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"greg abbott rick scott rhonda santa" Discussed on The American Electorate

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"greg abbott rick scott rhonda santa" Discussed on The American Electorate

"Listen when history looks back on this decision. How do you think it will be written histories written by the winners so largely depends on on? Who's writing the history? I was struck Peggy by the cynicism of the answer. It's a correct answer. But he's the attorney general he didn't make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that. Yeah this is. This is a political job when history looks back on this decision. How do you think it will be written well histories written by the winners? So it's largely depends on whose writing the history but I think a fair history would say it was. It was a good decision because it it upheld the rule of law it help at it upheld the standards of the Department of Justice and Undid. What was an injustice totally our contacts? Okay so let's get on with my story of the day. A glimpse of postponed pandemic politics is from our hunt. An opinion contributor at the hill this was written on. May Have Two thousand twenty. The twenty presidential election will be affected more by how the pandemic plays out than the impeachment of Donald Trump. Joe Biden's age or any other issue. The political impact will extend beyond November in shape American politics for the CBO future with the economic and social fabric of shake shaken more than any time since the great depression or World War. Two politics will change dramatically. Probably even more polarized perhaps more radicalized than yesterday. America's current political status quo isn't likely to remain intact after the wave of versity difficulty that we're likely to see as the Kobe. Nineteen pandemic runs. Its Course Rights Robert Mary a prominent journalist and historian Mary writing in the American conservative suggest. A more Populus politics tilting right. Conversely the little laugh says this offer are more robust big government and this is something that if you watched the hill. I'm their youtube channel rising off especially from crystal ball and soccer. And chatty this is something that they've been sort of forecasting that things are going to get Braga and more bigger government kind of grow out of this. The short term will be shaped by the outcome of the November. Election is trump wins. He owns the Republican Party a vindication of his nationalistic vindictive exclusionary brand of populism wash reading some corporate large. S. So generously bestowed these past three years. Even if he loses the trump ran will continue to resonate with the rank and file less vitriolic. Republicans like former South Carolina Governor and United Nations ambassador. Nikki Haley or Florida Senator Marco. Rubio will try to walk. A delicate line embracing trump as while steering clear of his most vile elements like racist now. Republicans are going to be accused of being racist. So I mean being mean. That's going to be clear that Not to mention I disagree with those choices. Not necessarily. I'm Nikki Haley. Because there is a lot of rumors about her potentially being from VP. Pack for a Twenty Twenty. Now if you remember. Am I will say. I think the first time I referenced. This was that conversation I had with. Just Oh Camacho Back in January. A We talked about Briefly like board rethink. The Republican Party. Should go and there was an article that I brought back from axios that surveyed. Republicans on who they would consider for the twenty twenty four presidential election. The top choice was Mike Patents. Forty percent thousand junior was next Nikki. Haley about trump was next America Rubio. Mike pompeo which that's surprising but that's at thirteen percent Greg Abbott Rick Scott Rhonda Santa's than this Tim Sky One of the person. That's not on the list that That could also be part of the future will probably be Joss. Holly the senator from Missouri..

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