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"greg richon" Discussed on Mason & Ireland

"No Muhammed Ali or Holly. All right. Well, let's to one you guys got me over Michael dot done that we got DeMarco versus Momo in the other semi-final who do you got? Gimme. Gimme gimme mama Momo for the win. Again. I'm with you. I'm going momma moma's so mine. Shelburne, these are the semi everything she's an NBA insider, she's a host. She's mother sauce making fighter we fights. Nichols. We got three fights left. We got Kirk Morrison versus Ota Jackson junior. Could you got? Sorry shea Kirk. Yeah. You don't trust the craftiness junior. No away from from ocean on the last one. So I'm going Kirk, very recently, a professional athlete, very recently. All right. Have you ever seen in a in a movie he gets his asking? Pets. And so he got his ass kicked every single as really good in that these guys good in it. And all that good guys. We're not good at. Weird movie. I agree. All right. You guys. The other semi-final is your boy. Freddie, prints junior. Versus mama Momo. I'm going to advance, Freddie, prince junior. Jay. It's tough. I that's a tough one. I think Freddie, skill versus passion. I'll say FREDDY. You know, I'm sorry, Freddie. Not a smart judge anymore. Mama moments. Right corrupt nece in the system correctness in the system, but that's still a two one victory, which means a fight. We've been waiting for everybody off calling you out right now. Seats, calling you out his one seed will make it happen on the ESPN, Los Angeles. Facebook livestream Morrison versus Prinz for the ESPN LA this to be too long to breathe it you have seized quicker before our title. Yes ring it who do you think wins? Greg time tyrod long enough boo before he hits my been you've been the fighter longer. I have to hope that cardio Cadman again. Kirk Morrison hit people for his job, y'all don't know this about Kirk. He has a black belt in taekwondo. No does he really straight up. Kirk Kirk scary. I'm going I've known him a long time. I'm going Kirk j Kirk Ben hitting people as whole life, Kurt. Y'all got me getting caled, not even. I'll throw you say Asian, thanks for two to one. So Kirk Morrison is the champion. He's the ESPN Los Angeles radio. Chevy. Congratulations. Kirk Moore's your family and all the hard work. You put in training for that fight. Yes. You'll have me lose ten training for pretend fight. What do you mean pretends? What it's all about. All right. I'm just looking at the clock. Oh, yeah. Clowning four three. All right. I got time for this ten over the top. Let me let me do this looks through some mystery voice. Boop. I've got five clips from famous people. I'm gonna play him, Freddie. It is you versus multi-platform, Greg. Oh crap. So your name is your buzzer. Greg has act. This is a game that Greg is actually one before a few times. I never have never won any other game this game. You have actually won. I lose your games. I win John's games. Okay. So here we go. Name is your buzzer. Name is your buzzer. Number one playoff win, these playoff games. Go breading on Philip rivers. Still burgers like a substitute teacher too. Nice work. All right. So I'm screwed. Yeah. Gotti junior one nothing. Number two. I think it was it was right after I hosted the island jenner's, Ellen Degeneres, where even one even after you said it I was like that ain't hurt. Number three. You know, there's there's a lot of bring all that's Kevin Hart. Kevin. That one to one, Freddie, number four in the same interview. Number four. It was the same by the way number at lazy number. I told all my friends come up here and say thank you walk off. I can there's no way. I got so many people I can think. In all the videos. You'd have just saw me, so Scottie Pippen, Greg. Greg Richon ship, Jordan, Michael Jordan, Geneva sound like my that. I thought it sounded like Spike Lee. To go into the fine is the only on the talk last one five this is for two and a half points. According to your. Two and a half points. We'll be enough to win number five. So telling you what I think you should be doing pretty. If you smoke, so. Oh, you left that one just for him?.

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