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"greg upton" Discussed on WHAS 840 AM

"A fight. If you got the best mood, paper, Bandmann, is it you? Here's the question, green. Here's the question. I got a I got because I've got your card. I'm a big fan of backstreet dreams, you know that both, you know. You guys dress, so cool. You look, so cool you go out and perform. Here's what I wanna know. The ladies come out of the woodwork for you guys. Because look how cool you are on there looking talented. Not just tag along with backstreet dreams, just one time, man. And you all let me just come along. I guess so, yeah. As long as you can care the equipment Dwight. Well, okay. Can't act like you're one of the backstreet guys came back street, drains, man. Can't. Okay. So how long have you all been performing together about roughly? Well, we do band nights every other month. Okay. We have, like different Saint people. But I just because we both the both lead singer. Yeah. And. And the kiss footling both guitar players and that Kelly is a gum and Greg Upton as the chemical. Okay. So how do you I see a kiss a shirt on here? Why did you all settle on the backstreet boys to kind of go with the name backstreet dreams? Why did you settle for that? Same idea. I guess. Because we had like a. We're like a like other especially like yeah. Like. Have bears Josh fires fellow watching. Action. And. Yeah. Put. Backfire frames. Like other vans. Bill boy, eight degrees. And all these these guys. Here's what I want to know. There's another group called boogie down. Yeah. Are they rivals? Do you all do you all get along with boogie down? Okay. Well, let's do I was hoping you didn't well backseat dreams guy. Tell us how all this came about. And I'm holding one of the cards here thing I've ever seen in my life. Tell me how this whole thing came about. Yeah. They I mean we have so much talent in our own. They're members and just one thing. I wished we, we need to share with any more stories like this. We gotta have somebody who just got modeling contract. We've got artists by the way. Yeah. It's just, you know, there's something every day I feel like we can share with the community and these guys just had talent and they get together and have their boys nights, and they rock out and obviously got a little following what how do we how are we doing how has down syndrome? Louisville are a we comparative to other cities or are we doing pretty well? We are the largest in the country in the world. Honestly. Lifelong learning center service from infancy through life, and yeah, we're doing a great job. We'll listen to be Sam Bailey. I can't. Thank you enough. I've got some things I want you to sign before you get out of here for me. But you said you were going to say, I can't help it, man. And here's what I want y'all to do. I want every one of the backstreet dreams to come back. At some point, you gotta say, I gotta have going to have to say about picture with all you guys. And then we want you back. We want you to perform, okay? Better than I know. Dot hard to do these days. Guys. Thanks so much. Thank you. Thank you down syndrome of Louisville police before they still sign up to play golf.

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