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"This isn't that it's just a lighthouse Yeah so you wrote the book of course but who illustrated the gentleman online. Who wore that. He was fluent in english the english that he was fluent. And only when it's i is Translator went on his His pc was a bit of a communication problem so fortunately it all worked out the america in bangladesh for he was Pose more problems than actually anticipated while it looks like it came up came out. Well some glad glad it worked out but it must have been kind of interesting experience. Dealt with dealt with google google translation before myself. I know it's not foolproof by any means although it it's helpful but anyway so you're two new books let's visit the lighthouse the children's book and the almost complete history of the hillsboro inlet lighthouse volume. One of. i got the title correct to both of those okay. so they're both available on amazon. They also available directly from the lighthouse organization. Like right now. We just have the children's book at our museum in hoping that they're going to pick up the other one pretty soon as well. okay good. But they're readily available on amazon. So that's that's easy enough for everybody. So so congratulations ralph Not just a one book but to at the same time it's Not too many people can say that and thank you for all you do for for lighthouses in general and and For our research cadillac. The last it's not it's worth that not everybody can do. Your i think perfectly suited to it because you enjoy lighthouse research and everything so again..

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"J. candace clifford lighthouse research catalog for the us lighthouse society. I spoke to him recently about his new books less. Listen to that now. I am speaking this afternoon with my good friend. Ralph krueger and ralph is appeared in podcast a few times. Actually both a is an interview. We and Doing segments on florida. Lighthouse history ralph is the historian for the hillsboro inlet lighthouse in florida. And he has a couple of new books out. Which we're gonna talk about today. And i should also mention that ralph does a lot of work on the j. candace clifford lighthouse research catalog for the lighthouse society as well. So thanks so much for joining me today ralph. You're involved in something very interesting and moving this morning. Could you tell us about that. One of the legends of preservation. The gentleman named castle. Mary martha after their retirement. They moved down to florida and they have found are on dacian. Hillsboro lighthouse preservation society. The florida replace foundation. The florida lighthouse association in a lot of other historical things suddenly passed away a couple years ago and they had his ashes and waiting for his wife martha to pass away. He recently did in their final wish was to be together forever and so this morning the family matt ebola doubts for homes in. We heard the bullet that we use for tours in come out to the gulfstream jumped off the lighthouse in their in the their ashes So now they're reveling the world the gulfstream while i met him Believe in nineteen ninety nine a conference in key west to key west historical society which takes care of the lighthouse turnkey west hosted that the conference was cut short by hurricane. Actually so it was interesting. But i really enjoyed. That knows great meeting hip castleberry back then. So so let's talk about your your new books of two new books and First of all right next to me. Here i have The almost complete history of the hillsboro inlet lighthouse. And i'm lucky enough to be one of the select a few people who have the entire History all in one volume and it's What is it something. Like six hundred fortyish ish pages something like that. And let's just say it's heavy reading in the sense that maybe the heaviest book i've ever lifted in my life but it's you know it is without a doubt the definitive book on that lighthouse. And certainly one of the most comprehensive books. I've ever seen in any lighthouse and i think for the rest of time If anybody wants to know anything about hillsborough in the lighthouse they're going to consult that so It's my understanding that you've just made volume one and and available and First of three volumes. Have that right. Yeah so for the first edition. I purposely kept into one gigantic volume because there was only one hundred copies printed off. And i knew it was gonna be daunting task for anybody to try to read it but being i wanted to special edition. Want make it more. User-friendly plus i'd have more photographs. More information in so. What i did was broken up into three volumes. The first one goes from eight hundred fifty two. When was the first proposal for a lighthouse all the way through to march sixth nineteen seven with dave keepers. Arrived all about the backstory of how a lighthouse came into being in lear. Another actually is enough to fill one hundred and was when he six pages of a book netted put them all the technical drunks for the station in there and a couple of new photographs as well as the second line is gonna go from march seven thousand nine hundred seven nineteen thirty nine the lighthouse service era and on the third von kennedy nineteen forty through today the coastguard era Yeah and there's There's a lot of the human history in there as well as a technical and navigational history and everything. Which is i love. The human history You've got a lot of interest. There's been some interesting personalities in history of that lighthouse. Yeah and this is the product of how how many years of research you've been doing. And i'm going to say probably bears now Copyright twenty eighteen for the volume looking at but we started fifteen. Yeah but you've as you said you've done some revisions and additions and so forth with the the new Set the three volume set. That will be coming out and volume. one is. is that currently available on amazon. Now yes okay. Excellent the other really important thing. I want people to know that you also have another book. That's just come out. And it's a kids book right and Tell us tell us about that. Visit the lighthouse seems based on hillsborough. would cover. It's growing the lighthouse. But it really isn't just really focused on the early her little kids. It's it's told in verse in its to try and get them engage in what were lighthouses. How do they operate their point. Why were they there. And what were the people that work there. It's very simple. The reason i wrote it was because you know get a little kids come to the tours all the time and you there excited they have fun but their first question. Is we go down. We go play soy. They don't really know their kids. Don't understand fully grasp but what does hoping to do is that you may be a selling tours or on the gift shop that they walk away with it and then they start reading to the kid at night and maybe becomes kids favorite book. It's got to be done. One store the to read over the parents can do it by heart. But maybe that seeded committed. Another kid goes. Hey you know what there were fifteen or sixteen or seventeen. Whatever i actually. I remember that we're pretty neat. May go back and revisit. And they fall in love with him at some point. That's really the reason why i wanted to do that. Book yeah it's great you know. There's a lot of lighthouse kids books but both of them are stories about a catered a lighthouse or dog at a lighthouse. Or whatever so yours is more of a introduction. What would be like for kid visiting the lighthouse. Right which i think is a great great subject and I am in so much in favor of anything that gets kids excited about lighthouses. So let me ask you. Is this something you think would be of interest to people work with other lighthouses or is it very specific hillsboro other than the cover being the hillsborough in the lighthouse at almost everything in there is applicable to lighthouses anywhere. There's like maybe one or two things that like where they built a schoolhouse out of his storehouse. So that might have been unique just to hillsboro but everything else is degenerate. How like earn. Why do they built a lighthouse. So i tried to make it as universal as possible so that if somebody said they were in a different skating it's all you know a copy of it. They wouldn't say well. That's our lighthouse. That's not.

hillsboro inlet lighthouse ralph J. candace clifford us lighthouse society Ralph krueger candace clifford lighthouse lighthouse society Mary martha Hillsboro lighthouse preservat florida replace foundation florida lighthouse association florida matt ebola west historical society dave keepers hillsborough castleberry von kennedy key west martha
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"Able to be seen further out. Yeah and First of all it's designated officially the west. Dennis light is that right. Yes that's correct. So characteristic of one second flash every six seconds okay so. The lighthouse started his life as the bass river. Light obviously notice the lighthouse in but the the late itself as an aid to navigation is now the west dentist light. Correct the coastguard Designated that change. They didn't want to get it confused with The bass river beacon. It's not a beacon Green red there is a green on a on the end of a bass river so what sorts of restoration projects have been done there in recent years. Well after ninety one way rewire the entire dining room. Mary aaron and public area. It was time and then as far as all guestrooms were constantly refurnishing and recarpet ings. Always painted latching. Oh yeah of course. This never done and i know I actually i wrote an article. I told you about twenty years ago but attr- exactly when it was three or four years later. Maybe there was a pretty major project to restoration of the lantern of the lighthouse lantern room. Though quite a bit of the glass had been broken. Probably from the building settling over the years So we replaced outta that glass. There's one or two pains that have cracked again. So it's time to find the right person to get a get that done but i've Repainted the light myself About three times. In the past ten years i figure i really the only guy at trust with the so okay. I was going to ask you about that. I think i saw a picture of you. In one article up they're having You know we use the bright red resto him. We try to keep it up so that it doesn't deteriorate anymore. Yeah do you enjoy doing that. Sort of thing is kind of a break from the the daily routine. I would think it certainly gets me out of the office. What about younger generations of the stone family. Are they getting involved with the in. Well we've had the next generation All of them had worked here at one time or another and then they all went off on their careers except for my two children. Who are the youngest of the next generation and they went away and have worked in other hotels over the years. My son ray turned last fall. And my daughter's been here working seasonally for the past few years and then We have the fifth generation That have been working in the dining room for the past three years and there are six of them this year. That of the fifth generation. Morgan hostessing and expediting and serving guests in the dining room. It's a pretty special thing for my family and my extended family. Yeah we should mention Your wife of courses general managers that her title she is yes and she is Ben working side by side with may for the past forty years and So and my son decided he wanted to come back. We thought maybe we could get him to do a lot of her tasks and So she could maybe retire one of these years. I'm sure the hours you put in from spring through fall must be unbelievable. I would think you probably don't keep track of them so much. Now it would be depressing to keep track. Yeah it's a lifestyle you know when and we just we take great pride in in running this place and the the wonderful employees we have here are really. Make a great team Got some great longevity as well as our guests that come back year after year. They really do fail. Feel like family wonderful to see them each year. That's exactly the experience i had. When i visited there feels You know even though. I'm somebody who visits. There may be once every few years or whatever it always feels very homey and friendly and like you're visiting with with family. They're such a really nice warm feeling to it so you may be kind of answered my last question when we go ahead and ask you one more question for bonus points okay. Last question is what have you enjoyed. Most about your long association with the light hopes. Soon we'll have been very privileged to to be able to make a career At the and it's been very rewarding for the employees who have made career along with me through running this place. There aren't many places like this on cape cod or in the world way feel very special to to be able to host guests here each year and We take great pride throughout the winter in refurbishing the property and making it as comfortable as possible for the When we the guests return in the summer and it's really that making memories with our guests and and with our employees that have been so special. Well it is a very special place in. I urge everybody listening to to come and stay there and maybe making reservation well ahead of time. How far in advance do people generally book for like for the middle of summer. Probably pretty far out. I would think those who really want to have a specific timeframe. It's best to to make the reservation a year out but then again if you wanna call. You've got three days in august. Mid august late august for this year that would be nice getaway We have those kinds of openings as well. If you're flexible there's more likelihood that you'll be able to find a a timeframe that would work for you and would be available. Sure makes a lotta sense while again. It is a really special place. The has a place in my heart of really enjoyed my visits there. You and everybody else do a wonderful job. So i wanna thank you so much for spending the time with me today as your busy season. I'm sure you have plenty to do so. I'm gonna let you get back to work here. But thank you so much greg. Thank you jeremy..

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"Know how they did it. You know fireplaces are wonderful but they're extremely inefficient and the the win that blows through this place at that time would have been something soda raised nine children. They must have all been sleeping in the same bed sticky born. That's all i can think of. But what a great way to spend The warmer weather days fear and there was one of the gentlemen who had put a lantern in his dorm or over on bass river. The reason they put that light in the door number is because the mariners felt like they needed a lighthouse here and this was prior to eighteen fifty five before congress appropriated the money then he went on to be one of the first light. Purse was certainly instrumental in getting it. Going and Was here for quite a few years. So i remember when i interviewed your mother about twenty years ago. Your mother mary stone she told me an interesting story about world. War two there. Would they do during world war. Two people staying at the. There's a A rack rivera in about three of mile offshore. They didn't have hadn't had a lotta practice at drop things out of planes. So they were dropping as a target bombs out onto that revette -ment and they would they would flash. I believe it would also leave a trail of smoke when it was a direct hit so that the pilots could see when they hit and there is One rather large Blow out of that Redevelopment where they actually dropped a live bomb on and The mental section on the back side. i remember your mother saying that the guests would sit in their lawn chairs or whatever out of the beach there in cheer the the the dropping of the bombs glad no live. Bombs fell on the beach. A friend of mine semen pulsar roberts who grew up at a couple of massachusetts lighthouses cutty hung and west shop on martha's vineyard as girl There was a birthday party going after somebody in her family and they're doing target practice. The bonds are supposed to a nearby island but they hit the wrong island and they're landing in their yard sponsored families yard. They all to run for governor cover. So it's really lucky. Nobody will seriously hurt that time. So about thirty or forty years ago. My cousin was diving out on this Revette -ment and he found one of the bombs. And it's only maybe a foot long quite heavy and we displayed that up in the light By the lighthouse. If it was ever live is definitely not not live anymore right. I hope iraq interesting so Also another thing. I talked about with your mother and with other people. There's the history of storms there hurricanes etc what hurricanes or other storms really stand out in the history of the place while they Forty four hurricane was devastating to this property My father had just built a eighty seat dining room down on the first floor on the ground level and at that time the beach came right up to the building and All that was left was one row cinderblocks that remained after the hurricane. The rest of it was shattered sticks. Two by fours that went up into the marsh and so after that he got a engineering for amount of boston to design a building that could The outside walls would break away when the water hit and we experienced how well that worked in nineteen fifty four. There were two either lane within two weeks in nineteen fifty five My mother was actually shooting a video of the second hurricane in fifty five through the broken window from the storm two weeks earlier and then in my lifetime and nineteen ninety one hurricane. Bob was pretty devastating. We had every wave breaking onto the building and in two places coming into the building and there were rapids on. The river is leaving the building for about six hours so we had just a amazing amount of water. Coming through in this building while Let me ask you speaking kind of along. Those lines Do you feel the property is increasingly endanger at all from rising sea levels and door Erosion of the beach there while we're very fortunate My father had put in a breakwater out front of the property in eighteen. Seventy nine and the design of that breakwater kind of scour out our beach so about seven years ago. I started getting permits to change the design of the breakwater and now we have three grinds and embankment beaches we nourished those those in bayon beaches with about seventy two hundred yards of sand. Which is to give you an idea. Those that took about seven weeks at twenty truckloads a day six days a week while bringing in the sand and so now we've got quite a large beach front and that has really stabilized and is performing as the same way it was designed so at is given us quite a lot more protection than we've had on a high tide During some winter storms. We've seen the water. Come up close within forty feet of the building but it has not come in yet but we have experienced a major hurricanes since that redesigned. The so let's talk about the accommodations at the end. I know there's a number of different types of accommodations there. But could you give us a basic description of what's available there certainly for those lighthouse enthusiasts to would like to stay in the old section of the lighthouse. We do have to suites. We just kind of changed one of the designs this year and then another run is smaller but all three of those are right on the waterfront. They have a deck going out to the water. So that's the guest rooms that are immediately in the old section of the lighthouse and then spread out over about thirty buildings. We have sixty eight guest rooms in all different types of sizes. Some of them are cottages for two out. That are a one bedroom bath cottage. There are others that are two bedrooms. Two baths living room and for really large families Three bedrooms three baths in a living room. Presently none of them have kitchens But we are looking at maybe redesigning Some of those to have kitchen so people can come for. Maybe a week or two Instead of just three or four days and have all meals at the lighthouse. Sounds good my wife. And i stayed in the central building. One time knows there with the tour and other time that a nice state in one of the The outer cottages that time experience and just to make it clear we talked about it in the introduction but for people listening right now just to make clear. The original building in eighteen fifty five was relatively small and has been added onto a lot over the years. So you can kind of see if you look carefully at kind a tell where the original building the began and ended the two hundred and twenty seat dining room kind of mix the old section a little bit smaller and not as noticeable but it is the central section of the of the main lobby areas and public rooms.

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"We'll be talking with our good friend ralph. Cruiser of the hillsboro inlet lighthouse in florida. About two new books. He has so again. This is august twenty seconds as anything interesting happens on the state lighthouse history michelle. Yes the original saint. Augustine house in florida toppled into the ocean on august. Twenty second eighteen eighty luckily at had been replaced in eighteen. Seventy four by one hundred and sixty five foot tall tower. That still stands today. The state of the originally houses now underwater. The american science fiction writer ray bradbury was born in illinois on august. Twenty second nineteen twenty. He wants said quote. Don't think thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self conscious and anything self-conscious lousy. You can't try to do things you simply must do things and of quote michelle. Please help me tell our listeners. About the lighthouse in today's guest. Sure jeremy the town of dennis massachusetts is bounded by cape cod bay on the north. An anti it sound to the south. The bass river separates west. Dennis from south yarmouth. The dentist side of the river once had salt works and facilities for building. Small vessels and many west dentist residents were involved in fishing in coastal trade as maritime traffic in the area increased so did the demand for a lighthouse. Congress appropriated four thousand dollars for a lighthouse in eighteen fifty oxen hall building materials across the local marshes and the bass river. Light went into service. On april thirtieth eighteen fifty five with a fifth order for l. lens. Displaying a fixed white light. The lighthouse consisted of a two storey wood frame dwelling with the lantern mounted on the roof government. Team the lighthouse unnecessary after the advent of the cape cod canal. A new automatic light was established on the bass river west jetty at the entrance to the river. The lighthouse was extinguished on june fifteenth nineteen fourteen. The property was soon sold at auction. Harry kane noise of the noise buick company in boston. Use it as a summer residence for awhile. Noise expanded the main house and added several new buildings in nineteen thirty eight. The property was bought by state. Senator everett stone and his wife gladys the stones began to have overnight guests and their hospitality became so popular that they soon opened to the public as the lighthouse in in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine a night. Stay for two including three meals. Cost five dollars everett. Gladstone's son. Bob became the first head of the food service for the in. Bob stone hired three waitresses from wheaton college. One of them was mary. Packard of brockton massachusetts. Bob and mary married in one thousand nine forty two and they managed the in for many years in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. The stone family had their lighthouse related as a seasonal aid to navigation with the three hundred millimeter optic providing a white light that flashes every six seconds. The re-lighting took place on august seventh. Which is national lighthouse. Day the light officially designated the west. Dennis light now operates each summer members of the stone family remain involved with the ends operation. Today bob and mary son. Greg is president and his wife. Patricia is the general manager. There's a large summer staff. I spoke with briggstone recently. Let's listen to that conversation now. I am speaking today with greg stone. Who is the president of the lighthouse in in west. Dennis on cape cod. Thank you so much for being with me today greg. I really appreciate it. Well thank you for having me. So how are things on cape cod Little cloudy but it's still a nice beach day we've got Probably a hundred and fifty people on the property and enjoying the waterfront of the lighthouse. And it's beautiful sore things More or less back to normal at this point at the end or getting there. We have pretty much gotten back to normal. We are doing probably more guestroom sales. And we've done in quite a while and i- restaurant has been very busy because we serve most of our meals outside always have so people are comfortable here and are accommodations are spread out so That makes it comfortable for people. Yeah absolutely you know i. I visited the lighthouse in about twenty years ago. When i wrote an article about it i was Looking to meet your mother and interview her. At that time. I've been back several times over the years. I've stayed there overnight a couple of times. And i really love Staying there one of the laugh. Sometimes i was there. You gave me a tour of the lighthouse part of the building which was great. We explained a little bit about the introduction. But could you explain a for everybody how your parents came to own the lighthouse in. Certainly it was actually my father and grandfather who decided to purchase the property in nineteen thirty eight. It had been for sale for about nine years. So if you think nine hundred thirty eight how. Many people are buying waterfront property after the great depression. There's this country still hadn't recovered very well. Remote ocean front property really wasn't what it is. Today they each put a thousand dollars down and they got one of the largest Loans from worcester county national bank that anyone had loaned in an individual at the time of nineteen thousand dollars So with that my grandfather was going to develop the property and sell it off. They decided to take in some overnight guests to help. Pay the mortgage by doing that. So many of the guests wanted to return the following summer. that Might grandmother had said you know really would be a good idea. Fleet kept this held on and developed it into guestroom cottages and The larger buildings having multiple guest rooms in it and your your mother was originally a a waitress is that righteous are to be was one of one of three waitresses hired from wheaton college Interviewed by my father and my grandmother then select. She was a waitress in one thousand nine hundred thirty nine and in nineteen forty two. They had a wedding arrest history. I guess so. Yeah speaking of that. You've obviously been associated with the lighthouse. Sawyer lighthouse should say all your life When you were growing up did you spend a lot of time at the end. We left here right on the property. My parents raised five children in the basement in a basement. And if it's under the old section of the lighthouse and That was the original eighteen. Fifty five lighthouse. Yeah they raised us cheer and we just loved. It was a great playground as soon as we could be put door we were. My first job was turning on the lights going around all the different places Throughout the seven acres to put the lights on on the building I have a feeling that happens. Automatically these days somebody doesn't have to which each went on individually right. Yeah we have. They're all on timers now or or Electric is so as is our lighthouse light Which as you know we relet in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine in the two hundred anniversary of the.

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"You're wrong tell us what we mess up as we mess it up so we can set the record straight for everybody watching later on youtube. Dot com slash. Kinda funny games now. We're still doing this asking people to write in with the latest when things wrong. This is a rare one where there are two. Your wrongs here in both of the people. Trying to you're wrong us are the ones who are wrong. I mean he tower is these days. Katie motherfucking g a longtime supporter of kind of funny comes in and says i miss started the show. She might have already talked about this andrea tweeted. We already talked about this. If you're not going to be here on time. I in school. I didn't miss the first part of french lesson walking. And i'm sorry i did a stand up. I'm thirty minutes late. Did we say your do we save onshore. Because i think that's how just to show supposed to star. I'm thirty minutes late. it's katie. Gee sit the fuck down and wait for us to say all right. This used to be my job greg. But i'm not really been going in hard on some of the peace understand sometimes how i am the quiet lion all right. I'll let you out there. You're you're young cub line. You play with the butterflies. You get sometimes. But i'll come out if i have to back you with my paul. I'm missing one of my fingers. Why kevin why kevin. I don't know the mouth snuck in the middle of night. You think he he didn't get okay. I say poacher. Actually i snuck into his ten and he was sleeping there with his family. I don't know if it was a poacher. But i don't want to bit him anyway other. You're wrong actually wrong. Biologists nato biologists sniffing glue is at his desk and says greg stone flies out today. No i didn't motherfucker. I actually said stone fly. Ps five ps four experts. All around and pc right between ghosts and goblins carnivores dinosaur hunt. I need you clear your fucking ears. Nanno clear out your fucking ears and then go back and listen to it. Then you can right into apologize just like katie. Gd cages writes in. And says i'm sorry. Greg i've let you and myself down. I'll think hard about what i've done and make sure it never happens again there. That's that's what we want to say it's all we want. All we want you to do is come on. Support shows doing on page on any piano. If you're going to tell us we got something wrong can come correct. Don't embarrass yourself because you're gonna get fucking kicked out. You're going to get sent home with a lead parents. Mila sign it. They you know they they know you fucked up. School sucks if your new show by the way to remember this is a. We love our audience in the. We're all friends here so we just like other shit so it's not really mad at the people that are not really mad at me. They like it. They like they like it. They like it rough right. Kim love that way right sure week. Obviously tomorrow be wednesday. You get blessing. And andy thursday. It'll be me and tam friday. It will be me and blessing if you're watching live on twitch kevin what's about to happen you're going to go and they're gonna watch Some people play college. And i think some fun clips of that little by this. You know what i mean could be the could be. We got on their nick nick and they're they're doing streaming. Everyone except for. Mike has really good internet. So it's gonna look pretty good two thirds of the time. Get the thirty eight. No you can't. Mike you know what i mean. How many times it's kim. I got to tell you about the elon. Musk internet will be right to your brain. Nah it doesn't speeds good. They'll and i'll forget the presidency as an excuse. Gary and.

Gary Mike Greg Musk tomorrow Kim andrea thursday kevin two youtube thirty minutes kim wednesday today Katie greg stone katie twitch thirty eight
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"Acres and contains over one hundred seventy thousand people. It split into western in eastern internment. S- the list of long-term residents here. It's actually pretty impressive. And some of them provide excitement. Even in death karl marx. The german philosopher is buried here and his gravesite is prone to regular and vicious attacks once in the nineteen sixties. Someone painted yellow swastikas on his massive. Greg greg stone which is topped by a bronze bust of him with a message. That said marks is a nazi lover. In doors adolf eichmann comb on people. The guy was jewish. And the nazis were will before his time and another instance someone set off a pipe bomb at the gravestone and actually made a failed attempt to cut the head off of the bust. The cut can still be seen to this very day. What is wrong with people. I mean i feel like. I asked myself this question far too. Often i digress data if we were to look at the northwestern wooded area this is the original form at the cemetery first opened in eighteen thirty nine as part of a plan to provide the area with seven. Large modern cemeteries that would of course be called. Hold on wait for it. The magnificent seven these would be located around the outside of central london. The graveyard said tach to individual churches had long been unable to deal with the amount of burials and got to the point where the deceased were being handled with disrespect architect in entrepreneur. Stephen geary can actually be thanked for the overall design. In case you were wondering a may twentieth eighteen thirty nine highgate. West cemetery was dedicated to saint james. But the reverend charles james bloomfield the lord bishop of london fifteen acres were consecrated for the use of the church of england in two acres. Were set aside for dissenters writes a barrier were sold for either limited period or in perpetuity. The first burial was elizabeth jackson of little windmill street. Soho a may twenty sixth highgate like the others in within the magnificent seven soon became a fashionable place for burials and was much admired and visited the victorian attitude toward death and its presentation led to the creation of a wealth of gothic tombs and buildings. Now it occupies spectaculars south facing hillside site slightly downhill from the top of the whole of hiking itself next to wallow park in eighteen fifty four. The area to the east of the original area across swain's lane was bought to form the eastern part of the cemetery. Both the cemeteries are still used today for. Burials but these areas are closed to the public. Most of the open unforced at area in the east cemetery still has fairly few graves on the cemetery. Grounds are full of trees shrubbery wildflowers. Most of which have been planted and grown without human influence. The grounds are e. haven for a multitude different birds and small animals.

fifteen acres adolf eichmann london Stephen geary two acres elizabeth jackson charles james bloomfield karl marx nineteen sixties eighteen thirty nine jewish over one hundred seventy thous today thirty nine highgate seven first central london saint james Both Soho
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"The Matthews Brothers Studios. Another one for the rial. Taylor. He said, Uh you know, the old saying, walk softly and carry a big stick, and I could tell you, Barack has a big stick. There's another seven now. I'm keeping account here. Taylor one. I went all seven of those on there tomorrow. What kind of perverted mind wants to listen to that any more than they have Tio, One of the V I. P s is raising her hand. The other VIPs are laughing, though, and enjoying themselves, And it's not like we're gonna play it once on the hour like prescription drug jugs. I mean, anyway for 4 542 42. We still can't get a picture of the woman, but we have someone online who said who was in Exeter. Uh, Tina, you're next with Howie Carr. Go ahead. Tina. Tina Tina Stone. My husband, Greg Stone is running for state rep from the town of Exeter, New Hampshire for the Republican ticket. Obviously. And then he would you're holding signs outside of the polar graph day when this woman approach and, um, she came up to him, and actually, I guess it seen it finds around town and out him whether you have the Republicans voting for Trump when he said, Yeah, she had a litany of profanities for before she And entered into the poles and, uh, get took her shirt off. We unfortunately, Tina, Tina, I have to ask you the question. Tina, I have to ask you the question that all of my listeners want me to ask, and I do. I want to do it myself. Guilty or not guilty. I am guilty. Guilty How old He was very good in 60 65. I believe. Oh, don't tell us that this is this is the dinner hour C. This is radio Tina. You know we were looking for something better for the theater of the mind as they used to call. It was supposed to say she's 25. Maybe 26 I'm very sorry to tell you. It was not the case that did. She seemed to have liquor on her breath or anything like that. Or was she or did she seem just pumped? Trumped arrangement syndrome afflicted? Trump was definitely Trump Derangement syndrome. She yelled. I hate Trump! You're going down. Wow. So she I was just looking at the Sea Coast online, and they said they told what was on the T shirt. It was it said McCain hero Trump zero. Yes, Yes, She was very much against anti Trump. So when she came out when she came out T that had she put the shirt back on. Or did she decide to just go topless for the day? Because it was kind of a nice day. While the other story is They had the setup to the point where you know you went in one door and out the other, leading to fears about the other time. Yeah, Wow. Coben setup was quite quite interesting, and then one of the little kids The first working the balls and then you said it best. You know, we do live in a liberal town. One of one of them went in and forgot the license and came back out to get it. And then I overheard the whole markers. State or, well, That's right. Someone inside will recognise you don't need your life that you'd appreciate that. I know. Well, I'm glad I'm glad they asked for it. So I'm going to ask 18 of though, which was a woman wearing a mask. Yes, he won, so she wasn't completely topless. Okay, So now I'm starting to get a picture of its okay, So all right. So I saw you going to start Tina. One last question. Did she take the D ballot or a double the ballot. It was a double. All right, Tina. I appreciate that. Thank you very much, thanks for calling in filling a said. Oh, boy. I just wish somebody had a picture of it, though. You know, even though she's not the even though she appears to me. Yeah, I think I'm glad I don't have it now, but still, you know, if it would be humorous to say 844 542 42 As I've been telling you. I was going to give you some heartwarming news about some arrests. This is in Delaware. Remember the The Little kid was walking around Wilmington, right before a Biden gave his acceptance speech and and these two were young women came by and ripped off his hat and the mother Hold the seven year old kid to go and get the hat that I was going. Wow, I shouldn't a mother have gone and gotten the hat. Don't make the seven year old kid going. The seven year old kid is going to the money. I want one call 911. So two women are now facing hate crime charges after confronting a seven year old boy and his trump supporting mother outside the Democrat National Convention in Delaware and seizing a make America great again Hat. Good. The pair were caught on camera August 20th in Wilmington, a few 100 ft from where Joe Biden gave his DNC acceptance speech later that night. The two women are both 21 years old. They're charged felony charges of robbery, conspiracy and hate crimes in a misdemeanor charge of endangering the welfare of a child. And one of them camera nave. Amy was also indicted on misdemeanor charges of assaulting a man who tried to retrieve the hat attempting to assault his mother, an offensive touching of the boy offensive touching of the boy. The indictment accuses the women of committing the crimes. Quote for the purpose of interfering with the victim's free exercise or enjoyment.

Tina Tina Stone Trump Exeter Delaware Taylor Joe Biden Matthews Brothers Studios Greg Stone Wilmington Barack Tio Howie Carr Sea Coast New Hampshire state rep robbery McCain DNC Amy America
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"Information that there were there were guys in the neighborhood with guns specifically, that's what they were looking for, and evidently that's what they found. The officers approached the car. Some people inside, got out and ran at some point. Police shot and killed a young man who they believe had a gun. The chief says Two guns were found at the scene. It's not clear yet. What exactly happened before the shooting? Earlier in the day in what appears to have been an unrelated incident, Newsom says some people drove past a group of officers on South Capitol Street Southwest and opened fire. No one was hurt. Michelle Bash w T o P News Now late last night, DC police did release of picture of what they say is the gun K had to other teenagers associated with this incident have been arrested on gun related charges. And police say anyone with information about the shooting is asked to contact them. Loudon County is moving toward a ban on firearms carried on county property, including in parks and buildings after the General Assembly gave communities the right to regulate firearms on local government property. Alexandria swiftly enacted a ban and Arlington County has one under consideration. Now Loudon is heading in the same direction over the protests of some residents, including Greg Stone there simply zero evidence to advocate for further restrictions on carrying of firearms on county owned property beyond those currently in place, But a Tuesday night's Board of Supervisors meeting resident Julia Holcomb demanded the ban Your first duty. Is to keep us safe. The board voted in favor of preparing a proposed ordinance, which the supervisors will consider Dick Uliano. W T o P. News. There is a board meeting tonight to talk about the need benefits and consequences of school resource officers in Arlington public schools. The group of nearly 50 students, Parents, police and staff will meet month later tackle concerns expressed by the community about having police and public schools. Ah final report will be presented to the school board and the superintendent by fall of next year. Tonight's Live Stream session is open to the public. It's 12 07 You have a plan to downsize and sell your home. But you have questions. I have the answer. Dave Johnson here and the answer is Jennifer Young. Because I know from experience. Jennifer will answer your questions at her free downsizing.

Arlington County Jennifer Young Loudon County Board of Supervisors Arlington Dave Johnson Michelle Bash Loudon Newsom Alexandria Dick Uliano superintendent DC Julia Holcomb Greg Stone General Assembly
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"They believe Kay was armed. D C police chief Peter Newsom says an investigation led officers to a car on Orange Street southeast. The uniformed police officers had information that there were. There were guys in the neighborhood with guns specifically, that's what they were looking for, and evidently that's what they found. When officers approached the car. Some people inside, got out and ran at some point Police shot and killed a young man who they believe had a gun. Chief says two guns were found at the scene. It's not clear yet what exactly happened before the shooting Earlier in the day in what appears to have been an unrelated incident, Newsom says some people drove past a group of officers on South Capitol Street Southwest and opened fire. No one was hurt. Michelle Bash. W T o P News Late last night, DC Police released a picture of what they say is the gun K had two other teams associated with this case have been arrested on gun related charges. Anyone with information about the shooting has asked a contact DC police Loudon County is moving toward a ban on firearms carried on county property, including parks and buildings. After the General Assembly gave communities the right to regulate firearms on local government property. Alexandria swiftly enacted a ban and Arlington County has one under consideration. Now Loudon is heading in the same direction over the protests of some residents, including Greg Stone there simply zero evidence to advocate for further restrictions on carrying of firearms on county owned property. Beyond those currently in place, But a Tuesday night's Board of Supervisors meeting resident Julia Holcomb demanded the ban. Your first duty is to keep us safe. The board voted in favor of preparing a proposed ordinance, which the supervisors will consider Dick Uliano w. T. O P new high profile leader in Virginia, has made a surprise announcement that he will not be running for governor next year. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring had previously announced plans to run for governor. But now, he says Hill instead Stay where he is and run for reelection. Stepping away from what will likely be a hard fought Democratic primary that may include former governor Terry McAuliffe. Last year hearing got caught up in a scandal when he called on Governor Ralph Northam to resign after a racist photos surfaced from North ums Old Medical School yearbook. Shortly after that, Herring acknowledged that he had darkened his skin in the 19 eighties. Address is a rapper for a college party. Nick Kind l E. W T O P. News. A lot of people are likely to vote absentee this year and mail their ballots and ahead of the November election. A recent audit find some political male sat around one Maryland Postal facility for days back in May about 68,000 pieces of political mail, sent by a candidate set around a sorting facility in Baltimore for days before it was discovered, even though the facility had claimed all political male had been sorted and cleared. Three day That was the findings of an audit done by the Postal Service that focused on the political process. The Post Office says ballots were not included in that big stack of mail. But postal workers have warned several sorting machines used to sorting process election. Male have since been removed from mail facilities around Maryland. John Dome in W. T O P news coming up, We have a very happy young football players and Anna Randall County. It's 807 fall is in the air, shorter days and cooler temperatures bring Barbara shipments of fall panties and moms to meadows Farms. Nurseries. New shipments are coming in daily Meadows Farms is your one Stop, Fall garden shop. And now through September, 9th all VIPs get 20% off many items. That's 20% off Mom's panties, ornamental grasses, shade trees, flowering trees, shrubs and many more visit any of our 18 meadows farms locations. For more information, visit meadows farms dot com.

daily Meadows Farms Peter Newsom Loudon County Attorney General Mark Herring DC Police Terry McAuliffe Arlington County Maryland Virginia Ralph Northam meadows Farms Postal Service Kay Board of Supervisors Michelle Bash Loudon Anna Randall County Alexandria DC
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"Had information that there were. There were guys in the neighborhood with guns specifically, that's what they were looking for, and evidently that's what they Sound. When officers approach the car. Some people inside, got out and ran at some point. Police shot and killed a young man who they believe had a gun. The chief says Two guns were found at the scene. It's not clear yet. What exactly happened before the shooting? Earlier in the day in what appears to have been an unrelated incident, Newsom says some people drove past a group of officers on South Capitol Street Southwest and opened fire. No one was hurt. Michelle Bash. W T O P News late last night, DC Police released a picture of what they say is a gun K had anyone with information about the shooting has asked contact easy Police, a group of protesters demonstrated outside the seventh District Police station last night. House Republicans are accusing D. C Mayor Muriel Bowser of handing over the streets to DC of DC to what they call violent left wing extremists and agitators in a letter Jim Jordan and James Comber are calling for the mayor to turn over documents and communications related to DCs response to recent protests. Echoing criticism of cities made by President Trump, Jordan and Komar, who are the ranking members on the House Judiciary and Oversight committees, respectively. Describe D. C is a city lost to mayhem. Letter cites a recent interaction between protesters and a customer to DC Diner and a confrontation with Senator Rand Paul as he left the Republican National Convention last week, both of which went viral when videos were posted online. So far, Mayor Bowser has not responded to the letter. Loudon County is moving toward a ban on firearms carried on county property, including parks and buildings after the General Assembly gave communities the right to regulate firearms on local government property. Alexandria swiftly enacted a ban and Arlington County has one under consideration. Now Loudon is heading in the same direction over the protests of some residents. Including Greg Stone, there simply zero evidence to advocate for further restrictions on carrying of firearms on county owned property beyond those currently in place, But a Tuesday night's Board of Supervisors meeting resident Julia Holcomb demanded the ban Your first duty. Is to keep us safe. The board voted in favor of preparing a proposed ordinance, which the supervisors will consider Dick Uliano w. T. O P new high profile leader in Virginia, has made a surprise announcement that he will not be running for governor next year. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring had previously announced plans to run for governor. But now, he says Hill instead stay where he is and run for reelection, stepping away from what will likely be a hard fought Democratic primary that may include former governor Terry McAuliffe last year hearing got caught up in a scandal when he called on Governor Ralph Northam to resign after a racist photos surfaced from North ums Old Medical School yearbook. Shortly after that, Herring acknowledged that he had darkened his skin in the 19 eighties to dress as a rapper for a college party. Nick in Delhi. W T o P News It's likely a lot of people are going to choose to vote absentee this year and mail their ballots in ahead of the November general election. A recent audit find some political male sat around one Maryland Postal facility for days back in May about 68,000 pieces of political mail, sent by a candidate set around a sorting facility in Baltimore for days before it was discovered, even though the facility had claimed all political male had been sorted and cleared every day. That was the findings of an audit done by the Postal Service that focused on the Political process. The Post office says ballots were not included in that big stack of mail. But postal workers have warned several sorting machines used to sorting process election. Male have since been removed from mail facilities around Maryland. John Dome in W. T O P News. It's 607 organizations are adapting and evolving through disruption and uncertainty, managing threats, Assessing emerging technologies.

Mayor Muriel Bowser DC Police Attorney General Mark Herring Arlington County Senator Rand Paul Maryland DC Virginia Terry McAuliffe Loudon County Ralph Northam Jim Jordan DC Diner Postal Service Hill Michelle Bash Loudon Newsom Alexandria Greg Stone
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"Approaching Santa Fe at eastbound I seventy six built backed up from a crash at twenty five actually separate credited, their backed up all the way back before Sheridan, your CBS for weather. Tonight, partly cloudy, forty overnight study at seventies both tomorrow and Sunday a chance of showers maybe thunder on Monday. With a high right around seventy eight sixty nine right now. This report is sponsored by the Colorado department of transportation lives. Full of our choices wearing a seat belt is one of Buckley upbeat protecting yourself at other than the guard. Everyone has reason about up by yours. Liquor ticket enforcement is on brought to you by dot next update at four forty five NewsRadio Colorado's traffic and weather station. Everybody's Rick Lewis here. I wanna tell you about a big event. We have going on at mile high station on Sunday. My band will be playing out there at three thirty and it's free. It's a family event. You can bring everybody. It's an all ages show. My band goes on at three thirty. Then at six o'clock, there's a national rolling stone's tribute band called beggars banquet, so free parking free admission. It's going to be a really fun day. The weather looks good for Sunday. We hope you'll come out and hang out with us Sunday at mile high station. That's right across from the. Broncos station. Going to be hosted by our own Greg stone Sunday afternoon. Rick Lewis project hits the stage of three thirty in beggars banquet. The stone's tribute band will be on at six o'clock. We'll see Sunday at mile high station. It's Friday may twenty fourth year are the new podcast today on the iheartradio at ready to laugh your socks off. Checkout dis hilarious podcasts coach kings alchemy this or the Bechtel calf one another outlet for your entertainment, bloop into hit podcasts, such as the soundtrack show and NBC's song land podcast, these podcasts, and thousands more are new and waiting for you today inside the iheartradio app. That's why I heart radio is number one for respond. One spine one uses nonsurgical treatments to ease your back, neck or joint pain, and get you feeling better fast. Find one can help diagnose your condition and get you back to long term health in a pain free life. Three three three six seven back or visit them online at spine one dot com. I Rick Elvin here. Join me this Saturday for the answers to all your questions on investments taxes planning for retirement mortgages, getting your kids into college and more. It's the Rick Edelman show every Saturday morning at nine on KOA NewsRadio dream about dream about riding in your parents old station wagon. Rollercoaster track. Or maybe you don't dream at all. Because.

mile high station Rick Lewis Rick Elvin Broncos station Colorado department of transpo Rick Edelman Santa Fe Buckley Colorado Sheridan CBS iheartradio Bechtel NBC
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"We are back on eight plus retirement getting you to the head of the class then in studio with me, of course, Greg berry and Greg very his retirement, planning strategist in all around good guy. Greg. Hey, steve. This is going to be an interesting segment. I mean, we know because because of the business for in. There's about ten thousand baby boomers retiring every day, turning sixty five retiring that is an amazing number. No wonder I'm so busy exa-. Well, and the thing is there's no end in sight. I mean, this is going to happen for years every day. So there's a lot of folks that really need to get get a plan and understand how this is gonna work which is what we're trying to do here. And so in this segment, we're going to lay out a few things that you probably should think about before you do them. And we kind of alluded to this in the last segment about relocating, you know, maybe downsizing, but again, even relocating further than that. Well, I've always liked Florida's. I'm gonna go there just by place, boom. Think about a little bit. Yeah. Because you know, wherever you coming from Florida's a vastly different place things you've got to take into consideration. First of all, are you willing and ready to move away from from your core from your family for all your support? You know, because if you make a big move like that, you could be you know, it could really hurt you motion. Right. And so I recommend if you really really want to do that rent a place for couple months. Okay. You know? And also, here's the thing where wherever you go, especially in Florida, if you go to the east coast, the south east coast, Miami of Fort Lauderdale versus tamper Sarasota, there's a completely different lifestyle there. So there's all different, you know. So you have to find the type of lifestyle that really fits you more summer slower little more, easy lay back and some really fast fast fast, you know, moving big city type environment so travel around see which which what fits you best that makes sense as well. I think the other thing one of the things that we talk about before you, you know. About getting to retirement and understanding what you can't can't do in retirement. But I know a lot of folks I'm not gonna retire. I'm just going to keep working. And that's that don't worry about it. Yeah. Man plans and God laughs. But that's ideally that that's a really nice thing. But don't forget this other people involved in this plan. Right. Call your lawyer. Right. So we can plan to continue to work a plan to do certain things. But you know, you can consider this a lot of people do want to work sixty five, but it just came out only one in five Americans sixty five Rover actually, still employed say that again, one in five Americans sixty five and older are actually still employed. How I would think the number would have been much higher. Yes. So it I so and like you said there could be could be downsizing thing. Or it could just be a health problem comes up. Maybe apparent turns turns a corner you gotta help. I mean, there's a lot of things that can impact that would be really nice. Also, you know, it's really great to a great retirement is state is if you want to work, and you can go out and work, and you wanna work because you want to you want to enjoy. It you wanna keep active two different things. That's that's a great retirement. Not so retirement is a fall sudden, you're sixty five seventy years old, and you have to go out and work. Right. And that's the result, poor planning. And that's where we come in to help folks to make sure that what to make proper adjustments in your life now while we can do that take to make sure that you have enough money. So you don't have to go out and work working is is purely choice. Well, yeah. Absolutely. And I do think to one of the other things that is procrastination putting off, you know, saving for retirement because I you know, I mean, I get it. There's kids there's weddings. There's college stuff. There's a billion things. So when we say it's never too late. But I mean, again, if you're getting to be fifty years old you really need to sort of buckle down. Oh, it's time. It's time to really take a good hard, look, which you got also don't forget when you're fifty years old. It's a good time to start looking at China generate more tax free retire. Airmont? Okay. To start doing that. Because the here's the whole thing. I raise 4._0._1._K's, they're awesome. But we're getting giant tax deductions when we have a mortgage interest when we have kids in the house. So what's happening? So all of a sudden all these we talked about earlier, the armed these are coming is, exactly. And you have no deductions anymore. Right. They're all gone. So in your fifties is a great time to start actually creating a balanced retirement. Oh, that's good. That's great what great line balanced retirement. Yeah. And again, it's I mean, it's a phone call away folks, if you wanna get into us and open phone lines now eight eight eight nine one nine three one one nine is the number or if you want you can just text plus to twenty one thousand so what we're talking about. Are you know, thinking about things before we retire, and how things are going to be impacting? And I know that most people or at least nearly half of the people half of people choose to take social security at sixty two because simply because they can which isn't necessarily always the best. The idea. It's it's I I don't think I don't think it's that great of an idea. I agree with you on that Steve. But but the end again all depends on on your own entre. Sometimes it makes sense. Sometimes it does sometimes. Yeah. If you if you get to a sport where you've taken social security kinda go, oh crap. I think I might have done this tour. Yeah. Yeah. Two thirds of the people actually choose to take it at sixty two third two-thirds. Okay. But but here's the reality. If you were to start if you're to draw a line on a graph starting at sixty two. Four-time age and seventy three prime time. And actually do the retirement they all converge somewhere between seventy eight years old. There's a sixty percent chance that that the average person will turn eighty. So that means if you choose they take take it at sixty two there's a sixty percent chance that was a bad choice. Yeah. Well, and again the difference between sixty two and even full retirement age at sixty six or sixty seven depending on your born or seventy the difference. There is astronomical. It's huge. Okay. It's twenty five percent less from full retirement age, sixty two. So if you're going to get two thousand dollars retirement age, you'll get fifteen hundred. Wow. Yeah. And then it's thirty two percent more. If you wait till seventy. Wow. So yeah, that's a sixty percent almost sixty percent difference. Well, here's what I find interesting. And I did this for my wife, she's younger than I am. And but I I had to go out and look at the social security website 'cause they don't send us those reports anymore. Go out there creating account look at and it's when you see it in black and white and realize those are only projections on the website, but the difference. In where it's like holy cow. Why would I wanna leave that money on the table? It's it's significant. And don't forget Steve. If you start taking it at sixty two you cannot make more than seventeen thousand forty dollars a year and most folks are still working sixty to write or or still wanna try wanna work. Sure. Yeah. And again, so one of the other things so social security. That's a whole tricky tricky road to travel to isn't it. Oh, yeah. I mean, there's so many different strategies, and I know that some of the strategies aren't there anymore? But but but still especially if there's a couple there couple, and there's even, you know, four six seven eight year difference in their ages that impact social security in huge way. Oh, yeah. Some of the great strategies that exists now being phased out. Right. The restricted applications actually ending this year. But the beautiful thing is is anybody who walks through our door. Okay. I'm going to offer them complementary social security port. So let me ask you. This. We go to break. Do you have folks that can help us with the state planning? Absolutely. Of course, we're full shop. We take care of everything for you. That's great. Okay. Well, again, why don't we invite folks to call again, a Greg stone in the social security analysis. You know, talk about the state planning all of that no cost of obligated, Greg. Go ahead. Hey, folks for the next ten people. Call us right now with at least two hundred thousand dollars in. Retirement.

Greg berry steve Florida China Fort Lauderdale Sarasota sixty percent fifty years seventeen thousand forty dolla two hundred thousand dollars four six seven eight year sixty five seventy years two thousand dollars seventy eight years twenty five percent thirty two percent
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"You heard a variety of us viewpoints last hour during the break. I listen to someone on my personal phone who called and they want to they wanted. We're gonna talk about Bob Kraft tonight. Yeah, we are. We're going to talk about it until ten o'clock and probably get back to. To it after eleven on the in the fourth hour. Normally we lighten up on the fourth hour. But I think this is such a big story. We have a guest scheduled on Greg stone. Former colleague of mine a channel four television reporter as written branding with powerful stories the villains victims and heroes model. I think that'll be interesting. But I also think the next hour is going to be very interesting. Let's keep it rolling. And let's get to as many viewpoints as possible never had someone named moose on before the best of my recollection. We got one now moose in Georgetown, moose, you're next on nightside. Never thought. I'd say moose you're next on nightside. Gerrad ahead. Mostly. That's right. I hear the conclusion episode. Be careful now, moose, I know. Ago. Double entendre a double o Tonga's. Let's we're still we're still family radio. Stands, but I've never gonna be a piling on Mr. crab because of the nature of the situation. Now, what your reporting just making that he has. Actually videotape of is. Yeah. That'll be seen. So I thought maybe there was videotape of him ending money to somebody. How do you know what I was doing? But videotape of something more team. In big trouble. I had heard that earlier. And sometimes they'll say there's videotape bet that police detective or officer was pretty explicit. And I think what he was trying to convey. Exactly, also, even trouble, Mr. crab. But I can't see them hurting the team hurting, Mr. crab. Maybe I don't see anything worse than Mr. Earth Day was doing. As far as I'm concerned, only because of the same ring has Mr. for drugs, and he six games out and a big fine. But I don't see there might be the same contingency, Mr. crab. I would also think that just because an owner can't attend six games. That's not going to have any impact. If it was the quarterback or the coach or another critical member of the team. But the owner is just sitting there watching. So there's no there should be no impact on the team. Did you get the nickname moose? How big are you not that big? I'm not a big with more. I had to do with the game of poker back in the thirty years ago. So long story I used to play you know, we used to call Texas hold them back in the day or thirty years ago. We called the caboose I one day. I asked you what can we play Kabui be playing news today? And I made the mistake and missing mixing up to boost good. I forgot the name of the game. The only the only other moose that I've ever heard was a first baseman for the Yankees and dodgers moose scoured Bill, moose scoured. So you're in good company. You're in good company. Appreciate your call moose call again. I'll never forget that name again. Appreciate it. Six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine to nine ten thirty Wayne in Winchester, what the wsa wild Wayne in Winchester. Go ahead, Wayne. Hello. And welcome to nightside. How are you? Kid. What about that co my parents used to tell me I was hanging over the crowd. Right. And you're not. You're not the only kid who was told that by parents. I'm sure you know that. Yes. You got to turn that radio down. Wayne is going to go to. Turn that radio down. Please. Guessed it good. Yeah. I noticed after my Myra Kraft Kraft, and I thought it was kinda cool mandate Groner, scalable, long sneakers would assume that I thought that was waste and I happen to have met them yet a couple of times. So what I do for a living. But anyway. I thought it was kind of funny or detain you the Super Bowl Quaid when he was wearing that necklace for the championship thing on that. He got from the rapper meek mill's. It was. Yes. I'm hearing you what we do here on nightside. As we listen to and understand the points. The callers you making so he had a he had a gift from a rapper, and he was wearing the necklace seventy didn't years for you for drugs and guns and everything else. Struck me as odd that you would be associated with something like that. And any way associated. I don't know the Raffarin question. But I think that whatever he was convicted of these paid is that the society because I think he was wasn't he one of the performance at the post Super Bowl bowl victory party or something. I believe I believe I I know I've seen I've seen him on Saturday Night Live a few months ago. So, you know, again, if you meet people, and and people somehow pay their debt to society, what are you supposed to do ignore? It treat them for the rest of their life and marginalize them. Maybe he maybe Bob Kraft believes in redemption, he might believe more in redemption tonight than ever before you never know. No, I do. I I I believe he does you know because of the way plays over the years. They give them a second chance and everything Wayne appreciate your call. Thank you so much. We'll talk soon. Let's keep it rolling here on nightside. Gonna take a quick break. We got Rachel in Maine, Bill and dunstable Mike and out in maybe room for you. If you dial real quickly six, well, it just filled Elijah's filled. Six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty. It's nightside in a Friday night. Bob Kraft who let three Sundays ago was sitting on top of the sports universe. Tonight. Not thinking about the Super Bowl. I don't think. Nightside with Dan Rae. The news watch never stops. WBZ newsradio. Ten thirty. I'm meteorologist bucket.

Bob Kraft Mr. crab Wayne nightside Myra Kraft Kraft Greg stone Tonga reporter moose Elijah Winchester Rachel Georgetown officer Dan Rae Texas Yankees Groner
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"I honestly compare this right now to like breakup, I really do. You know, where it's like I remember breaking up with whatever with the tasha. And I couldn't think straight. I was. So I was so heartbroken. I couldn't think straight, but I play basketball on a Saturday with with guys. And while we're on the court. It was clear we've gone all the heartbreak all the anguish was gone the sewer the game ended. I remember like walking past the rim towards the waterfowl wouldn't Hollywood high. Have you seen the new graffiti at Hollywood high with skateboarders skate, dude, it's gorgeous now. Anyway, it was whatever it was the other night cents store and walking. I mean, thirty second twenty-second walk from the basket to the to the water found and midway through that walk. It just started flooding back. The heartbreak just started coming back Charles Fleischer said at once he said he loves being on stage because what he's on stage. It's only time it doesn't feel the pain not feel pain feel the pain makes me think that's never ending. Yeah. It's like these moments where I stopped thinking about it. And then. Bring it up on his thing. Like this or someone else brings it up. And I just. I hate it. I hate fuck and being a hypocrite. I hate it. I hate it. I guess that's good. You're supposed to use that hate to try to never replicate that situation, right? Don't use your mistakes for growth, I guess, but doesn't correct thing. But. Can't even be like, I was younger person that fuck that. Anyway. All right. Shake shake shake a chicken ticket. I'm happy Valentine's Day to wait. Wait. What was I going to say at the end of this? Got anything. Now. I guess I don't. For West Palm in Miami, Paul Morrissey from that baseball podcast. We did one of probably one of the coolest pockets of ever done was on the way to in at Yankee Stadium for game. I think it's talking baseball. I think that's what it was. And that might be only other time I use the Simpson song talk softball. The Paul Morsi. Look it up because it puts you in a place. That's what podcasts are use it as ample all the time. Putting a place of being able to be like you're there you hear the crack of the bat as we're talking in Yankee Stadium. Anyway, he's gonna open for me in West Palm Miami Miami on Thursday, West Palm on Friday Saturday and tickets to come and we're gonna go some spring training games Yankees spring training games and Adrian up Lucia the darkness. Is opening for me in in Tempe and Phoenix calling the darkness? She's so dark. Oh my God. God. People talk about that Louis park land joke, and we're all like Adrian your Parkway joke was the night after the night after it happened and riffing. No one talks about that. She goes at six minutes. It's just not famous you shouldn't get famous is just just shit works against you. When you get to famous is point to you. I like where I am scared under the radar. I'm sure it will change where that'll become like the new like. I think the line of what they'll like look for like atrocities goes down and down until it becomes it'll eventually turned like normal people. But I mean, there's no for the Oscars. So maybe the title turn like, oh, right. Nobody clear of this. Anyway. I don't know. My opener is going to be in Toronto. Yes. Ladies and gentlemen. That's the episode. Hope you enjoyed it. Archiepiscopal? Thank episode three forty eight the amazing tricks to note. Nope, that's his album. This isn't emergency with Greg stone over and. Never forget the word about the cat scan. Always got a problem. Very. Complain..

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"Who are dealing with an accident in little falls along route forty six it is on the eastbound side over my lower not road watch out for slowdowns there and also eighty west at exit thirty in mount Arlington, a collision in the process of being cleared. Delays start right around a route fifteen in Wharton seventy eight west exit fifty seven in Newark watch out for a collision there to eighty west. Of course jammed across the Stickel bridge. And then we have also got some issues on two eighty seven south right by exit one a reported stall in the process of being cleared up and out of the way also in Hillsborough watch out for delays on two six south from farm road down toward Andrea avenue. Reports of a crash of that spot over caller on route one twenty four westbound over by mountain avenue. We've got all lanes subject closure old York bridge and Bridgewater shut down both ways because of flooding. So is Greg stone causeway across the Hudson, George Washington Bridge, if you are leaving New Jersey where okay, the Lincoln tunnel about ten to fifteen minutes, and I'll say. The same thing over for the Holland tunnel. Tours, New Jersey traffic north Mike Barker, New Jersey, traffic, southbound southbound side of ninety five to sound the white horse pike. There's an accident being cleared. It looks like left lane is out of service. We're looking at delays more than two miles into the area. Also, forty four in Paul's borough, all lanes are closed between ninety five and Delaware street. That's because of flooding hadn't feel Berlin road and cherry hill. That's closed. They both directions between eve Shimoda and burnt mill road aspects of big accident. Several more hours before that is supposed to clean up. They say it looks like flooding receding in Brooklyn on one thirty both ways near the circle across the Delaware to Coney, Tom. Ira bridge is temporarily closed for a drawbridge opening for a southbound ship traffic every fifteen minutes next report seven eighteen on New Jersey. One a one point five New Jersey one zero one point five news time, seven oh. Five jersey. You know, you guys make traffic a lot more enjoyable than I need. New Jersey one zero one point five opinions.

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"To Missouri. Aw. In florida. His hunting guide his guru. Yeah. Filled in get any no big swing and a miss. I brick. Yeah. He did. Yeah. He had a better gun too. So he did there's no reason to thoughts and prayers to Phil's show. Big teddy, better luck next time scooter. All right. So here's the deal. We're gonna take your calls about Super Bowl week in eighteen days away Super Bowl fifty three here in Atlanta where I can take my friends, but we're going to debut a new game. We're going to beta test the game. So new two contestants truck I two people to call four zero four eight seven two zero seven fifty one eight hundred WSB talk. They will play the inaugural game. Do have a name for this game called more or less more or less is a new game. We're not gonna play now mongering and take a couple of calls. I, but we'll get there. I'll let you know Oregon already Scott's up next on the Mark Arum show. Hello, scott. Hey, Mark good evening to the team. They're good. You need to use her. So I've got an idea that mainly sort of idea for you. But it's not a shoe show. I guess you take the guys to the booth western art museums about forty minutes north of I seventy five largest western art museum in the country. And it has all these cool horse and cowboy and native American paintings sculptures, all this stuff. It's really awesome. See, that's that's something. I would take my parents to these guys are coming into Atlanta to. Yeah. But I want to give them a little taste of Atlanta. That's a cool spot for sure. But that's something. I take away folks. Do something different. Yeah. What's the name of it again? I like that it's called the booze. Look it up on the Google. It boosts B O T H western art museum. That is cool. All right. Yeah. That's enough. That's not for these meat heads. These media. Like, I'm not taking them to the high museum. I'm not taking them to the nutcracker, but those parental activity. That's good to know. My parents will they were here. Here last week. They'll be coming up again in February. So I'll figuring my my parent-. My mom loves art, your mom is very cool. She's cool. Yeah. My dad to but my mom my mom's very artistic gal. So she would like that. Greg's Stone Mountain. Gregg, welcome to the show. Markets. Again, we got cut off earlier. I was telling you about the arcade place up in Kennesaw. Okay. Yeah. So if you guys are into into that go up there, it's called Porto pinball, Kennesaw Giles road, seventy five like, I said fifteen bucks for the day. That's a that's a great value. That's a great, and maybe I can get a motel six up there for less than thirteen hundred dollars. Arcade. And then come back to that that boggles my mind, and what the crazy part is dead. Let me put this let me pull this back up. So that motel six they only have one room left at that price refreshed. It could be gone that is like the they're like they've sold out of the thirteen hundred one room left. I greg. I'm hanging up now, buddy. All right C four zero four eight seven two zero seven fifty Cates in Atlanta. Kate, welcome the Mark Arum show. Hey, mark. I really enjoy your show. Thank you. Dear. I was gonna tell you first of all here in those prices. I've got two kids in away in college. I think I'm gonna read the run. I wouldn't listen I had someone a friend of mine contact me on Facebook. She has a house near Piedmont parking should like, hey, thinking about this is a couple of weeks ago renting out my house for Super Bowl weekend. If you know any corporate types, or whatever, and as I really don't at I didn't I wasn't even thinking that was the thing, but she's onto something because if like pay for their textbooks. Listen, you can open up a little bed and breakfast gating. Yeah. Yeah. Make a mean talk to cookie exactly thirteen hundred dollars a night for the motel six. That's right. That's not why I called I called to tell you something off the grid to do with them. You did this over the holidays with our family? Have you done one of the escape rooms? And I never felt I never felt more dumb in my life. I truly I listen. Oh my God. Got a very high IQ. I'm not even going to tell you how high it is. I've never felt that dumb in my life. I went for a buddies birthday party and not out. You didn't get out. No. Luckily, I got we got out. But to no help of me. Like, I literally was just I was just standing there while everyone's like, oh this clue does this. And unlike what is going on here? So I will never did it over then. You'll no no, no, I'm not that was I'm sure people enjoy that. I hated it. I felt so dumb. So done the guys like put a black light up on this. I'm like what is going on here? You did done two or three of them are joy. Yeah. You don't feel stupid. No. Because I know what I'm doing whatever part of the brain that does that mean is is is doesn't work problem solving. All right. Let's do our new game. It's called. Let's hear the intro. You have an intro. It's called with many questions, can you guess, it's more or less? Or less. That's the lovely. Jill nelson. More or less forgot to all. We had one contestant. They dropped off truck. I need another contested. Amy is our first contestant. Amy, welcome to the show. How are you my friend? I'm doing great. How are you the excellent? So this is a brand new game called more or less. Deb green explained to Amy how this game works. Mark is gonna ask ten questions to ask questions to it's one of its either either. Yeah. Either one I'll do longoria you're gonna Marston asked ten questions to Andrew and you're going to figure out how many he's going to get right? So pick a number between one and nine. How many do you think? Andrew will get right. Got it. You don't have to. A number. So don't guess now because I don't have another contested. We'll just take. Hey, michelle. And you're going to be our second contestant. Okay. Awesome. I hang on. So this is it's called more or less. You are. Let's see Amy's gonna guess a number from one to nine s you don't think he's gonna get ten. Well, she's gonna guess from one to now. Okay. So I'm gonna ask longoria ten questions about car makes and models. So for example, I'm going to say Yukon, and he'll have to know who makes the Yukon. It's GMC longoria. Gotcha. So how out of ten how many will longoria get right? One two nine. I'm going to say all right now Machel has to say if it'll be more or less, this is this is a Deb green game some us. All right. So there you go. So you say less than eight. Correct. Michelle more or less tonight less than eight. Okay. Here we go ten questions to longoria or more or less car makes and models. Who makes the Boxster the Boxster? Yes. Wow. Chrysler. No, that'd be Porsche. Okay. All right. So already one down the Escalade. Well, that's GMC. No more specific, no..

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