play you know. What are you supposed to be doing now whether you have charged there or not it where you have a sheet music or you know you. Don't you never know? Sometimes what the experiences on be so? I know I've had a few experiences like that. Where I knew I was half-cocked. I knew I came in and I had not done my homework and I was really just operating on craze and operate might give them said okay. I'm going to stay you know. Stay on the especially. If you Outta town in the hotel on a long and study you know you got the date that they show the next day. You Know I. I've done that. I never tried to hide anybody who asked or you know those who I can walk alongside as a mentor. Big Brother to whatever is like. I'm talking from experience. Man Do this to be on top of your stuff because you just never know what's going to happen again without without pinpointing one specific instance. I know there've been there've been some of those wells. I was kind of you. Know some low points for me Because again of the toll it takes on you and I love the fact that you point out not just the toll takes on the musician in terms of you know our egos are feeling like okay like you say might lose this. Gig might lose this position but I think again I go back to the character like he just eat eat. Eat Away at you for me. I I'm one of those perfect. I know you Maybe you gotten over this. I feel suffer from perfectionism and worrying about the notes on missed and going to sleep and not thinking about so. There's a balance at right. There's a balanced and being prepared and then also realizing that you know you have to simply just do can do. And that is not all about you all the time. Sometimes you you came in. You weren't ready and and it still work. That was Kinda shows that maybe we put ourselves more important than we are when it when it with With things they'll work out all right and then got like you said is you grace. I wanted to definitely spend a little bit of time to talk about this piece of track because you have so much. Knowledge share again I just wanted to quickly go back. In the sense about mentorship and kind of talking about now working with music ministries where. They'll do that because I'm still on a local church most our audience even if they're gigging or working on you know. Obviously you know we we you. You've helped me start. The guy gets movement so I know you understand the quote. You gave me the very beginning of the book about knowing where you're designed to thrive is still like a major part of how. I process when people ask me about you know working in secular versus working in Gospel working in the church. But can you just talk a little bit about Even like you said about this current situation priorities. We have to share share when it comes to ministering to people using your platform now. Because you've been on big stages you've been to industry but you still work in the local church. You still are very much. Grounded can just talk about the balance. The fact that we're local ministry and Local Music Ministry especially fits in your life especially again with all the other compliments you have sure. local Ministry Music Ministry Is Important of course to my foundation but also in terms of where I'm going Where I currently am First foremost because I'm clear on it now You know points in my life. I've been less clear You know of course knowing where I come from what I've done in the past. I've had those times when I said Okay in London. This is not just because I'm tired of it or nerves But just because I'm like okay. I have so many other rations of so many other things I don't want to do is this. You Know God is in the way you know. And I'm okay with Kinda taking essays journey because I've taken a few steps and major facelifts and God has been right there so you know I think it's it's it's I know now that I'm supposed to To BE HERE IN SERVING MUSIC MINISTRY. What it looks like from me now is different than what it looked like for me. Ten years ago And that's Okay. You know for it to look different. It's also okay for just to look the same you know I think that's important to state for me personally. It looks different because what I'm called to do. It looks different because I called to be a leader I am called to help you come alongside of their To help them to drive to help them to grow. So with that in mind I you know took the challenge to even kind of incorporate that even more from a business standpoint but also still from a servicing standpoint and like I said helping as a consultant so I'm still a music ministry. I am still serving as a worship pastor and as a worship director administered music whatever term you want to use But also have parlayed that into again a platform for me to be able to help others to grow In their journey or help pastors and help churches and help you know of the music minister. The ministry leaders to on their journey So that's it it's it's foundational essential to Where I am and I think those who most of most of us out say the majority of US do serve in local church and so many times received people who are or talk to people who feel like they you know they're just tired of the you know the runaround at a tired of you know what what is the same every week But it doesn't have to be you know you can also find joy in you know. In that place you can find A state of peace and Estados rest you know even if not the most challenging situation you know USA hey this is consistency not just from a financial perspective but you know maybe healthily spiritually you know. I went through a season of my life. Where you know Alice on. My character was homecare too You know my character was still being built in has as as all of us. Yeah any process. It never stops being built but I. I knew that the fact that I was in church that had to be injured every time the church doors opened because I was administered music or musician or lesion that I was being kicked out being cut by the word I was being kept in his presence. You know so you know you can't take all of those aspects and kind of put them all together Okay Guy. You have a purpose for this. You have something that you place any. I'm I'm here to help. And I think you know when we look at the contrast between Music Ministry in Industry the industry you know we tend to Kind of look at the sign that it brings us you know. Of course we're we're we're giving ourselves our talents and things like that but we're also looking at what it brings to us you know. Industry is all about service and you're serving people Us administrators about leading. You know those who are leaders you're always working with was about people management you know it's about personality management you know it's about leading you know selfishly selflessly So that you know those in users and those people who ultimately their to Sir have the best experiences that that they possibly can as they're serving with you so I think as central to really kind of keeping US ground man And so that we'd all you know not I'm for me. I'm not scared of straying away from the faith because I'm not in church. I'm not serving church. I'm more afraid of kind of out of fellowship. You know and even where we are right now with Kobe. Nineteen corn isolation is is not a dangerous place because we have technology that we have. I think we have to utilize it to the best of our ability so that we can maintain connection with our brothers and sisters in Michigan. Yeah that's so so I if anything ever explained why being connected to more than just suit up on Sunday Actually I believe Again so funded. Because talking to you now is fine. Health is been five years since I wrote the book and now all these little examples that you know 'cause you again you're you had like six or seven quotes all over the book so every Chapter I remember what right next to your words and there was one section that I wrote basically explaining how the fly-by-night musician whose churches every week and medical story about how he ends up in hospital and doesn't know which church to call doesn't know which which pastor which group like who's actually going to show up for me and you're so right now that Again we're recording. This guy's bill February mill in March beginning of April And this is now are what third. We're all losing track of time. Man I don't know how has been going on but Most most of most all of us have in our in this situation worth of in no church services due to the spread of the virus so This actually does give us a place to pivot and I wanted to talk to you just a little bit again not about necessarily just Covert but in terms of preparation. Just being a musician. That's well rounded in prepared to take care of their families. Take care of themselves multiple streams of income. All that kind of stuff so I wanted to put it to you this way. Just you know. Let's start to wrap it up so that you know everybody's listening can say okay now now. I know what to do. You know what I mean like. We almost have to give marching orders. Everybody even though just because otherwise we feel paralyzed so someone like you. I know is a perfect person to speak to speak to this moment. Especially since we're both in it So I just wanted to ask you. What would be the just a couple of these if you to list? Abc But just what a couple of things that you think every musician With you guys even on the What was it national emergency with? Benita Jones everybody that guys. I'll put links if you got. I think that'd be doing another one of those are doing. Is there one with the female pastors? I believe I saw a really so you. Yeah I'll make sure linked to anything else. That trend is doing to for relief for musicians and artists affected by the chronic bars. But just can you give us like a kind of a snapshot of the things you think we all should be doing whether or not is corona. Whether or not is Kobe but just one of the things that we can learn from this experience that you're learning right now that every musician every art is creative regardless of church regardless denomination should should be kind of saying okay now that this has happened. This is where I need to start really focusing so that I'm ready next time sure I would say I use this time as an opportunity to build something of your all in what we do. We serve others and that serving in that service to others would never stop. We always partner will continue to partner. But if you never build anything of your own and for yourself That will really lead you into a place of legacy For Your family and just for those who are around you Then I think we missed so I think this is a perfect time for us again. Koga nineteen or not. Whatever time you have bill that time into your schedule as you're serving serving with people serving other people's vision makes you have a vision of your own that includes you building something that will bring you income of in the right now as Multiple changed calm but also will provide a foundation for your legacy to be to be bill. So I'm in that. Of course we can kind of go down the list of different examples of what that is and that's going to be different persons not always songwriting. It's not always propriety It could be other things like film can be things like you know television anything that is can be a compass a comprise In the whole circle of arts and entertainment or it could be something totally different But that's really. My first. Encouragement is is to use the time. That you have to build something progressively for yourself that you can can live off of any also when all the other a other opportunities are gone and you don't have to worry and stress about okay I am I am I good I think also financial literacy of is is key knowing areas resources You know dead. You can build you a building thing as well build your financial financial literacy In terms of all stocks and investments in terms of you know mutual funds and 401k's and you know other things like that that you can do. You don't need a A business or a a church job that fees into it. It will be nice but even if you don't have that you can speak with Your Bank. You're going to speak with a banker Dare and find out. What options do you have on so that you can start building Interest bearing accounts and start building? Things that will help you to put money away for New Orleans. Fun could put money away for a later. Time of something. Financial Literacy is is important so that you know what's available to you as a As a single as a sole proprietor small business There are not just loans out there. We're hearing a lot about loans today. But there are other perks and other SH- types of funds that are available to us to be Be Putting money away so I would say. Financial Literacy is another big one umbrella area absolutely. Yeah this time yeah covers everything and the fact that we again can go back to where you you started with this kind of a where you paid. Attention TO THE DETAILS OF THE MINISTRY. You know paid attention to details of the industry from come in and then becoming an MD and working with all these greats I don't feel and you're a thinker. You're like I think that's why I I. You're still in my my patron saints. 'cause I see you as a thinker. Someone that that that like you said not. I'm kind of interested to but I don't. I never see you walking into a situation. Where even of us in a couple of times weren't quite ready like you process. Man You figure things out he's okay. Here's the next move Here's the next step and here's how I can get from As efficiently as possible. Maybe not again. You can't predict everything. Nobody predicted this happening. But like you said you had things in place and I think every musician artist creative re were kind of we loved. Idea of God kinda sprinkling fairy dust and his fingers in speak. The word and there appears a lot more. I think it looks like this where it's a lot of small good bets and an wise decisions that set you up for success and you could see that in your live clearly because like you just said. Every time you had a step you had already kind of walked through it whether you knew you were going there and not. God knew you know go ahead. I would also say that you know kind of going back to the conversation about or the the point about building something. I think. The building Can also strategically be something different than what you're doing right now as you know so you we talk about preparing for a rainy day is like the rainy day for a lot of church musicians right now is that. Isn't there's nowhere to play? So whether you're injured whether you touring aware to play so although we know that we can you know now everybody's going when Youtube everybody's you know put stuff on instagram. Just finding a way to put their music out or recording at home if not single. That's great what about the other things that you know got its place within your the stuff that you know. You may have ignored a little bit. You haven't really paid much attention to the things that other that you have a knack for you know so. I said financial literacy but there may you know you might want to read up on this. You Know Santa Rita upon this other thing that I have a knack for this building carpentry or something like that something is never going to go out of business essentially and and look into that you know and look into that world and her maybe go to school to something so that you can have something else to fall back on. Nothing know those of us who are in our generation you know and if you're forty and above you've heard that more time than you want did you didn't want to do in your lifetime. Father was one of those who you know. Use Name used this music or may not work out you might need to have you know and and although I didn't like being told that back then I see why he told me. You know y you know and and it's benefited me to have to tap into my business-minded it's into my strategic mind happens that that planning and processing mine and now. I can say okay. I'm music CONSULTA. Albany believe these days saying you know somebody said. Hey what what do you do now? I say I'm using creative consultant. Because that's where I am. Where does the broader scope of where I'm going? You know somebody pigeonholing me too okay. Yeah he's a keyboardist and he's a producer in place on apple's you know that can go away in a second you know just with the amount of talent that's coming up in the baby's shooting up the claim at three and his light. You just never know so for me. It was important to build on on a scale in the bill on a passion that I had Still working in the creative space but to build something that essentially was never going to go away so I think that would be the important conversation. There is bill something that you're passionate about that you have a knack for the outside of what you currently do or a way to to to to expand that but something. That's never away in something that you're able to use the in stock so smart so smart and again you said it. That's the thing I think that of us think that it has to be has to be music. There has to be the way. I thought it was going to be in so many times. You know. Joseph didn't see himself. I'm sure at the beginning. Didn't see him so being third in command second in command Egypt you know and the skills you used a whatever when he was I just Just starting out what it turned out. That was what got him to the spot where he needed to be what he could provide for his family eventually. Take his family back into Egypt. Knew what I mean and survival famine. Because he had other skills because he kind of worked I guess you could say. He worked the system right. There's gotta remember me did this. Did this handle this? Whatever it was all for God's glory but yeah he kinda he kinda worked wherever he needed to work at a particular position where it was a jail Whatever it got to the place where he could actually benefit from it versus like you said kind of well. This is what I do. And it's it's it's gotta be this as plan and no plan being of our nothing. Yes we have to be wise. I think God is clearly given us a the ability to see outside the box and look outside the box and includes music and I look at myself. You know again. Thank God that you know. I didn't know one thing about podcast. I didn't know one thing about book publishing and you say music consultant. I think of simply entrepreneurship staying in entrepreneur. Thing I'm going to be Something someone that solves problems for somebody else could be music like you said. They're always be a need for music to be. I don't care what virus comes through. People need to hear music needs to be comforted in dance in need to worship. So it's not like that's going away But I do a love. The value pointing out that your other skills are just as valid. Like you're not like you said just the keyboard is even though you're one of the tops in the world. It doesn't define you. I think that's a key that you just pointed out there. Well Cer- as awesome as we could talk for hours and hours but as you can see we're going to have to have to wait six years for the next one but Sorry also sorry that was that was low now. It felt good for a second. I A trent. I actually did while we're talking. I did pull up on just want people to understand because I don't I don't see myself as any kind of celebrity or anything like that but I do realize that the longer I do this the more people follow me. The lessening may know where the started so. I am going to end this and come back to. The beginning actually found your quote That you gave me book quote for Trump Phillips for Alain. Paul was October second. Two Thousand Thirteen. And you you you at that time I believe. Can you remember like what were you doing in two thousand thirteen? What what. What was the project? I'm sure you were in. The middle of something is get the context is. I'm I'm sitting here. It took me two years. Remember Brooke did not come out for another two years right so so so in October. Second you wrote a quote that very close things where again. I use it in the book and I'll continue to say over and over to all the musicians who say well shabby church. Ibm Ministry should. I be working mainstream and you said I believe the primary thing to note on the subject of musicians balancing their place in the Church and the music industry is knowing where you were designed thrive and then you buy three more paragraphs and for you to step out and share that with me lowly Ms Music Music. That's how I saw myself just being. I'm not trying to put myself down the false humility. But that's how that's how I saw myself. I saw you at the top on like I'm just here at In Out Day. Trying to like make a meal coursing the right notes and for you to give me that. That blessing honestly and then fast forward identity years later I write. The Book Got Engaged. Juniors after that no actually no. I'm sorry to say here Still Sixteen. I think would actually I wrote it down? Released it to sixteen when you did. The collective conference L. The mariah Hanna to copy. And so I just want people understand as I talked to you and I and I and and people who again have maybe follow this. Maybe two years. This is what we're talking about. Everybody that the wisdom that Trent is sharing over the years and years and years of working with the best and most importantly the character is coming out. When you talk about this stuff is what I want people to connect to You know they may not become a mighty say you? GotTa be faithful. Where you're at so I think I I heard nothing in your words that said. Hey God wants you to be a grammy winning producer. Even though he might you know. That's not but that's not the goal like so he can leave us was some final words like encouraging to maybe someone. That's maybe in always say like this. Maybe the eighteen year old. Who's doing his first project right now. Of course fortunately. He's doing it in studio now. He's doing right now but but can you talk to the person that might be exact same place where you are now and like looking at you. Now after you know double awards and Stella's and Super Bowl Gospel celebrations and Andre Crouch memorials. And and just see all that that you've done your discography with Bishop Morton and you know so many of the greats now you can call your friends What would you say to the eighteen year old? Who was where you are where you were back then to kind of encourage them to stick with it even even in the midst of all we're going through right now man. I would say One pray about everything you know dream big gray about everything dream big know that you have a special and unique and specific call impasse journey that you're already on on that we will continue to be on and no no at this point in your life that your journey is not gonna look like anyone else's That you will if you stay committed to If you stay committed to the process if you regard relationships heavily and highly If you really stay in a place of learning stay in place of being mentor being taught all of those are key ingredients. Stay humble stay. Faithfuls committed You know those ingredients for success no matter what And your success again is not going to look like the next person is going to look the way. Look like with you. The reality is that all of the artists you know are not going to continue making music forever and ever the artist. GonNa Change. You know the the names and the faces are GonNa Change. The music is going to change. These may be different now than won't be different. You know the next twenty years in five years so lean into what's unique about you. Lean into what's unique about your journey your experience and That's really in my estimation. That's really going to be your meter gauge for success. You can be successful without an award. You can be successful without you know being on TV without being on a movie or whatever because success is really more so defined as you in my view as you accomplishing purpose and as long as you are on that journey continuously accomplishing bit by bit bit by bit. You're successful as you go is not waiting on a platform awaiting on a particular award to define US successful. You're successful just by the fact that you are on this path and that you're following guy on the exact path That you that you believe he has you on so I will just say being hers to be committed to the process to be committed to that become commenced that jar beautiful absolutely beautiful man. I look at that was worth waiting for a not kidding this time. I'm not kidding out saying that his you know just to let you know again that this is an honor for me that you've literally spoken life into my my my company into which now which amazingly now again I didn't see but now it's a company. It's a brand. I incorporated justice year. Finally you're on I mean so. Yeah man this is this is. This is the process that I can say. Now thanks thanks to you guys at a wasn't to reach back and help out and be on and be a light a mentor and yeah just just encouragement and just courage. I think we we make it big. We want to have like big moments of mentorship and people like speak word of YOU and lay hands on you man. Sometimes it's just the ticks. Is Lily. Just a little like on on on instagram feed. I see your name pop up like you know what I I am. I am on the right path. I am handling this. I am God does some for me into a guys that appreciate it so literally that encouragement guys. You're hearing way I'm talking about. Trent good is that for somebody else to like. That'd be my my final gift statement. The way to train encouraged me go encourage somebody else Go just just let them know that like you said. There's a process in that they can hang on in there Especially with all this going on now. We need that more than there. So Mr Trent Phillips man this has been more than on a more than pleasure. Thank you so much quickly with. Just give them those who like to write it down the socials. Tell them how they can follow you. Scheuermann thanks so much. Have me on the God in Gigs? Podcast mail so excited man so glad. Happy to house Serta's time with you man You can follow me on facebook. I G I am Trent Phillips that is I am Trent Phillips and that's to ills and ns part. You can find me. They're awesome brother throw. I'm GonNa let you get back. We both have more stuff waiting for us as we prepare for these online services. But it's been a learning opportunity. I thank you so much for taking just a little bit of a busy schedule man to speak more creative than we appreciate you much man. Thanks for everything you've done for for me my family and must low to you and your lovely wife is what Bro. Yes Sir I love you and your family as well well everybody. I don't think I need to add another word to this conversation. You have heard why. Trent Phillips is one of the biggest influences on got engaged. Why we give him so much credit and why we continue to follow and to give every single bit of space to him anytime he wants. This microphone. I'm stepping away and I'm GonNa let him speak into you because he's that influential. He's that important to this project and I just thank him so much once again even though he's not listening right this second. I thank you for everything you have done for me and my family and my business because you have honestly helped me to get where I am today so with that. Make sure you're following Trent on all the social platforms he mentioned. Make sure you stay connected with us as well make sure you subscribe and review the show and please share this particular episode. I know there's somebody in your creative world who needed to hear this. Maybe they haven't heard it yet or maybe they weren't aware of the show. But you can simply take your podcast APP or wherever you're listening hit the share button and you can bless somebody else with this wisdom and knowledge and encouragement and that being said I'm going to go ahead and sign off. Make sure once again at you're subscribed taken here. The next episode will be coming back next week with even more of the same type of materials stuff that will help you build a better life from the inside out by apply these timeless spiritual principles to the temporary creative problems. You're facing. I'm Alan See Paul. Thanks so much for listening. I'll see you next week. Thanks for joining us here at the garden GIG show. Please leave us a review on I to like our facebook page or visit gone and Gigs Dot Com. And tell us what you thought of this. Show we'll be back soon. In the meantime go create something amazing.

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1243: "Obamable"

No Agenda

3:04:45 hr | 1 year ago

1243: "Obamable"

"Yeah Adam Curry. John's Sunday may seventeenth twenty twenty. Visit Your Walkman Chemo. Nation Media Assassination episode twelve. Hundred forty. Three this is no agenda camera dreams fascinating in Silicon Valley. I believe Adams turned into a Democrat. I'm jazzy modern buzzkill money. Yeah figured I'd try and see how it works with the mask seeing is that is what we're going to be coerced into no matter what we want. Well I've read these orders and not have to be wearing a mask all the time direct. You do not so. Why are people wearing masks? Attempted worrying him in their car. I'm wearing them at home. Yeah Yeah I have done some investigative work on this and unfortunately this is a result of the I would say a society that we've created certainly younger people and it goes like this. You have to wear a mask to keep me safe okay. You have to wear the mask to keep me safe so if you're not wearing a mask but I'm wearing a mask I'm keeping you safe. But you're a Douche bag and that's the bottom line you're not going to get away from it. People are mad they are angry and I think that if we want to just open up I have a suggestion. It's completely optional. So wherever you go a store doesn't have to force you to wear masks. But they can't and if they do then you should will respect that any other place where you want me to wear a mask so that you feel safe is good. I'll wear the mask and to make sure I feel safe. And unprotected from you I'm going to open carry my firearm and I'm going to do this in Texas so that you can see. I'm not a Democrat. Democrats have guns. Open Kerry. No I don't think so Austin no double no not at all things share I. I question your premise. That I mean. I'm not absolutely sure that all these douche bags wearing a mask actually think that they're wearing the masks to protect you from them. No it's it's all virtue signaling but that is that's what that's the the the reasoning that's given. That's the rationale. It's not even really true there. Why is somebody wearing the mask in their car? Well that's okay. If they want to feel that that's their business. I don't care if they WANNA look like idiots but I'd like to get away from this. Were never going to open up fully until we agree on some social things. And if it's GONNA be masks. Oh my God so be it. Go ahead force everybody to wear a mask. That's we need to do something and I'm willing to compromise but again I'm going to open carry which is legal as long as you have your conceal carry in Texas. You can open carry and I intend to do that in my car to an on the street. Yeah I don't think there's any other way for as you go so you don't have a whole street. Oh I have several wholesalers In Italy they're opening up on Tuesday and They will have social distancing. I've got a little report from willow. So the have all that set but masks shelby worn until there's a cure or vaccine so I'm seeing what's going on. We're not GONNA get away from this is going to be an endless fight with a whole bunch of idiots and we just have to become Japan. We're already on our way financially into the Japanese debt. So we might as well. Just go the full nine yards. I don't see a note from what our Duke and Duchess or Duke. Anyway which I don't know if you have it all right I'd like to read it during the donation segment but I have some kind of I get re might WanNa read. It was really all right. Well Okay I have a report from China's well. This is from Sir. Mark and Dame asteroid the Duke and Duchess of Japan and all the disputed islands in the Japan sea and we will read most of this on during the donation segment but Masks work is the Japanese A reasoning and the whole country wears them for flu season every year especially in the most crowded mass transit system in the world. It gives us a mum numbers. They've only had seven hundred thirty nine deaths per population of one hundred twenty six million which is very good. Compare that so. That's what did what did he put here. That's like like ten times less than United States. If you believe the numbers of course yeah there you go. Well hold on hold on. I get back. We'll get that mask. Usage went up with covert but it also meant that. It was the weakest flu season and over ten years. Interestingly not the same here in fact mortality rate in Japan from March was also down on top of this. If you feel you have symptoms and this I think is kind of cool. Japan is doing your ass to go to one of the many hotels that had been commandeered isolation hubs. So you don't go to the hospital and in fact everybody you don't go home and infect everybody you go to one of the designated hotels and the government has options over one hundred twenty thousand hotel rooms across the nation that I think is a pretty good idea that you're not if you're going to think about if you're a traveler well this room previously occupy no. Nobody's traveling nobody's traveling But yeah if you want to go to the to the obvious hurdles but maybe just a quick Update from Wuhan. One of our producers is back and I'll read his notes or hers anonymous. We're back in on Friday. This Wuhan said they were going to test eleven million people in ten days. Yeah and And I looked at the math and said I don't know how that's GonNa work but we have a little more data by producer says back and Wuhan Friday Wuhan tested just over one hundred. Thirteen thousand people are hotel. Slash apartment called US. And we'll schedule our test this coming week. My clients are testing. The workers at work in the Chinese government is setting up testing stations and local Neighborhoods they will test everyone in ten days. It's not really even a blip on most people's Day one client has a parking lot that is full of tables and trailers that is two tests blood and throat. Swabs takes less than ten minutes to stand in line and go through the process. Yeah that is eleven million people times ten minutes. I'm just I really WANNA see how they're going to complete this and so far only a hundred and thirteen thousand done. I had to do this. Went Bull crap that I had to do this when I arrived in. Wuhan so I couldn't start work. This'll be my third testing's coming back to China. Wuhan is mostly open. Some restaurants have dining inside while others are takeout only I can't use DD which is Their version of Uber only taxis. Because they track you and you need to Chinese. Id to register to be tracked by the Chinese Uber. Our local wet market is open but not inside the move the market to the sidewalk and made it one way. Traffic enter on one side and walk through the to exit the opposite side. You need to have your temperature scan before you enter any place and show the Qr Code having fun and Wuhan. When we first arrived a few weeks ago pollution level was great. We had blue skies and some stars at night. Now it's back to gray skies and burning is so. I've never seen a blue sky in China. I think it'd probably did happen when it was was all shut down. And that's what he says. Yeah I bet you. It's quite phenomenal. So in order not to go through all of that tracking and everything. I suggest the mask I really do. I hate it. I'm against it. But we have to sacrifice somewhere this and Republicans need to shut up and just get on move on. Let's do it. We can always do something later on. And maybe people forget about it but this is not the hill. Anyone should take a stand on in my opinion. Because we're dying. I was reading a fashion column about the fashion industry this morning and the nothing could take. What's her name from Vogue magazine? Oh my goodness and a winter and a win tour. Anna famous editor of Vogue magazine with the Glasses Delaware's Prada movie made about her The fashion industry is saying well. It looks like nothing could take her down. But the corona virus that could take down and the fashion industry is obliterated. Doesn't the fashion designers are out of business or going out of business? Not that I'm crying about it but you know. There's a lot of people that work in the fashion industry. The longer we do this the longer going to be a problem and assholes like Fao she and all these people need to get out of the way will wear some masks make it optional for people to requirement. And let's go let's move on. No no we can't do that. Here's Austin they've gone back to the color codes of a threat level of nine eleven tonight amid state demands to rollback its corona virus restrictions. Austin Travis County is now releasing new pandemic guidelines divided into five stages. The chart suggests what actions to take based on communities risk of contracting the corona virus stage. One is where we want to be the charge separate suggestions by the general public low risk individuals and those at high risk such as anyone over sixty five years old. So if you're a high risk individual than the suggested is is that even in Stage one that you still avoid gatherings for everyone else. Social distancing and mask-wearing appears at stage to Austin Public L. says we're in Stage three right now. This means avoiding groups of more than ten people and avoiding non essential travel mayor. Steve Adler SAYS HITTING STAGE FIVE MEANS. The city is in a pretty bad place and needs to take extreme measures. You look at this thing. It's like a grid with with collars and numbers and you know and it's reverse order so stage five is worse stage one is good dumb is dumb pussies. Man's go go. Whoa where there's this. Preoccupation with non essential travel. What does that even mean? What is non essential travel? Did everything is non essential travel in less Urine essential person. But if you go into the store I think travel means I don't know I don't know I don't care. It's all bull crap. They can't force thanks. Yeah Yeah but but we can sit in bicker or we can get going and I'm very. I'm getting a little worried here. In Austin which is different from the rest of Texas. The rest of Texas is doing a little differently and moving a little faster. Now here we all have to be Hansie's and meanwhile just get back to the numbers because that's really the problem. There are increasingly more. There's increasingly more evidence that this death count is really really full of crap. And do you remember. I said that I think burks might have flipped. And she was all kind of on trump's side and maybe anti-establishment that she's trying to save herself from the impending doom that these people will meet when we finally figured out where all the money is coming from. Going and judicial watch is doing all kinds of foia requests on the Fao she in the NIH. You don't want that you don't want that and I'm sure he hasn't covered every mattress don't want that he doesn't want that FAO. She doesn't want that you don't want Tom fit me. You don't want. Tom Fit and judicial. Watch making a stink about your business which has been far as I can tell very shady for a long time so this is a CNN report. Jim Acosta it was a very long report chopped down because it was really built as tensions rise between the administration and let me get the exact to exact title tensions rise between the White House and CDC as Berks critiques tracking and the death rate in control of the corona virus. Message coming from the White House. President trump is giving the administration pat on the back for the US response to the pandemic with enormous way to the pandemic hanging over the White House. Sources Tell C. N. N. Officials are questioning the accuracy of the corona virus death toll in the US and whether the number of dead is being over counted but that would fly in the face of testimony from top administration health expert. Dr Anthony Fauci instead. Deaths are likely being undercounted as some residents and hard hit. New York died at home. And we're never counted as Cova one thousand nine fatalities so in direct answer to your question. I think you're correct at the number is likely higher. I don't know exactly. What tire almost certainly is higher? The president suggested new. York's I love how they did that. I they say the numbers of bullcrap and then they cut straight to file out of context and but on tires definitely higher. This is a good report from CNN when it comes to propaganda team fatalities so in direct answer to your question. I think you're correct at the number is likely higher. I don't know exactly. What was that tire? Almost certainly is higher. The president suggested New York's number of dead was too high last month I see this morning. Where New York edit three thousand deaths because they died and then now saying rather than it was a heart attack? They're saying it was a heart attack caused by this guy. Trump allies on Fox News zeroed in on found she. As an obstacle to reopening the country blasting the doctors cautious approach to the pandemic. Is this the Guy? You want to Chore Chart The Future Of the country. Maybe not this is a very serious matter. The decisions we're making right now. Thou- she has not been elected to anything faucher to be very blunt is the face of this failed administrative a question. The entire premise of this the chief buffoon of the professional has Dr Anthony. Fauci also seems to paper what the Democrats want and that is massive restrictions with no end in sight with all due respect Dr Expertise. No one elected him to anything. But there's one big problem for the White House a CNN poll found a solid majority of Americans trust Not The president. So the whole point is they don't really really interested in talking about the facts of the death rate. Let's just go ahead and say Fox. News are assholes and Fox. News is doing the same to CNN. But every day I could play report like this when police in Cortez Colorado found thirty five year old. Sebastian yellow in their city park on May Fourth Coroner George Divas quickly determined. What killed the man. It wasn't coat. It was alcohol toxicity. Yes he did have Kobe. But that is what took his life. In fact yellows alcohol level was point. Five five nearly double the amount fatal so he literally drank himself to death. Yes exactly Devers. Tested yellow for covert nineteen after his death and the test was positive. The coroner said he was surprised to see the state then show Cova deaths in Montezuma county go from two to three with Sebastian yellows. Counting as number three for the district was signed They hadn't already listed it as a Coda death before the district of was even signed. Deaver said he's been trying to get the state health department to explain how a case of fatal alcohol poisoning was classified as a cova death and they should have be recording the same way that I do. They have to go off the truth and the facts enlisted as such. It's not the first time state. Health Department has come under fire for reclassifying. Death says covert fatalities last month a CBS four investigation found attending physicians. At this centennial nursing. Home rule three deaths were not related to corona virus but since the residents had tested positive for covert nineteen the state then listed them as corona virus deaths. There you go every day you could have one of these reports every single day but done what every show started exactly just the beginning. We've done one of these. This is you don't. Where's the other reports in other words? You know if they were under county. How Dry had right outrageous reports come and constantly? We can't have that they'll be none of that. I put in the show not doable. I put in the show notes. A a report from B. M. J. that that's the big what is B. J. Stand for Something Medical Journal. What is IT TO BE J. British minute medical dome think it's Me See. Pm J. B. M. J. dot com. What is it oh B. J. B. M. J. dot com? Now the leading. There it is. They don't even expand the acronym you a holes the VM. Jay Is the something of Medical Journal. Okay anyway whatever it is. It's a real medical journal real medical report. Abstract this is I cluster. Randomised trial of cloth masks compared with medical masks and the objective was to see. If there's a difference what is good? What is not good? It's all marked up. One of our producers actually was kind enough to this conclusion. The study is the first of cloth masks and the results. Caution against the use of cloth masks which is what we're all using because we don't have enough disposable medical masks moisture retention reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased risk of infection. Whoo right there and the B. M. J. so we are not getting good information. This is what's frustrating. This is what's driving people. I think nuts I have one of our producers works in a store which is starting to open up and this is believe it or not a store with Democrats and I just listened to this note that has been written to the managers of this Place Managers I've been in the store for ninety seconds and two of the first nine people. I walk past first thing. I'm not wearing their face mask. While within six feet of other staff in public space as all upper case now I am disappointed in what I thought was a tomb of individual to appreciate it an employer that had as much concern for them as they do themselves. We spent the last month in net losses as a result of our selfless act of closing the stores and paying everyone for a week so that we can do our part in trying to keep our staff and their families healthy safe as well as mentally and emotionally secure in very uncertain times. All caps still. That won't happen. We can't get our money back but I damn sure we'll take action to make sure it was not in vain V. A. N. E. Misspelling. We will do absolutely everything in our power to prevent sickness and the risk of having to close our doors again blah blah blah blah. Let me be clear in writing. So there's no misunderstanding. I won't do the voice anymore. We're wearing a facemask places. Gregory facemask by employees. I just spill over my screen wearing a face mask by employees and subcontractors requirement while conducting company business at anytime anywhere and while our property for any reason following company protocol for preventing covert nineteenth spread at a rate of one hundred percent. It's a requirement. The problems are simple. Employees terminated for being a clear and present danger to health safety and wellbeing of our team members and customers by not taking the required by company policy wearing a face mask to help prevent Frederick overnight day. That's pretty serious. Where what you run into this little screed one of our producers Who I'm going to keep anonymous works there and this was sent to her. Yeah it's really that's why I'm saying who cares. Let's just go for do it get over it already till we can just move on because we'll never get out of this will never ever get out of this by the way the CDC data Which I have the link for in the show notes couple of our producers record this data and and you know from week to week at Cetera and this producer said I went to update my spreadsheet. Notice that they have increased all of the at. Twenty one thousand nine hundred twenty twenty season numbers even though most weeks have been listed as one hundred percent reported before increased total deaths by literally thousands per week even though they said in there and we have the proof their own documents. This is one hundred percent counted or one hundred percent reported and then they re updated it and they just added thousands to several weeks. What the CDC is is not a good outfit bid corrupt for years. Now to go back to your your statement about this not being They requirement and not being a law that we have to adhere to you. Of course absolutely right. Here's Dr Drew. Who IS STILL? I don't know if he's on FAO cheese fierce squad anymore free wheeling but here's his latest now let's remind ourselves the CDC never recommended shutdown. They never recommended down they recommended. It's social distancing. Let's not confuse social distancing and shut down. Those are two very different things. Shutting down businesses isolating in place. Those those are far reaching measures beyond mere social distancing so the real question is was that necessary might there have been a more rational intermediate step to take a close. Some businesses closed some schools isolate nursing homes That have been a more sophisticated way to do this. And given that in California we overshot by somewhere between a factor of ten and fifty evidence. We didn't suggest we did a great job. And maybe we did too job depending on how bad or our economy is hit brother so now I have probably the most frightening thing of the day. I'll get it out of the way right away. Thank you while we cannot while we have not been forced to shut down. We've been compliant very compliant. Human Resources doing as we're told social engineering in great play were being shamed into compliance and the ultimate question is when a vaccine comes around. How is that going to work now? we'll probably dive in later into this Rick. Bright character who keeps coming back Who was slated to be the guy running the program now? The military's going to do that. We'd already said I think a couple of weeks ago that was going to be warp. Speed Operation Warp Speed. Was the get the vaccine done and out and ready for distribution by January of twenty twenty one. So when that comes out do we will. We all have to take it. Is it going to be optional? Will you take the vaccine? John No nobody in the family's taken this vaccine and what if you're forced to take the vaccine going to happen here is a constitutional lawyer Alan Dershowitz. Let's be very clear how we break down this issue. The city of New York the State of New York has the power close arc based on their view that it would be helpful in defeating the pandemic. Absolutely no question about that. Supreme Court has case case. If the case saying that public health justifies closing down parks closing down a public areas. The next question is. Does the governor have the right to do that? Governors generally are not authorized to make the law. They're authorized to enforce the law. So you'd have to look to see if there were legislative authority allowing the governor to close the far. If there is that it would be legitimate. let me put it very quickly. You have no constitutional right to endanger the public and spread the disease even if disagreeing you have no right not to be vaccinated. You have no right not to wear a mask band if you refuse to be vaccinated. The state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunged a needle into your arm if the back nation is designed to prevent the spreading disease the vaccination is only to prevent a disease that you will get for example visit disease. That will kill you. You have the right to refuse that but you have no right to refuse vaccinated against a contagious disease. Albuque- help police. The constitution gives the state the power to compel that Dan their cases in the United States. Bring Holy Crap I was not aware that that was Constitutionally somehow possible well I'd like to hear other interpretations Dershowitz has got one opinion about a lot of stuff right but we typically like what Turkey Woods has to say can't just because you disagree can't say he's become a bit of a Arm Waiver recently. I mean he's I mean he's what he's saying is probably true but I'm sure there's other ways of dealing with while this is not going to happen. We're not going to get a shot. The suggest remember h one n one wine flu. We're still waiting for so on this show. We discussed going to member that whole rigmarole to be two shots. Maybe three and then go down to one and then become part of the flu shot. And there's all these different things that's went era when people at because I took pictures and put it in the newsletter where they were giving the shots out in Albany. They had a line remember that. Yeah yes yeah. Opening a star wars the public will line up for this shot in such a to such a degree. Yeah that you there's not gonNA they're gonNA force anyone to get the shot because there's going to be so many people getting the shot they're going to probably run out of it. Yeah that's a good point. That's a good point lineup. But lined up a mile long and as the President says fully Thaksin's for everyone the public or a partially approved vaccine with emergency. You know we're looking for a full vaccine for everyone that wants to get it not everybody's GonNa want to get it there. You go so we're looking at it. Full vaccine is that a correct will so the answer. What is the question. We're looking at a full vaccine. What is that like a half man? I'll take a quarter quarterback signed hex. She was asking. Something does not quite fully approved. I understand I understand get. Nfo Vaccine is that a correct get will so the answer is the answer is yes. We're working for a fully approved vaccine but we'll also use the tools we have for instance emergency use authorization As as appropriate we all of our regulatory tools to bring vaccine available for the entire American population by January. Okay Mr President Clarify. Shire some of you wearing masks. And why are some of you know wearing? Please all been tested. I've been tested. We've all been tested. We're quite a distance away and we're outdoor so. I told them I gave them the option. They could wear it or not so you can blame it on me. But I gave them the option. We could wear it not so the president is they're saying kind of what I'd like. Optional vaccine options masks and also optional. Open carry so rick. Bright was the guy who was who has traditionally for many years. He's been in and out of government and back to the pharmaceutical industry multiple times and he is the guy that was supposed to be in charge of the vaccine. This is the Barda the Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority. And this was unceremoniously taken away from him as he was pushed out. And now of course. He's a whistle blower. So Oh yeah we. He has a job. But listen to this guy's career and you start to understand why you really don't want him in the business of vaccines in this case. Certainly as he started Atlanta Georgia Vaccine Research Center. Ninety eight to two thousand and two we worked at the CDC in Atlanta where he studied influenza a virus and the h five and one from two thousand and two thousand three. He went to the pharmaceutical industry. Which is always great when you're in government and you go to the private industry and then you can shepherd stuff in So he went to `Althea Therapeutics is that which is also in Atlanta and he was a senior research for their vaccine immunology programs in two thousand three he went back to the CDC. He's only a year that he was in private business and then he was still in Atlanta but then he was focused on the avian flu and he was there until two thousand six in two thousand six to two thousand eight. He went to Novak's like the number one penny stock of vaccine bull crap on the stock market. During that time he participated in World Health Organization Committees on Vaccine Development and pandemic preparedness and then in two thousand eight he worked at the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and then in two thousand ten he came back to the Department of Health and Human Services so the guy is way too in entrenched in in the pharmaceutical business. I don't think you want this guy running the show. And the fact that he's so pissed off about and so angry that he's become a whistleblower. I think tells us I'm sorry. Go on I think that tells us that. This was not the way. It's supposed to go. This is we are going to learn eventually so much about the pharmaceutical and medical industry. All the Egos and all the money takes place and it's GonNa blow us away because the scandal and the bull crap and the money is ten times bigger than than than movies especially today. This is rick bright testifying because of course we to testify today. The world is confronting a public health. Emergency unlike any we've seen in over a century we are facing a highly transmissible and deadly virus which not only claims lives but also disrupts the very foundations of our society. The American healthcare system is being taxed. Our economy is spiraling downward and our population is being paralyzed. By fear stemming from a lack of coordinated response and a dearth of accurate clear communication about the path forward Americans urine to get back to work to open their businesses and to provide for their families. I get that however what we do must be done. She like in charge so he gets. He says he's the PERMIRA Canada back to work to open their businesses and to provide for their families. I get that but this is the this is the attitude of these people. I am King however what we do must be done carefully with guidance from the best scientific minds. Our window of opportunity is closing if we fail to improve response. Now based on science I fear the pandemic you'll get worse and be prolonged. Yeah this is. My favorite part is now bringing it all back around to science entrusted. Republicans in particular. Don't believe in science. There will be likely resurgence of Kobe. This fall it'll be greatly compounded by the challenges of seasonal influenza without better planning twenty twenty could be darkest these guys at this goes on with Biden. Where's the science? Where's the science that says it's going to recur in in the fall of twenty Twenty this there's no specific Lee. What science he's talking about. Science Science Science Science specifically name something. What study do they know for a fact that this thing is not falling apart I mean? Is there any evidence whatsoever? This is all speculative without better planning twenty twenty. You could be the darkest winter modern history. First and foremost I. Love could be the darkest winter in modern history. Have you heard of the hunger winter a whole without better planning twenty twenty? Could be the darkest winter in modern history. First and foremost we need to be truthful. With the American people. Americans deserve the truth. The truth must be based on science. We have the world's greatest scientists now. The truth must be based on science. These very interesting phrase and I think we're going to hear this a lot more because there's really only truth in one thing and that's mathematics and what they're showing US mathematics and there's no truth in it you know what I'm saying. Science is is not always truth. In fact it's kind of never truth but we've been through this with global warming and the green new deal and climate change is just coming back and please ignore the math that we showed you. That was all wrong. Trust in science people Americans deserve the truth. The truth must be based on science. We have the world's greatest scientist let us lead led US speak without fear of retribution. There you go. John let us lead led US lead they want to give the power to the scientists to let them lead you. We must listen. Each of us can and must do our part now on Tuesday Dr Voucher delivered a message in clear untrustworthy. As encouraged us to act with caution as we return to our daily lives we should listen to him and other scientists sharing their expertise. Yeah it's so bad that to push the science and believe the signs truth is in science. Cnn did a special Sanjay. Gupta Anderson Cooper bringing onto that. I have to play a couple of things. 'cause 'cause bright testimony was a fiasco and it was a disaster and I WANNA play. Two things at pray. Looted this little dispel which everybody clipped about all. We're GONNA have this winter and all the rest of less us now. This thing actually began. This is bright testimony confusion. Okay here we go five minutes for an opening statement. Well you don't think resolved. Well are we going to ask if he wants to be represented by counsel and then who the Council is Dr Brian? Do you wish to be represented by counsel. Yes okay and then could she identify herself for the for the Record with council. Please state your name. My name is Deborah Katz. I'm an attorney representing Dr Rick. Bright with the law firm of cats marshawn banks. All right thank you. I think that's all we needed to do. Parliament is recognized for his. You've got a parliamentary question. I'm glad you got this John. This is very good. Suppressing so gentleman status parliamentary. It will the witness under oath. Because if you have a witness whistle blower testimony under Owen. Eye Witness would normally be under oath and if not today. He's under oath not under oath then if we get into whistleblower allegations how can we be assured that the witness is telling the truth under under oath if they're not under oath and if they're not under oath that how can you talk about the whistle blower complaints at thanks in a fair and equitable manner? I thank the gentleman I inquiry. All witnesses know that it is illegal to lie to Congress and in our sub committee unlike they are the only subcommittees at. It's a practice of. It's a tradition. But we don't swear people in but witnesses know that it is illegal to light Crown Congress. One thousand three or something. Thank you now a couple things. One this is an issue that's heading this subcommittee and she doesn't know what she's doing. And and so the the Republican guy has to tell her to do things properly and they have to walk through a bunch of things but is lying to Congress thing. I didn't realize and apparently wrist some US code. So what about James Clapper Talk? That doesn't count. The the thing is that we're living in a world of calling out hypocrisy and that's all anyone does all the time and and it's it's it has no it's no benefit doesn't go anywhere has got anywhere so far. Let's get the part to this is another now. The Had Republican I whose name I run on back of an envelope. I got it back there from Oregon. He's a congressman. He's very good by the way this guy and I'll get his go. Get the envelope. But now this is the beginning of the kind of the true confusion and then dismissed the whole thing of a joke and a fiasco in fact and they brought up this lawyer. He wants to be represented by counsel. He says yeah. I want to be represented by counsel. She says absolutely nothing the whole time. He never once asked her a question so that she's just up towards a joke and so this part of it makes it even more of a Representative Walden Waldo. Walden Greg Walden. From right good quite good. We have asked for in. This committee should hold hearings to find a path toward reform the strategic national stockpile to increase domestic manufacturing of critical supplies and disentangle our supply chains from China. We should be exploring strategies for increased testing so we can begin to safely reopen our economy. We need to find ways to improve access to mental health and provide relief both for our healthcare providers on the front lines treating Kobe. One thousand nine cases and our health healthcare workers who have been furlough because their hospitals are closed. We should be conducting rigorous oversight of the trillions of dollars myriad new policies Congress's appropriated enacted in the last three months and we should be investigating really investigating allegations like Dr Bright's that raise concern. That are about our nation's corona virus response that does not appear to be wire actually here today and frankly. It saddens me doc bright. Your allegations are serious. They deserve a real investigation. I know the office of Special Counsel with whom you file your complaint. We'll do just that and I know they take their work seriously. And we'll hear you out and importantly we'll give those named in your complaint. An opportunity to have their side heard as well. I must tell you that many of us on our committee were confused when we learned from a tweet. This hearing was scheduled in the wake of your complaint as you know. That's certainly not how we do things at the energy and Commerce Committee not long after the notice of this being a whistle blower hearing. We were advised. You're here is a government witness not a whistle blower but then we were told you are not representing the government but yourself airing titles suggest the hearings about protecting scientific integrity yet. The chair invited witness. Who Will Not be speaking to that issue. So it's all pretty confusing and unusual to say the least here. We are in the middle of a pandemic and we aren't given time to secure our witnesses conduct. Appropriate research require documents that could aid in our understanding of the situation. You face in the country face so the whole thing is a Sham. Of course it is set up so BRYK and go up there safe and lie and do whatever he wants. He didn't have to do whatever he want. But the joke is he didn't do a very good job of any of it except that one one good play which is pretty much what everyone play So that was. I consider the whole thing in epic fail. I was honest about. Yeah but going back to what the push now and that's really wind. WanNa prove with that clip. The push is for truth. Science is truth. That's the push and that's and let the scientists Lee. We kind of heard that. But now he's this this guy he's the Pied Piper and he's supposed to say the things everyone's going to repeat and you'll hear well as Dr Bright said you're GONNA hear that. I don't think so so we had the big Ronan special on CNN with Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta and there. She is the expert when it comes to science. All things science the Ever so idealistic Greta to senior talk about online too is just how important it is to listen to experts and listen to science and this is a time when I was not very good. Science Student But this is a time. It seems that you will. Scientific community is so critically important. And we're really seeing just how important it is to follow science. Yes yes exactly and I hope that she is she a PhD. Oh yes listen to her message. She'll do fifty seconds of the same thing we can see now the the scientific community stepping up and they are speaking out more than they have that on. Before I gotTa tell you for a sixteen year old Swedish girl. The term stepping up like the scientists are stepping. Up is an odd thing for her to be using. Just in my opinion. I don't know. Is that how kids talk about that? Or the sweets. That's all they talked stepping. Yes exactly and I hope that we can see now. The scientific community are stepping up and they are speaking out more than they have that because obviously this is a crisis that required the scientific community to speak out and out. And I hope that people really it's it feels like Scientists getting science is is changing. Now it's becoming more people starting to realize that we are actually depending on signs that we need to listen to scientists and experts in I. I really hope that we that that stays in that. That also is is for for other crises such as the climate crisis in the environmental crisis that we understand that you have to listen to to scientists that the climate folk are freaked out about this whole situation because they've been talking about being put on the backburner they've been taken off the stove. Yeah they're back in the pantry where they belong and I think so. That's why it's important to have Greta back on the scene so you can maintain her profile. People forget pretty quickly. But I'll tell you. Okay we have Anderson Cooper like you said the big three there was Anderson Cooper. Who says he was not a lousy student and he flunked science. So he's an idiot and so then you get Greta Tune Berry. Who was who was a kid. She's just a kid. Let's face reality and then you have to the MD. Dr Yeah but houser was only to handle doogie. Howser was only this kid as well. You know it's like these kids can be very smart. That can be geniuses. Remember who you talking to your average CNN. Viewer in viewers Which is a small group of people? Let's face it you under a million generally speaking is we probably have a bigger audience. Probably is the dumbest audience watches television and keeping up. You have to. You have to imagine you think you're keeping up because it's all about news news news news. Oh no opinion inside the Central Intelligence Broadcast System. I think really Did a good job in pitting the two main people that it's all about who's going to lead us. That's that's what it's coming down to this week. I haven't seen the Sunday shows but I'm sure it's part of it WHO's going to lead. Us trump the president or the God president trump continues to push the country too quickly bounce back and says he does not consider that happening without reopening schools claiming the virus has had very little impact on young people. But you're right. His own top health experts disagree. He wants to play all sides of the equation. President trump pushed back against the warning. Dr Anthony Out g delivered at a Senate hearing day before. There is a real risk that you will trigger an outbreak as you might not be able to control. We don't know everything about this virus and we really had to be very careful particularly when it comes to children's just just to interrupt. I'm a little tired of we. Don't know very much about this virus. Why not. I mean you've been studying this for forty years. It's similar to other SARS virus. I'm feel very comfortable hearing. We don't own but we don't we don't know but then telling me to be the worst winter in a history. This is Very contradictory very careful particularly when it comes to children surprised by his answer. Actually because it's just not an acceptable answer especially when it comes to schools but in new. Cbs News poll finds that most Americans trust Dr Fallacy though his unfavorable rating among conservatives has increased since April the country needs guidance of the nation's best medical and scientific experts these literally on matters of life and death as Democrats demand more guidance from the federal government today the administration's former top vaccine researcher. Rick Bright will testify before House Committee that if the response is not ramped up twenty twenty will be the dirk est winter in modern history thinks. Cbs has a good job of wrapping up the messaging. That they want trump bad F- Ouchi good exact same messaging that. Pbs is using but going to their. They had shields and Brooks on and they went on and on and they want to hear what you got. Well we've got a few things. I get the Biden. But we'll biden. Okon was finish up the Rona. Let's do a shields and Brooks on. Pbs Research Notes and it reveals that Joe Biden is very transparent person. The culture they described it certainly the culture I knew when I was covering Senator Biden Down Person. Go to go to shields on reopening sees battled. Pbs President and. He said it again today. We need to move ahead Whether we're ready or not on a on the you know in the direction of opening up the duty President proves once again he's not actually strategic tactical political fights. He engages in. He's Vissel He's instinctive he went. You should always if you're going to have to. Somebody politically stopped somebody. Who had to start this over because you got to listen to what he did she. She says. Trump wants to go ahead and reopen the country and he like this that uses brought up on. Cbs and his also being played out on PBS and elsewhere. It says though the overlying talking points to message or somebody else sneaks in as a as a given in conversations were couldn't so she's asking him to the president wants to re open the country and his response is. He doesn't know how to pick his battles. He's not strategic. Wait a minute. He wants to reopen. The country is not a battle. Who's a battle with? Who Will we know? It's assumed they already know what the balance is between Fao Chee and trump because they wanna lower trump's numbers put somebody else to call the shots and help continue ruined the country and so the world not just the country the world world world world world government will take care of that although every country has their own foul yes country has their own couch. -I all connected older Got Pictures of foul she on on the background on their desk. Man L. Fouled. She's disciples disciples the pope disciple. So you have this. Replayed AGAIN THIS CLIP. Now that we have that play over here with that in mind that what she says what he jumps in with his discrepant president and he said it again today. A we need to move ahead Whether we're ready or not on on the you know in the direction of opening up the duty the president proves once again he's not actually strategic tactical and his political fights he engages in He's he's vissel He's instinctive to you should always if you're going after somebody politically go after somebody. Who's a lot of the you are politically or less popular and the Democrats won five consecutive presidential elections running against a Herbert Hoover Because they're the depression and unpopular republican president but he picked Anthony Fauci. Dr Vouch David mentioned is been been there since years but not only that when in a presidential debate when George H W Bush was asked to cite a contemporary American hero he cited Dr Anthony Fauci. What a hero not anymore. My Book and remember the in order to get back to work it really is about nine things testing testing testing tracing tracing chasing isolation. Isolationism isolationism. So we gotta test you gotTa trace you got isolate. You and I have been identifying along with of our no agenda lab personnel that the antibody tests are increasingly difficult to put together the the material they're receiving from. I'm not sure where it comes from. I think some of it if not all from China seems to be faulty not the same results and this is this is what the certainly the a lot of people want and and feel is necessary to go back to work as we have to test for the antibodies and obviously the leading a group on the test for antibodies is run. By who else could it be the gates foundation? It's not really run by them. But there major funder of this group and the FDA has stepped in the Food and Drug Administration halted a CORONA VIRUS TESTING PROGRAM PROMOTED BY BILLIONAIRE BILL Gates in Seattle health officials pending reviews. The program sought to send task is to the home of people both healthy insect to try to bring the country to the level of testing. Officials say is necessary before states can begin safely reopening the program which has already gone through. Thousands of tests found dozens of cases that had previously been undiagnosed the Seattle Corona Virus Network said on his website that the FDA has asked it to pause testing while it receives additional authorizations but maintained its procedures are. Safe story is so underplayed that you can't even get a clip. You have to get a computer voice. Reading the copy from computer voice. Sounds like another one of these online commentators. Still Really I had to put pipe to cut it to put pauses into make the transition natural so bad. But that's how under reported this is nobody. Nobody wants to really let you know that it's failing. Meanwhile without a doubt science based science-based New York has some great ideas forgetting back to work and New York has problems but they do want people to at least go back and play some tennis. Every player a lesser from the same household has to bring her own tennis balls. So that you don't touch other people's with your hands you can kick their balls okay. Is that Eyeso- worthy kick their balls touch. It gets it gets it gets better because she recognizes what she's doing and this is our humorous moment of the show with your hands needed care hands. Charge that little sorry. Of course if you're you're playing with someone in your household you can touch those tennis balls. What can be confusion between. Who's worker activist? I give her high marks for that high marks. I love it that everyone's cracking up. We just needed that moment of like. Oh okay okay okay. I feel so much better now numbered the balls to she got a number and the ballboys they can't be grabbing everybody's balls they can only get the balls on their side of the of of their from their team. You can only touch your team's balls. It goes on forever. Obviously you can have a lot of fun with this. I have since it's also being Obfuscated I haven't update from New York City Nursing Home where good half of all of New York's city patients died. Would you like to hear this from a dude name Ben? Who WORKS IN? It laws the the what we've been discussing. What is death mill? What is on our radar is the fact that The governor signed a number of orders which really puts sick people back into the nursing homes without proper separation without not all of them but really unprepared and that infected a lot of people and kill a lot of people and he doesn't want to own up to it I don't think he will. I think it I'm not blaming him. Specifically Shit happens in an emergency. This is not a good one but You know I don't WanNa be talked about the hypocritical nature of it. Obviously we know if this was a Republican who had done it the media would have been talking about it but even even Fox. News isn't really talking about this. No one wants to know. So here's a report boots on the ground dude named Ben. That's his name but Do Name Benny Works. It for large New York City nursing home. A few facts about how our governor Cuomo has handled this vulnerable population from the beginning we were told by the government and New York State Department of Health that we cannot test staff and residents as there is not enough testing supplies. Hospitals are more important. That's mistake number one. The only way we could test a patient was to transfer them to the hospital then they were tested. The only contest staff is to have them go to the private doctor. Get them to call the state testing hotline. And if symptomatic get an appointment for a testing center therefore there was a very low death rate reported by nursing homes since they couldn't test and therefore could not confirm the deaths were Cova nineteen related. Then cuomo ordered all nursing homes to accept. Cova nineteen positive discharges that's people from the hospital most nursing homes are unprepared for this do not have sufficient P P or staffing nor the ability to isolate. We parted at that time with a large New York City. Hospital system created a dedicated cove. Nineteen Recovery Unit and gladly accepted positive patients patients once we put in place the appropriate infection control procedures and receive sufficient. Pp from our hospital partner. Then Cuomo woke up and realized many nursing homes were not equipped to handle cove in nineteen positive patients and the death count went up and issued another executive order forbidding nursing homes from accepting covert nineteen positive patients they will surely backup hospitals and create an artificial surge then cuomo mandated is crazy that all nursing home patients and staff tested. We had a team of twenty from the Department of Healthier this week tested all residents and staff over four days. We now have to put a plan in place by five by May Twentieth. How we're going to continue to test staff twice a week. Even though they're not enough testing supplies lab capacity logistical ability nurses and doctors to swab and cost of millions of dollars per month per facility will become a financial hardship. Don't have a plan. We risk losing our license. And I really don't look forward to having my brain poked and additional two times per week going forward you two are so spot on much of your analysis thank you. I do to spread the truth. Nyc tissue stay safe. Keep your six foot social distance. Figure out how to wire master haircuts. Thank you so again Cuomo. Certainly but I think in general doesn't care about the elderly doesn't care about old people cares about the hospital and the money that they can make. I'm just going to say that in the state and getting a bailout. He does not lie. Did Not care for the actual people who needed no. He's about plenty. Yes and it's it's disturbing when you raise the Derby and so far like worshipped along with Ouchi by the Democrats and especially the ones that Kinda Hope Bite. Input moves aside so CUOMO can take over. You know we've already shown on this show that that's not even a possibility. Cuomo's commentary where he says. America's never been a great country. Which is all you do. Just keep playing that audio forever. It's never gonNA vote missing. Anyone could ever say yeah so As a politician people can say it right. But but it's just. It is so sad than you were arguing about the wrong things. No one and the media of course has not been your friend for a long long time but it's just gotten so bad. Very bad people get notes from his saying that the media I mean. Immediate hasn't been bad for a long time. We've documented for the last ten years in as we go back in history and go back to the Gulf Tonkin and those other things that took place media. Philip sell off the Decide Demi has never been any good well and it was. It was interesting. I was talking to the keeper about the Church Commission I think it always. It always been like this indoctrination into the media said. Yeah in seventy five. There was a big big hearing the Church Commission and the CIA sat there said Yeah. Yeah we we. We have people on staff or who Who Send in stories to our reporters in the printed press and then the question came in while you have anybody at a major television news network. Well that had to be discussed in private setting. It's the same for anyone at the New York Times. Well we think we should discuss that in private setting so yes and if you WANNA weigh it did not the way it works well for them but unfortunately were a lot of suck suffered a member of the Pennsylvania Secretary of Health that we discussed and that you had questions about the secretary's appearance. The appearance of the of the Health Secretary from Los Angeles. Let's stick with Pennsylvania for a second. Go on your hunch was correct. We didn't know much about the transsexual woman. Transsexual exactly Trans Woman. Well the guy there was a guy who's not you who pretty much shit pretty much got cancelled because he to made fun of the Health Secretary of Pennsylvania. And here's a little story about it Puerta. Gao is the owners of peppers at here in Braddock Super Popular Restaurant in our region. Puerto Gallo is coming under fire for recent facebook comments that he posted on his personal page comments. That some say are transphobic. These are the facebook posts that Robert Porta golic shared on his page. Now What's interesting is what you see is a picture of him with a wig on and look like the and then you see a picture of the The Secretary of Health next week the above that which I think was funny and the actual joke it was not a trans joke. Was a picture of Wayne's world with the stupid glasses. Looks exactly like the The Secretary of health so I think he was he was saying. Oh you look like Wayne from West birth tagging. His restaurant peppers at in one of the Post. Puerto Gallo is wearing a wig glasses and pearls appearing to mimic the look of Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr Rachel Levin Jr who is a transgender. Another post shows Puerto Gao appearing to impersonate Doctor Levin holding a news conference around rolls of toilet paper with the caption. Now we know hoarded all the toilet paper while Puerto Follow. His intent was to be funny members of the. Lgbtq community aren't laughing. You should see this video This spokesperson I'm sorry member of the LGBT community is wearing a rainbow mask Pink flags and it's weird to hear this person see the person talking with a mask over their face but be a wonderful compassionate leader in guiding the Commonwealth and making sure they say safe Christine. Brian is with the Delta Foundation. Pittsburgh whose mission is to fight for the LGBTQ community. There's a lot of people that didn't realize that she was a member of the transgender community. And truthfully doesn't matter. She's just like everybody else. With an extensive resume CH- that is so impressive so impressive but listen shut up. There was not an LGBT. Joking about Wayne's world was humor. We can have humor by the way Max a battle-axe transgender battle-axe at old woman or even an old man doesn't matter let's let's immediately take it into wall and by the way it's okay to make fun of the president and his Orange Hair Orangemen bats. Okay but oh no. Oh no this immediately has to be taken into. Lgbtq shut up so annoying. The appearance Bigotry needs to be consistent in in Texas. You can knock the president being orange or a clown or whatever you WANNA call Amazon. Shopping Games opened sodium. Go after anybody think it think but no see yes so the final things I have is what's going on locally here in Texas as There's a lot of pushback from people who want to open up and You know what we're seeing now across the country a some of the more rigorous mayors and or government more mayors than anything but governors as. Well they will take away your license so you can't operate doing anything to shame you or thwart you from conducting your business legally which it's legal as this is not a violation of law violation of some kind of social standards that were now tied into so in Texas. We have the traveling economic militias. And this this is new. These guys are going all over. Texas and they are protecting businesses that want to open up and they stand in front with their rifles and of course all kinds of intimidating looking gear and you know what businesses are open. And that I think is sad that it has to go that way. I like it great to go that way and and I would participate in in that if someone was having problems. Jump Right in stand there. No one's GONNA. This is why we have guns when this type of situation appears let's look at a country that just took away their guns in New Zealand. And let's see we're kind of powers. They've given to their prime minister. This bill enables the police to into a home without a warrant Madam Speaker. The police had never held that power at all. They have never held that how this bill. This bill enables police just own reasonable cause to enter in to your home sweet just like a good old king King George. The third used to stew. That's why they put it in the bill of rights when we told him to to sawed off. Yeah Good Times over there I WANNA play. When leaves me here? I mean I do have to round the world tour which has got some good stuff but I had to get this out of the way before we go to the break which is something that doesn't get a lot of play looked into. It seems to be true as his accurate report is not a joke. It's not them the SACRA. The be or whatever. That thing is the new Onion the soccer lab report. What is it the be the be the Babylon Babylon that people? Sorry sorry that P for lab at the Wuhan Institute of Iraq has come under scrutiny as a potential source of the virus according to an NBC. Report a hazardous event may have happened at the lap in October last year. Three people familiar with the matter told. Nbc that US intelligence agencies are reviewing an unofficial report on cell phone location data. The report found there was no cell phone activity around the high security part of the P. For Lab between October seventh and twenty four last year the report suggests there may happen hazardous event. There's some time between October. Sixth and eleventh that required the lab to be closed during that time. The report talks about images from October fourteenth to nineteen last year. Showing no outbound traffic from the lab. It's suspected a roadblock was set up to prevent cars and people coming and going. This is in contrast to set images from August to October. Sixth which show a lot of activity. The next instance of activity was on Coober Twenty-fifth. Us Senator. Tom. Cotton also spoke about the data in an interview with Fox News. Cotton said normally thousands of mobile phones are in use around this area. Wuhan has about the same population density as New York. He has the sudden drop in cellphone. Usage is likely an indicator of when the virus I began spreading. He said we could get to the bottom of it a lot faster if the Chinese regime was more transparent. Us intelligence officials say the evidence is not enough on its own. They are still investigating. Where does this report come from came from a news? Operation called N TD which is Chinese operation an TD cents for new Tang Dynasty and it turns out that these are the same group. That's comes Outta the like the epoch the epoch times all right right right right right right here gone. Yeah that's They're they they hate to the Chinese. Obviously they hate. The giant was fallen. Gong Gong or abandoned China and it was And I will be writing an essay about this because the fallen gone phenomenon. It's quite interesting. This operation only began in the there was a Moment there was a moment in history where this there's all these different movement practices in China and Chee Gong. It was one of them that goes back. I think three of three thousand years at least it became for some unknown reason. A super popular again began. His popularity began in the fifties. And then it gets incredibly popular in the nineties and it's like tight she chee Gong. There's a bunch of these are all interconnected. Gong also just like Kong's Kung Fu all these different movement Ideologies are part of Chinese culture and and in the mid nineties. This Qigong is extremely popular. An offshoot called Falungong came up and became so popular so quickly that it good garnered seventy million followers within a couple of years and by the end of the same decade it was banned in China because it was seen as dangerous and then ever since. Then it's been this blood feud between these These people in the Chinese Communist Party. I'm glad you you went into that. And and whenever I see the epoch times I bear that in mind they have an agenda but I think a lot of people don't even know this don't even know that it's epoch times and what else what's the other online thing. Here is an td news services also something else called happy morning or something feeling happy ending this. Ntd stands for new Tang Dynasty. Oh and the Tang Dynasty's interesting because that's the one that took place between about six hundred and nine hundred Very early in the or early in modern Chinese history and that be that was a three hundred year reign with a with a hole in the middle of it where the evil Empress Wu ruled. That little era is the only full Empress in the history of China that actually had total complete power. Now isn't she was evil because a whore apparently somehow got into government and which does happen before the wooten clang or a little bit before just before the routine all right to the Chinese history for everybody. This stuff has implications in this these. These fallen gone guys have got some very serious good journalism. They have been producing to be honest about it. I mean I know it's slanted too but it's pretty well done. Well all news is slanted but you still have to pick out what you can as long as you know. What's the story about the Delap? Getting shut down which has been debunked of course has something to do with. It is not being played by anybody. apparently NBC did have the story but they kind of So what is your takeaway without? Then the virus came from the Chinese lab. I think just like the French guy. The French Nobel Prize winner in medicine. Who discovered the AIDS virus is the guy who is I think is right and they all call. Everyone calls him a crackpot. Now now they do. It's like others Nobel. Prizes got his his chops. You know yet is a crackpot. This is happening up this. Yeah this is happening. Everywhere in the Netherlands is a very famous statistician pollster. His name is Maurice Homet- and that translates interestingly to Maurice. The dog that is that is literally his name and Maurice. He's probably he's got ten years on me. I've I've worked with him in the past but he's very famous. He's the guy that whenever there's elections he's everywhere on television keys tells he shows everybody that charge the numbers. He's got it all down. He's very good at understanding data. And he's been doing it since I was a child almost in the country watching him. He has been shut out entirely banned from all mainstream. And he's now appearing on podcasts and I'm actually considering 'cause he speaks perfect English Considering doing an interview with them. 'cause it's easy to get right now and and it's because he said look the way you're collecting. The data is shoddy. You have completely incorrect data. The number no. Good your models. No Good Goodbye Maurice. The dog ate happens. It's happening everywhere. France has got that got crackpot. Get rid of him Maurice Haunt. His career is over. Not that he you know he has affairs plenty of money but it's it is odd to see the guy that. I grew up watching as the authority on data and Statistics numbers to be completely shut out because he had a different opinion got. My man is cancelled now before it started off as a podcast or the. You know this problem this right. Before we take a break we do have very important. Public Service announcement. That is something. I'd like you all to listen to very carefully in the morning no agenda Producers Win writing the no agenda show we know you all want to refer to your significant others as smoking hot. When everyone uses the same term to describe their lover it can get quite repetitive. So when writing the no agenda show. Please consider using an alternative term such as alluring angelic arm. Candy attractive arousing banging. Beautiful Bit of trumpet. Bombshell diggity Breezy Cute Cutie Cutie Pie. Cookie cupcake. Charming Chiquita. Banana dazzling dime piece. Delicious Dow Phase Dream Boat Enchants Foxy. Glamorous Gorgeous good-looking head turning howdy. Hot Sexy Mama. Knocked out lovely magnificent. Perfect ten ravishing sensuous sexy sex getting their crafty cougar smashing stunning sensational stone. Cold Foxy titillating. Tremendous twinkie leashes vivacious. Yummy or simply wonderful. The no agenda show appreciate your cooperation and compliance through these difficult times. If your significant other doesn't like description you us be sure to tell them to relax wall. You hit them in the mouth and with that. I'd like to thank you for your courage. Say in the morning to you. The man who put the sea in crafty Cougar. John Shiny morning you Mr Anu Kerry also in the morning. All ships at sea boots on the ground feet in the air subs in the water. And all the dame's nights out there. By the way was that Darren O'Neill to the one and only recognize his voice. I just as I was listening to that. Yeah just a message to Darren a little. Little positive feedback is. He is one inch away from be able to do a perfect rush. Limbaugh why here the slots opening up soon sorry bad? Dj Joke is what it does. Yeah Darren is well he gets enough practice limbaugh would he just needs to drop it down a little bit slow down. I mean I know exactly what would I mean? He's he's already got to the tones. He's got the total qualities he just needed and he has to say stuff like Ditto heads. Does that megadose does that even anymore. But Darren on your thank you very much and I have to say in the morning to our trolls there in the in the troll room. There's over nine thousand. Nine hundred of them did a quick troll. Count to thank you all for showing up in for showing your enthusiasm and helping and weighing in with your comments which are often not suitable for air. But we do appreciate it. No Agenda Stream Dot com is where all of that partying takes place. We do. The show live on Thursdays and Sundays. The welcome to go in there. Listen live troll around. 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And the mask in the middle of the handcuffs. As if you're being shackled by the mask it was a dynamite piece. I there was no question. I think that this and people responded to it. It was an excellent Pieces symbolic art and we had. There was a lot of pieces a lot. A lot of pieces for some reason like a lot and I would say a special commendation to comic blogger who did his rendition of the National Black Journalists Association recall. It's a he all. Yes if you WANNA see it go. Look at. This does these. Everyone's interested appreciate. It did it because he knew that. No way of getting this picked but a man. It certainly gave me joy so thank you for that. Be above all thank you nick. The rat when it comes in and does it. He does it right. No Agenda Art Generator Dot Com. Please go have a look at all of the fantastic different submissions. And if you want to you can join into. It's tough because artists have stuff done by the end of the show. We pick the art probably about fifty minutes after we're done after cleaning up the opening and the closing of the show and doing the credits were right into that. So it's an amazing thing that they do fantastic value for the show as one of the few podcast anywhere in the world. That has fresh album art for every episode. No Agenda Generator Com. Thank you know agenda. Art Generator Dot Com. Thank you nick. Time Code now for that got it. We do have few people twelve forty three. And I'm GonNa have you read because you read part of this not already and you know where you read where you didn't read. This is from Sir. Markelle an dame Astra Duke and Duchess of Japan and all the disputed islands of the Japanese see and they came up with thirty three dollars and thirty cents and with a whole bunch of Nice pictures of themselves their staff. They are wearing masks and bragging. A ball yes dear John Adam. Thank you for your courage. The last few months of your virus deconstruction has been the best. I want to give an update from the frontline here in Japan. We have dodged the bullet so far and have only seven hundred and thirty nine deaths for a population of over one hundred and twenty six million. That's five point. Eight deaths per million compared that to the US with two hundred sixty seven deaths per million of course that includes people who drink themselves to death and the UK with five hundred eleven deaths per million which is definitely people who drink themselves to death. Japan is an incredible one hundred times less than the UK that I'm curious. They must be. I bet you. The Japanese are accurate with their diagnosis death. The cause of death duty think I would agree with. Japanese are known for precision and everything not everything has to have a stamp and approval. So that's such a good car. The ones made is it. Is that why the Lexus car? That it it's one of the reasons. Okay now back to masks. And he says we've been doing it right. Yeah masks work. The whole country whereas for flu season every year especially in the most crowded mass transit system in the world. You wear them so you don't give your cold to others and people have been doing this for years and it's no big deal. No stigma attached. It's also meant that we had. Oh It's also important that we had more stock. Yes several billions of them. There was just enough to go round. Mass usage went up with code but it also meant that it was the weakest flu season over ten years and we went through the hotels that he spoke about contact. Tracing is big here not electric. Just lots of LEGWORK. All the resources have been put on that end on put on that and on phones in mass transit. I'm sorry and on tracking Cova clusters we might have been lucky getting a weaker strain but it helps not having to shake hands just bow. No huggy Kissy greetings. No talking on phones and mass transit hand sanitizer almost everywhere high adoption of touch. Louis Eletronic payment systems as well as Bernard Cards. Finally the healthcare system here has a low barrier to entry. My kids go go to the local doctors themselves. Just take their national health card. Mom might rock up later very much. Neighborhood policing system. It's a very sophisticated Disciplined Society which has a lot of downsides to the kids. Get a feeling for what's going on. It's by no means perfect. The prevention testing measures can be seen as flawed. The reporting flawed Japan is flawed. But all the micro actions combined make it a rather safe place to be right now. There's a lot to be learned from this fuzzy logic and staying calm remark and day master Duke and Duchess of Japan and all the disputed islands in the Japan sea. Thank you so much for your courage and can't wait to see you guys. Japan hoped to go this year hoped to goes any flight. Delicious Fred Lybrand in Medfield Massachusetts knots. Three hundred and thirty three dollars direction of atom. I've sent three thirty three to produce the next episode. My last donation was episode. What twelve to to to Eh deducing in sprinkling of job would be appreciated. Medusa indeed douched my son flying at junior fly not junior. Yeah I've seen him around has a May twenty fifth birthday. He's got one does he. These under about on the birthday less. You might WANNA check. Y'All here's an update on what's going on with the medical p. p. e. it's ties to some of the. Kaley Mac net mcilhenny quotes. That are making the rounds. One of my manufacturing sites produces a layers used in ninety five surgical masks. Here's a part of what I think has been going on with the lockdown and how he played a role one eight one as the covert hit the US. We started summarizing more clearly. What we knew about the industry we guessed that the US would make about six million n ninety five masks per day and the government was supposed to have a stockpile of ninety million based on two thousand and two thousand four paper but when created. There was never more than eighty-five million at the start of the Ronin had about twelve million as an example. California's first request was for twenty million in late February. Hhs said ninety million was wrong. The correct number should have been at three hundred and thirty million seven days later. Hhs says the right number was really three point. Five billion as we've dealt with the military via the Defense Production Act. My guess is a demilitary and the rest of the. Us government did the same math and realized that the whole situation was hopelessly out of rack. Wait we can make. How many masks? That's not at this point. The nature with the nature of the disease being very unclear the best option was to simply shut things down and give the supply chain time to get caught up masks and P P will be part of the national the meanwhile you can trump over this of course of course. Mpp National Defense Strategy. Going forward is hoping that the rumored bill that is a version of the Berry amendment for medical supplies is past to Berry. Amendment is the legislation that requires the military to buy certain items from producers in the continental. Us Kaley McNamee McNamee. A had a great quote in the recent freezing. Furthermore what Crimson? Contagion brought us in that. President trump was right all along about misguided economic and trade policies. That left America vulnerable to pandemics will not too vulnerable to pandemic but vulnerable due to a pandemic. Yes yes yes but I totally get so you. Fred and junior are on the list. Thank you very much You see he seems to have a thing for Keighley Mecca any yeah. I think that's the first time she's ever been mentioned donation segment for to. May donates again. You can assume it's going to happen one more time. Here's your jobs jobs jobs jobs and jobs jobs. You've got Karma. Thank you for the support. Would you read this one while I look for the one after that? This is from producer Jacob. Three hundred thirty three and he says it's Jacob your favorite lobbyists. Yes this is one of our lobbyist producers. Amy Wrongfully said would be probably want to hear clips that quote corporate. Lobbying firms are being. Oh that's right. We talked about the corporate lobbying firms being bailed out she's there's no bailout provisions for lobbyists. I think we explained that but he says people should not misinterpret what that means lobbying firms including our own are making all time high profits. Thanks to the abundance of new bailout slash appropriations bills. The biggest problem. Love this the biggest problem will be a lack of lobbyists next year. Because so many will retire following this year of record profits keep. He believed that Shit. The STAGE FOREIGN STAGE FIVE STAGE. Five stimulus packages are coming stage. Five he's talking about are coming next and will likely include up to five trillion dollars in new spending. This is coming from one of the money guys in DC so you can take that At some version of Future Future prediction sent some of the Rock. Regard profits to your way no agenda producers. Who need help of an evil corporate lobbyists can reach us a case you need an evil corporate lobbyists you can reach the official no agenda lobbyist firm at lobby me at Proton Mail Dot Com at Jacob. Thank you very much for your courage. And it's appreciated especially the knowledge of the stage. Five is coming up to five trillion dollars. Everybody Everybody Money Party Man Party. Well at least you're sharing it with us. That's good news dissociate executive producer. First one is artists. Salman's I can't find any note from him. He said two hundred eighty nine dollars fifty cents. He is in ee thinks. Is that Estonia or Estonian. Estonia is in its stony Elliott. Talon allow me to use my nifty new search bar in a Microsoft out. Now I don't have it either. Let me see search Joe. The Joanne Brady's next on the list of two hundred twenty dollars twenty cents by the way. Arnesen begets something. Do you want us to say? We'll send along in two twenty two in Phoenix Arizona. Please accept corona cash. The best podcast ever. Thanks also call out my brother. Michael Brady for being a Douche Bag K. Dame Jennifer arniston appears to be a sir so I want to get that straight dame. Jennifer's is next on the list of two hundred bucks Here's to your share of the very generous contributions Received recently regarding animated no agenda. I still have major Rona brain but I am so thankful I stumbled onto no agenda almost ten years ago. A Big Nutty as as bug. Nettie as I am lately. 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People don't understand us. We really don't understand the concept of helicopter money but interestingly it's not it's heli payments is a whole different deal heli payments in. Ireland is not the same as helicopter payments that come from the Federal Reserve so I thought it was. Did you see it? You see the I had not came out. It's your bit. I'll check it out for sure. Very funny very very far love seeing my own bits. Your bid is your bits of the best. You should put them using marker to make sure that no one takes you bit. Thank you dame Jennifer and here we go with the job Karma that makes a difference jobs jobs jobs and jobs. That's the job Dot Armagh as you're on the list forest Martin two hundred bucks parts unknown. He's should be on the birthday list. Let me see if he is. I thought I saw him there. Earlier could be wrong just making my yearly birthday donation. He writes and congratulations Adam and to keep her on their anniversary. 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We do have another show coming up on Thursday and to supporters for that Goto borax dot org slash hitting going on good to see where to have your formula is this we go out. We had people in the mouth boy scientists. The Kid was blowing me about them so over the last few days bite in had this event and I even I have Biden clips today by had this horrible event of. I don't even know I mean you have. Let's look let's look at some things. Objectively you have NBC MSNBC Is owned by comcast and they're big promoted or big haters of trump. What does it take for? Biden's techies to go and get a hold of comcast say. Hey Look we're GONNA do a bunch of these events down at abidance basement. What is the chance of getting some real high speed? Just kick ass connections. You guys can help us Consider a contribution from the campaign contribution. Whatever you wanted wanted to be called but we do need some help here. Can you give us your best guys and get us some? Just no way to Koo said that. This wasn't their best guys. It's comcast have you tried comcast connection on we. Nobody can do better than this. I mean that's funny. It's funny line but the fact is that this is this is this one was so bad. It was almost like watching that movie. You know. They're they're here. Whatever this call were. You put the glasses on it. You see whole monsters. Yes yeah and so. Every time Biden move you know. His head stayed there on one side and it became a scholar pinhead and it was. It was the worst but but before we play that I do. Have this one a clip. I WANNA get out of the way which is a Biden. And apparently he was on they were talking about him scarborough and what's her name. Mika were Mika Brzezinski. Discussing in his commentary when he was on GM and they're going to play this clip because the combination Biden telling why he's hiding Biden's height and he's in his basement scared to death and the two of them are going on and on about how great it is because he's a winner. Everybody says you know Biden's hide. Well let me tell you something. We're we're doing very well. We're we're we're following the guidelines of the medical profession. We're following the guidelines of the experts Dr Cheeses the world. We're doing very well and matter of fact we're winning if you look at the data. I'm not saying that's going to last November. I don't know enough to know that but right now the idea that somehow we are being hurt by my keeping to the rules and following the instructions that are that have been put forward by. The Docs is absolutely bizarre. I reject the premise. That somehow this is hurting us. There's no evidence of that. I'm following the rules following the rules. The president should follow the rules and finish showing up places out mask and the whole the whole thing. I'm sorry he wins that yeah every time he wins that checkmate every time. Yeah I I understand the president and people some people inside the White House. Most of them understand. They're whistling past political graveyard. But you know. Donald trump snubbing doctor's advice pandemic killed now of Rabi Thousand People. We have new estimates. It's GONNA kill one hundred thousand eight hundred and fifty thousand people after Donald Trump on now doctor's advice early on and said this was nothing to worry about Kia loses. Dude who says hey? I'm going to follow the docks advice. Because guess what most Americans are following their dachshund vice doctor. So I mean Joe Biden Right Act the Brzezinski Child and the Douche knuckle got come close to banning them. You can't resist. Come on the Mika the Brzezinski Child. She's pretty funny. Brings me to just a little break in the show here I have a list of ISOS which includes top checkmate. Oh hold on a second. It's I got it here. I got here the ICE. Oh Yes oh yeah checkmate. I have one. I'd like to try on you. Okay okay try this one. So I'm walking around with the Corona Vibes Mesa dramatic. I got it you got. The Rona is that what's going on here. I didn't know you had the corona virus. Try this with drag. This isn't the geese. Okay the geese you here in the background okay. That was by Scotch. Go this one another by this following rules following rules. Where are we a got it? I'm following the rules. I'm sorry it just. None of it competes with care of all. That wasn't so echoey I'd say yes also now. We have to go to rule follower. Well let's not let's go to another. We'll try this pandemic. We're we're we're we're we're it's we're in the middle of a pandemic that's the one. That's that's the one as done. I like it. That's a good one last one. Oh you have more but wait. There's more put up or shut up. Put up a shut up now. No no no no no no no I think we're we're we're we're we're we're in the middle of a pandemic. It's perfect for Joe before you do more Joe Clips. May I take you back in time for a moment? Sure getting the machine for second go back to May Twentieth of twenty thirteen episode. Five hundred twelve so this is quite a while ago of the no agenda show. This is what happened. That's a that's not going to happen and that is I think it's called a hallucination. Had A real dream. Last night I woke up from this puts us in the red book just for just for. Yuks all right. I and vivid okay vivid and maybe because we've played couple of clips of him recently. I've been watching video of him. Are you ready for this? Joe Biden was president. I am from the future. Ladies and gentlemen I am from the future. The IT's in the red book. I think you should be able to find that. It'll be a disaster all right so we have blind giving little event I got a bike miscellaneous clips in in some some research on him. Okay let's go at the Biden event clips I got. I got three of 'em I got anyone you WanNa pick and play the the short little one which I think is similar to the pandemic Biden event with the dubs blather cyst because a few nations every major crisis we've faced in our history has been the situation where we have come out stronger. Come out stronger. And when I'm finding and maybe we can go back to this later. But I'm finding that you know this whole crisis sort of taking the blinders off. Most people you know the people who are they geese in the background yes necessarily prejudice in focus. That's the key she hear in the background was Canadian. Geese are trying to get away from the virus anyway. Okay this is what happens. Is that What I'm finding people who are constantly calling me and I know we're all in place but we have on the phone probably six hours a day or people are talking about how they didn't realize that it was somebody making seven bucks. An hour is making had their back. You know. By the time he got to the end I had no idea what he was talking about. Exactly exactly the point of that clip here. Well it works. And there's a little sub clip. Here this is Biden event with the cubs Blather One W. H. O. F. I got it and I know you all Stanford. We got a lot of ground to cover. So let's start with this now. That Irish can hit anyone but it doesn't affect every. Oh shoot I disconnected my head. You know. I got a real problem with these and I'm not going to hear you for at least seven seconds so you can fill up the void while that was that was a classic example of both. How stupid this event was this. Biden three governors but the G- lousy connection. None of them could none of them. In fact all three plus bite and couldn't talk at all all like you said Iras now. I got one clip of Joe with the the number mix up. Do you have that one. Nobody had this last one from the series. Okay and this is by event with gobs blathering. It has no other moniker on. There exists because a few nations that ever no way. That's the one we played. We played I the one you played. I should have been Gums Bladder Zero Z. W No we didn't play the one zero Oak Yes I have it here. We go desperately need your this. We did not play zero. We played zero desperately. Need your copies. Gyn and this is what help as we'll if you can. I fragment is correct. I thought it might have been humiliate me in public. I know how to spell. I'm not humiliating telling you that I want to mediate you. This easy was saying I thought it might be a CEO clip or something. I know that it's fine. Awarded believe me. You can take these Joe Biden clips out of order. It doesn't doesn't matter does not matter desperately need you're going. This is not a moment for excuses or deflections or blank game. We're we're we're we're we're in the middle of a pandemic that had cost us more than eighty five thousand jobs as of today lives of millions of people. That's the millions of jobs. That's the one that everybody shakes their head and says Joe's going to win the race and we're in a position where we just got new unemployment insurance this morning Numbers thirty six. Five billion claims since this crisis began an almost three million new claims in the last week unemployment rate is nearing fifteen percent the highest expenses the Great Depression. But I did not tell you. All that of is the least well-off for be hit the hardest forty percent of the households making forty thousand dollars or less experienced the job loss just in March. We're going to have to work harder and smarter than ever before to pull ourselves out of this economic tailspin and this is the problem with with Joe. Is that when he gets a sentence out? It's really nothing. There's just nothing in it. We're going to have to work hard pull together. He doesn't really have any. I've I think I've not heard one single policy oriented solution even for African Americans. He came out with the big. The Big Joe Biden's black agenda which was I think it's called lift. All we will lift all voices which is not pandering at all to the religious black-americans any and what he says. Oh we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA do a study and study to see if we should do some reparations mean this is the kind of crap that is not gonna fly but I know what is makes disaster the clip. Oh yeah there's another forty seconds. Instead and seven seconds to go sorry seems like it seems like weeks go by of you know. I'm having my second anniversary is already taken place clips along long. Only way out of this is by following the science listening to the experts talking and taking responsible precautions that they're going to help us reopen the economy essay if lead as quickly as possible and as we do. There's gotta be federal support to state and local levels of our governor in my view so that we re able to come out of this crisis stronger and more united we have an opportunity in my view to transform the economy as we come up to build a more inclusive and more resilient middle class and I think that can withstand The next next public crisis whatever it is however comes about not just reward. The people who are well off and well connected is time. I and everyone gets a fair shot. Success this country science. I don't believe in science last clip. I WANNA get to get this series completely out of the way they talked about this on. Pbs A little. Bit and Judy. This is Judy smear. She does a smear that she slipped into this little announcement discussing the Biden event in the day's other news former vice president Joe Biden says that if elected president he would not pardon Donald trump or his associates of any crimes. Instead he says he would let any investigations play out the presumptive. Democratic nominee spoke in a virtual town hall on. Msnbc last night and he accused Mr trump of abusing his power. We never saw anything like the prostitution of office like we see it today. It is not something. The president is entitled to due to direct either prosecution and or decide to drop a case that is not the president's role responsibility and it's a dereliction of duty. What does he is he talking about? Flynn is that what he's what he's saying it's about Flynn well. I have the clip. That where he he's up to his up to his eyeballs this flint thing. By the way this was a smear when Judy says that he's not gonNA pardoned trump that it the way it was presented was as though trump had had chromatic created a actual crime. Well let's go to the the crime. Let's go to the town hall and let's see how this came about. The Judy did not play the source material because it was a request from an audience member. Here it is. Would you be willing to commit to not pull in President Ford and giving Donald Trump a pardon under the pretense of healing the nation? In other words are you willing to commit to the American ideal that no one is above the long absolutely yes. He was a spiked call or whatever but like commit east commitments. Please but this but this town hall was very interesting for another reason all of a sudden and this was at the Joe Biden special event the MSNBC thing was The Lawrence. What's his name? No WHO'S SO DONALD? So He's hosting it. And all of a sudden we've got Lawrence in the Middle Joe on the right and Stacey Abram pops up on the left hand box and hilarity ensued as we watched Stacey. Abrams slowly lose her soul on live. Tv I want to begin this with a question to Joe Biden because Stacy Adams was here because Joe Biden invited. Stacey Abrams to be here and so president. Do you have an announcement to make Is this an audition is there? What is the reason that it's time for me? What would you say stop the hammering on TV? With Stacey. Abrams for all because Stacey has done more to do with the fair vote and making sure there is a fair vote and anybody and she has a great great capacity to explain things. Mind you sitting here right now. Saying nothing looking in the camera in her own box on the left the smile started to slowly fade. And the layout exactly why. It's going to be so critically important. This election presence already said when the put in with stimulus package the congress. I passed the money to provide for Malian ballots. He already said I'm not for that if we do that will not. No Republican ever win or something to that effect. He's made it clear. This is the guy who said he wants to define the post office from being able to deliver balanced. I mean so. Stacy knows what she's doing and she's incredibly capable person so since then that's nothing. He set her up. You WanNa make an announcement of course. Everyone's thing oh my goodness is going to be the VP announcement. Nothing now embarrassing. Just think and by the way when did trump say he wanted to de-fund The post office Deliver I love that too? I thought it was. That was the Nice. I don't I don't I don't I don't think he ever said that. That was joe someone told J. Just make it up so I did see part of this. I didn't take exception it. But it's pathetic. Ac abors is really a dud. I don't understand why we're so jacked up because I will say it again. I'm going to remind everybody my thinking on this having been a democrat. There's not a woman in the Democrat Party. That will have Stacey Abrams as president until a white woman is president. I if I may We this was a big topic on the Mo- fax and and we discussed The VP slots specifically from an Adolph's perspective and a stacey. Abrams is not wanted is not going to be. It is being shunned and the reason why which I thought was. I hadn't really considered. She is the Oprah candidate and when she ran for governor of Georgia Oprah Oprah went down. Jc learning beyonce's and she couldn't win. And I think that Remember of course she. She feels that she made Barack Obama and she had a big hand in it for sure and this is her candidate. Just think Oprah can't run herself but this would be kind of like an oprah like an oprah ugly and in the Democrat. Party wants nothing to do with her and I think wants nothing to do with Oprah certainly after seeing the Combo Oprah and Stacey Abrams in Georgia failed and the probably questioning all kinds of celebrity endorsements if they really are worth it anymore so no stacey according to mow and I think he laid out the I think he laid out the case for that is not going to be no doubt about that. Not going to be the vice presidential nominee. But she's she'll do anything even show up and be publicly embarrassed. Well I I'll just add to my thinking on. This is that know. Black woman will be the vice president or candidate under Biden which takes a little further than just the targeting stacey because again it will white women that are Democrats are more racist than the Republicans by a lot having been in both parties And they will not put. Especially when Hillary was snubbed. They will not allow a black woman of any sort. Stacey Abrams or otherwise that's camel and the rest of them are all out to for other reasons. I'm sure you can target them. But because they want a white woman as the first female president period and you think they're that racist the Democrat Party. Yeah I do know. They're already misogynist or I'm sorry. I missed MISANTHROPE. By saying it can only be a woman can't be a Man. 'cause we don't qualify. We're no good was stupid. Just look at Joe is going to be a white. If it's not a white woman. Amy Cobra. Charred be at the top of the list. I would say that he wants to go for some other ethnic possibilities again. I'll bring in Luhan Grisham out of New Mexico and somebody send us a note going on and on about how particular langer you saw that I did. Actually I'm going to grab the key the clip for you. Here's the clip. That brought this comment on homeless again and our state insisted in this broke the meeting. Basically or influence that this be cau- Luhan virus which are produced it. Well he just gave away. Just get away who it's going to be who the vice presidential pick. Luanne was in the back of his head. He couldn't just not say it. I like it's a logical very loss. There's no agenda style thinking I agree but You know I'm still. I'm hedging my Luhan bed. Putting her in the second spot under amy. I'm sorry Amy Clo- chart my char now tops my ears. Hey may a kick ASS vice president? I'm sure she would Bush's the except for the she throws staplers yells at our staff and she's mean surpressed to such an extreme. Now we have none of these stories. They were only apparent at the beginning of the campaigning. To which makes me think does she may be a possibility for the VP slot. Sister sanitizing her as we speak. So let's just to be clear. Amy Klobuchar is my amy. And you have amy from PBS. No Fair you lock REC- now via from democracy. That's your amy and amy. Thank you very much. Yeah that's my my my aim you get your amy. Hey sports news. I ready for some sports news coming from me. Oh this should be rich going into this season coming up. This is from Fox. Sports Fox Sports Fox Fox sports in that comes with a huge asterisk and hopefully there is a season. I there's probably going to be a season and doing games with no fans which will be difficult. I think Fox and these networks after put crowd noise under us to make it having experience at home. You think cells. Do I do really what I'd back. I know they'll do it and let him finish. Finish yelling through my sports clip. It's not that often that I bring one back. I know they'll do it. And that's the conversation right now that that's pretty much a done deal. I think whoever is going to be at that control is GonNa have to be really good at their job and and be realistic with how a crowd would react depending on what just happened on the field. So it's really important and then on top of that they're gonNA put They're looking at ways. To put virtual fans in the stands. So when you watch out. It looks like the stadiums jam-packed sports fans you're not needed. You're completely replaceable. In fact they should just play the Games in a big blue screen green screen auditorium and do all kinds of cool stuff. You know this is telling you know what this tells. This confirms. The basic no agenda thesis is that all sports are rigged. No kidding this is taking the rigging to a to a maximum have fake fake audience. Fake noise fake applause. The whole thing you know it's the canned laughter again. Much put canned laughter to get a canned laughter guy in there and have him just. Yuck it up. It's unbelievable. Oh my God I can't believe it's an interception. Oh No he drops. It's the best we can do. That's about all I got a cruise missile a cruise missile going over the stadium. What can we do about Christmas? I have nothing else? Yeah that'd be very sad but it'll fit with the fight fake outcome of of these games so that's good. Oh yes I do. Have One more Biden related clip short one the convention which is coming up in. What is the Democrat Party in August? Have they moved? It is that I know maybe it was July and move the dog. It's August is the last I heard. Here's the The communications director of the DNC regarding the convention. And I think just maybe I'm reading too much into it but felt a little bit like not everyone in. The party is on board with Joe Heavily. I mean there's a real possibility that convention does not happen or it happens. Any virtual sense is that correct well. First of all commission has to happen because we are not officially nominating Joe Biden in order to take Donald Trump so our convention is happening. There is business that has to happen now. It comes to what our convention is going to look like. I can guarantee you that invention will ensure that the safe that was safety. First whether it is our delegates the people of Milwaukee or all of those involved in a convention we will make sure that they are say whatever that locally and that they don't or our nominee did you catch the beginning of how she phrased that I mean. There's a real possibility of a convention does not happen. It happens in virtual sense. Is that correct as well? First of all our convention has to happen because we are not officially nominating. Joe Biden in order to take Donald Trump. I like how did noticed. Hey Donald Trump. I thought that was an interesting use of words. Is that how they see it to take Donald Trump? That's their only goal. But did you listen to it carefully? This is our convention not to let nominate Joe Biden. Is that correct as of our convention has to happen because we are not officially nominating. Joe Biden in order to take Donald Trump so our convention is happening. There is business. We're not nominating. Joe Biden is what she said told you. There's something weird in that clip and she seems like she's not done over calms director. I think she let out a little bit too much. My personal personal opinion. They don't care about anything. But Donald Trump says this. You can't win elections that way. All right I I am very excited to have a second half of show coming up for you which is a send in from one of our producers but I I think we should thanks and more people who are on the spreadsheet for today. I'M GONNA show much by to know agenda. Imagine all the people who could do. Yeah that'd be fat. Yeah we do have some people that think starting with John Patrick and he came in with one hundred dollars even want you read a couple of because I do have a couple of notes I do WanNa read a well. We don't typically read these. I'm not sure but okay Johnny Data Jimmy. Down to I got a note I gotta go to the desk and get the note just making me do it okay. John Patrick Decatur Illinois one hundred dollars much respect for you both for covert sanity anonymous. One hundred dollars has douchebag call out in his feminine anonymous Parts unknown don't mention full name location. Just well just doing anonymous. I'd like to call out. Oh my goodness I'd like to call out Dame Jennifer as a douchebag four never sending an invoice for some voice over work she did Wa- how about that. She's two days Jennifer good for this world to good John Cooper Downers Gay Grove Illinois. You have the note as a note is where I was doing. It is another note. This is a not as good. I WanNa read it. I am new to your show after hearing Ataman J. R. e. Now the notch. In Your Belt Wait. Wait till you hear about that. Guy. I gotTa tell you Joe and I were texting and Joe keeps mentioning me on his show. I notice a couple of mentions. Yeah but here's the thing. So Tina the other night. We're sitting on the couch watching TV and M. Texas. Hey who you Texan. I said my friend Joe says she says she says Joe Digenova that sounds about why LASIC anyway onward. Guess this has done well. This is eight people. So far who've come over to our tribe from Jerry. I'm very very pleased with that. John Continues. I've always disliked the media but in the last few years the mask is really come off. It is awesome finding like minded people. I look forward to joining the meet up. Wants to not lockdown as lifted. Thanks for all you do to keep people away from the M Five M fear porn keep amid Tillis small. I have managed to figure out. Most of the insider terminology. This is always a problem with the newbies. But I have a few questions okay. What is the significance of the number thirty three big fans of rolling rock beer? Well the let him stew in this one really. I don't just say one thing. We've noticed over time that when the number thirty three shows up in news reports. There's typically something very fishy going on with the report or with the situation now. Of course we have It's we've taken it so far that this has been going on since almost the first day we did the show that people are noticing it everywhere during the crisis it was everywhere thirty-three this thirty that thirty three people or six thirty three and we have a to me. That's the magic number. Whenever we see thirty three we pay attention. We're never sure what it's going to mean but some of it. Yes Code Code. It's and here's another one. He brings up which I think should be reading this. Because this is good stuff to reiterate for the new comers. It seems harsh to call people douche bags that have not donated but I will not become a Douche bag of including donation one hundred but okay. Let'S START. Let's start with that concept. This was not our ideal ever no no. We also don't do it if you realize. We are reading the notes that people send in. We're not calling them do spags. Anyway he goes on a says He goes on just thanking us for the show and appreciate the insights on audio production and proper microphone usage. I love benefiting from people's expertise in areas where I would otherwise not get it my ears now. Much more attuned excellent. I thought you'd like thank of course. Thank you John so anyway. Onward to Forest Morris Force Fours Morris the fourth. Boris more. Another one what. Well he's a forest Hiller a second notice right behind this other one I think. No I don't have enough force. No no no no. I'm going to read you the note when I say another one. It's something Else Force Morris. The fourth ninety nine dollars and ninety six cents for Murfreesboro Tennessee where we have a lot of producers forest. The Mass Barbara here listening since Joe rogan experience withholding two cents for John's opinions on barbers and stylists listening and not needing any time to professionally handle health and safety and two cents for his mask as he will need to wear one at his haircut. Keep up the great work would like some Karma for tips. Yeah we'll get we'll get some crime before the at the end of this. He's clearly the hair Parral Cabrera. All I think at eight. Oh a boobs donation and this is a first donation first donation so he says a Digi deducing is in order. Fish Deed douched. Got Your her blam earlier. Georgia's sugarhill Georgia. Eight eight Ronald Shull came into the pop money donation. Joe Walsh in Miami Florida. Seventy seven seventy seven. He has the note that he wrote this check in this another note. I put aside for this reason. A quick message from Miami where they're trying to move south Florida into a new normal this morning when I was taking my daily walk. I was listening to yesterday's podcast. Twelve forty one John. Start to talk about the morons who are wearing masks while driving alone and no sooner did that. Make that statement within four minutes. I witnessed three separate mass commandos alone driving in their vehicles fighting off the corona with the air conditioning. Off The windows up with your recommendations also listen to to our interview with JFK junior interview. He says it was great treasure trove of good information and we do recommend interview if you can find the show notes his RFK junior RFK. What I say go. Jfk Edgy. I that's a mistake right. Probably did say. Jfk ARNOLD TA Tyler Arnold's next knowledge. Seventy five dollars. He says says he started his hate. Mail you're going your way Adam milk. I just want to to thank you but it's really hate mail for John that I get sent to me. I don't understand they keep doing it. Tyler thanks well all hate mail to John should go to Adam. Curry DOT COM Sir Milkman. In Arcadia Georgia's sixty six sixty nine Sir Jake of the Ip Bogan it Bogan. I'm sorry Murrayfield the Queensland Australia fifty nine fifty nine and he's got his old man Jeff on the birthday list got that Daniel Marino and Pflueger Ville Texas fifty five. Ten sure bucket Of Twenty one. Twelve fifty five yes. Birth needs needs to be stopped. Happy Birthday from sure. Buck of Twenty one twelve to my beautiful caring talented pretty lady yes. It is named Jennifer of animated Noah. Chances her husband Dame Jennifer show pretty much a Dave Jennifer. Would you mind the show for US hot now? She's beautiful well. He listened to the the warning that you gave. You're not allowed to do that anymore. You were very very suggestions. Darren has some good ones in there. Yeah classics I like the Wash. Wash bish in Racine Wisconsin. Fifty five dollars His brother Rick is who hit him in the mouth. I know he's listening but he has not done it so he donated so it needs to be called out as a Alana Margulis fifty one dollars. Carl Vogler fifty dollars and thirty three cents or D. H. Slammer. Evan heard from him for a couple of weeks. Barron's central California coast then sure to Santa Cruz. Fifty dollars and thirty three cents circuit. He's got a warning for Cyrus Sir. Christopher Baron of Brown county in Green Bay Wisconsin fifty the following people are all fifty dollar donors name and location beginning with Sir Chris. Lewinsky will actually sir. Christopher Berna Brown counties Chris Lewinsky Christopher Moeller in Cedar Park Travis Flicker in Philadelphia. Got a birthday L. Leibel in Newark Delaware. Joseph Harper Arnold Maryland and John Camp in Antlers. Oklahoma WanNa thank all these folks listed thus as producers of showed twelve forty three. Thanks for helping us out. Guess and also those who came in under fifty four anonymity and we have a lot of these programs. Subscriptions that you can participate in people actually get pretty far with those. We have a lot of nights and Dame's who've been on the longer way programs. All of it is appreciated. The value for value system is real simple. Whatever you think the show is worth. That's what you send us if it's not worth Don't send this anything but what we see here. Today's great thank you so much and as we said we'll be back on Thursday. You can support us again. We have to do is go to Iraq dot org slash and a health and jobs. Karma's jobs jobs and jobs. That's vote for Job Karma. Well not out of the Knights and Dames No No title changes but birthdays. Yes Margaret says. Happy Birthday to her Harland's Fathers Zach Forest Martin celebrates today travis trigger says Happy Birthday to a smoking hot wife. Becky turns thirty through. She turned thirty three on the fifteenth of Twenty One. Well Happy Birthday was beautiful. Caring talented wife Dame Jennifer. She is celebrating today on the seventeenth as is Damian Sir Aaron Yoho Son the he turns he'd Levin Dame Jennifer we'd off says Happy Birthday to served Greg Davies. Now you know so. Greg Davis Our Nights Who passed away. We miss him dearly. He would have been forty four years old tomorrow. We celebrate him. Still of course sir. Jake's is happy birthday was Father Jeff Canyon Fifty Nine on the twenty eighth and Fred. Lybrand says happy birthday to his son fly not junior. We'll be celebrating the twenty fifth and Fred himself. We'll be celebrating on the thirty first birthday for everybody here. The best podcast coup. We do. Actually we have a Meet up report a very short one. I guess their worst. Yeah there were some people are diehards and I appreciate it. This is Vernon this is the May sixteenth Marcellus New York Nine Mile Creek. Meet up report the atom. There were plenty of people sitting around gross at the picnic tables and benches near the baseball diamond at Marcellus Part. But no one asked me about no agenda people did ask me about my white cockatoos red boots which was the indicator. I was the meet up leader. I guess not many people look at the website. If no podcast meet up announcement is made There you go so I guess that was a one person. Meet up darn sorry Vernon can better luck next time when the road is sane show. Are you for To take before. You're going to know before you do that. I got a little entre Mont curiously. This is forty three seconds and look to Joe Biden stuff too which is really less than two minutes but it went on forever for some unknown reason going to be another one this is a apparently all the virtuous signaling celebrities mostly to are out there showing at doing commencement speeches. Yes yes including the president right. They're all doing but he he he go do it. I'm sorry President Obama I meant not the President President Obama's been doing commencement speech. Yes that would be true. But they're all doing virtually and they're in a bucket the bucket or they put the MIC is bucket on the side. And they're all in a bucket and they're all giving these commencement speeches that are lame and they're terrible but I decided I'm GonNa look for the worst. Oh yeah so. This is short Snippet from Tom. Hanks giving a commencement speech to some slow. Western case or something. I get the name of the school here somewhere. It's Right state rights and never heard of bright state. Sorry anybody right state alums. So He's giving this speech he's reading it kind of but he kind of lost track and I think he started off with saying the wrong thing. He's tried to make up for it and and he just never really caught up so the speech became discombobulated piece of crap. Here it is chosen ones. Wow Stop right there. I don't understand how they allowed this to happen at. This sound is just beyond me beyond me. Congratulations to you. Chosen once and calling you the chosen ones because you have been chosen in many ways you have not returned to the starting line like all of us generations before you're just approaching now for the first time you just run. You are chosen in Bat. Way to injure into the competition of life just when so many have had to recover. Refreshing restart and reawaken and to retake the hard work and the unshockable responsibilities of making the world. Not only our own but of your. Wow talking about start. Here's what happened. He says think he kind of Ad Lib the beginning thing. It is going to be cool. And he said congratulations chosen ones and then he thought to himself right on the spot. Wait a minute of all Jews defensive when I'm saying here and so he then goes and tries to make up for it by what I mean by chosen ones and the whole thing falls apart and it's just an embarrassment and he's in his home with a brick wall behind him and he's trying to read off his notes it. This is just should not be people should not be doing. That was pretty much. The definition of phoning it in it was really bad from the sound to the copy to everything and even the intent even the intent. Why does he why. Why are they doing that very odd? And if you're going do do do make it memorable. Not like Oh. I'm Tom Hanks. In a bucket the thing is these guys are all no production values. People like Tom. Hanks is a good example. He's not like new sees a producer. Yes he's a producer he could produce a video and he can put to good sound that he's got nothing else to do. Is He's holed up in his mansion. He could put a Ziegler put a track behind himself. He could have green screen he could be in Paris. I mean there's a million things you could do to make it lively but no he starches walk through a bucket presentation. It's embarrassing. These guys are just showing that they really are they really producers or they're just front with no talent what What was the school? He was doing this for as its bill. By the way on news sites as Tom Hanks Inspiring Twenty twenty commencement address buyer inspiring. Was it for though? State is that his Alma Mater. I don't know I didn't go that deep into it. Though they close no one will be more fresh to the task of restarting our measure of normalcy. Then you you chosen ones brother. I find all right Tom. Hanks I'm so that is the worst. Commencement speech I could find in a while. Spin Awhile. Second half of show. I received multiple emails this over the past few days about the earthquakes in Nevada. Exactly I didn't know either. I'm like earthquakes in Nevada. What's going it was? I saw a couple of headlines about earthquakes in Nevada so we had dame Angela who But like thirty or forty of them. It was all day long and people were a little concerned. But now fracking going on somewhere. Well that's what you think but we have a boots on the on the ground report from Sir Joel. So he's royalty you know he's legit surge. Joel Skinny trucker battle born black baron of the northern Nevada. Certainly you've heard of him is with his earthquake report. Hey Adam John this is Joel. The skinny trucker also known as the battle born black bear of Northern Nevada. Just wanted to give you my update on the Nevada earthquake that we had early this morning. On Friday may fifteenth. I was driving through pretty much. The APP percenter. Exactly when it happened. Felt the truck shake bit and I was wondering what's going on. It's pretty windy but as I was going up the road highway ninety five there was one crack and I'm like Oh that's strange. That wasn't here when I drove down to tone from Reno and then there was another crack and then a third crack and I'm like Oh there must have been an earthquake and Lo and behold. There was but interesting thing that I noticed as this was happening. I was looking up on the ridge. Line of the mountains to the West and I saw this bright blue light behind the mountains. And I'm like oh I wonder what that is because it didn't look like an airplane or any kind of truck light. It looked like something else. So if you guys know the area Middle Nevada Western Vata is a lot of federal land. There's a huge army depot just north in Hawthorne and you know Area Fifty. One's not too far away. So who knows? Maybe get the chairman out some tape and hopefully some other producers have some information that maybe you can shed some light on the subject but that's my take from northern Nevada. It's a battle born black baron Joel in the morning. Thank you thank you for your courage and in the morning. Thank you for your courage. Well Northern Nevada and area fifty wonder understood not even close. No but I don't think he was insinuating. Was Aliens I've been paying attention to this weird weather. We have had torrential downpour literally. Just Texas is been very interesting to see the weather patterns. And maybe there's some harp fire going on who knows. I don't know what's happening. But the blue light out there. That's odd then. These earthquakes has that happened before like thirty forty earthquakes on a day in about maybe it has. I don't know there's an area Nevada where they have a lot of quakes but that was due to fracking. Well we'll keep an eye on it. Find out nothing. You're so positive. We'll keep looking. We'll look look. You're not gonNA get anywhere with this anymore. Screwball reports now. I don't have that. But I do have an update on thousands of sealed indictments. Yes yes I'm telling you everyone's out of the woodworks we've got everyone talking clapper's on TV Brennan's on TV. Everyone's getting their points in. I think a good background or is to go to the man who is the mainstream gateway for thousands of sealed indictments Lou Dobbs on Fox business news and here is Who I think is a good journalist. John Solomon to bring us the lowdown. Everyone I've talked to today has been exasperated by the judges conduct but at the end of the day. It's a lot of show for an inevitable conclusion. At the end of the day these charges are going to be dismissed against a General Flynn because the law requires it when both parties go in as a new in this case and when there is a preponderance of evidence as there is in this case of wrongdoing the courts have consistently allowed a vacation or vacating of of a conviction like this is just going to extend the drama a little longer but it's going to inevitably end up whether it's at the Supreme Court the Appellate Court or the District Court. It's going to end up. Getting the chargers are going to be dismissed. Finally and I do say finally Lindsey. Graham has scheduled a hearing to dig into these very serious issues. I know his investigative staff very well. They're very competent. They've been working very hard behind the scenes. They're going to have some big big revelations that are not yet public that will move this narrative along and show just how far reaching the corruption inside. The bureaucracy was as for the issue of President Obama. There's GonNa come a moment after that first evidence is laid out in its hearings where people are going to obviously say. Hey this started at the top with President Obama and then I think Lindsey Graham. We'll have to face the music of his own evidence and decide what he's going to do and I think that moment may when the evidence is all out there they'll be even more. Poignant question to to the chairman. Why aren't you talking to President Obama and I think let's see what the evidence comes out but keep in mind over the last few months. There's been a lot of information. Taken from the National Archives from the Obama Administration. They lay out a very powerful case. We're going to begin to see that evidence over the next four weeks and all I can say from what I know from. My reporting is buckle your seatbelt. Buckle your seatbelt. Well first of all I am not buckling my seat belts for starters. Yeah no kidding because nothing's coming of any of this. Well I'm not so sure. I think that something's going to happen. We you know this Flynn stuff and the unmasking and Pfizer court abuses. I think something will come of that. But we'll let me finish. It's easy to say I have. I have some some procedures. Sabia knives and receipts have some backup the. There's a lot of running of people coming out who haven't spoken for a long time. And I think they're all jockeying and positioning clapper. Seems to be the top guy now this was CNN. Was People. Call this differently than it was the way it was posted his own. He asked him a tough question. And then the connection breaks but it actually. You can hear a little truly an audio glitch. It froze right after the first question. So he didn't you probably don't even hear the second one but that doesn't mean that he wasn't removed from this A zoom call so he could not answer. Here's Clapper former director of national intelligence and a LIAR LIAR TO CONGRESS BUT UNINDICTED. Okay SO ASKING FOR NAMES. Nothing wrong with that unmasking of itself. Nothing wrong with that leaking classified information and by definition these phone calls were classified. That's a problem correct. Absolutely it is Tom and if anyone apart that's when he cut out but we'll do the question anyway. Did leak the contents of these conversations with or without the name that would be a problem. Yes we've lost the shot. I wonder if we at least get him on the phone to finish this. Let'S TRY TO GET DIRECTOR. Clapper back all right. We're going to work. We're going work on getting that shot. So of course they did get him back later. This question didn't come up but was he willing to testify Yeah can you come in and testify given my age demographic I'd be happy to come After I've been vaccinated for Colt. Nineteen you testify. I could do it remotely has the case with a fallacy hearing or respond to questions or or or that sort of thing but I don't WANNA put my life without my wife in life in jeopardy for impr- in person just so basically not intending to testify to anything at all because corona covert the other guy out and about was former CIA director. John Brennan and have you heard. Do you know yet if his clearance has been removed. I you know I got no information one way or the other we. I'd like to remind you John Brennan's stance on The law and when you are guilty or when you should be sentenced or charged very short. He's very clear. People are innocent until alleged to be involved in some type of criminal activity so this would be guilty. John Brennan who was alleged to have some part in criminal activity and this is a longer clip But it I think it's extra good because you can hear well. We'll we'll discuss it. Chris Hayes and John Brennan. There does seem to be a bit of a shift in the last several months with William Bar at the Department of Justice. Richard Grenell at deny such that. The actual machinery and tools of government are being kind of applied along the lines the rhetoric of the president. How do you see things right now? Crews says exactly why I think the recent developments are so worrisome because Mr Trump has removed individuals the head of the intelligence community as well as from the and Justice. And he's trying to quit people who are going to do his bidding so we saw recently with the acting director national thousands had picked individual who has demonstrated his loyalty to Mr Trump over the years releasing declassified the names of Jerusalem unmasked some names in intelligence reports and with the implication that was doing it wasn't carrying out our responsibilities incorrectly. Then when I look at the Attorney General's too far now of course there's no diving into the fact that it was thirty nine people who were witnessed to or who had requested and received unmasking. But I guess that's just the job carrying out our responsibilities. Look at the Attorney General's Demar and how he has repeatedly stated that his interest is being the president's lawyer as opposed to being the people's lawyer you need to get the updated memo Brennan. That's pretty old hat you repeating. They're worried the instruments on governance the instruments of intelligence law enforcement injustice are now being exploited and manipulated and Mr Trump's hands. And I think there's something that you worry all Americans to have policy differences and we can have arguments about that but if he's going to try to brain charges against individuals charges because of his political interests and he's going to have individuals who are going to help that happen. That is something that I saw overseas my career my career. I never thought I would see that happening here. In the United States clearly back in the last century one thousand nine hundred ninety s we had instance where Resin Nissen tried to use the FBI and CIA and others for political purposes and we had a quite an uproar. That's in prison. Nixon was forced out of office Sad to say that it sounds like we are now back in the same type of environment where an individual in the White House is now using those organizations and using people in senior positions and intelligence enforcement for his own. Roses vouches being self. Makiko door to health that is the best example of projection of heard from him and says just like Richard Nixon. Clearly this president was using the intelligence apparatus to get his enemies. It's exactly what happened. Allegedly with the whole Obama Administration. If that isn't a rewriting the history history of Nixon is also saucer sketch get Nixon out of the picture. These guys now. This guy is the worst. I think there's a fall. Guy should be embarrassed that he was ever part of their operation. Just one little quick. Sing little quick bite. I got here which may be the fall guy. Because someone's gotta go swimming individual. Chris Wray who is remarkable public servant? We'll continue to see a strong in the face this type of bottle mangala abuse already so Chris. Raise on the block or bomber bowl. Listen did he say Obama this individual Chris Wray who is remarkable servant will continue to stay strong in the face of this type of abominable again. Oh Man Obama Bill. That's Great Word Obama Farmable but I think Christopher Ray is on the block. I think that may have been what you just heard there that clip. I think put put him on the block. That would have been part of the part of the point. Obama Bowl Dot com registered done. I don't know why why would I need it? And it's available right over Dama bowl dot com. That's right everybody you podcast. You can find it at Obama Bull Dot Com. I think Some other stuff. Well I got a few things we have around the around the world the run around the world you WanNa hear of those run around the world. Well let's start with the funniest one and I also have sub clip for this Cova. New Jersey always a good time with some right around corner. New Jersey announced this week that beaches would be open by Memorial Day weekend restrictions. The openings are weeks behind other coastal states like Georgia and Florida bought as one of the states hard hit by the Kobe. Nineteen pandemic local officials. Say They are proceeding cautiously exactly ten. Am yesterday barrier that had been blocking the boardwalk and beach and seaside heights New Jersey or pushed aside an announcement made it official canal officially. Now it's a sign that things are returning to normal. This Quintessential Jersey. Shore town SORTA. We're looking to see how we deal with the social distance. And that's going to be our test today. Tony Vases. The mayor of seaside heights after nearly two months of being closed because of covert nineteen visitors can now walk and ride bikes on the boardwalk provided they heed the rule of six feet between groups of people on the beach. There's no swimming or sunbathing but the public can walk. Fish and even surf are says. It's just the first phase of seaside heights reopening. I'm optimistic that this is a good first step. Obviously I would love to see everything open. I would love to see a swimming and so forth but we have to recognize that we have to take this insteps. She's at heights is one of more than three dozen communities along the Jersey shore grappling with. How best to reopen in neighboring seaside park beaches are already open to sunbathers provided beachgoers keep their distance. You know how much more interested in this Tony Vase Guy? He sounds identical to. Joe Patchy does a little bit. I actually have a clip from further on in that in that data pres- presentation And this is the sixteen seconds of him at this guy has a voiceover gig anytime he wants one. Then he brought by the way is worrying amass so he's Kinda muffled but this is Tony Vaz's talking a little bit more than just a baiter rules. You know you're GONNA stop at a stop light we we gonNA whack. That's a rule. So you know if it's social. Cincinnati now social distancing he no it's another mandate following optimus. A has to get better. I don't have the magical number when it will get better. Yes mailed it. We should find him and ask them to do some stuff for us. I I was thinking about it but then again. I'm taking getting a call back saying you think I'm funny. You're gonNA visit very good. I like that but sad. Man What is New Jersey become? I lived there for twelve years. Jerseys sad sad said No. I'm not twelve nine years just back to the rundown that was jersey. Let's go to the Cova de u update with an emphasis on Greece. Coup e you border fender mini in. Switzerland was dismantled last night. It's part of an agreement by those countries as well as Austria to begin opening borders again German prime minister. Angela Merkel said earlier this week that she would like all emergency border. Controls Europe's twenty-six nation Schengen zone removed by June fifteenth also in Germany the country's Premier Soccer League Bundesliga resume play today without fans. It is the world's first major soccer league to start up following a two-month pause due to the GARONA virus pandemic do. They have fake fake audiences. I have not heard. I have to check that out so far. No in Greece more than five hundred public beaches reopened. Today is the country experienced. Its first heat wave of the year. Beachgoers were required to keep their distance officials stipulated. How many people could be on the beach and exactly how far apart umbrellas needed to be the beaches are back open. Nothing beaches is the first major easing of Greece's corona virus lockdown to date. It has had just a fraction of the cases of many neighboring countries including Turkey. Starting tomorrow Greeks will be allowed to attend church and tourism officials to welcome back foreigners July. No Wow so. They got nothing. Going on. Stop is under reported. Nobody wants to talk about Greece. Why they have less case. Maybe there's something they're taking them. Maybe taking up a prophylactic like hydroxy clerk win can't be could never that doesn't work does she? Doesn't work and he'd disappear. That's the one that keeps you alive somewhat longer. Need the approved one Kovic Brazil Brazil. We are really doing runaround. Brazil's health minister resign last night after just one month on the job. The shakeup calms as the number of Corona Virus Infections in Brazil continues to rise Nelson. You did not provide a reason for his resignation but it came just a day. After Brazilian president scenario pressured him to accept the use of chloroquine to treat covert one thousand nine patients the drug which is used to treat. Malaria has been praised as a therapeutic for the new disease bibles our end president trump though it lacks scientific support become an episode of the virus setting daily records for infections each of the last three days on Friday. The Health Ministry confirmed more than fifteen thousand new infections despite relatively low rates of testing from May compliment you. It takes a real professional to hold onto. A surprise edited clip until the very end of the show. I commend you sir. That was well done very good. Cut YOU OFF GUARD. Yes you did not ask. You made me feel good overseas. In China. Officials said they marked one full month with no new cova debts but vulnerable populations like here in Bangladesh are bracing for a blow in this crowded camp home to one million row Hindus Muslims. The first corona virus case was confirmed just today near you have it. Yeah I thought our boots on the ground from Wuhan was better. Anything is better. At least we got people on the ground in Wuhan. Was that the same Guy Royston note. Initially when this whole thing broke. Oh Yes yes yes yes. That's the guy. Yeah good we have some of the best. I was. Let me just check and make sure I didn't miss any of these That the worst thing home nursing home the Wuhan I want to thank Dr Disorder for sending. Us are no agenda mass. Not the ones we ordered. But he was a cancellation. So we send the keeper. Wants the nineteen eighty-four Four Mask? Which is coming. I hope she wants to proudly wear that. Which is a good one. I think Israel will be good I do. I could play a little more. Oh the by naked. Play this shields and Brooks on the Pediatric Research. Outta here on something happy. That's happy. Okay what is it? Just expressing the same side of the political agenda standing in their homes. Worried sick the other one too old to care. Let's listen to shields and Brooks and reveals that Joe Biden is a very transparent person The culture they describe the culture. I knew when I was covering Senator Biden and the person I know him to be a raises more skepticism about the claims. I would say this. And in addition is a political reporter looking into some rates past allegations in other cases heart super life and I think the bottom line is if you were a person who was saying. Should this issue be a problem for me in voting or for Joe Biden? I think the Arrow has moved into less of a problem. We don't know that it didn't happen. We can't have that but certainly the the degree of skepticism has to be a little higher because of this report and mark somebody who's covered the city for a long time. You've walked the halls of these Senate office buildings. But what are you come away with here? First of all with great admiration vocally said and Dan. I mean seventy four people on the record is remarkable that been a couple of hundred calls. They had to make to get that. Okay now what? I wanted to play that clip because it was gonNA play a series of clips where they pbs play. Maybe played next Thursday. They took their to Lisa Desjardins. Some other guy and they went in the investigation. They spent a fortune Investigating the Tara. Read story by talking to old staffers and they talked. They tried to contact two hundred people and they contacted seventy five and got or got seventy five on the record and shields is impressive. They got seventy five people onto record. Did to do full interviews. And I'm as I'm listening to overlook fact here. Is that the New York Times and the Washington Post do stories with nobody on the record. They don't talk two hundred people right. They don't talk to antibody and they have just as sources. Somebody thinks that somebody earth somebody else said something about something. They talk to the campaign about it. That that's what they did and they removed A part of their reporting that the talked about the pattern of him fondling and touching people which was not a problem at all. So you end up with the nominally were PBS. A just a TV show is not even good anymore. Get seventy five people to talk on the record about a specific thing and the newspapers who have people that are supposed to be doing this making a lot of phone calls. They get nobody for anything. It's unbelievable well. It was remarkable that the PBS eight. But why they have to do that. Many people what was whether trying to prove and did did they talk about any of their researchers that the series of clips. You WanNa do that on. You WanNa do that now. The series of clips. Well Yeah. We have time. I'll do the series at clubs. There's only three of them. Okay and the longest one is the first one and we'll play that two months ago. Allegations arose accusing former vice president. Joe Biden of sexual assault terror read. Who In nineteen ninety-three worked in the office of then? Senator Biden said that he assaulted. Her Biden has categorically denied the allegations. Which now face examination from the public our own Dan. Bush and Lisa Desjardins did extensive reporting talking to seventy four former Biden. Staffers to learn more about the vice president the culture in his office and their thoughts on the allegations the to join me now to share what they've learned. Hello to both of you and I'm going to turn to you both but Lisa to you to begin. Take us through what you did and what you learned in all from talking to all these people. Yeah Judy we reached out to try to reach out to some two hundred former Biden. Staffers of that we were able to have in depth interviews with some seventy four of them. Now Sixty two of these former staffers were women and to a person Judy. Those women told us they had never had any experience. It was uncomfortable with the former vice president or had ever heard of any experience. It was uncomfortable or worse. Many of them said they had spent time with him alone during work hours and that they had they wanted to say that they most of them didn't want to reflect on whether what Tara Rita saying is true or not but they did say that it did not reflect their experiences at all especially in a workplace at that. Dan and I both heard them. They felt empowered women. Best right so I would add to that. Also that a lot of the former staffers we spoke to said that while they never felt uncomfortable. They did confirm what we all know about. Joe Biden which is his history habit of reaching out making physical contact with people. He speaks to touching them. We spoke to people who said at the time but this was known about Biden. He would rub rub your shoulders. Squeeze Your Shoulders. Give people hugs and kisses and again while the people we spoke to said that they themselves didn't feel uncomfortable. They did acknowledge that vice former vice president Biden doesn't seem to have strong strong. Social Signal in terms of contact is wanted or not that came up last year on the campaign trail and now again here. Oh man now they did up to interesting little tidbits. Which are I don't know they're important or not. I think they're trying to they really going out of their way to protect Biden. So I fight is is the candidate. Let's face no kidding yeah. Let's listen to clip two and Lisa. You also uncovered frankly new details that reflect on Tara Reid's allegation that she says she was forced out of the office because she complained about being uncomfortable about this sexual incident. It tells exactly what you learned about that and why it matters. Well Tara. Reid says that she complained about previous sexual harassment in the office and that after she complained she says she was retaliated against and for a couple of ways and at that eventually forced her out of the office. We spoke to the man who shared an office with her. His name is Ben Savage. They work together on constituent mail. Ben Savage told us that actually it was a performance problem with Tara Reid that he himself raised to supervisors in some cases. He said she was throwing out. Constituent on important records of constituent mail and that the problem was bad enough that he raised it to supervisors believes that's why she left. And here's some of the interview that I had with him over the phone and the robot people who held that issue and she's the only one during my time there who couldn't necessarily keep up or who brokered. We of course reached out to tire each declined our request for an interview but her attorney did give us detailed response to our questions among them to this exact issue he said that story is flat wrong. Here's what Doug wigged or wrote us in response. He wrote misread recalls. There was a lot nitpicking regarding her performance in the office she was also very nervous at that point distracted. So it's possible that from time to time there was a mistake made but her performance had nothing to do with her termination. Judy we we do know that. Read worked in that Office for about nine months. Wait a minute she says she was. I thought she left. She was terminated. Yeah then there's a there's a termination letter and there's something there that I was. Somebody's gotTa have some documentation for this and by the way how. What kind of job? You're going through bail. This is not a complicated job. It you can't Kiyoshi can't keep up. Come on would bullcrap crap. I worked in the government does did they now. How was this report presented? This is it. This is the presentation of their findings or they have a package or now. There's no package let's but there's a little bit of a package in this last clip where this guy goes on to to which I had to explain after the presentation. This is the part three and Dan. You also learned New Information From Reeds. Attorney about the location. That Tara Reid says is where Joe Biden assaulted her. So tell us about that. Judy reads attorney provided US. With new information about this assault. This alleged assault is saying that reclaims that it took place somewhere between the Russell building where Biden had office at the time and the US capital. We want to show you what these spaces look like. So this is. The Hallway Office was is essentially unchanged to now to get the capital. You go down a flight of stairs and then take a tunnel where there is a subway takes lawmakers to the Capitol building. Now anybody who has been to this part of the capital knows that there are a lot of people moving through these spaces especially when Congress is in session. Lawmakers their age reporters. There's police presence as well and what a lot of these former Biden. Staffers told us is look. These are public places. If this allegation is true it took place it would have been extremely brazen judy because the likelihood that it would have been seen by someone was very high if if well. I gotta give an explanation what they showed i. He showed the big long hallway. There was nobody there Danny showed his spot where that little little subway system and there's a crowd there and then he showed another shot. There was zero people. He's going on about all the peony showing the ambulance. These photos the photo. Empty empty corridors. Well I don't know what happened. We we will not know. We'll never know believe all women whatever. The fact of the matter is look. Here's the deal. Joe Biden is not qualified to run for anything. It's a sham. I don't know what's going on. I don't know why they're doing this. It makes no sense and I would hope that we remember the people who were speaking so glowingly and lovingly about Joe Biden about his experience. And what a great President Hill make in these days specifically because I'd like to talk to those people after whatever happens happens because it'll become apparent that this was a scam whether he gets an office or not is going to be a parent. Yeah I don't get it personally. I don't know what the what's the point of the less. Just put somebody in the Vice President. Slot that you know. You can't get elected Amy Klobuchar. Be a good example. Nolan's voting for her. She did poorly in all the primaries. But you can get her in his president and she'd be a good bureaucrat. And and she's a globalist is good to go mean they're trying to get a globalist back in in the officer and get back on track here. Turning the country over or national sovereignty should be turned over to a one world government. That's obviously what's going on. And there are people that advocate for that neces- coronas things all about that. Well I think Joe Biden is right. I think he's very smart. He stays in his basement. I think it's very intelligent of his campaign. They do not let any outsiders in from comcast or any smart people. We're GONNA come in and fix their sound because the likelihood of him being killed is high right now. Certainly in the corona period would have a great excuse. I fear for Joe's life at this point. There's no way anyone who was running any show. The Democratic National Party Democratic Party thinks that this guy is actually going to be something worth anything as president. It's just I just told her disagreement with you. You're speaking from a logical perspective as if the Democrats are logical. I'm waiting for you I. I think they're sincere. I think they sincerely think this guy is going to be a great president. They're keeping most of the gaffes or out of the public is so the so the public doesn't notice and get in they day. Believe their own publicity so when they see a Washington Post poll that says it binds GonNa beat trump by ten points. They all I think they believe it. I don't think they think debt is bullcrap. I think well this guy's a winner DECI can beat trump. That's all we want. This guy can beat trump. Yeah maybe it won't be the best guy but he can be trump. He's a good guy he's one of ours is one of our guys. He's next on the list and he's the guy who's up up next up about no matter. What strategy you look at. It's apparent that people are being chosen around him or selector selected or people getting ready in case he either dies in office and okay. We disagree on this but the way this is being run and if you telling me that the people who run the DNC. I'm not talking about Democrats. I'm talking about the the prostitutes on television. They're just doing what they're told to do. I'm sure they believe this to me. Sounds like a setup for someone who was not nominated someone who was not running someone who is going to have to come in and save the day when something bad happens to joke that is a scenario that has to be looked at well that brings hillary back into the mix. Thank you very much. That's all I can think of. And if not that then yeah then. People are just delusional because this man is not appropriate for any kind of public those the right word any kind of public office. Well Hillary again is the one that could be targeting. The whole thing. She could be behind everything. I mean they're machine still exists and there's a lot of support for it and it. I think the general public in the United States will get extremely irked at this point if Hillary swoops in. Because I think they're going to see the whole thing was a setup what what's the point. What is that? What's wrong with the Democrats that they can find anybody? How about this for scenario? Wait a minute. Let me just flying over hold on. I gotta be careful what you those low fly by. She does her little dangerous field of flapping wing aiming for trump's hair search nash. So how about this? How about we choose an African American woman for Vice President Joe Crooks then we get Hillary as President Black Hillary as vice president. How does Hillary get in both? Joe Crocus is he gonNa Crook before or after show before the nomination. Of course before of course before the croke within the next two months and the clock is ticking. The Biden Croak Croak countdown clock has started t minus two months. I hope not but I I hope not you. I'd rather see Joe in it much more entertaining but much much more entertaining That is for deconstruction for today. We have enough show mixes Coming up from Jesse Koi Nelson. We've got US Aaron Aaron Yoho who supported the show today and after this no agenda stream dot com Mo- facts episode thirty seven. Shell game hear more about that. Biden BP. Scenario until. Then I am coming to you from Opportunities Zone thirty-three here in Austin Texas capital of the Drones Star State Fema region number six on the mental maps. If you look for my body bag and please remember us at Dot Org Slash. A to support the no agenda show after all year producer to in the morning. Everybody I'm Adam Curry in New Orleans. Silicon valley where it rained again last night. Which is very screwy Maybe it's got something to do with something. I don't know I'm John CD. We return on Thursday right here on no agenda until then audio smooth and groups of people standing outside and ice cream parlor or maybe. They're playing Basketball Sherry aside while a nice day weeks ago everyday activities. The Corona virus has changed. Everything that I don't think is right especially now. I'M GONNA challenges. Social distancing complaints are drawing shame on social media and pulse to the Police Corona Corona Virus. Virus virus run viruses. Like this. I mean the scientists infection senior. Novak's has gone stupid. So I maxwell in kids seen warranties Don't be stupid bird. The Neil Ferguson Imperial College model shacked up with his mistress when he was supposed to be key yes sheltered in place and I recall that he built these models not on rock and roll but on thirteen year old undocumented code June Rebecca. It won't be president. Are you all care? Just being love presidents and presidents Fab scaredy number five. Get Out of the the president. Now our president's law you'll get something five someone in that role room is out of control. Moepo DOT org slash. We're we're we're we're we're in the middle of a pandemic.

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