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"Taliban so-far been successful and suppressing. I escaped i saw truckloads of dead bodies have flared families that hosted i escape so it was brutal. It was sweeping and be cleaned. Everything locked remnants escaped that semi andy and afghan pace worker in kabul and. He doesn't think that is k. Will as much of a threat to the taliban. The taliban is not just a group our organization They're actually a culture. Are part of a tradition so the so poor religious the social support for the taliban the rule support for the taliban is immense The ice skate doesn't have that kind of roots and just into carol grace. This certainly not powerful enough and have enough suppose in afghanistan to really challenge the taliban but they certainly have enough capability and support and chrismas in kabul and the eastern provinces between kabul and pakistan should be able to mount attacks and to play. If you like a spoiler role in trying to ensure that the the destabilizing the taliban government all the afghan government or anyone else who's involved in afghanistan. yeah which raises. The question does is k. Pose a threat to the world outside afghanistan absolutely total war against the infidels. I starting with muslims so they have to purify the muslim communities and then turn all youth and other resources to the purpose at global jihad. yes. I escaped presents a very valid and true threat to international not just not just any non muslim state. Just carol also thinks that is k. Present a threat but not on a grand scale. I really don't have a very strong by comparison lead to be able to undertake that at night national basis in afghanistan regent four now consolingly sing reports of some of the the leading as From iraq and as they've tried to leave the middle east move across into afganistan but the numbers are relatively small. Pack on triple j with that story. Let's talk to greg baden. He's a terror expert from deakin university melbourne. Thanks for coming on the shore. So a lot of people assigned these could lead to these strange alliance between western countries including australia. And the taleban against i s k. Do you think that will go ahead. I think it's likely to happen in the short term whether it's nineteen to the longer term is is a question and it's problematic because that's cycle alleged drone strike on a suicide vehicle a a Improvised explosive device packed car Which reportedly by people on the ground resulted in a explosion series of explosions that killed ten people presses. Many of them seven of them as children and That apparently was a preemptive strike in an isis k. sell That sort of granular information can be gained partly from electronic listening devices and drone video but it will probably dependent on Intel shed with the taliban from the taliban and it's possible taliban completely wrong Because i didn't really control couple city says kay pulling those the city better than these guys. Then you put up the telephone or it could be. The taliban sitting america up to embarrass them For having killed so that points to the difficulties with that relationship going forward tongue taliban's involvement was in that in that strike guests and and obviously australia among other western forces bain and afganistan for the past twenty years and vc left elliott. This year would do you feel the strategy should be going forward considering these other terror groups that are now popping up in the region. Look i think our approach has to be that we need to work and hope for the best And that means we have to accept that The telephone won militarily and we have to engage with. Try and limit the brutality and give people a chance yet to get out and he's not Most of the adelaide Try and work out. Best to make sure that this new government in afghanistan is as good as it can be and also you humanitarian concerns but apart from hoping for the best they have to plan for the worst and the worst i think is a rising with terrorism They may be a degree of plausible deniability from the taliban government. They may claim that they trying to stamp out terrorist camps. I think i'll be immediate. Preliminary kyw islamic state. And either way it's going to be a problem. Herat let's have problems in the region. Greg baden appreciate you coming on. Triple j high here today. Because i saw marissa's videos on tacos dot com a bunch of other people. Yeah this is hack. And i want you to think about this situation. You've got a group of best friends. You think you do everything together and then you find out. They've held a potty. And you weren't invited. It can be so mortifying to be in that experience so imagine someone posting about that on tick talk and it gets so viral millions of people say and they start reaching out to you. This whole situation happened to annexed. Guest maurice amazes her name. Thanks for joining us on hack. Hi lobbying to be here for is what happened when your friends were organizing an event that you weren't going to be invited full but some random recorded that conversation and posted it on newstalk talk yes so it was kind of random. I didn't expect it at all. This came up out of nowhere A guy named through was walking around in new york city. Where am i both reside. And t- passed. I these two girls that were basically talking purely about their friend marissa and how they wanted to clean birthday party on a weekend that they knew i was going to be out of town so that they wouldn't have to invite me anyway to stick my nose where it doesn't belong yearnings harissa please. I just walked by your friends. And i need to tell you that the weekend you're away is not the only time that they could do their birthday party. They are choosing to it. We adhere away and we need to talk. Help me find marissa and it kind of just blew up. You've had about thirty followers at time. And it just started going crazy viral and i saw it and i was like offered just too much added up and it was. It was bad it was bad. What did you do after you saw. What was your thought process. Yeah i reached out to drew actually to the original video. And i made a response video kind of just say in like i don't really know one hundred percent of this as me but if it is like i'm gonna need some new friends so might as well as the high. I live in new york city. And i saw this video and because in the last two hours i've had over twenty five thirty people sending me people have talked to since high schools and me and i literally went out of town this weekend. I went on a road trip with my friends and one of my friends had a birthday party this weekend and she knew i was going out of town and wouldn't reschedule it and best. He's need some new friends. So let me know so you posted your reaction to the whole situation. You obviously took control of it again. What happened next people.

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