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"greg genesis" Discussed on Speak For Yourself

"And i think the building block of a rivalry simply is interested in you now. This is how it goes. Sometimes it's interesting because we are too close and locale sometimes. It's interesting because hey back in the days. We did this mega days. You guys did that. We both have story franchises. We just gonna hate each other because we really envy both of each other. Here's the thing when you look at this rivalry. There's an interest there that is parallel to tom. Brady and peyton manning. Let's be rue the better quarterback losing now in this one. Lamar jackson people are like better petra. House i understand that but are you interested in seeing how good he can beat. That's the conversation to me. Clearly paint men. It was better than tom brady. Young years obviously about a numbers as well how ever he didn't make it all materialize. The thing that i see lamar jackson the great interest in him is people told him he couldn't pass. He led the league capacity. People said okay. Well you're gonna get hurt. He's never been hurt. People keep wishing on his downfall and praying on his downfall and he keeps answering that bell. What's makes us interested in san well. How far can this guy go. Yes no bags. And he goes into week one as should win the game but he gives it away. The thing about this is not whizzing losses. Just like tom brady and peyton. Manning wasn't early about wins and losses is the greater talent. Maybe the guy that needs to figure this out. And how far will you go to figure this out. That's where my interest is beyond over three records. Here's how kind of. I will conclude. We're gonna talk about beckham later in the show. And i don't know that we have the picture so i will just talk through the cryptic tweet so i think it was yesterday or two days ago and odell tweet was a picture of a bunch of dogs in a race and there was a cheetah still sitting in the stall so you saw all the dogs running out of their stalls and the was still sitting in the store. The whole world sportsworld. The last twenty four hours has been trying to identify. What's this cryptic message me. So i looked up the meaning of it and at the end the the whole ethos of the story is the cheetah doesn't have to waste energy racing dog because at the end of the day not does not on the same playing field. Don't waste time proving your worth when it's blatantly obvious wide. Ooh i bring that up. Patrick mahomes after being three you know. And if he wins again going forward and the are jackson. Don't even mention me in the same conversation as like. Don't even try to sit here and make this race. I'm not even going to entertain the conversation because versus a dog. You know who's faster. A home starts off foreign more jackson. Then you already know who's better from here on out. Let's just let them sit in a stall and not bring him up in conversations of any type of narrative rivalry this not if he wins man. Damn it ain't brady won the first six paid one the next three. What do you do about that. You quit before you get to where you want to go and go love what you said about it like right now. They don't seem the same. But except the marlins got unanimous yours. Wasn't whatever you want a super bowl one super bowl. You won't want like it'll be different if there was a gap like no matter. What lamar does this year. He's still couldn't catch back. Be real lamar jackson. If they win the super bowl this year he already called patch. Patrimony got mvp unanimous you root dynasty talk at the march suppo that means pets homes not true okay so now. Lamar jackson is one step away. Be very careful. If you want to go out there and prove your value of your work you just told me. Yesterday about aaron rodgers is a horrible place for employees to be when they're like our need the job. I ain't got nothing to prove to you. What can you do to meet. Lamar jackson is looking at patrick. Cole's and i know patch. Problems is not like this. But i'm just talking in conjecture petrol hall. Be careful 'cause one misstep. The mar- texan has caught you. Lamar jackson texas there for pets. Stay still which means only one super bowl. this is going to be a rivalry. Great interest big enough. This game fans have one million bucks on the fox. Bit super six and terry bradshaw giving away another million dollars. This sunday cheese. Ravens is one of the nfl two week. Matchup saw help. Our fans wind tears money. Which team will win. And how many points man give it a choice. And i think they win by forests coast at first but i think that last possession were to patrick mahomes simply and it's the hall events by one. That's right everybody say cheese to that not me go rapist scan the qr hold on screen. Download the box bed super six app for free predict outcome of six nfl game for your shot to win money coming up. Aaron rodgers called out by former teammate. And hotoke greg genesis. Also a former teammate. Help us answer if the criticism is valid. That's next on speak for yourself. How the green bay air. Rogers is coming off. A blowout loss and his commitment to the team has been caught out is former teenager. Major michael finley has expressed his issues with the packers star in the past and now he has more to say. Take a listen to this announcement. Football league eight all worked like as we last season. And i just don't see a work yet in aaron rodgers that i have on previous zeros and I actually you can see light through. His helmet is in the face. Show tells everything the personality. And i just don't see that that that. Nfl hunger and just feel hongbo win another championship so otto you agree with your michael. Finley criticism aaron rodgers. I do to point to point. Is that at the point. In which you start assessing people's corneas than you start reading it to irises. And they is and whatnot. You start reading into all. And that's when i'm like okay. You might be doing too much. However aaron rodgers isn't as dedicated this season again. I don't think that's very debatable. He spent his all season usually spends all seasons in hawaii but this one appeared excessive. He never is typically contemplated retirement. I'm gonna break this down for y'all in a very real football way. When i was in college my goal being all american be one of the best three to nine linebackers in all of college. I came out with luke. Keithly dante hightower. Bobby wagner so i have my work cut. Alloy came out with probably three future hall of famers position. But here's what. I knew going into my senior year. A nudist so i said okay. Everybody in the nation is working out from six. Am to eight am. Everybody in the nation is so. You're not getting better than anybody working out from six eight. So everybody's doing that. We talked a lot about relativity on this show. While i'm getting better if everybody else is getting better at the same pace. I'm getting better getting better in context. So it's the work that i'm doing while other people aren't working the separating me aaron rodgers. He was not doing the work this all season. That others weren't doing thus. I don't think we're seeing the same separation. Yes aaron rodgers was throwing the ball at times and he checked out on his vacation like most other people do. When is the work you do while others aren't working the separate so y'all don't think you can go to go job from nine to five and think you're going to be better than anybody don't think you can do the minimal requirements in life and think you're going to be better than anybody is the work you do. Wall others aren't working. That actually separates you from everybody else in your industry in your job in this life. Aaron rodgers ain't been doing the work and others doing. And i think that is what has become apparent. Oh man you agree so you do agree with your michael. Do i agree with j. He went to harvard. But i but i agree with him. He whistle harder and made me disagree with him in a weird place because at first when he started talking i was like okay and then like you said you start. Reading people is between a helmet and you can tell into week. One is.

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