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"grand central belt" Discussed on 77WABC Radio

"The great pop artist. The man that owns 10 to midnight. If the cousin Brucie every Saturday night, Right here on talk radio 77 w A. B. C. Tony Orlando. His last name is House of Edie's. Isn't that right? Tony? That is right for you Got it? But, you know, actually, my possible which means grandfather and Greeks, my pop booze name. Was Cassidy Takis. Wow. He came to this country. They both decided to make it more palatable. Any change of the castle, Evita's and people still get it wrong. They still so you know, it's obligatory in and Bernie and I have hosted these shows on ST Patrick's Day is, you know Tony Last Wednesday, Latino African American We always ask the same question and being that you are Greek. And this is your day on this station. You are the grand marshal, which is a very, very big deal. What is this? They mean to you. Well, you know, the first time I was grand Marshal, Thanks to John Decima TVs was 2009 and I remember Going down Fifth Avenue and I said to John, then as the grand marshal, If my father could see me now, my Greek dad, you know my family. My ancestors on the Greek side all came from Crete. And I'm going down Fifth Avenue born and raised in New York City on 21st year between 7th and 8th Avenue in my hometown, going down Fifth Avenue past ST Patrick's Cathedral. As we're coming up to Central Park, I turned to judge asthma. TT's Let's say, John, I said My father right now would be crying if he saw this, all these Greeks welcoming like this in New York. As I turned. This is the truth. As I turned John Chasm. A tedious who owns this station is a friend of all of us is, you know was in tears actually broke into tears. Because there's a certain sentimentality in the Greek heart about that Greek parade in New York City. It's really very special toe every Greek in the city as as it is every Puerto Rican on Puerto Rican parade, etcetera and the Irish. Of course, they practiced day parade. It really exemplifies the tradition. The love of one's heritage. The gratefulness of being an American. Take Connie Tony Orlando, This is Bernard here, Nikola. Hey, Tony. Listen, Being a Greek American of first, I I know you're filled with pride that I used to work for Greeks, and I know a little Greek language, but they're very proud people. How many generations away are you from? The homeland wolves. You grandfather was. Did your dad father moved? My grandfather moved here. My father then was born here. S so that I I honestly I must tell you that I guess that's my second generation. Right? A third time. Third generation right? Third generation New York I'm a New York born Greek Aurica. You know, Puerto Rican side my father of the Greek side, and I'm proud of both of my bloodlines. And I gotta tell you that my Greek side The Greeks of community and in New York City has been unbelievable to me. I was baptized in the Greek church that was married in ST Nicholas Church Greek Church in Northridge, California. Beautiful talk years ago. Wow. Tony Orlando, the brilliant Tony Orlando 10 to midnight after Cousin Brucie and Joseph Abboud every Saturday night right here on talk Radio 77 W. ABC celebrating Greek Independence Day with us, Bernie and said. Amazing career. Tonia Go back early 19 sixties. You're part of that brill Building composer. All these great young artists Neil Sedaka, Carole King Folks don't even know this. But there were two guys named Tom and Jerry who turned out to be Simon and Garfunkel. You were part of this. Yeah. You're part of this young, amazing New community of songwriters. You were right there back in the early 19 sixties. I was. I mean, when I wanted to the studio Uh, 60 years ago. Can you believe that? Where you go, 6 60 years ago, I was I was 16 years old Carole King without saying 17 years old and already a Juilliard graduate. The first hit record I ever had Bruce Morrow. How listen. What goes around comes around. Brucie was the first place person to play my first record. On that space and existed again right now. And w A B C When I was 16 years old is that thing down Half the power was out. The song thing done. Was that the song? Don't you know That's a sad story? Actually, Ding Dong was a guy named Tony Orlando had a record out 1957 phone call that it wasn't even me. It was a kid. It was really born with that name, and people think it's may but it was not me. My first record was halfway to paradise. It was written by Carole King and Gerry got, but it was her first hit record as a songwriter. And at 17 years old. She arranged that whole session, which was with the Philharmonic String section. Imagine a 17 year old Julia, I graduate writing like that. Of course, went on to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and had a Broadway show based on her life. Amazing Antonio Lando on Greek Independence Day on the Bernie and Sichuan 77 w A. B c all day long we celebrate attorney kind of remind me of a Geraldo Rivera. I got to tell you, but you have ever get that. Oh, all the time, right? Gets it on my ass. Funny. He said, Listen rest his soul. Freddie Prince, we will. Oh, yeah. Exactly. Listen, Tony Orlando. We're out of time. You're a legend 10 o'clock to midnight on Saturday night 77 w A B. C And he's got Connie Francis coming up. The mother, Connie was another one of those young stars Bernie back in the early sixties with Carole King and who, by the way, is going to the Hall of Fame coming up this fall. She just got in. He's going in this full, actually. Kill it. You go just yet. 60 More seconds. You cannot talk to Tony Orlando without asking. Tie. A yellow ribbon is that we are whole life changed. My life changed. They've got me the television show GPS. It was the first multiracial group to ever have a primetime television. Show it to this day. It still is. I'm very proud of that. And of course, it gave me became my signature song, much like New York, New York. This planks or back the knife is Bobby Darin's, So I'm grateful for the writers Larry proud of everyone being for writing it. And well, I was just a moment that delivered the letter, and it's changed my life for sure. Yeah, well, there were many others as well. Candied, a bunch of songs this Antonio Orlando, It's in honor of pleasure to have you on the Bernie in situ and on 77 W A. B C a tent to midnight on Saturday nights and Happy Greek Independence Day. Tony Orlando. Thank you. Thank you. And to all the breaks in New York from my heart, Thank you for this honor. You deserve it. The great Tony Orlando here on Bernie and said lots more to celebrate. We're doing it today. Only right here on talk Radio 77 W A. B. C W A B C traffic in transit. Well, little better, inbound George Washington Bridge of a 30 minute delay off of I 95 to the upper level. Rest of the approach is about 15 to 20 inbound Holland about a 25 minute delay in 10 at the Lincoln Tunnel. If you're on the cross Allain North bound bumper to bumper Southern state up to him stood turnpike with roadwork. Be clear. We still have that jackknife, tractor trailer and fuel spill just off of the Grand Central Belt Westbound slow in a farmer's boulevard. Now with an accident, the one that Knapp Street eastbound still being cleared. Transit Authority was still have delays on the aid to be the C the D, the end the 45 and the six and a 45 minute delay on arrivals and LaGuardia because of the fog from the Ramsey Miles, the weather center today fog this morning decreasing clouds this afternoon. The high will be near 70 tonight Mostly cloudy. Some showers.

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