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Seattle - Bothell mourns slain police officer Jonathan Shoop killed during traffic stop

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02:19 min | 3 years ago

Seattle - Bothell mourns slain police officer Jonathan Shoop killed during traffic stop

"First of alive. Look at the growing memorial for Bottle Police Officer Jonathan Shoot who was shot and killed in the line of duty, flowers and balloons cards surrounding this police SUV outside Bottle City Hall tonight. Tonight, the community gathering for a vigil to remember Officer Shoot who was killed around this time last night during a traffic stop. Another officer survived. We're learning more about the man who died serving his community. Most droll Marino joins us with the loss that has left this city aching Joel. This is really something to behold. Molly Impression and justice. All the balloons and other tributes out here encircle this patrol car so too As a community wrapped itself around this man and this department and amid all the grief or some frightening new details about how officer Shoop was killed. Candles, messages and Mementos stretch across the plaza in front of awful City Hall, where the community came to mourn the death of Officer Jonathan Shoop. It was really, really touching. touching. He He was was always always really really good good guy, guy, Greg Greg Opal Opal says says He He and and Shupe Shupe would would often often talk talk sometimes sometimes about about his his dog, dog, Lucy. Lucy. He's He's seeing seeing it it at at the the park park and and a a bull bull over over and and come come out out and and say say at a Lucy just loved the dog and Only this chat. People filled the plaza throughout the day, and parents brought their Children as they paid their respects. We tend to come together pretty Pretty well when tough times come, so I thought I'd bring him down and support the police down here. Investigators say Shoop and his partner were chasing a driver who took off from a traffic stop. The driver got out after hitting a man on the road, then walked toward the patrol car and started firing a gun into the windshield. Shoop was killed at the scene. The other officer wounded. Their work is just so valuable. And so cherished and we're so thankful for Their willingness to give up their life to protect ours. Shoop. It also served in the Coast Guard for a time worked in the tech industry. Did he just Came from Amazon police partner by year ago. Shoop also had a fiancee as well as his mom to brothers. We really appreciate police in model for sure. The man arrested for killing Shoop should be in court tomorrow. Family members claimed that that man has a history of mental illness. Not

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