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Ellenburg on Ellenburg:  The Gene Crawford Conversations, 1977

Thaddeus Ellenberg's Casual Friday

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Ellenburg on Ellenburg: The Gene Crawford Conversations, 1977

"Thaddeus soundbite presents casual Friday Written and read by Albert Good evening I'm gene Crawford former late night television personality and recurring telethon host tonight. We continue our year long series. Ellensburg on Ellen Berg the gene Crawford conversations with another memorable thaddeus ellensburg appearance from nineteen seventy seven with agents dominant. We bring you special narrated insights from the master of the Mundane himself courtesy of the Athol James Foundation and the Tireless folks at the Institute of Television Arts by this time Ellen. Berg had already moved into motion pictures most notably with his cruise ships film from nineteen seventy five which won four International Academy Awards ineligible for the Domestic Oscars due to the fact that despite an all Anglo cast. The film was shot primarily in transboundary waters. These included best picture best actress winifred border best screenplay and best score for Buster Leeann not only a commercial success with theatrical running time of nine and a half hours. A condition of closeness and cruise ships was lauded as cinematic marvel and through time noted as an early slipstream masterpiece handled with kind of and sensitivity similar to the films of the Great Walden. Gray a magician from Fort Lauderdale who self produced a series of how to tapes featuring a pair of hands performing card rigs with the occasional getaway glitch in an evening dress at this stage in Ellen. Burg's career the cinema. Artur had arrived then. Gene Robert show tonight with special guest Thaddeus Bird and featuring Jack Wilkinson the Gene Crawford Ban Ladies and Gentlemen Ha g rougher so. We're just going to keep going without a great. I see I commend your pace sir. But I don't agree with it. Miss Really you're sure I would reconsider the most about you. What do you dangle? I've no idea what that means like. I kind of CYBORG. Thank you thank you thank you. Isn't that Nice Guy? I use the reception like that. Last night's commemorative speech for the Coalition for networked values. They rushed me off stage after I misplaced my moral compass which is a real Shane. My father gave it to me on the back. Engraved at Ted Hanks Hawk Shop East Fifty six street. Listen we're going to continue. I'll need my scarf. Liu Bei herringbone lease discard the others in that discrete wastebasket. I noticed on the way in. I always plan for various moods and never wear my scars more than once ever since the fringe of my Blue Chiffon cake brushed against the table of that barbecue joint and truck. Ston Fatty Nectar of a secular bird or the juicy rump of a beast remains eternally at odds of my debonair dress and decorum. No I have to say the smoky must of my sauce. Speckled beard is quite the Aphrodisiac. Tangy surprised for my most shapely of sexual partners with whom I frequently engage in week. Long displays of shameless depravity considered unspeakable leaving behind closed doors. Which we leave open to coax unlikely participants with Joaquin Roddick's Roddick's mortgage board in eighty nine. I released Cologne called La- smoltz and intoxicating aroma of goose fat and chestnut spiced apples zest. It sent always calls to mind enchanted evening with Lilith Cranston thanksgiving feast consumed in a fit of passion little which was Ingested Orleans. Now my guest this evening to put it. Mildly is a regular on the program when we first met him he was writing jokes for Dave Perry other various late night standbys appearing on the Mel Silver. Show you're welcome since he's become one of the most exciting talents in the world of cinema. Whose films include a condition of closeness and cruise ships slowhand Bakersfield mini in constant and his latest twenty four stories of macaroni and macaroni. Absolutely absurd. It's likely to cause convulsions. He's a writer. Director and actor an amateur dancer and a lousy musician. He's back for another round. Won't you please welcome? That is Ellen Burr. This is your next clip. Really this is all. I recall several years earlier. Doing a tap number with Marilyn Colgate. That received quite the ovation. I was never really known for my dancing in the states but abroad. I brought peace to many a war torn nation with my to the untrained eyes seemingly. Spastic DOFF beat heaving fueled entirely by my own inner dialogue. I remember the network sensor took alarming issue with my wardrobe silver sequined halter top with matching hot pants and generous bulge brought on backstage by Claudia. Daniels and her delightful giggle. The show's director. Fred forest covered the entire routine and closeups to block. My what was later. Described does inciting knees side. Crawford's three hundred page doorstop of off camera interviews and personal letters published a ninety five to pay for his divorce to Joan bankhead. It was it was hampered terribly by its exclusion of more memorable. An entertaining correspondences with Crawford particularly the one where I so eloquently broke the news of my unrelenting lust for Joan after partaking in rejuvenating bowl of cantaloupe. That said Thaddeus. It's great to see you. Welcome back thank you. It's good to be back. We were taking bets before the show you know. I don't know if you've done this but do you know how many times you've been on the show. Which number of appearances marks? I have to check with my accountant. A great many. I can tell you that this is actually your fourteenth time or teens. Yeah that doesn't see. I would check that well. You know you're always an audience. Favorite more always delighted to have you back. Thank you How have you been? We haven't spoken since before the holidays. I was anyone been really everything going on out there. It's madness. I took a mob to the studio hoisted over their heads. Yeah something like that Jeopardise holiday. You were Michigan Right. I believe I read that now. Detroit yeah. We had a pretty far out time. Nancy nye abstain from the festivities this year. And instead well this year we back. That was kind of you. Yes it was. What did you do? Did you donate gifts or help with like meals? No we organized a bet in with Peter. Halford bent in. That's right Jim to give back exactly. Thank you now for those at home. Particularly some of our younger viewers might be scratching their heads. This is Well a kind of derived of citizens INS. I'm sure we're all familiar with us. A sort of a a a peaceful protests nets correct. You can you get out of bed is that is that allowed or is that in line with bet in etiquette you can but you can't touch the carpet fastened. There's a there's an ashtray right. I'm fine on the table. I'd like to respond to this segment by speaking directly to the audience is is that all right. What about review whiskers split? Give it an ashtray. Good evening and welcome that he said Lindbergh Air and thank you for purchasing this exclusive in home look into my life and work. A career spent exploring the depths of my tortured and sometimes tranquil existence. Say in a bath or in the divine acoustics of my wineries tasting whole what they didn't public broadcast. That's stealing and that case. Your donations are greatly appreciated. I'll be commenting on this exchange with Gene Crawford by reading a brief excerpt from me in the genius one of my many memoirs. I just so happened to have a copy as I carry with me all of my memoirs and a milk crate with wheels. I was criticized by my peers for being late to the antiwar movement. Not Publicly. But you could sense it at parties quiz show appearances. I was never really one for trends but when I stopped receiving free products for listed on Air Plugs. I had to act so we see on ourselves off from the public. Nancy and myself along with our friends playwright Peter Pfeiffer and his then Nanny Lover Yuki Sato the performance artist. We spent twenty three days. Inside the Wheeler House Detroit's premier bed and breakfast then sold tickets to the media. Ten thousand a pop for a soft. Our Peter had just closed on New York seventy-six end to much fanfare while you was promoting her new record. Though Wales of progress a four hour single track of construction sounds breast six double sided. Lp's we interviewed with journalists. From American Fancy Gregory Fulton and Keith. Helderman meditated for hours on end methods which included finger painting and stream of consciousness charades and saying love and protest songs with John. Logan the Bohemian Songwriter Constable Marley's midlife parade. Pack your bags old dog. Bobby's all grown up the tragedy of Terence lighthearted on thunderhead Ridge Logan's iconic ballot of the folk accordionist singing about two neighbors feuding over the name of an old ditty. They knew when they were young. This was of course before Logan Scandalous on American bout with the controversial Russian singer Irena Mironov in the nineteen eighties papers in the public alike. Condemned turf for unpopular remarks made in favor of workers rights delivered with great gander while performing outside the Republican National Convention of the work. Our minds where the canvas the bed our studio and the floor hot lava sadly to our dismay the ends proprietor was exceedingly unsympathetic to our cause and during our stay proceeded to build a large deck in the backyard. Despite our efforts day and night the hammering held firmly but we protested with animalistic orgies commencing just after curfew innocent promotions of love and celebration of. Communal ecstasy. Alas they dispatched the local Dogcatcher to round us up and after several hours of convincing due chiefly to are overgrown and unkempt beards as well as our immaculate cascade rich fleece like hair upon our chests as was the aesthetic norm established by my more fresh-faced Hollywood contemporaries alongside the creation of outdoor swimming. We were eventually released from there catch polls. We reenacted the affair and one of the many sixteen millimeter shorts we shot throughout our peaceful occupy or appeal films. I later compiled into an anthology called through the crystal door. Films of revolution and four post. Prostration was immensely popular but unfortunately had a very limited run as I single handedly financed the distribution years. Later came to my knowledge that at the time apprent was circulated in the scene showing up in coastal art house theaters bowling alley twin plex stag parties in private collections. We spent the remaining days under heavy sedation. Rodman by four hundred milligrams of doc see more. Fatal compounded with rare Chinese roots and the powder testicles of an endangered tree rodent taken to maintain our actions. Would you like me to keep reading? There's only two hundred pages left in this chapter. Let me check the thumbs on this one travel agent. Well you know it really really frees your mind. You know just getting away from everything like that and just separating yourself from society. We took the chambermaid generously with a paper. Michelle Ley Yuki constructed from pages of an old. I think it was pioneer women. We've found in the bathroom ever read that growing up. I'm sure fact that that was my introduction to the monthly. I WanNa talk about your new film but I wanNA ask you because we're used to seeing you do comedic films farces you know if you will until Brooklyn paperback thank you. You know that was the that was the first time I set out to make the laughs. Come second right right but there is still a you know a comedic notes almost tongue in cheek. Lampooning the references in clear yet. It's still creating something completely unique is what I'm what I'm trying. Say LIKE MOSAIC BID. Yeah Yeah Dorning a wall you never noticed on route you take every day there is but then you have these epic five act ensembles with everybody in town like cruise ships and summers in Topeka MELODRAMAS. You could say my my labours. My my joy wind chimes in winter. Interesting fact about wind jobs. Every horse used in the production was killed during filming. Isn't that interesting? Is that something you enjoy? Film was released in eleven languages. I record it all of them. I couldn't leave my cinematic integrity to chance. Chin-chin what I mean is delight making films that take place over five or more decades. Do you like to spend that kind of time with your characters. Well now you see gene. Let's let's listen here this. Can I get kind of get a light Jer Jack? Can we get here? Yeah here we go. We have we have the dash of a fifty-seven Callahan. Seabreeze just off camera. Thank you you don't smoke do oh I can't I mean it's my lungs. I rent them. It's cute well. It's a long show. Never mind this isn't what I thought. It was. Skip ahead to mind November sweeps appearance with that muppet with Shag. Memories and Delors. Where's Dolores Dolores? Dolores can? I can dear. Can I get a hot toddy? More taty than hot. Thank you see gene to answer your question. As far as I know we only get one go with this. I'm open to other views on the matter but I'm still hip to the current laws of nature. You understand and I did what people decide. Do with a lot of time. A lot again. Debatable. Joyce maiden chaos so to speak luck a leg up. Whatever therefore as storyteller. I often find myself compelled by the full scope of a of a an existence. I revel in painting characters. Complete arc narrative the march if you will lives of equal triumph and defeat rags and riches interwoven character. Ever-evolving convictions crumbling. Time that festering cynicism corruption the gentle hand of love and the adoption of US once opposed acceptances against interest this This check this continual conversation the veil of growth and decline rooted in a period a region. Persuasion that is storytelling and the visualization of this struggle. This firmly held belief in ourselves. Knowledge of who we are at a given time convey only momentarily through the placement of a camera that choice of Alinsky the Meson Senna Medically speaking about capturing the character ourselves they're interchangeable capturing the character losing themselves. Is that connection with the audience that cerebral thump on the NOGGIN. That emotional wallop to the chest. That beat that all important insert that swells your throat and makes you gasp for air like a fish out of water with the weight of our Shared Condition Mattis Cinema. You know in all our years doing this program i. I can't recall a single other time. When a guest has received a standing ovation in the middle of the show you articulate everything so romantically we know that. But it's also wonderful. Wonderful your phone your language. That's your signature. Which is something I know for myself. I really enjoy about your your films. Something I really enjoy about your films at the arrogance of that man never exhibited notion of modesty and for what how gene Crawford rose to any level of claim is astounding. You know we haven't spoken in twenty years. Not since I moved out of his Tim Bray Hills Guest House where I spent thirty six months. Plus two and a half years. Editing rains gapes at night. A momentous undertaking an obsession really toiled over rain scrapes. Making three fourths of an ETA today became a bit of a recluse lived and breathed the cut. I laid with the assembly. Each night entangled in it's brilliance coiling frame after frame after frame around myself. A love affair and seven reels crestfallen. It was taken from me by the Finance Guy. When he's government who got on board and picked up the TAB following my adventurous hiatus mining deep in the jungle see it. Is that what all this has. Four Crawford did that too busy Galley Wag. Put you all up to this whereas in another room. Can you hear me gene gene? You old goat get your but out here. Go ahead bring him out. This is a long time coming. Need to reapply powder to I. I don't know about this background though I get them back projection and here something vastly like a scorched prairie to symbolize distance in our marred relationship. What are you working on now? Are you writing gene? I'm always writing film the Big One. The one they'll all remember your next one history will write it my greatest can you? Can you share the title? It's called seventy rings from the bark. Seventy rings from the Bart's marvelous. Does the story of an aging director in reverse. You see well making his final film. We shave down the years until his story. Which of course. Rivals the one. He's making about you guys. But that's still gives me new stumbles. And that's that's what he knows something bigger than you than your imagination. It's no longer yours. I tell you in the final shot when we see his pregnant mother with her hand to her belly watching his father. The little tree in the front yard remember remember shot. Remember the you remember my masterpiece. I mean I. I made a lot of films in my day but known as good as that one was that powerful. Let's go again for safety. I I I really want to nail this. And we're we're still waiting on that TATY. Dolores Delors where's Dolores? It's difficult to conceive all the pictures. You've made erode short period of time. I could have made one less if I wanted to. Really the compulsion is that strong. Oh tremendous tremendous like I said life live is a kind of ride is no telling how long it will last or what kind of dips and dives it will have so enjoy and be thankful you. GotTa seat the only difference with me is. I have to ride all the rides thank you. You're doing first-class work. Incidentally Levy on ninety what was that I know this is a studio and not a bar out dare you. Who Are you? Who are any of you. I retract my earlier compliment. You work as not first class. It is a it is a much lower class. Something something suitable for steerage. I don't care if my levels are spiking what are levels at highway an excuse for your mediocrity levels. That sounds made up. Gosh you know. How good are you at sticking around? We have to step away for a second. But I I WANNA talk about macaroni and Maccarone gene for you. I'd I'd be delighted. Where's the man in charge? I demand to speak to him. This entire operation has been loosey. Goosey from the word. Go not once have I felt anything less than total contemptibility. From the moment we started rolling camera which are such insignificance. I don't even know where they are. Serious show me someone please for the love of God point to a God damn camera. Look Look I've I've flustered myself. Flustered myself to the point. I must now drink this piping fecal sludge sentiment is spot on though that is and that is tasty. We'll we'll have more with Mister Ellsberg after this message. This has been a production of thaddeus Allen. Burg's casual Friday written and read by Thaddeus Lemberg with an introduction by Nicole Coz each and artwork by Adrian mobile this series of independently produced by Thaddeus Allen bird to find more episodes of information visit our website at t. e. casual Friday dot com or email us at contact dot casual Friday at G. L. DOT com.

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