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"graham blanchard" Discussed on KQED Radio

"Cursed cross burnings marches. This is fiction. It'll be a big year for the film, black clansmen. We meet police officers members of the KKK various characters. And then there's a different kind of character the score. Composed by Terence Blanchard. Role of the music is there like first of all to bring some of those intangible things to to the four. You know, if there they're things that we don't we can't put motions, you can't really describe, you know, but the music is is there to kind of helpless experienced that black clansmen directed. By Spike Lee tells the story of Ron stallworth the first black officer with the Colorado Springs police force who am I speaking. This David Duke played by John, David Washington. He infiltrates KKK chapter by impersonating, a white man over the phone my mouth to God's ears are really hate those black rats and anyone else really that doesn't have pure white area blood running through their veins, his partner Jewish officer played by Adam driver goes undercover to gather evidence against the clan. It said in the nineteen seventies. But Lee makes direct connections to today. And it's based on a true story. Which amazed Terence Blanchard when he first joined the project inspite, I told me first thing I thought was meant you need to put the bottle dot. Really? Like, where's this you're making this a black man infiltrates the clan in Colorado Springs, that Graham Blanchard has long been known as a top jazz musician with six Grammy awards. He grew up in New Orleans began playing the piano and trumpet is a youngster. Join the Lionel Hampton orchestra while still in college..

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