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"gramercy hedge" Discussed on The Moment with Brian Koppelman

"Have been closed, I've seen heard you talk about I I've seen you sort of develop into the kind of person who wants to be a good friend to people when I was twenty eight a think. I started to figure out that the Saturn return was coming. I did. I was like, oh, and then I think maybe when you start to become aware of how a Saturn return is a concept that you could believe it or not believe in, but your life. As you know, it is maybe going to get up ended somehow. And then all the sudden every seven years then maybe it's like you start to become aware of it, but twenty eight is supposed to be a big one. And then you're like, oh, look, my life's getting up ended, and you can start to see if you wanna see that your life is getting up ended. Just like if now you're gonna. I'm looking for eight BMW five thirty five because I just said, it's you and you're gonna. Start seeing it every you could just start seeing things. So I just like, oh, my life is starting to get up ended. And then I think at that point I watched a movie called what the bleep do. We know which is about quantum mechanics and how the neurons in our mind are being trained in our neuro network to reinforce patterns of behavior based on emotional response that we get from experiences at in the outside world, primarily our relationship. So I think I watched that in and then it's whatever point. Yeah, I was twenty eight. So sometime between twenty eight and thirty. I was like, you know, I had been working. I took a job working for Paul LeBron at a restaurant called guilt, and that thing totally went haywire. I had been at Gramercy before that left Grammercy to go there that totally went haywire. And then I was like, oh, like this is not not going to be a pastry chef in a restaurant. You know, I had been at Gramercy hedge already on blue yellow and before that. And so I was like, this is I'm just not going to do this anymore. There's no where to go with this work. It's just gonna be like continually eroding in songs at work work work..

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