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"greg solemn mani" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

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"greg solemn mani" Discussed on The Shawn Harvey Morning Show Podcast

"I have no fence Catholic. God bless you. Let's go to John. Appreciate you calling in squeaking God I because I want them to be backstage. Jor Care back in the morning. Talking about the selling was as hobby too. So it's a horrible inc. God bless I know? It's a lot going on this yard tracks. Scissors. What was to come therapy for. Let's roll just kicking step. That's what the latest we'll practice the frenzy world trump suit. The all came from the booth table shape massage kings island cat but never first class a little genetic. Can't see I got a nice coincides. Hey stats which would think if you for listening when you're your own got somebody to show up in the way like Spam Voice Citizens Party swatow bringing the Alabama. Musk taxed on the phone. Can't stop. Stop Fresh Jeff tracks with that jump shot? Y'All got to go get that now. It's probably out everywhere right now. We're GONNA leave but city remember last week the event and I'm proud of the events that we have yeah businesses always one right as far as on Kistler and thank God and I've made mistakes and businesses so now I know how to do things right and we had Alvin at the rebel social. Yes right which we let ninety percent of the vote century because they were paying for right. That's why I gave the tickets right. There probably castle show. I came out of my pocket. Log Chink productions and we still have the show. Because I still wanted aren't what we were doing. And it was part of me that we had to cancel the show because I I had to pay because we let her we do by the in for free so you can see quagmire right but my belief in what I do for a living supersede all of that and Chink deduction was glad at a grateful to find us at the jet court. People came out and they had a good time. Remember I wasn't there. I was in Connecticut because if I didn't do that show. There was threatening me the lawsuit right and I sorta pitches filtering in on social media and everyone was having a good time. So I'm truly blessed but the social workers in my Shea right so now. The news came on in the news down here. Hot halley right so city just equip because at the end of the news is affecting us right now right so we want to talk about it real quick right and I think everybody will come in now and I know Valley Tom. I don't like jet for me to do what can we do? We do we do now and she had retired. Yes and I appreciate everyone for. How could you if you don't mind this one quick story disciplines relatable to what happened to us last week yes well? It is in the news off. Y'All WanNa take a look ballots you know. As South Bethlehem hotspot for nightlife abruptly closes in landlord slash tenant disputes. We do rebel social which opened in November of two thousand eighteen at two seventeen. Broadway's shut down about two weeks ago. Round Valentine's Day all signs with business were removed Wednesday signs posted on the building's front door stated closed. But no trespassing video surveillance recording. There was also a letter dated October. Twenty third two thousand nineteen from attorney Gary Brienza stating his client. Greg solemn Mani you know him. That Shaun's friend was taking possession of the building in a legal dispute with T. B. S. venture. Lc that's the duke. Which owns rebel. Social right okay. Salomone who owned and operated the club Broadway social totally valley live dot com. Financial issues are plaguing future. Businesses with way are plaguing future business with his tenant Jay Patel who own that's J. and Priscilla Owen. Who came here who rank love Yasha? They hired her to be the general manager of the club. Righty over gossip. That's that group right. Oh my goodness Salamanca. Tens there was a default on the lease agreement They did not immediately respond to message request on the businesses facebook page for information. A female manager Celo who answered the phone Wednesday at a number listed Rebels said the business could reopen but admitted. There were issues that needed to be ironed out before they can move forward for now. She said the club in restaurant remained closed to the public and Salamone said he's searching for a new tenant to occupy the space so if anybody's interested in running club contact sal ammoniac You know they're saying that Broadway social time had to temporarily shut down in order to satisfy a Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board crackdown which included a freeze on its liquor license. The property also was the scene of various arrest by police and the liquor control enforcement agents over the years running. These incidents include but are not limited to stabbings weapons. Fight Alcohol Service to minors stay. Elise salomone said Wednesday. He calls Broadway social to spend more time with his family and disputes. What is described in the conditional licensing agreement? He also wanted to avoid a lengthy court battle that would derail the sale Broadway social and the pope in the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board went on to sign an agreement that required the liquor permit to be placed in safe keeping So yeah that's basically so everybody know what it is dispute. We Abba nothing nothing to do with us. Yeah Okay Right. Rishaad Patches Coxswain good revel so Dang Brennan tells you even though so in the next few weeks we have no place but that's what it is. They was a dispute financial the rebel see Cassini. But this place has been calling it open. Why Kusaeni the Lehigh? University is right around the corner from rebel soldiers and a lot of young kids come in their underage andy not zone they did not enforcing the policy of the state. You can't serve liquor on minors. Yeah says not with us. Grown folks has everything to do with the with the young folks. You have to police that. So they bring undercover agents and to force the law. And that's why the trouble J. Worthy Cause of young people don't either be paying like what what are you catering to these young folks an ankle so we wanted to just put that in the bed for let your nose really born one. And that's actually what I shared that when the whole situation went down a week ago right so that's it. Yeah we appreciate every week. We ten o'clock we appreciate each and everyone sitting. Where can they find? You guys can find Barbie Cologne all over the place you just have to type in Barbara Cologne facebook instagram snapchat. She on their look for her semi Whitney. You guys can find me at J. on facebook. Sani underscore Jay on instagram and sending Jay on snapchat to eat as a three. I appreciate all the love that Sean made you guys give me I appreciate. It was fake the richer crazy. I can't take a Monday morning. Willison we got the one and only I ramble on earth. Incredible Shire from the Funky for calling in four plus one more four plus one more one of my heroes would be calling in Monday at either event. Something really special for us that the number one without shower rock. You wouldn't have none none of your famous rappers. Female wouldn't be without her salon. We're posted in chat room a shamrock for because Monday also announcing they'll do all ahead to. Yes we're going to hang out there for the whole entire weekend. Yeah so all our new people come on in and enjoy this. I'll put the inflammation inputting cash after kitchen of tickets for the April fools at the Barclay Center city. We're close the show with jump. Shot without beloved will tracks. Thanks for showing US so much love. Tricky Charlotte a tricky Louis. Then the super tracks team tricky now with down with tricky knows. We'll track. Sir Gregory Young. What the Hell was in good morning? Good by Gregory Goodbye Young. I just we all have a good weekend. Hey Hey long trips to Mitchell. Get this well tracks. Joining shake massage. Game lasts a little fife is..

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