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S1E92: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show  02/21/20

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S1E92: The Shawn Harvey Morning Show 02/21/20

"Okay took Took GO LARRY. Asa Okay everybody God bless each and every one of you is so filled Friday. It is Friday February twenty first twenty twenty forty five minutes after the hour work to sharp one show fruits and Saint James Alone Co host party. Clo- where you get your morning started right only place on Earth where you get your morning started right only places you're GonNa get all this morning. Love the chat room is wide open. You know please show each of some love in the chat room or you can call it. The numbers five seven zero nine eight two six nine five zero. Cj We are broadcasting live on radio DOT COM IHEART radio show Harvey Morning Show Dot Com Comedy World Radio and the all mighty facebook live so coming enjoys. What action packed. Show this morning. Cindy J. on feel Good Friday. Good to see. How are you today? Cj I'm doing Great Sean. Good morning to everybody listening. We have a great show for you guys today. We're going to get started with front page news with any Jay where I'm going to let you know what's going on locally and nationally so make sure you stay tuned for that and right. Now I'm going to get you started with a little bit of weather if you haven't stepped out the door yet right now. In downtown Bethlehem where we broadcast from daily in Pennsylvania. It is currently nineteen degrees going up to a high of thirty nine degrees but it will be sunny all day. So you'll have to bring any rain gear out with you in New York City. It is currently twenty three degrees and is going up to a thirty seven degrees and it will be sunny all day today as well in Orlando. It is currently fifty two degrees. It is cloudy. And they're going to a high of fifty seven today in Hotlanta. It's currently thirty four degrees. They're going up to a high of forty six won't be very hot there today and it will be partly cloudy partly sunny in Los Angeles currently fifty seven degrees and they are going up to a high of seventy five and it will be sunny all day there today. So that is the weather that we let us know what the weather is like where you are this assembly Jay on the Sean Morning. Show featuring me along with Carl was Barbie Cologne where you get your morning. Starting right and j where you get your morning started writes in Jay. We're GONNA have Harvey's houses sports will. We're going to give a different perspective on sports of the scores. That's what we do here but before we do the morning buzz we have a special guest in Mr Footwork himself. My man we'll tracks will be calling in the legendary at eight thirty but before we had the morning buzz and I guarantee ancient everyone the all in that chat room listening all newsradio platform head booby buzzard before nine. Am Synergy what else do you have. Well in the nine o'clock hour I'm also going to have some sunny says Rowlett you know what's going on in Hollywood and entertainment news so stick around for check this out what we're going to do we're going to take a quick break before we take a break. One that people know that when we come back. We're GONNA shout out. The Room with the heart sat in the chat room. You know the official anthem all over the world all over the Internet. You know how we say. Where's the heart set in the chat? We'll show you some but not only that city. We also going to name a new chat room member of the re- that's what we do on Friday because on Friday. We dedicate the show to all our listeners. So check this out. We're GONNA shout you out with Heart Center chat room. We're going to announce a new chat room member of the week so don't go nowhere. What are we GONNA do go back to the morning drive? Dj never never stopped always would be. They always do doubt Bill. Campbell took hold on. Hold on guys share. It's cold outside outside and their busy busy week there. I've been busy all week so after the show. I haven't done my laundry. Could you know what I did? Laundry all my laws US IN MY CAR RANKED CITY UTAH. I was so I took everything like the bedsheets locations. You Got Right. She's wrong choice of right now. Which seats y'all all and show your resume my lunch my own life. I don't have called. They're never got to end the conflict laundry over there except I like to go to school lunch or match to because she can do all your laundry at once and then they had big acid received the before you put several teams Gerald I in the day beat on that day now. Let's get this. Don't I picked through piles of what? Ideally you. Just wash it for the next day. I don't really got hyper all Shaw Bob. Single Lady here I I look. Look what are you worried about what we wear tomorrow? Whatever you want you already in the washing machine. We washed that boom real quick. We worry about the resin leaders who are closed yesterday just fixing things. God knows as I got tired of all the lottery. Is it never. It doesn't banderas but I have never as always our pilots. So why don't we just use what we need? You get down to that last gearboxes nine word just go to Walmart. Ninety nine eight pack. Call it a day long underwear hat right lease time for his laundry. Give a damn about a laundry too. Then she takes off in my car and then I have a laundry bag I want to. I don't even want to think about it. I really don't want to think about Louis. Post exit one long. I mean hey godspeed my brother in that laundry. I wish you all the best in your journey with that says what to wear for walk witness underwear got said turn your socks accuser inside out get another thing stocks herald green box inside out living up. You know what it is. You'll have to wash your underwear before her your new underwear y y you no own. Why do you don't get what you pay for? That they just go into the rotation of Never GonNa get also air sealed in the package. Now you buy underwear and they lose the T. Shah and yet you buy a loose plan but if you think you want that must got time on her side him out and put a warning fits so well. I would guess once a week I try but then you know what will happen to sidetrack into the close watch machines and they get mel dude attention spans. I pick me not having watched his DISA- blended not to split the food drive. And like I always take a piece of Washington now right on the Lazier because apple washing machine and dryer in my house. So I I'm just like whatever countdown can you WANNA watch her entire? And of course longer. Veneta don't call don't come over my house long. Hap- side of my day is closed amazes me if I had a man I might I might take more pride and clean it up but as of right now we are back on. It is still good. Friday is Friday February twenty first twenty twenty fifty seven minutes out the I will welcome one. God bless each and every song money show featuring Dj Colesberg way gives WanNa start right only place on earth where you get your start right you get your morning. Love Mateo folks are GonNa get you want to start right but it's a good look when you hear the chat rooms open. Please show Chelsom love this morning or you can call in numbers. Five seven zero nine two six nine five zero singer broadcasting live comedy. World RADIO RADIO DOT COM I heart radio show DOT com. Facebook live we are in the building. Welcome everybody CJ. Good morning once again in. How are you good Morning Sean? I'm doing great feats extra great Shahabi Coffee. I've been working on night so he probably didn't want to fall asleep in gaul hidden motives. Shaw I'm GonNa let you guys know what the weather is like today in. Maybe your neck of the woods in Bethlehem Pennsylvania where we broadcast daily from it is currently nineteen degrees spit. Nippy outside it'll be partly cloudy. It's going up to a high of thirty nine in New York. It is currently twenty three degrees going up to a high of thirty seven Wu. And it's going to be sunny so catch that Sun while you can in Hotlanta. It is currently thirty four degrees. Going up to a high of forty eight and it will be mostly cloudy in Orlando. It is currently fifty two degrees going up to a high of fifty seven and it will be cloudy. Sorry about that. Audrey Johnson not sunny down there in Florida today and in Los Angeles. It is currently fifty seven degrees. And they're going up to a high of seventy five and it will be sunny all day over there. That is whether that we have let us know what the weather is. Like where you are this is Shaun Harvey morning show featuring Jay along with Barbie Cologne way. Guitar Monastery Jim Would you get your morning started right. We're GONNA Shout Chapman. That's right we're going to show you some love that's right 'cause somebody all in that chat room need that love today you are my spirit of saying to my niece of love so we here to give some cause without you guys. We wouldn't be here but first before we shop those folks out Sidney J folks in my Party Room. I want you to come into the Shaw Morning. Show featuring the WACO team And Business Page and Lanky and then you could just shot up. Because there's somebody here Richard. None of the everybody to go to them up to visit sage like it and you'll get shot a book before we shall those all stars in the chat room we want to show the creeper some love New People. You don't know the creepers out of folks that are good folks and listen to the show city Jay on the radio via radio or on facebook. Glad but they're not in a chat room and they then religiously each and every day there's thousands of that's right and the only thing they wanna do. They WanNa do all schools. This WANNA listen to the show they WANNA laugh or we're having a formative news with Cindy J. or the sports but we do they just want to enjoy the show. Shout to the creek was now haters. They hear city Jane. The heaters are here like to say blessed. Okay haters you keep listening to this show because you have no choice sitting there listening to the WB L. S. Ninety nine thousand all everybody and shows no luck our country. Will you get? You're going to start sending now to the beloved folks in the Chat Room off stars in their. That's right still insist. They're in the chat room. We want to show them some love. It's coming Y'all because we love you guys. Despite sometimes you guys come in and out of the room. Sometimes you caught up in your feelings. Sometimes I hate Sean. I need you to know. I don't I don't hate anybody else. See I don't even know why entertain folks of businesses. They hate me hate me. You know what the folks in the Chat Room Man. Without some folks in Jay. We couldn't do this show. That's where I am and I get nervous. Sometimes when some of these folks are not in a challenge. Susan Cox no pause blackheart into building now. He Labor cake is young adults in the building. Now No Jeff Santiago shepherd in you know what we're GonNa do chat whether heart attack and the chat room. Hey where the heart in the chat room. Let's go down where the heart attack. Hey Hearts at walk. Hey what Kyrie and chat chat chat room with heart kid chatrooms where the heart heart attack Jacqueline city. Let's go down hard on rhythm hearts at the heart of the heart Barry. Where's the set in the chat room on the feel? Good Friday your needs to drop to your knees and thank the Lord that you allowed today. You've got a double bonus of having your family alive today and well unique to drop down to your knees and kissed the son. You gotTa John Nerve enough to make some money and you healthy. You better thank Jesus for all of that. What is the heart set in? The chat room turned down. A what? What the how how hard sandy ten chapter ten chat room heart? Saturday tend to chat ten chat room then chat room to chat. Let's wait a Hard Jab. Hey man the hearts that where the heart capital pig hearts ask. What what what. Better RECOGNIZE CITY. Hold on hold on. What a shout out for the first time when shot up barbeque Cologne Okay Ono. She's in their rooms. Bobby wrong about to put an she just his. Why belong rocks with us? We the three in here together. Just the three of us. Not The two of us we in here as a team we can to entertain you guys. We appreciate you appreciate Bobby. Come on the universe has given us the colonial rock this thing all the way to the top and for sure you know. We're going there so I want to take this because the universe has proclaimed this for us. That's why put that working. So I talk about Cindy J. I wouldn't do this show without Cindy J. Better recognize the hard work that this young lady put it. You'll have to recognize that I do in the universe. Your show Cindy Jason La. She lives this. She lives what we do here. She lives it. I'M GONNA make sure this woman is doing this for a living this time next year. I pulled claimed that your show Cindy J. Some luck she walked with me day. One run around. Take your some kind of Radio Personality Drako? Prosecutors this woman this you read your your convenience. You don't even know what you do and cities they got more talented huffing than all your up there in the wor radio female personalities I said Lord Recognize Sidney J do here. We'll J. Lo so you didn't hear can't be in the same room as personality at City J. Are you kidding me? I said that came from the top cable. North you you you you can't you you your radio so better than this show is now you better not you know. What does that mean this? Would I do cine? Dj Does with me. The shore's love feel Good Friday this woman. I couldn't do this show and I won't do this. Show without this woman rather donald. He did it for a week without special city. Jack Some luck in these streets matter of fact you don't have to the people in the chapel named we don't that. Tote your women can't be in the same room with the swim. This woman is super talented. What what what on the field. Good Friday what what I feel great. Why considering Jay sitting in this room with me this show don't even work with. You'll even know happy things. Women do behind the scenes for this show kicked his running mate. We WanNa Kerr Calgary local we in this together. God bless you Shaan. You know what I'm saying. God bless you acted. Dote you're sitting there pontificating saying nothing talent 'cause you see where we do? This chargers they showed up from the crack. You had that in the back bang so let me bring my talents out this practice. Any Senate right. What y'all got respect. Respect Sidney J Chapman. Jason Love Hard for this show. Talented on the Phil de Chabrol member. We can know that. You're so sidney. J Some love they are solo work. It doesn't work with out this woman you up to where we RECCO Siemian James instead ruled swollen. I can't take it. God bless you city Jay. Well God bless Usua- Sean God bless God bless chapter hosted blackhawks more. If you don't cover see even though you've got to go and go and see you got to stay. You're laying Lloyd watch intake humidity. We appreciate all shot to Wanda Santiago. Shepper WANDER YOU. Were late today. We almost couldn't do the shout ever do that again. I don't know what you're doing over there with your new role and Everything Wanda. Please shot out shot. I'll Cine J. man my God shoutout to Lynette Net net Serano. How are you good morning? Happier team shot. Take an easy. Just she's city Lynette. We have your team. We have your team for U. P. purposes shot. Be If you still in the building around ask. Mexico beat next to be X. that's right shutout to Veneta George Henry Haven that come morning girl. She'll city some love addict. Shots at Andrews Hegel hold on this show today is dedicated to Sydney jail. Why SEAN FITTING LOCALLY SO EXTRA COUNT? Sitting is looking at me dedicated. Excuse me is. This show is dedicated to US city. Jay God bless park law. This show is dedicated to you every day nor does I mean I do love but to walk out of here. I'm gone. Trust me about shots. Tricky Lou is twenty dollars. Tricky twenty dollars tricky. We appreciate you today. Man Shot I to well Robbins. Hey well how are you doing? What happened last night? Did you run around? But as he had a show last night last night we had a discussion. He's been married for fifteen years than with his wife twenty years and I wanted them to do something different when his wife came home last night. 'cause she works. She comes home at nine o'clock at night he he leaves he. He works in the day or night. Whatever vice versa. And I wanted him to do something different. One him to smash his wife. I wanted them to be naked. Woman came on Sean. Don't tell people shot out to the FANEUIL Joan Tena Daniel Morning Shutout the annual Washington. Hey how you doing? Shut up the star light star. Bright which I'll do it what she was doing this week. A get into subtropical shot out to Shawn Heins Jones. Hayler Sean. How you doing shot to Cunera Williams? Hey Queue godless shot out your crystal Jones. Hey Crystal Crystal. Shoutout to time. Lee High Neta shot out. All of this metal was at the Christmas party husband. And that's the way you're real. You need to take no sometime editor. Hunter husband sitting in the corner. This is Dana full-time relationship. Yeah the honeymoon's over. I think I took a picture with her. I don't WanNa back on. That husband was in a corner groping. Woody joke kissing on each. Oh yeah the way supposed to be done in a long term relationship you know some long term relationships like whatever. Yeah when we get home. They don't care. What are these two can? Keep a hands on smash shot out to see Lizzie. What up Bro. How are you shoutout to? Dj Star buggy happy birthday his birthday. Happy Birthday to happy birthday to. Hey happy birthday hey. Three loose ends wanders husband's birthday too. So that was for George as well. Wanda. That's why you were busy. W was busy Wanda. Well Happy Birthday. George showed how Jennifer Fischetti. Hey Jennifer how are you good morning? Show don't hundred birthday. Shout out to Squeaky Pinkish Hayes Miki love your wife. Hey Girl Shot Virginia. Wait if she's still listening. Shot to Rome garrison new listener grown. I want you to call then roams. Aau Son and all that. Yeah I want you to call in and talk about it. Shout to deal. Oh Hey D- Low was MINANCO shoutout to Taty. She's still there. Hey Haughty matter of fact is on the line right now. Hold on hold on honey. I'm going to be shot to Queens. Diane Hey Queen is a day one day. You still shot. What's wrong with you girl got to Borrow Leslie Hades Bora Free Ninety Nine. Would we do without this young lady? Yagi some love show a shoutout to Marlon. Would in the room. Hey Marley. That's the homie. That's the homey green is with. The green is ladies go to malls pasia Weber. Find Him. He's like skin. Green is Super Bouzis. Okay Super Boost Orion guy you a female. And you don't have green is not the baddest bitch. Don't even don't go with him. I said he's GonNa be very kind and polite but not in a disrespectful. Where else Disneyworld shot to Jon Benson? Johnny Webb aw report shot out to Anthony. Clark shot one man. You're anthony wants you to call them. Anthony clock is one in a basketball league right down here in the Lehigh valley out today. I want you to call in. And he's told to see like six. Eight can only like the tallest guy neighborhood. He's the tallest got used to play basketball back in the day right now. He's a coach right or he could play a little bit but now he's great at washing tops of vans. I'm Dan shot to Richard Non Wolf Nation. I don't go nowhere. Wake up. Live free shoutout Qassim Griffin. Hey Qassim shoutout to. Ken Black said he hates that hat. Sean took beautiful or a Dago. Shot is Shayla Hall. Hey Shayla shots it Diane Diane Hall. Thanks FOR THE MUSIC. You sit in bed. Cirque DU shots in the Sun Washington heinous on shoutout to Laura Turner. Hey Laurie was going on girl. Shout to my mom Mama Setting. Hey Mom Howard later on today. What shoutout to Melvin Wagner? Hey Melvin we really appreciate you shots a Kenya Brown. Who just stopped in the room. Hakin Yada Yada a day you right now to do twenty five push up and put it on video and throw it in the group room. Stop putting up. Those pitches flexing on the in the bathroom with island flag. See Him at work. I want to see twenty-five. Are you up for the challenge? Radical guys you shout out to Hesse Stevens. That's causing all morning Sean. Stop with all. That was good. Shot to Reggie Harley. Good Morning Reggie chant. More SHOUTOUT TO PRENTICE COXSWAIN adjust stumbling. Libro was you're listening to the breakfast club out that I was very apprentice. Very dirty city was with. I know you was. I no hold on a second show morning show city body. Good Morning Hottie. Sean Morning Barbie. You guys doing. We're doing grave and I love you. You know that you're very smart. Women Educator is absent the only black women in the she lives in suburbia to. Don't get it twisted when we got a swimming pool. She charges thousands of dollars for people to use. But let me tell you this when we got it all together did you can't do what it is like. If you're down in the main and you'll have it all together like just sort of like mark with the green is stay away from Hawk hiding. You don't even say hi keeping pushing trying to pair of like. I don't like the fact that that Marin you know at the green eyed bandit you know is his bluesy. I don't like that. It sounds like he's not in northern. He loves himself. Talk Down He loves it. He very manicured. What NAILS HANDS? Everything is done Mike. God never want to stick his finger. Wallet Khakis Abalon Women Love Him. You know what I'm saying and the sisters at the same time his presence when he walks into the room. That's the shock is. He got that he got that Lionel. Richie would all right okay. Okay okay so listen. Saw is going to be at. The governor's comedy clubs on March. Second Three PM would have tidy and later. I will be giving you the names of the other comics. I'm trying to figure out what we're going to be a so harvey is a favorite Governance Comedy Club. Charities Pete Sorenson they love you in that thing because this long island. He's a he's a letter that educated at the say top. Phd's and sounds noting. Yeah Harvey Guy. Eagles thank you and you win. I might bring with me on my I mean he. He doesn't usually frequent places like like like Cafes shops a around women he has like a ten minimum band. Bits beautiful women in the building. He doesn't even want to be okay was going on it could of funeral. The persons in the casket is not a beautiful woman. He ain't going limited has been married twice. I've known mad and let me tell you. So I like I said four South Carolina. Imagine having all these men and a husband and house in Alabama and even you as a comedian and not with me and do an. I know women are more news and I don't know what the hell he's doing. Facebook man of the deputies for me of a real man he concern which edges in concern which at toes he concern. What that S. That's what a real man is about hanging looking. You see me. Ns a man this morning. I'm not saying that you're supposed to be working with Safiya. Combat and Achy and your house was not clean but I'll say it's about the definition of man because the purchase of a man is crop woman. He was covering black warm so they can have him. You a movie going on behind the match. Something I should know because he would I pay to ice cream? You say honey in all her accomplishments has late model pickup truck for real voice. I only I only mess with chicks and when I say bad I mean they own homes. They're beautiful inside now. Big Credit scores is good making Biden Essay and can write an essay. They could write a narrative J. US a four hour exam though civil servants. Make saying those are the contradict pay taxes so kinda bad body Fleming on talk about and none of the women that I you know some of them. Many of your part of any Dave and buster's a anonymous one of Arlanda Orlando's morning. You gotta be without. You're live likes to see as for as long as you. If you light a breakthrough safer life you better apple fan booty does I gotta I gotTa make sure you a black girl number one. Only real black with the exception of Haggi now hunting Sanish for twenty five years C. Span's even will hide his accomplishments in life. God has blessed though and I WANNA get back to your son's real quick even with the food in the house she lives. Since I'm gonNA tell which lives in central ally Willis the property already sitting the property tax is like a house in the Poconos even with these accomplishments and how novel very attractive young. Yeah Net Marlin will reject it. You talk about think about hey let me taste of the voice. Women take out you. Don't give all but let me get a truck. Good looking thoroughbred Sunday. Make a hundred thousand dollars a year. They Own Anyway. Ball go up even know what real man. That's why nobody will actually want. Short lecture help relational man. I just gotTa say he didn't listen to win with this. Beautiful Sons will accomplished that. I should say social when as a woman that has a men in her life a son with one of your sons. Come home or you talk you. See 'em all with and they're going through onto some situation what they girlfriends wide out brought. Go through wait a minute as a woman because as a man we've come a different direction like I came. He was heard by his chop. It up how do you as a woman when a man comes to you hurt because of a women a kind of like that conversation station about like say a real talking I I try to be transparent without giving out my social security? Menendez possible because I want to help the people in the purpose of of my my purpose on this earth is to treat and teach and talk to people right. I say rest in peace time he added. We'll be or WISCON- club tonight on the Turnpike for the Lyndon mantrap reunion and also Legend Apt Tommy Allen. Tonight at all his clubs. I just got to do that. Bug must have come to me and it's been it's been grill. I've seen IT I. It's not a good look. I've seen I've seen what that car looks like. And then I also know who their father's 'cause that's my son and so there bothering them in a Lotta Time Golota Johnston me. And establishing don't listen and when it when men including you don't respect men don't respect women you. GonNa suffer as much and I don't care if you look at if you look in there because at the end of the day you can take your exterior. I've never seen a U haul. The Hannah hers. So you can take a Wiegmann. If cancer hit your disease issue beauties and the ad the beholder. A matter of that looks at that. Now my son don't give me while they can't be bringing if she can't use coal dobruna bombs black. I don't expect you to bring right now. One of my sense is actually dating a girl who went to high school. And she's other than Brad. This school and says for now is just get over. It's like trying to get over something you go to something else. I'm not trying to like deal with that. But you know I'm not really fond of it because I don't think anything wrong with it and I think I'm black. We know that one get down. Put Up pitcher the Puerto Rican princess. How did you feel Hoti I? Of course we gotta take a break. How do we gotta take a break is pointing? Landau Plymouth Rock and his party. United States was you'd be able to speak Spanish. Okay. Honey. We're GONNA take a break gotten. I love you more high winning. Okay we gotta get married. I'm lonely right now. Woman has the laundry order largely on my bed in the shape of a man who hotties please love. God Can I get out man? I you don't practice ain't enjoying it own Doodo prejudices pal I appreciate. I think you posted up a picture. One ear five one day and I gave you the big I'll Emoji. He had like one of them had like. How do you stock your page? Now I'M GONNA be out here. You need to actually not knocking daughters around Sabi home. Take a short. She does not. She's not best. Taylor Shaw Oliver. How are you girl? Let Tasha James Rand Girl. You crowned don't take took a member of the week are we did because Lord knows that. Show morning show city Bobby. The morning was born on the world. Will tracks come on tracks. You'LL WANNA hold on everybody? Everybody in the chat room. Everybody clap man. The one and only Mr Footwork's from that's right building. China light shower. Just Stop Sean will. God bless you brother Robinson's other? Cj Jay that's million looks. This man makes entertainment. Look so easy he does. He grabs a microphone. And next thing you know he likes to go to a point by point swag connects you know. He gets on the microphone. And then everybody's that's right. He makes everything looks so easy. I don't know I guess I guess for human means you know so I guess but that's all about him you know it's all about having a clear voice the smile you know how you always say. Sean your your your life is a vacation dry. This guy's the same way. Not Like I call. We'll we'll tracks money in the bank because when you pay don't get the job the job is gonNA happen. I Tri- will let these folks know where you from originally Bronx salaries section of the Bronx hold on his turn. Hold on says any the be ex will all the legends of born the next. That's where I'm from sending me to. Yoke cine sweats was invented in the B. X. Without the jets would be no hip hop. Jesus Jesus Christ was born in the Bronx these'll soundview projects with the James Monroe in a of a side will only been in the rap game plan right now. I got like I'm a I'm officially. I'm officially closed. Twenty five years in twenty five years in Augusta giving up some momentum C. D. C. up experienced that I'm still trying to find a vein now but Acute show cause for me You Know Rockingham mixed tapes are doing this right now or even like you hit on the role pretty gun. Ninety five ninety six C. J. had a universe allows one person in your life and then they take you to another level and then you go on and then then all. These other opportunities happened to the hard work get. This is hard work right. People will right. People think that like what we do is easy. This is not easy will does this for a living. That's why I challenge in when people go up there and go yo I could. I could rock the party. Just as just as bad as we'll track right saying But you got a day job which your job and battle will tracks been homeless in a month. It's hard I'm hearing everybody out there. Don't you love? It is a hobby to you will and I do. This is not a hobby. This is what we do. So you gotTa have that super talent will sir. Why are you book or in his book so much? I can't even bring them on. We'll check out here in a will your why you book so much of it in your talent. What makes you know been all this? Have you said it best impression first impression? So say these people math or face-to-face. You're already feel good spirit because in and then at the end of the team and you all hockey somebody like these like with all recognize. You've got another vaccinate if you'd be recognized by somebody and everything could buy okay. Perfect Marshall Iraq. Killing you go to those Rusen better but now it's like a chain lashing. I one job. I've been able to see like in medical like any profession of than the talent. He's he's he's time picking up the phone. He's got good energy if he could do the show. He can't if you could. If you can't do it here let you. Not How many Tuxedos and soup. St Has he can. He's like the Dean Martin L. You wear that she. You just said that because you know like I TRY TO SPLIT IT IN HALF I. I'd moved back for training. You even when it gets cold I roll. Markley skin six three and actually my through town Johnson trash and evil. I'm Brownsville Houston thing. 'cause I actually I was like I go up and down because you know in my business out there and then you know seeing so I'm care myself I'm good you know. Show off down through Florida. I'm not that you can skinny ones. And the mini nice rising coming up to see one of the keys to his assess. You can't keep it unless you give it away give ways give stuff away to the homeless that like this. Guy. That's great will. We just recently did a full week before before. The Corona virus was out before it had it will. Abe Is Denise in the in the Chat Room. She's listening This stall Glue I look at World Trash and other entertainers and I take things from them and see how professional is but he's not that entertainer that drum sloppy cursing folks out. Being annoying is being loving and caring again on. Stays at all articulate three. Well how did you come up with this song? The first song the footwork's Had It is sitting down. Is this man a work for the rest of his life over that once. I know Song Party Song. Right exactly like that. It's like Michael Jackson off the wall right into right. There was the installation of vassal before the awesome. That's GonNa go to test the well known work That I work with all instrumental of it was already data and one. You know what I'm saying so you've God not be worrying that school so you know me here. I'm like something else that got done. One night parties. It'd be playing so I don't know what it was. I guess it had to be lady. Well when I walk by me. I let the shoes you know saying you know decisions any Memphis. Somehow you know like like spirit moments in my own. She's biked was moment like she's so quirky and then some reasons. I one Friday night with hers. I can use them and I had to be paying like about three thirty four thirty three three thirty four the money I call it. I like the world is quiet. That's only And I'm that Pete Rock and I'm like hey it's a party in the fringe and my wait hold on. I got up there call partner DJ. And I might your kitchen and I have some horn so you try to leave. The other. Says he had been for the ski trip and only did like half of the soil. But it was with the promoters being so if I was just like a good diverse browsing so I was like okay. Shaw then you see so and so where so like I promoted and that was it on back you gotTa pick the First Avenue in the national system. Seems like it all comes together. How it all comes together because he put that work in the universe allowed. He's at all the parties supporting guy even when he's not partying. Now before we get into the next song will know you have a successful you in Kool-aid do a successful sedating grown folks get together on a Monday night in Hallum. Yes I've been in many of times is the after work for grown folks and for folks like you season and everybody's in their evening hookah the whole thing and we'll tracks and Kuwait and all of us are in name and it seemed like Monday after work is like a Friday or Saturday night with the audience about Monday night before we get into the look. How did that come about you? Know for every Kennedy said like I said it was all pink and macgonagall star and Rocking up that Charon and you know that was like we did like the four years here is to look for years and years all so all could get seven years of watching things being brand not being not being even messed up. You know what I'm saying just like somebody who was just like this definitely thing for seven years as long as crazy as you coming in this really giving is like a seven six thirty seven o'clock in the evening every plan then you gotta come to airline Gene Ready. I where is where is it? Where is the location will on one one? St Avenue scored Rennick Sapphire Twenty seven. Th Street minutes avenue right there right down. The block from hall will affect you know first of all thank you. Let's have one for calling in. Thank you for finishing schedule this week. I'm crazy I'M GONNA. I'm all over the place we we'll get into. That will shine a light on of city Gash. That that's so the Almighty Jesus Christ and I sent Jesus was born in the Bronx. You Did the light all of city. Well our talk to me. What was the inspiration on city like every age you could be five years old and ninety seven everybody shining a light on cellphone light sliders Adam far on and off the lights Brown Coal China and I was six years old so two thousand fourteen server and all the crazy thing about schlongs like I was asking just acting so once again. This started Martini. Monday and You know at the end of the day. Not Everybody celebrates the Berkeley. So you're from where I sat there might be. A bunch of people will be here celebrating birthday and you'd have to somebody celebrity birthday and at the end of the day. He owns chopping somebody in the corner. They've birthday you never get a chance to see them. You can't see them year. Can't see here. You can't do it without any day. I might Hawan call right John. You know what I'm saying. Jeff from beaten at somebody noticed with them. Because you know somebody's property dark. Never get to see the purpose so at the end of the day is night. I'm saying that sometimes make noggin truck. That's basically what it is so but actually put the lights on like you know. Put them and let them the big show in the polic- from head to Toe. Sheen's we are is on. That's my thing. And then at the end of the day using shot and then off of that basically China right on anything. That's that's that city. I know you're not gonNA believe because you teach matching checking city. I was around when he developed his song at Martini. Mondays at the tavern. You is around hold on us in the studio when he was you know he will. Google does he. Does it all inspiration with the crowd as he's doing it right over conclude kitchen with the shot and right but I mean if any songs other than work against also working from home so everyday life is just everyday life everyday everyday life this stuff to be successful? That's what we're going to be successful steps to be succession only comes from the Bronx. That's Me Mel was born in the Bronx New York City Jay Limited winds will was doing all of this and a lot of his inspiration is right there at the. Party's this was back in my drinking days any I used to go to Osi Taboo on one hundred thirty eight th street. Get Drunk as hell right at Mancini Mondays when they were in the Bronx of course then I will go to Harlem to mock allowance and tell the jokes I would get drunk at one spot and tell jokes at the sounds exciting. And then they moved to harlow. Well write it detainment and what we need you still there. On Mondays. They still Monday. Refner will just Martini Mondays. Every Monday on Safiuddin down there will rest watch. A career of relationships groupies running out of the club sex in cars baby buggies crashing party. What Chick one-sided room I've been there have you been this. Everyone believed as back in the reckless days. I've been unkind. That'll do that stuff. No more guy then Golfer. Jesus we'll have you ever been a situation where you had two or three in in the room. And he was on the Mike and he said Let me footwork out of his club car. I've never I never had enough stress. I mean insulation where I had to be like that. Don't say so. My situation was ever Nice Benson but everybody has. They respect inspected John C. soon. He's not seen as you go right there. You go see what's that was that was all and now the relationship. I'm I'm showing must have been there done that and I'm the specs you know what I'm saying if I've never had no bobby dishes. So that's why when we bypass initiatives and name the spot attribute alone because we had as sending me tell you something right now. She's probably listening on his. He's probably standing right next to. This woman is absolutely trust me. I believe that mall in. We want to talk to this one but he came in Gaza. So you see what I'm saying. See again like people. Don't understand that that swab like for me. Cindy Jane I behave as a professional because the deal is this will and myself have in common is with very easy to find so you could come to our job because you can see it on a flyer and you could come in there and call all kinds of Ruckus because of the way we behave right so we refrain from that behavior but Sydney will tracks and myself can't go to nobody else's job. We don't know where you work. We can't 'cause no Ruckus so on the flip side of that we behave a certain way because we don't want that energy and then negativity in the club the promoter the whole it gets very messy war you for your behavior. I think you should run. For the mayor of soundview in the Bronx speaking of sound inability brexit speaking of south view. And then we get into. Which Newman cine ended bronx in the young? We have certain days in. I would neighborhood like where I live on one hundred sixty thirty. Nfl we have a Rogers Day. Rogers Place Eight Day. Forest bubble will and sal view their famous for this. Dj Hot Sauce is going to be digging hop sources from Saudi. Wouldn't want is your annual soundview day out there Well first off any nothing like what's going on out here. That's when everybody get the governor summertime. We find out who died in the wintertime. We party. I first Saturday an audit by that sound. You will recall and the pack up and he vote. The vote will go well. I'm going to go. I'll see you in August. Brow will help before it will let let folks know. What are you doing this weekend? What's going on? And how can they find you on social media? Let's talk thank you for calling. You know social social media face you know world tracks of your She expects on social media. It's my name backwards distracts world's CR X W L. And and like I say some sort of a phone from this afternoon and I gotTa Show Jerry. Tomorrow in Charlotte come back. Come back Sunday for charity which during the half and our so our cars and of course the files on weekends throughout her service that's in North Carolina going to Carolina next week and he's going back home my goodness. Oh hottie wants to have him at her show. Maybe you should worry that our work. I work I work that out. As if he's available walking hot I get a will out there to love out the Long Island. Cine this man is doing a photo shoot this afternoon very humble. He's very funny. It's a pleasure to be around. This guy helps two homeless. I know well quality worse following train. All everything is grown sexy with him right. It doesn't tell you one thing you gotTa know about will and we'll share this before you go City he doesn't like the ratchet or the turn up. He's not doing that now. Anything is possible. Anything is possible nope we will do it just at Daveramsey Shit just frankly and at the wrong what is it will do anti wrinkle in party right all right. Well listen we gotta take a break men and again. We'll thank you so much for doing this for us at the last minute you know. I love you to death was a good friend of mine and I truly appreciate you and we wish you so much success in love and health and wealth men. We appreciate it. I appreciate you to feel good rally. I'm over from the why factor taking. I'm probably your time. Officially takes his fly shirts and take it to the homeless shelter as close to Salvation Army. And they don't even sell it. Keep it I will. We love you brother. Thank you so much for you. New Song the minute the jump shot Oscar jump shot shot. He's going to send it on over email address. You see what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. Seattle now at career right now. I'll take the tea right here on this phone right now. Okay cool cool. How Angel in that did you guys enjoy that will attract. He's sending us an exclusive new track right now. We're going to play. Dj can get his issues together. We're GONNA get Haughty Taty Sean just to try and make that happen though. I'm not I'm not GONNA try. We're GONNA make it happen. We're going to make it happen. Make it look like he busy. And how does she have a basket firm mascots? The morning started. Just what a great interview. You did a great job. We'll tracks love you. You know you always doing a great job Sean. Great interview questioning quake. Questioning doesn't for great so we'll tracks is like and I love the that he's a humble beloved. You can really tell. I haven't gotten a chance to really see a full performance. I've seen him even. They're far on a big club somewhere that I would really love to have them at the methodist show and if he's available on once. I definitely we're GONNA make it happen. We're GONNA make it happen. We'd go if he's available. We'll make it happen show. I just blanked out. We gotta go Hoti is on it. Napoli she's GonNa make sure she goes talk you you guys. Heidi will be colleague. Game Up until March twenty so a city of quick. And then we're going to announce the chapel mobile week. How are we sitting on another remember in a week? Doubt Harry G point to city. Ooh That's right prentice. We have an exclusive. You got you pick Harry up mcclatchy. We play any other yellow. Everybody who evening you I don't know about. Hey Damn Rusty Rodriguez. It is a feel-good Friday. Happy Friday to you. We are glad you made it into the room to day. We hope you guys are all loving the show. Please share and like like this video. Throw it up on your wall. Invite your friends we have been having so many new people is also good friends. Yeah also really good friends with world tracks and Denise so hard more show Sydney Sydney. Bobby's fine initiative so bad of ready ready we're GonNa do the God bless Batman. God bless bless less good is say that s up tonight. Yes gotTA squeaky Yes. She's awesome. She works on Fridays as poor freshman. Freshman breaking now okay. God bless their. She's she's amazing. Nessin another good friend of mine all right. Let's let's let's do this. We come back when Davy chat remember the week. He will will right here. Who is it GONNA me on? What we mean kicked off twin problem over. Yeah I know that we know him basically still not GonNa let us rob track. You know. Listen we want to hit right? Cloning Keith Work Hope. Y'ALL ARE DANCING. Or maybe you standing up and show job. We're going to get shot. That's right Turner gets your band saw. Everybody Liv originally put work. You guys are GONNA be right back we're GONNA. We're going to ask how many things that I like to give me. Oh good riding today. Doing footwork sweat. Hearing for breaking appreciate put Manual Wig Wig Work Matt Ryan. Somebody not feel the league. Is John Paul? Everybody's getting some air like I do. Singers like a Weirdo. GotTa get some air and sinning against some air. The young lady just walked in the Salon in on yes and actually she wanted to come come in on Tuesday. Okay say hello to everybody I would imagine. How are you GonNa Money? I come near Salah. Enjoy their spot. Enjoy NAIL SPA. Yes that's the way in. The back is very beautiful coach. Yes what's your name is Sandy Sandy. Oh Hi Angie. I'm sending Jay Nice to meet you. She's absolutely beautiful city. Don't leave me now. They love you. Sit down sit down to come in here on to talk after the show. She can advertise business here in the building. That's real businesses. Doctor ends behind us. And yes the doctor over there. And do you do the acupuncture to acupressure? You do that or no on our sorry. I thought she did that to have the accuracy of the salon. Okay now with which you can do at the No Salah Watson why? So we're GONNA do is go. She's GonNa go to come back on Tuesday done. I literally just got very like. She didn't want to be shy. City Kebab. Top. Or that you'd be calling me. She's not coming out rabbit. Asian women all Black Man. Just grab an agent. Don't subject because I really don't I really don't have anybody to bail you. I really do want to but I have to go live for a little bit. Have a little telephone to bail you out you. WanNa keep grabbing. They know the cash to the show sitting. We dedicate the show on Fridays to listen. Yeah we'RE GONNA shout out the room that we got it name. Chat Room number two week shall harvey morning show city body everybody will Robinson J Comedians in Pennsylvania? Hey will robbins discuss hilarious onstage and I want everybody feel? Don't mind follow him on social media. He's a good friend of mine for years City yesterday when he was out was talking about women with with the crazy sexy. I know if you've heard all that we'll talk about his baby mother before his wife she was creating screw drive at the door and now he has his beloved wife. There was for five years and then the name married. They've been together fifteen years twenty years combined and I suggested to him to keep the love. Galway's city jade runaround bananas negative house now and when she gets sent a picture of a half new pitcher just the chest with the jeans and the Thames on with the fit with the Gangsta. Look you want him to send to his wife that as home. I'll say what you would that be only. I'm sick and I'm leaving work exactly. I'm coming right home. Boo in a sixty Barbie. Well said that he was going to report back. This morning would happen last night. You did that well on that so I don't know what does it happen or not. He said if I if I can remember correctly that his wife comes home and nine o'clock at night I believe And then he has to go to work. She Works Today. He works the night he out here. They have a fourteen year old son so I told Australian out the House senator. Some loved one. Well right he's suggested Sunday. Stay downstairs and they'll run around in. The bill will our first quiz because everybody wants to know everyone including me. Because I wasn't here yes. Foresee West is prejudice Cox and there was no prentice is the name will the first question. Is We dedicate this show and try to listen? Take a half nude with bare-chested jeans on Thames with the TILT SIZED CITY. Jane would that low gags the look. They're just sitting there Pitino. Wife come on go pitcher to K- get that asshole on hold on Sydney Sydney as a woman pitcher tim boots only Doug. Life Thug LUV Second chance how would that convey? I wouldn't really resonate with me. I'd be like what is he talking about route glove. You want me to love the damned just by those. I would be confused. Oh I just bought for you. But they'd be big if they're issue. Does she bottles? Yeah like what's going on so I would think he's trying to be funny right instead of seductive right right. That's what I'm thinking right. This she replied to the To the attacks with the with the belt love shift I mean at the end of the day. It's a lose nine. Nagas Chaka's talk about longitude. It's wide a relationship too. Raunchy out in your car on your bench. And he he. Hey Hey hey I'm a single lady. I need someone to hold me at night and I don't have a wash and dry loop parliament. Okay please act like you know. I'll be okay. Well we'll see what he did. Did you send a pigeon national thinking so when she came home and not o'clock at night is that comes from that? Was you a negative happens. When she comes home she goes right into the show right. I know this so since I knew that was going to happen. I've figured out a call in show. I'm GonNa make scum happen so I just joined in the show but I'm like a big Scott Guy like it does. Look sexy like leadoff past looking pig. I got him on some things around. Praying tetris sounding. Wow we're little city might be a climax story all right all right so so this obstacles obstacles in a way. Hey let's just take it to the bedroom like no sure harvey you want to hear. The story can now take the two bedroom hop from us and we try to do something one. Pm toiling breaks allure highest. Why coz rolling up the check on his geriatric parents we finally we take it to the barrel. But we didn't run around his neck chasing each other like you suggested congress shade around a little bit. You know we did. I think. Sounds very haphazard. Swallow played spades. You by the way speaking to you back our. She don't want to work well. At least you try. We'll we'll seen where we do will lobbies. We will give them two weeks down. Haven't called that anything right. At everybody in the chat will please give world from suggestions acid running around but as they did the same thing as a with a twenty year relationship he got in the shower and she let me tell you right Dan. Will you break this time around? Hey Man I got bad knees man. We just sashayed. Well okay. We appreciate and we're going to do is the spice of wills marriage. Yeah we need you to try again. Well we're trying to. We've got trying to number two weeks. I figured admitting over twenty years sacrifice money with right so they have everything sounds right so we'll do two more weeks in our call. We'LL WE'LL WILCO. And we'll all give suggestions is get this thing. That's right even though he loves his wife and a great relationship we just wanted to put a dabble porn hub in that thing. Yeah right Gotcha. Well God bless I bless God bless God bless one more meeting of bananas giving Him All types. Dang Dang mistakes. If you WANNA set the picture your wife would already had some ideas when she got home. Is that a leaving it all up to yourself. Come on everything you need to win a certain point. Men Don't WanNa be the mandate houses. No more your wife. You step up gone down. How tired you are. We going to freak fest Thursday night to. Oh wow onside cash on his slut. Oh Wow what town we are back. It is never stop believing yourself believe in you. It is filled with Friday city Janus Friday February twenty first twenty twenty seventeen minutes at the welcome back Sean. Harvey Morning Show featuring CJ offer co host Barbie Wig more than started right when you place on Earth where you get your morning Star Trek. This is weird and get you more. Love to chat room was wide open. Please call five zero nine eight six now. Five zero broadcast live on Radio. Dot Com iheartradio Shaw them on the show dot com county warning radio and facebook lie. Please like in Cheddars city. Real quick briefly pundits givers targeted because it does give us a little city love personality in this region. I said that I said that. I said that can't dispute it if you want. Come see me up in Bethlehem Pennsylvania where we broadcast from daily. It is currently twenty five degrees going up to a high of thirty nine and it will be. Sonny's maybe can catch a little bit of that warm in New York City. It is twenty five degrees and they're going up to a high of thirty seven so it will be sunny there today as well in Orlando. It is currently fifty two degrees Going to a high of fifty seven and it will be cloudy in Hotlanta. Thirty four degrees going up to a high of forty six and it will be partly cloudy and in Los Angeles. It is currently fifty five degrees going up to a high of seventy five and it will be mostly clear and sunny so shout out to everybody out there. That is the weather that we have let us know what the weather is. Like where you are city Jay. Thank you so much and well set before we shut out a shot room and shopping and they would sink a big event. We got two events coming up with the one on Mondays. We are going to Brooklyn. Cj why are going to the Barclay Center CJ? Whoa Friday April seventeenth. Why is your comedy show with just hilarious? I love for angry. Davis love him. The World Famous Monique. Why on this j. One by mail? Risen Michael's watt opening with Ross one week? Ob the building. I have in cash me thirty dollars. The ticket is thirty dollars. Ya All that all of them have been speaking. Hey this is what this is a lot more. Comedians will be added. No disrespect job and they listen to. Do you want the our beat air out? Then I'm there now. I pick up the physical ticket next week. Mike Kidnapped Bird Lover. I'll pick up the physical get back in town but I suggest your cash at me when when I go to tickets from Barclays disbursed and I'm going to be in the Bronx Prentice Holler at me. It'd be right down the block from Princess Clarksville boss. I will be here. Come on I think they have wheelchair accessible there. He's good everybody we bring. We're bringing Allentown Bringing bringing the Poconos we bring in Jersey. We bring in New York. We all have our old section. The ticket is only thirty dollars. Act Dope you'll have to give you the thirty dollars money. You Act gone ticketmaster. They're gonNA charge twelve hours so you thirty dollars forty two so I got know I got you know cash at you. Cash out the song him on the show with the cash out as a off night. So get your tickets. We all go into the Barclays Center. Saying that's Friday April seventeen. Plenty of time. Get your out there you gotta right now. I national nasty was completely over the arena. The arena completely sold out last. You cut so get you bobby and few of US would be backstage were boss. Showing WISCON- Co branded t Jackson sending. He's on the show and he's calling in. These are all my favorites in. Ej Alessio Brandon T. All these stars will be calling in this show closer to the date so please hit me up for the ticket is only thirty dollars math. That rep is also and then only thing grit. Michael's the host he recordings. He's promoting this this his vint right a black man who rented out the whole Barclay Center city own resort out. That's right so money is how he's GonNa call in. This well loved everybody. We all going as a group city. Jake that's right. Got The ticket. Hit me up. Get the ticket now clearly before they hit me up. Joe Shaw Ticket Fifty Dollars. Now oops when he's saying like I'M GONNA MEET WHIPPING. Outta town next week following. I'm GonNa meet him at the Barclay Center where I could get the physical tickets but I want to send me the brand. I'm telling you right now. This is how this is GonNa work. I would get the ticket but weapons rip is all over the place. And I'm all over the place is seventeen. Cj Sean Harvey Morning. Show wake up team Sidney J bobby. Cologne would be in the Dow so exciting various on my favorite people brandon t Jackson. When do they have Senate now arena wants to know? When do they have to get the ticket by now arena? You're going to be there girl. My son coming baby show up so much fun. I can't wait who come one out. Cash Abbie Hoffman. Or this buying my outfit at this week and actually just catching up our cash at the input your name one foot comedy jam s Harvey Warner Show. You could do that. I see we are back. Where shot off the room looking at my mom's should we cash at the money? You're not going city. Was there in the places completely sold out. Uk Did a great job on is fascinating. American man. Put Down opinion on this same rebel. Social matter of fact there's a new report on rebel soldiers. They Update Mama citizens. Okay thank it was two made the newspaper ad for it. How Bolivia rebels forced if Terry word sitting? We are going to shout out the Chapman. I'm going to show them. Some love is sitting at the we. Show them some love. We're GONNA announce the chat room number of the week. I think that's what we're going to do on this action packed. Show Oh my gosh now. My Mom's we talked about her going all this other stuff on. I'm Jay Rose Has D. Davis Ray so funny because I I want to get a picture with him but we'll go see you'd be backstage attaching since my accidentally slip following somebody off. Yes now blessed coach update. Now hold on before you update is remembered has enriched of Richard Nine our beloved notice. Gothi yes and you did the right thing. He run around internally selling things on on Intergroup without axe purchase a commercial and he did it the right way and he and he also blessed us with merchandise. And we talk about Richard. Every day and I want everyone please to visit a Richard Nine Wolf Nation Apparel and support his movement again. This is another African American man just like Kelly from Whose Purchase Commercial Kelly Pharma dies unlimited. Same thing let's support each of the right way which we saw demob shadow call is calling Cohen. That you've got snow on the new product. The market You guys being love. Colds are ready set. The website is production. Should be running with the next two or three weeks according to Of the by the next thing is And get you the the car. No the postal the youth. Out in visuals. Hookah Bernie and itself is selling grow boarding as if the Animal Sydney will silly definitely articulate. That is wolf with a. U. W. so we had signed it for you go global. I know it's really nice. Really got sponsor the show which none Bobby Colin Powell and Colin. I nate forgive. You probably not shirts. I just did just arrived so I'm GonNa give them to her. You Guys Josh Limited something about this guy. Cj Ladies this guy has the perfect did he. Does he takes the perfect con selfies. I know I can never take the shades on the beard fitted the wolf nation this guy. He's winning his second take so he got the beard go. How's that been going sir? Thank God bless God bless God bless Richard. Say God bless God bless God get our city you go into. Let's yeah Richard will go to a whole `nother level with the city and he's taking those woods he's taking his whole brand he's going to pick it back what we do. I love sending. We are going to shout out the woman this folks in Chevron pause everybody of you never met Princess We'll all April seventeenth you will. That's right that's exciting. That's right so have we want to show Sydney. But I'm going to pose ring here city. Hold on everybody's show sending Jason La City J. Lives this topic. Well sitting their own second. Hold on you're sitting there wasting your time. You have some talent. There's room for no talent like Cindy J. C. I'm glad I love Bobby. Withhold doing hold on I love of God blesses God's got more companies by this thing. They'll move without you shine show. Harvey Morning Show. Wake up to you this. Hold on before you talk. We dedicate the show Friday to listen. God bless lash an electric channel under Shanghai. Wait a minute God bless Oh. I'm wearing a sweater jeans and boots. I'm at Work Motorola's Satan Morning. Show Cine Bobby. Hold on a second hold on. Hold on the the more we gotta go. We gotTA GO. GotTa go has mazzone phone. Oh Lord God bless shop zone. The phone on the other line up for US came to finish show. Boron I want to give you a shout so missive when you're here. I think listen a lot and like today awesome. Strike just hearing it. My little wheezy laugh. Thank you work with before you say goodbye. Wait a minute God. Bless you taught us my. How are you have park yes? We're once like I said I want everybody's so Sinisa makes you today that they even though we got love for Bobby Cologne up a saw I saw I saw pictures of a senior. We use talking. Her page wasn't very attractive. Young Leasing of course your time. Sydney Sydney is very disturbing that. Everyone in your family's life skin but the dogs light skin and everybody's pretty as hell including has more good how I can't help. It has my. He's his own Abuna West Coast In April I'm coming out. We'll pick on other. We're traveling. Can we knew Vitas this this morning. How wonderful even. When she was younger she was so talented. And it's why she's here Steiner one by see that no less and I agree with you. Know if you heard me talk. People hate when I say things that I don't care I'm being honest. That's what makes this show number one. I'm GonNa do the God. Bless him star. First you go second verse. Sexy she died. She has a nice voice ready to take my jacket off relationship. I'm GONNA go first. God bless principle it's Mojo opening Hogan's godless has over here John. Les We're GONNA DO. I have. That was great. Wants this show. I have no idea where this show is. I don't know what time and so suddenly as I go. No we still have other stuff to do a heart attack chat room. Hey during the chat chat with Heart Chapman to ten. Let's go to the heart set. Win The heart sac away the heartache heart heart down. Hey where? The heart set apple. What is what bullying Freddie. Hey where the heart sac in chat rooms. Did Ken Chiampou Chat Room chat rooms. Take ten chat. Let's go down where the heart sac with a heart set. Aware the were. Hey where the heart sac or reservoir star doubtful way with heart. Sach away what what shots the room. That's a cousin that just called. Hey has ma shoutout to lose Sean Brown? Oliver Acre shot to Juliet Fagin. Juliet shout to Robert mcfall. Hey Robert Shoutout to denise Gareth. Hey Denise how are you shots? Markets One EMOJI. Johnson haymarket shot out to Tanya Merrett? Hey Tanya yes. Welcome to the show. Welcome shot up to Marita Simmons. Hey Maria shot out to Latisha. Briscoe girl shot out to Shelby Lawson. Hey Shelby shot out too damn Rodriguez. Hey Dan shout to Tina Culbertson. Hey Tina shout out to Julius gala shop shot to Sabrina Lawrence shots at bay. Thomson Avis Denise Shot Crystal Ronnie. Hey krystal shadow. Christie Cassandra who stopped in for a second shout out to Nicole Harris Hanukah. Shout out to latasha James Branch Halo Shoutout to Valerie. Thomas who is in second shutout to Natalie. Turner and Steve Williams. Hey y'all things for always rocking with US shot out to Robyn Brito. Hey Robin coming to Brooklyn with us. Yes and she came with her lovely daughter to the Valentine's Day party. It was great seeing allies. Shot out to Reggie Harley. Hey Reggie shoutout to Kenya Brown workout. Caning Shout Melvin Wagner shutouts in the Sahn Washington shutouts Adela Andrews shoutout to Diane Hall. We said a whole shoutout to Lynette. Nazi-era no Halen that shot to Shelagh Hall. Hey Shayla shoutout to wander Santiago Shopper and George Happy Birthday George. Shout to Ken Black. Hey Ken shot out to Deborah Free Ninety nine Lesley Hey bull shot out the CASSIM Griffin shot out to Richard Nine Wolf nationwide for you whether you wake up live free right down to it on your forehead shot out the Anthony Clark. Hey Anthony Shot Johnny whip shoutout to Marlin Woods. Hey Marlin bandaged shock to Queen Diane and Tell Your Boo. We said hello shot out to Heidi Taty DA. Make sure y'all go out there March twenty first okay does antic were shot to the. Ad Low shot to roll garrison hero shots Virginia. Wait Hey Virginia shout out to squeaky pinkish girl shot out the Jennifer girl shot out the DJ star Boogie. Shout out to sea liddy shoutout to look Sean. Haney shoutout to China lead shot up to Crystal Jones shot cunera Williams shot out to tenure Washington Nathaniel Jones. Shot so well. Robbins make it do what it do everybody so we know two weeks two weeks this weekend. Jumper bones shot to tricky. Lou is a tricky twenty dollars. Tricky shots Veneta. George Henry he and shot out to our wonderful cohost Barbie Cologne. Y'All show her some love over there with her hands and somebody had shot out to Melvin Wagner and that is all the names that we have right now I read your thank you shine sitting for the door with the city. We are going to announce the chapel member because if not we take we'll take a quick quick break and then we are going to close out the show. We added absolutely nothing but we have a whole lot of fun doing it today. We did. We should we be awfully got nothing but it was not nothing had mighty. Taty Paula province. Call the borough. Leslie called in passing a call. Then wow shoutout. Y'All this show was all about guy. Right aide the Nice. I'm here with my mayor. Nervous records traffic member of the Wean shot after practice practice. You still there. A shots apprentice four. How could we ever forget? Frangieh come to the show on April seventeen. I WANNA see there. I'M NOT GONNA go unless you Karl. I'm boy talk. Show if you don't go markets WanNa Monte John's said why didn't you say today in talking about Louis Lease please do so your home to the family over output in the other routes tomorrow nate December nineteenth reach out to car pro twins so to win? So make sure you get there. Louie Vega here Lots Radio. This is how we do live in Times Square. Eighty worried about prentice going for your own personal reasons and I think it's a little disturbing we're going to be in the building. You guys make sure they're going to be a great show chart remember the song. This is kicking day. Shutout Sean for getting me. A coffee tickets for April seventeen. Yes Sean us to get the physical ticket from ref by cash him the money so it can just be. I'll believe sentences dollar harvest so do it as soon as possible allow was sold by the city. We're told him I don't have any. They can send him money now and get back to that. I got one thing. Madison the money. Now I'm a have everything organized I gotTa meet Rip for the Physical Young that this and the money. I'm going to meet with with the physical ticket next week. I got you. Just send them money. Because it's going to happen is you'll send the money. Then the taking tickets gone. And then I'm GonNa tell you right ticket on bump up the fifty dollars and they'll chicken mass is going to be sixty seven thirty dollars. Seventy five dollars. We can show on organizing everything with rips out of. He's running around. I'm running around. I got to meet him next week. For the physical. Pull of the ticket this. We need the physical analyst on this. You know. There's no list on this to Sean. Harvey free. It ain't none of that. You're going to get the physical ticket at some point. This is none of that and then what I'm GonNa do is when they the ticket. I'm GonNa work hard enough to where we can all sit together or you know just people can sit of course if you buy four tickets. You're going to sit together. I'm just trying to the whole group to get together so we're pet subpoenaed one hundred to two hundred people so yeah I would. I would like to say that we deal with the boat ride Simeon money. I'll give you this cinnamon. We get my mom. Why is the price going to bump up? Because that's what they do mom you you're GONNA be thirty dollars a day. Oh come on the week of the ticket price there. It's going to be subject to change going to do that. Which is led us rep and understand that this is African American. That read at this. This is his third year doing this rep so the net up so what we do is we are going to announce the chat room that we we've never done it this late in the show which we had our listeners made the show today and thank you yes we got started. What was the largest? That's right? And then it went from India right. Thank you Heidi. Thank you will has the borough who else called. Yes and will thank do now and before we do is we need a channel number. Two Week we played a track song. Then we get on audio. We get a new story and then we'll get on. Outta here We appreciate each and every one he also much For being a partnership I sit at the counter. Three we are going to announce the chapel number who the channel number two week next. Harry G Harry. You're done God. Bless you are a great chat remember. We appreciate shows right but joke snapchat room. You shared riposte. We appreciate you so without further ado on the count of three or going to announce the chat room number. We City J. Are you ready? I'm ready you should listen. I'm about to this thing at the counter three here. We go one two three day of the week. Hey chat room of the week. Hey chat room members of the we are a member of the week junction. Whatever your everybody. Every day through the lab through chat through the week after week passed through other week. Daniel Joan you chat room member of the week then you John's wart everybody chat room number other week.'. He doesn't say much call in shot out to unit Daniel. Everybody Congratulate Hill Van Jones. He probably owed person Redmond. Who Are you? Are You admit that comes here? Every day. Lesson showing love. Chatroom members are showing him super appreciate unit Daniel since one quick break and then one story we OUTTA here man. Everybody show them some love. We're GONNA play the wheel tracks on you. Always tell him he's the last. Daniel left the morning show city Bobby McCain. I have no fence Catholic. God bless you. Let's go to John. Appreciate you calling in squeaking God I because I want them to be backstage. Jor Care back in the morning. Talking about the selling was as hobby too. So it's a horrible inc. God bless I know? It's a lot going on this yard tracks. Scissors. What was to come therapy for. Let's roll just kicking step. That's what the latest we'll practice the frenzy world trump suit. The all came from the booth table shape massage kings island cat but never first class a little genetic. Can't see I got a nice coincides. Hey stats which would think if you for listening when you're your own got somebody to show up in the way like Spam Voice Citizens Party swatow bringing the Alabama. Musk taxed on the phone. Can't stop. Stop Fresh Jeff tracks with that jump shot? Y'All got to go get that now. It's probably out everywhere right now. We're GONNA leave but city remember last week the event and I'm proud of the events that we have yeah businesses always one right as far as on Kistler and thank God and I've made mistakes and businesses so now I know how to do things right and we had Alvin at the rebel social. Yes right which we let ninety percent of the vote century because they were paying for right. That's why I gave the tickets right. There probably castle show. I came out of my pocket. Log Chink productions and we still have the show. Because I still wanted aren't what we were doing. And it was part of me that we had to cancel the show because I I had to pay because we let her we do by the in for free so you can see quagmire right but my belief in what I do for a living supersede all of that and Chink deduction was glad at a grateful to find us at the jet court. People came out and they had a good time. Remember I wasn't there. I was in Connecticut because if I didn't do that show. There was threatening me the lawsuit right and I sorta pitches filtering in on social media and everyone was having a good time. So I'm truly blessed but the social workers in my Shea right so now. The news came on in the news down here. Hot halley right so city just equip because at the end of the news is affecting us right now right so we want to talk about it real quick right and I think everybody will come in now and I know Valley Tom. I don't like jet for me to do what can we do? We do we do now and she had retired. Yes and I appreciate everyone for. How could you if you don't mind this one quick story disciplines relatable to what happened to us last week yes well? It is in the news off. Y'All WanNa take a look ballots you know. As South Bethlehem hotspot for nightlife abruptly closes in landlord slash tenant disputes. We do rebel social which opened in November of two thousand eighteen at two seventeen. Broadway's shut down about two weeks ago. Round Valentine's Day all signs with business were removed Wednesday signs posted on the building's front door stated closed. But no trespassing video surveillance recording. There was also a letter dated October. Twenty third two thousand nineteen from attorney Gary Brienza stating his client. Greg solemn Mani you know him. That Shaun's friend was taking possession of the building in a legal dispute with T. B. S. venture. Lc that's the duke. Which owns rebel. Social right okay. Salomone who owned and operated the club Broadway social totally valley live dot com. Financial issues are plaguing future. Businesses with way are plaguing future business with his tenant Jay Patel who own that's J. and Priscilla Owen. Who came here who rank love Yasha? They hired her to be the general manager of the club. Righty over gossip. That's that group right. Oh my goodness Salamanca. Tens there was a default on the lease agreement They did not immediately respond to message request on the businesses facebook page for information. A female manager Celo who answered the phone Wednesday at a number listed Rebels said the business could reopen but admitted. There were issues that needed to be ironed out before they can move forward for now. She said the club in restaurant remained closed to the public and Salamone said he's searching for a new tenant to occupy the space so if anybody's interested in running club contact sal ammoniac You know they're saying that Broadway social time had to temporarily shut down in order to satisfy a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board crackdown which included a freeze on its liquor license. The property also was the scene of various arrest by police and the liquor control enforcement agents over the years running. These incidents include but are not limited to stabbings weapons. Fight Alcohol Service to minors stay. Elise salomone said Wednesday. He calls Broadway social to spend more time with his family and disputes. What is described in the conditional licensing agreement? He also wanted to avoid a lengthy court battle that would derail the sale Broadway social and the pope in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board went on to sign an agreement that required the liquor permit to be placed in safe keeping So yeah that's basically so everybody know what it is dispute. We Abba nothing nothing to do with us. Yeah Okay Right. Rishaad Patches Coxswain good revel so Dang Brennan tells you even though so in the next few weeks we have no place but that's what it is. They was a dispute financial the rebel see Cassini. But this place has been calling it open. Why Kusaeni the Lehigh? University is right around the corner from rebel soldiers and a lot of young kids come in their underage andy not zone they did not enforcing the policy of the state. You can't serve liquor on minors. Yeah says not with us. Grown folks has everything to do with the with the young folks. You have to police that. So they bring undercover agents and to force the law. And that's why the trouble J. Worthy Cause of young people don't either be paying like what what are you catering to these young folks an ankle so we wanted to just put that in the bed for let your nose really born one. And that's actually what I shared that when the whole situation went down a week ago right so that's it. Yeah we appreciate every week. We ten o'clock we appreciate each and everyone sitting. Where can they find? You guys can find Barbie Cologne all over the place you just have to type in Barbara Cologne facebook instagram snapchat. She on their look for her semi Whitney. You guys can find me at J. on facebook. Sani underscore Jay on instagram and sending Jay on snapchat to eat as a three. I appreciate all the love that Sean made you guys give me I appreciate. It was fake the richer crazy. I can't take a Monday morning. Willison we got the one and only I ramble on earth. Incredible Shire from the Funky for calling in four plus one more four plus one more one of my heroes would be calling in Monday at either event. Something really special for us that the number one without shower rock. You wouldn't have none none of your famous rappers. Female wouldn't be without her salon. We're posted in chat room a shamrock for because Monday also announcing they'll do all ahead to. Yes we're going to hang out there for the whole entire weekend. Yeah so all our new people come on in and enjoy this. I'll put the inflammation inputting cash after kitchen of tickets for the April fools at the Barclay Center city. We're close the show with jump. Shot without beloved will tracks. Thanks for showing US so much love. Tricky Charlotte a tricky Louis. Then the super tracks team tricky now with down with tricky knows. We'll track. Sir Gregory Young. What the Hell was in good morning? Good by Gregory Goodbye Young. I just we all have a good weekend. Hey Hey long trips to Mitchell. Get this well tracks. Joining shake massage. Game lasts a little fife is. We're leaving I gotta go. I got my mom's car because my apostolate working so that's why Linda's all in the show today make sure I get back on time. Mom I'M GONNA make a detour real quick. Somebody who let me see a jump shot by Kim? We love you guys. Don't forget this cash Sean. If you want to go to the show April seventeen. We hope you guys have a great weekend. We will be back on Monday in fact when everybody everybody going to be here. Thought we like to think that we live in a nice safe neighborhood. The truth is that a burglary occurs every thirteen seconds and almost without a security system is about three hundred percent greater chance of getting broken into Albany homes in your neighborhood. Were rock yesterday. You need to start protecting your home and family today. Call now to get state of the art protection to keep your family property safe. Call the number on your screen now. Representatives are standing by to assist you.

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