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MLB's 2020 proposal, Derrick Brooks joins, Richard Seymour joins, Will the Pats sign Cam Newton?

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MLB's 2020 proposal, Derrick Brooks joins, Richard Seymour joins, Will the Pats sign Cam Newton?

"Seizure yourself presented by Popeye's chicken all right. We've got a great show planned for you today. Ken Rosenthal is going to join us. And we're GONNA talk some Major League baseball to start the show also stick around. We're going to get in. We got some major football interviews. Derrick Brooks Gfm Hall of Famer of Tampa Bay buccaneer great. He's GonNa pull up also Richard Seymour Patriots Hall of Fame Future. Nfl Hall of Famer all decade in the two thousand. We'll hear from him about the Patriots and his own career. I but I as advertise will start by bringing Ken Rosenthal. Who'S IN NEW JERSEY? Ken will obviously a Fox. Sports Major League baseball expert. And there's news in the major league baseball world. The owners have made a proposal to the players union on a short season. Eighty two games. And there's a little bit of a dispute there seems to be about what type of revenue split. We're looking we're looking at between the players of the owners can. What's the latest from Major League Baseball on their proposal to the players? Actually Jason Presenting that proposal right now for the first time. There's been a lot of talk a lot of reports about what's in that proposal can see it right there and there's been a lot written in a lot said about what's in that proposal but this is the first time we've actually spoken digital conversation. It's going on through zoom or whatever and in addition to the financial elements that bottom thing their protocol keeping players safety net is really number one concern for players right now. How is this going to work out? Logistically are we going to be kept safe and not just us but the coaches the managers the trainers everyone else and in addition to all that. What happens if a player gets sick? What happens to that team? How does this all work. So that is the first priority health question and settling that and after that you can deal some of the financial questions and some of the other things. Though in some respects the financial question is tied the health and that the players believe rightly so that they're the ones taking the risk and they do not WanNa make any further financial concessions You brought us to money point and the money question. What the players suspicious of the owners suggestion of a fifty. Fifty Revenue Split. Baseball obviously has no salary CAP. They have no interest in this. What do you think is the real motivation behind the owners? Asking for a fifty fifty revenue split. Jason I wish I knew the answer to that because as you mentioned baseball is the only major professional sport without a salary cap. The players union has been historically and strongly opposed to any suggestion of a salary cap. And when you have a straight percentage of revenue that is a quarter of the player that in unions mind is something that amounts to a salary cap. Now let's go back a little bit. There was a march agreement in which the players agreed to prorated salaries for the two thousand twenty season. If it's played on a shortened schedule so eighty one game season. For instance just. Let's make the math easy. Mookie Betts. He's making twenty million. He makes half that ten night. That's the rated now at the owners are saying we don't WanNa do that because we will lose money with no fans in the park. Is We pay the players. Their full prorated salary. That's why they suggested this revenue split fifty fifty but they had to know. In my opinion. This were triggered the players for lack of a better phrase and I wonder if this is indeed a formula. They think can work on a one time basis. And that's the only suggestion you're a one time basis or is simply a negotiating this in office here and then you get through another level. That is more acceptable pliers. You said something in your original answer that I hadn't considered because I was originally on the older inside but I think the best argument the players have on their side. It's like okay. You'RE GONNA lose revenue. We're taking the health risks that makes up the difference and why we want a pro rated portion of our contract. Jason Actually Would WanNa see neither side using the pandemic to it's Goshi hitting advantaged kind of for lack of a better word unseemly but that is the reality of the situation and that is kind of where they are with it certainly. The health thing is no small issue. And if you're a player it might not even be your health. You worried about instance Sean doolittle nationals reliever his wife Iran Dolan has a respiratory history respiratory problems. He's worried about her understandably. So you might have a parent who's living with you even a child with asthma or all kinds of things that a player could be wondering about with regard to health it might not even involve him so there is a lap to sift through there on the health angle. And that's something they're gonNa have to address in the coming days. Are you confident that we're GonNa have a twenty twenty major league? Baseball season confident that they're going to get an agreement even with all the back and forth fireworks last few days both sides recognize. They have to play otherwise there in a bigger hole. Two Thousand Twenty. One you can't go dark for eighteen months of the sport it doesn't work financially. It doesn't work in terms of the Public. And it's something that really a lot of fans desire. Everybody wants to get the sport back and the players want money. The owners want their money. And all of that. There's too much incentive for it not happen not for that agreement to take place like insurance going forward is simply logistics and training out the season and see how it goes. I've written this. People talked about it. Fans owners players everyone involved with the sport going to have to accept that this is not going to be a typical season. It's going to be a season that requires a lot of flexibility in thought on schedule and on how things just might progress. You might need to shutdown or cancel a couple of games. You might need to do a number of things. I don't think they'll shut down the store. That's what they want to Avoi- but you're going to have to be of the mindset that this is different you're gonNa have to tolerate that and this goes for all parties involved and even then there might be things that go wrong that really compromise the sport. And thank you for the Thanh. Continue to be safe and healthy wish love. Hopefully we'll have a baseball season. Thank you so much. That was Ken. Rosenthal Fox Sports Major League baseball expert and reporter. Marcellus get US rolling here. There is no major league baseball season. Would you blame Major League baseball players for that? Wouldn't I understanding this argument from both sides? And respectfully no one obviously caused this pandemic but also no one in this situation should try and take advantage of the other because of this pandemic and if you listen to the words of the Major League Baseball Players Association Executive Director? Tony Clark. This is a situation where I think a lot of the players are looking at it as ownership trying to use a global pandemic as a way to try and get something done that they've never been able to do in the past which is basically get to a salary cap and how they're going to get there because of this pandemic you talk about a baseball player who before this has guaranteed salary. Then we've moved forward to where you're going to get a pro rated portion of that guaranteed salary but now what comes from. It is the next level of fifty fifty split of potential revenue. Now that's a leap and s leak. That if I were player I wouldn't sign onto. Why would I will one major league? Baseball is the only major sport that doesn't disclose what their TV deal. Money and revenue is. So how are we going to talk about a situation and an economy that is really the driving force because we all know? There's a health risk involved. The players going to actually be in contact with each other to owners to be distant far away and still abiding by social distancing guidelines. Put the players. They can't they have to go out there and take on that inhere wrist. They need to be supported and they need to be compensated for that. And then you talk about the economics and forty percent or north of that is based on in gate at gate and Home Stadium. Money and revenue. Where's that GONNA come from if you're talking about no fans being in attendance so you're not telling us or TV money and there won't be any money in terms of coming through the gate and we've already said no to salary cap restrictions? Which now seem like they're on the table with Tony Clark. I'm with the players on this one. Not Going for the banana tailpipe. I woke up this morning. Read this story and was like man. This is the bad look for the players ownership side. I listened to you and Ken Rosenthal Tall. And I'm like no. I'm be player this their beheld risk and I think that point when you're taking that health risks and the potential bringing it home to your wife. Kids extended family. Whatever that to me is like no no. You have to incentivize me. And they can't bring this fifty-fifty revenues for and there's a reason why the Major League Baseball Player Union has been so strong they have a very cynical attitude about major league baseball ownership and the fudging of books. And how much money's actually being made you're throwing all your trust over to ownership for them to one be transparent with the money that's being made and then you're also asking me to take this health risk for not just me and my family and look on someone that has clearly to some degree jumped on the side of. Hey look there's inherent risk in life and we're going to have to move more aggressively than what we are during this pandemic. But I'm not someone making ten twenty million dollars a year playing baseball for a limited amount of time and I don't blame these gas for valuing themselves and playing the long game here. We may have to miss a year in order to protect these rights that we've had for a long time so I would not blame. The players. Position is reasonable. I do think some of the public may fall for the Okie Bill Haberman Man. It's rough out here fifty. You can still make several million dollars a year plane. Just go out and play the sport. The country needs this. That sounds good but the reality. If I'm sitting in a player shoes I think I make the same decision that they make right. Stick around. Go anywhere we're GONNA go out and join. Nfl OF FAMER a Tampa Bay buccaneer. Great a super bowl champion. Derrick Brooks from his crib. Speak for yourself from the presented by Popeye's chicken. I'm sorry more from the crib. Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley. I happy to you. Let's roll out to Tampa Florida and join. Hope warned steps not watching because I got to say this the best joined the greatest Blunkett near did he played home. Pro Bowls and Warren Sapp. Why the buccaneers uniform worn. I'm sorry say that if you will next time you're on the greatest buccaneer. Let's start here with the Tampa. Bay buccaneers obviously huge all season news. Signing Tom Brady now rob Gronkowski. You Got Mike Evans. You got the God wide receiver. You Got Bruce Arians vibrant left which the greatest show on earth has moved to Tampa. But when I think of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Derrick Brooks Warren Steph. Semion Rice. John Lynch I think of Great Defense and I'm wondering as a defensive player knowing that defense wins championships. Any chance this Tampa Bay buccaneer. Offense is over height Jason. I won't use the word over high jets yet This because you have to respect the fact of what I'm in run task. He did together for all those years in New England But what I will say. Is The bugs have done? A great job of building is football team in all phases which I like to say the four phase of building. Check a box and you give them a one day address. The current team by keeping the defence together with the veteran sign. Gp Bag Obama. Can Sue keeping those guys together a secure Barrett did him back so they done a great job of even a nucleus of their defense together to help grow with that. Young Secondary Linebacker is going to be better about Avian Evan wife another year. He's not a rick and you saw last year where he got healthy. I much of an impact player. He can be addressed and keeping that team in the next three agency and one for the fences and they hit a home run in getting fouled Brady in terms of what this football team needs. No right now in a putting all the chips for the military able and making a run for it and then Tom Long put offensive and convinced them go get his number. One target in terms of Rob Gronkowski. I Bruce Arians a smart enough as Mannix. How would be used within his office? But he's never had this type of player in all his his office. Then you gotta give him credit with the draft a check the box right there to address in the office of line needing back. I getting with the running back position and the other young players in the draft. So right now They've checked a box at all three areas in what they're being whenever they able to get back together and see how these things fit together physically. GotTa give him credit. I won't use the word over high but I will definitely say you have to respect all the moves that they made us are in improving this football team for two thousand twenty disagree with you but I think there's a great chances. Team is is hype. Listen this look at this one category and his faith is focused on Tom. Brady and the way he likes to play the game. Look at his jarver tip. Look how Tom Brady wants to get the ball out quickly and to the right open receiver now if you look at the receiving core of the Tampa Bay buccaneers James Winston Jameis Winston. Throw that deep ball and we'll give you a fifty fifty ball opportunity. That's not Tom Brady. If you look at his yard for a tip last year it was as low as his career since two thousand two he likes to dinky likes to doug short intermediate not the deep balls. Which is a strip of this team? So if Tom Brady. Because of this off season being disrupted is not comfortable with his deep threats and the size to play is phthalate ball and not the style ball that was number one in passing attack last year. Oh get off to a rough start. Gronkowski may not be the same house of a redshirt campaign. That's the only category to only Liz I'm looking at. This team is seeing if he is going to be his daring. What the football as Jameis Winston was Marceau's I will say this James is redefined the fifty fifty ball and they actually caught a twenty five. Seventy five ball down in Tampa James was there but now here's where I agree with and Derek. I want you to respond to. This is where I agree with. Marcellus he he said it. He touched on it briefly. I think this compromise off season is going to hurt not just Tom Brady. But offenses around. The League defense is always start out ahead of offense. Just go out and make plays one of the football. Get after the quarterback. We're GONNA play man-to-man Blah Blah Blah. I just think particularly for Brady but for all after all the defense is going to be out ahead of them and it's going to be even more pronounced for Tampa Bay and that's where I think. Maybe this offense won't hit strive. Well that's where I disagreed with with both you guys and I'm going to speak for myself and the bugs I buy. Bam keeping ninety percent of their defense. Which if you look over the last eight games the season they finished in the top five in every category. I don't make the bucks will have a problem with the defense carrying the team until the offense edges up secondly I think his time for in evolution in terms of assets that the books at the receiver position that every all that they were wrong were balls that were down the field. A Lotta Explosive. Plays these guys Whether those Godwin or people tackles and got a lot of yards after the catch the problem. Obviously that everybody Atia. You alluded to was Tom. We'll do we'll do a better job in again. I believe they're so because it is experienced up protecting the football staying giving office expanded possessions that they did not have last year. Tony Bills into points and again. I do. Think these coaches particularly smart enough to understand that yes. Gronkowski may not be the house the goal and you have to manage that low in terms of putting him in successful position to succeed again. Whatever that may be. But we're not. I think everything that you think a office all office would definitely be behind the defensive because of the time at not as there it. Let's address the elephant in the room. Not Me Tom. Brady's age he's to be forty three this year. And we've had Mike Evans say that. Tom Brady is a franchise chain. Can you be franchise changer at age? Forty three do you agree with Mike Evans? Tom Brady is a franchise. Chain her at forty My answer to that is no. I agree with him. Because it's going to take everybody in going. Through changing a franchise. We had to do that together. It just wasn't Eric Bullets at once out Ronnie Barbour. You know John Last Finian Rice all of US collectively. We even went through a changing up head coaches at that. Time to be a part of a franchise changes so I would disagree with him. In this regard it's GonNa take more Just one way to do that but yes he could be difference maker on offense. It turned his decision making. I think that could be different. In terms of turnaround and entire franchise. I don't think one clear ask capability to do that here. Man I love me some Derrick Brooks but I disagree with you again hall of Famer. Think about this like so someone has to go out there and start to fire. We can name the flames but somebody gotta get night. It and that's Tom Brady and is in a culture that thoughts the actions the decisions but more so. It's the ignition imagination. I've been there before you certainly have been there before when I went to San Diego and I looked at that beef and before he was stepped on the field before the cleats. You start saying Julia say our Rodney Harrison. My workouts my motivation. My preparation mice. It was this in a different place because it's a cultural change and we you see Tom. Brady walk in that building. I take these players at their words. They're saying we feel different. Work thinking different. Guess what that means. You're going to move different. And I think it is all going to come from the inspiration to that imagination. Kind of like grown up to say you need to leave your neighborhood. Get exposed to something and when you get exposed to something new you come back to all differently and better this underprivileged. Tampa Bay Bucks Team. That funding left the neighborhood. Tom Brady taking place places. Man Right up here Jeff that I think myself me every you you change it up. Oh me up but you know just. Generally speaking is not going to happen in a overnight in to say that he is the one do a self. I think that's unfair. Let's not forget. This is the first time it twenty years that he's going to a different culture and you just can't expect him to just pick up the bicycle erotic. A same is very good. I WANNA see Tom before in this heat on a daily basis. No seasonal change. I mean it's just all the little newest you can tell right now. Like he's not used to being bothered in his privacy being invaded by his BID CYNTHIA TAMPA because they're Houston see superstars where Tom is not used at all the Fatso so again going through all the dust. I think it's GonNa take time. I just would not automatically stamped him as the franchise changer but a Tampa Bay buccaneers. And you're talking day one. I just got to see it happen over time. Well I disagree with Mike Evans are disagree with you. For this reason I agree with Mike Evans. What he's talking about is DB's not one in the other direction. With pick six touchdown we'll change this franchise so then the franchise is going to be changed just on that alone which is a perfect segue into our final topic beer. Pleased defend your boy your Florida State seminole brother James Winston. We have the question labeled here thing. Jameis Winston can be franchise qb again. I wouldn't have added the word again here. I would have just left it at King James Winston a franchise. Qb He had the job. But I never considered franchise. Qb and Tampa Franchise player says the Freshman Year at Florida state. Or WHATEVER THE YEAR. He led him to that specific. But what's the future like for Jameis? Winston I wanted to. Damus again is because I've seen if he was sixteen years old Coming to camp on a state and I think right now is the perfect time for James Stewart Before he could not divorce all the time. It's being a student. Because he had to go out in play. He had to learn on go. He had to deal with all the pressures of not just the quarterback being a leader. And now he's in a situation where none of those pressures are upon Him Begin. Sonapur to truly learn the gay from a different perspective from two of the best people in the gay beat meaning shot and drew brees. And I'm not comparing it to a teddy bridgewater situation. Obviously because teddy now has an opportunity to lead another franchise. But I think personally James was having this opportunity without all these added pressures of me will benefit him in the long run while I e he could earn the right to be a starting quarterback again in his Lee. And we'll let the franchise Characteristic. Netflix itself out. But I think right now at this point in his career I think this is the best move or him and in talking with him about if Ituen man he can't be more excited about this opportunity. Does again this is new territory for him and he even bracing this with open arms and open mind. Derek. Really appreciate the time we got to let you go out. No you got something else to do. Is You get the final word on this thing? James Winston could be a franchise quarterback again. Stop saying again like you said before. I've never seen as a franchise quarterback Bambi being real Look it's always bad when you were number one. Pick overall now. You're a backup in five years. It's also bad that when your peers pass you by it even worse when people are younger a less tenured being you and they have passed you. By as a franchise quarterback Patrick Mahomes the Mark Jackson Deshaun Watson. Hey we even start stretching Jimmy G. that Prescott Carson Wentz whatever you want to say there are other guys who are chomping at the bit Josh. Allen Sam darnold Baker Mayfield's the point of this is James Winston who was thrown twelve interceptions than any other quarterback. Since he's been in league is GonNa be very difficult. Climb for him to get back to a level where we can think of him as a franchise quarterback. He's a risk taker. So all the success that I look and I dive into the numbers and watched the film James. Every time you see tremendous success you see tremendous risk and as a franchise quarterback you have to be responsible. You have to be accountable with the football right now in his career. We haven't seen them responsible enough with that football. My says we didn't get to do this. With Derrick Brooks with man. He had all game balls behind a hell of a setup he had in mind him at his home and it reminded me man funny story before we get out of here and Richard Save More. I got one game ball as a ball state football person. I won't say player because I didn't get the game until like two thousand nine said a bunch of fans to a game and Northern Illinois is. The only game ball went on the team. I was a booster. My Game Ball comes from a booster. I'm GonNa Dare Brooks down there. Everything he was playing a game. I had to keep it rolling. Talk to another graders. Patriots. Great Hall of Famer Future L. Hall of Famer rigid see more. His Crib speakers have presented by Monday. I'll damn he's sitting there with Lombardi trophies behind. Ask Register for yourself. From the crib presented by Hyundai Jason Whitlock Barcellos Wiley high time to roll down to Atlanta. Visit the crib of Richard Seed More Patriots Hall of Famer Future? Nfl Hall of Famer Three Times Super Bowl champion member the all decade team and maybe most impressive six hundred and forty three thousand dollars in career earnings at poker according to our research professional poker player dabbling into side. Money's professor voted game. I'll say that. Let's start with your former teammate. Tom Brady and be Patriot. Way which you experienced. Were you surprised at all or did you assume eventually Tom Brady would lay in a different uniform than the New England Patriots? I'd personally say I was It was unexpected But we noticed the national football league and you know you always hear the term. Expect the unexpected We think about time and everything that he's brought to the table in six super bowls and you know probably go down. It's the greatest of all time at that position I would say it was a little unexpected. They would you know. Figure things out But you know I think also. Tom Is earned the right to Be No test. The waters ensued. What's out there in? Terms of other teams than how other organizations in cultures are Iran? So but it is what it is couple couple of weeks ago. We had on your former teammate and hall of Famer Todd Law and we ask him to who you root for this season more Tom Brady or the New England patriots. Wes You the same question going GonNa root for the most Brady and the Patriots I'll say this like I've always been a player's guy like you know like I don't follow a whole lot of franchises or universities. You always with the players. But you know at Tom's been afraid for you know twenty plus years. I'm always riddick for him. Everything that he does you know tremendous player personnel. Feel as well But you know at the same time you know New England's the team that drafted me at a man opportunity in the National Football League. So you know. They always be near their Will now see more. Is the Patriot way. Really just Bill Bella Checks. Now ask that because his disciples everywhere they go. It seemed like they struggle implementing net culture. Well else. The coach Belichick has fifty plus years of experience. So I don't care if you've been on his staff you know it's hard to try to take that and implemented anywhere else. I think You know that's definitely going to be difficult to do. He's coach some integrates grades. Lower Arts Taylor down the line you know but just in terms of them not succeeding. You know You know it's just one of those things. Where is Bella check? And he's an all time. Great you know probably wanted to greatest ever do it and not just a difficult task. Even if you're on a team a personnels in watching them is hard to go out and implement. I'll say like this. You know everybody will say like the three hundred Chrysler's were just like the Rolls Royces. Until it's all over Damn Charlie Weis the three hundred Chrysler. We got it a look. You're talking to a guy who used to used to have one of those phantoms. The Rolls Royce. And boy. I think the same way like that. Say but go ahead. I wish I had Christ with. Would that said man Tom Brady how important was he to establishing that Colton Tom's a champion. I'll say that he's a champion. He's a competitor. You know You know he came in with a chip on his shoulder and as we saw these caridad throughout his entire career. And I think every player if you want to succeed you know you always finding a way you look at the join dot the last dance. He's always building up You know just mental and mind games to bail out and beat the best and whatever that takes you know Texting housing off-season throwing guys. You know whatever it took. It was a professional And I will say you know. He's a big part of and I look at the our teams when you talk about even with towel Bid On the show a white teens were kind of different They were more defensive. Lead Teams Myself Tedy Bruschi. You know McGinnis breakable Harrison. So but teams were totally different in old one beat the Rams To maybe four and then it starts to switch until it more of offensive. They will blame randy. Moss was Welker and putting up a lot of points. But it was more defensive lead early on and you know I think throughout the decade You know switched over now. There's some phone to your career man amazing. Obviously but if you go back to your rookie year fifteen years in the league tons of money tells the pro bowls you still be Richard Seymour? Would you have chosen to play for looser altered than the Patriots or have it the way it win? I'll say there's I think I learned a lot over the many years being Nicole spellcheck. I think he's you know one of the brightest minds not just in sports but just in general I could be where a boxer like you would want him because so like he breaks down every Isa details so I just think as a player I want the best is like. I don't need to be motivated to play but I I think I need a coach. That's GonNa put me in the right positions that's GONNA break down game plan so I know what to expect And what's coming And he definitely did that But you know you hear it all the time like live this game with you know money and memories and you know we won a lot and we got paid and at the end of the day like I think the team that we had been such a veteran team found a way to keep it. Fine keep it light and I think anytime you do anything when you having a good time doing that. You haven't fine You go out and play your best and we did you have a good attitude about Bella check in the Patriots But in two thousand nine was that the case and if not how did it take you to move on from those feelings and no nine right? Also those obviously being traded right before the season It was a it was a shock. At the moment you know but would go back to like it's a business and maybe four or five days before the season got traded to Oakland. And when I I was on the phone without Davis Andy was telling me he was like. Hey Richard we've got the highest paid punter in the League who'd is pay on her back in the League you know and we've got a young team. We WanNa we wanted to. We traded for you so you can come in and help you know. Change the culture in what we're trying to do so I'll say this like you know bill with my family and my kids were young and school and that sort of thing so like I have to took me about a week just to get the family settled out to Al Davis late great. Al Davis Come out and give them everything that I had so You know. He held up his end of the bargain. And I tried to feel mind as well all right Patriots Hall of fame. Great honor congratulations. Pro Football Hall of fame. You've been a finalist twice. Are you confident that guy certainly feel you deserve it? But are you confident you'll make it indicate I'll say this I think it's been a process and You know it's all everybody who's up into the finalists and semi finalists all at Gaza very deserving and I just think personally you know. Every I've gotten closer like I made the final fifteen year before the this year. I was told I was in the room and obviously only select five but I got down to the final tin and you know like I say I work is dying. I leave it up to the voters I mean I definitely think worthy But at the end of the day You know in due time like my ridge. I it so I don't mind. We both decades but listen. You had fifty seven and a half sacks career but you play a different style of defensive and defensive. Tackle soul much defensive. Lineman seemed to be evaluated by sax rather than were the complete player. Does it bother you that? They've reduced it to saks. Well I'll say this. I always been a guy that about. is difference between stats and impact right Like you don't even have to just in terms of defensive player like you don't really have to have a Lotta tackles sacks a game to really Free Lab make plays the offense. Run away from you. Know demand double teams at just things like that. I mean that's that's all a part of it as well but You just want to go out and be as a defensive line that you want to be visible. You ought to be nasty. I mean you gotTa side Bill a lot about that always by spirit as well. So Was always an admiral. I did I see you don respect rubbing rich. Thank you so much. We'll have you back on hopefully really soon when you're made the hall of fame will congratulate you at richest see more. Patriots Great. Nfl We're going with the Patriots topic in Join Greg. But Dart's from his career from Boston Sports Journal Greg. We'll tell us why he thinks. Cam Newton is still a possibility in New England. Speak this from the crib presented by Hyundai or after this. We're about to speak for yourself from the career presented by Hyundai Jason Whitlock Marcellus Wiley. Let's roll out to the Boston area and be joined by the founder of the boss Journal. Greg Vidar who wrote a piece recently. That don't rule allow the Patriots signing Cam. Newton be free agent quarterback for the Carolina Panthers who still jobless at this moment. And so we thought we'd have greg on to hear an explanation on why he spilled thinks there's there's a chance Cam Newton signs with the Patriots of Greg. Please explain well. I mean number one. I don't think it's probable but I do think it's possible but there are a lot of things that need to happen number one. The Patriots have to create cap space. They have non right now. They can do that by extending Stefan Gilmore Joe -TUNI- Trading Joe -TUNI- number two. When is the NFL going to get back to work? How much time are they going to have with Cam Newton on practice field to get him into the Patriots offense because he's not just plug and play right away number three? He needs a thorough medical exam. I would the shoulder and foot injuries. The team needs to be sure of that. And and the last thing the most important thing is there needs to be a conversation at some point between Newton and probably Bill Bell Jack. They need to ascertain where he is. You know is Mr Superman ready to compete for a starting job with a player jerks that. Who's thrown four? Nfl PASSES I. Is He going to acquiesce to the Patriots? Way where you know the same methodology. That drove Tom. Brady the Tampa Bay You know where Cam Newton would be a grunt. He would have no status over anyone you know so there are people around the league who questioned whether he would buy into something like that but if all if all those answers align then yet it's possible certainly I wouldn't minimize the belief that they have in Jarrett Stidham looking at the situation. They didn't draft at the quarterback position because of that stem. They didn't go and get a free agent quarterback starter because of the hope. They have Jarret Stidham so this is situation when you look at it. They'RE GONNA go ride with them. They have to see who we is. And the only way you're gonNA see who he is in the regular season during real live football games and that's GONNA be too late for Cam Newton to come aboard in September October. Really buy into the system. Answer this culture so that their severance package frankly if all else fails them flames out there in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes. I think that's just their game plan this year. I WANNA say that I woke up this morning. No Shot Ray Griggs Peace Corp. Greg is is connected with the Patriots and just look at their history the DNA. Oh Hey Randy Moss after you've been humbled and humiliated. No there's there will you buy our system. We brought you out here. They took a chance on Chad. Don Johnson you didn't buy in. They dusted him or didn't using much. And then eventually dusty. I can see the pages and Bill Belichick saying look if we can get Cam Newton in the right mindset completely humboldt willing to be grunt because this would be good for Cam Newton even if he just went there on a one year deal one year experiment if he survive Bill Belichick and came out with Bill Belichick. Having a high opinion of him I think his value not just New England. But across the League Elevates Greg I'll give you the final thought yeah I mean my final thought. Let me go to Marcella said I understand his his his point there about jerks them. What people need to understand is that yes? Jarret. Stidham might be. They're starting quarterback right now with competition with Brian. Where but that don't mistake that or belief that he is now a franchise quarterback in the number one reason. Is that the Patriots. Don't give anything to anybody. They don't annoy someone a franchise quarterback where they earned it on the field. Tom Brady Tom Brady barely beat out demon hewer cup in two thousand one and so if they didn't know if they didn't give Tom Brady anything and he went on to become the greatest quarterback ever they're not Gonna. They haven't unwanted hair stem. It's been it's been a whole bunch of issues starting with the pandemic space. They didn't like the quarterbacks in the draft and the quarterbacks they did like they didn't have enough ammunition to get them. This is just where they are. They WanNa see where he is. Ill sink or swim and two years from our next year. Patriots have a load of cap space and they can do whatever they want at the quarterback position. So it's not about Jarret Stidham. It's just about where they are. Thank you greg we gotta keep it rolling. Thank you brother. Jimmy's just around the corner. He's got some thoughts Major League Baseball What service he speak yourself from UNDAY. More after this team to speak for yourself the crib Jason Wedlock Uncle Jimmy. Big Dummy of the day or comment on baseball. Oh Hell Yeah Hell. Yeah big dummy. Today go to the person that was certain so bright as in mating gray on national. Tv You go search gang banger. Aware that's CERTA soulread. Uk didn't get to hail in that search man. What the hell wrong.

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