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"greeley water greeley" Discussed on Mornings With Gail - 1310 KFKA

"Let us know what you think. What else are we going to get into today. Well hey not. Hey we're not gonna get into. Hey we're gonna get into water. And i guess you could say well john that makes a okay. There's a big battle going on. I don't know how big it is but it's at least something. That's out there here in greeley over water there's a petition that is asking the voters to consider changes to the way greeley's water resources are acquired managed and so on and as i began to read and we'll get into this a little more deeply as the morning goes by but here's here's what i found. There's a group called. save release. Water th this is all about the aquifer the terry ranch aquifer this is an idea that the town of greeley has come up with city of greeley. That i think is actually personally. I think it's a really cool creative idea. There's an aquifer under the terry ranch up on the wyoming border one point. Two million acre feet of water is in that aquifer aquifer i'm sure you know as an underground body of water you can drill down and you can get it out however let me put it in perspective. That's about f- over four times as big as all the water in horse tooth reservoir and horse tooth resorts pretty good sized lake that baby seven miles long and a mile or mile and a half wide at the widest. And even that much may maybe a mile if you're lucky back in one of the coast okay but nonetheless. That's a lot of water. That's a significant amount of water. It's about that same amount of what four four times as much. Water as in. boyd. Lake in boyd lakers you know is one of these sources of greeley water Greeley's had to lately because of the problem with the putter being polluted because of the runoff from the fire rim nelson to burn spots up there. They've had to actually not use water and before collins agree both have pretty good rights on the putin can use it because of the pollution just too hard to treat that water when it's full of stuff Certain such well the point being now he's been able to do some trades and get some water out of horse tooth and that's a good supply but as you probably know horse tooth. Water is not native to this side of the mountains. Horse tooth water is native to the west slope but it comes at wonderful tunnel into rocky mountain national park. That's what nine feet diameter levin point one miles long The atoms tunnel comes out of grand lake. Winds up estes. Park comes down to big thompson..

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