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"graham allen melissa allen" Discussed on Dear America with Graham Allen Podcast

Dear America with Graham Allen Podcast

09:52 min | 9 months ago

"graham allen melissa allen" Discussed on Dear America with Graham Allen Podcast

"What's going on in America I am Graham Allen Melissa Allen I'm already on this thing I lost my voice Saturday night and I've been recovering from it so this is this is what you get on this episode this is what it sounds like Tom is real I'm starting to wonder if I've done permanent damage to my vocal chords possibly and this is just going to become like my new or a mountain yeah like my new thing right because yeah Jason Say no who is it that talks royalty Sam Elliott every every retrieved man in the history of ever occupants Christian Bale I'm just saying I'm pretty good speaking of Batman all right yes joker came out and people are up in arms thank you guys for leading me into that Oh i apologize for cutting you off Missouri so I was written to the by viewer who said that they thought that I'm not making fun I'm going to actively try to not interrupt you guys toys that was me quitter up the lucky strike the turn both done are you sure I'm trying to give you like that one. Two three counts I'm kind of thing I'm going to make an active effort to not interrupt you tears day because I want you to feel like valued assets of the oh you are I would appreciate you not interrupting me all right anyway okay moving on no but on the series they said they really valued your opinions and she even said I also Love Your Beautiful Wife Lists is opinion and monotone Jay I swear to you she did number one I'm bothered because I want to know their thoughts and number two I like monotone jake and Sweet Eliza so there it says it right there monotone Jacob what it says in real life I don't know I guess I'm GonNa have to gallon whiskers guys we know but anyway so I'm going to make an attempt because I've got that two people are the day he's so upset sweet Elissa for a minute please sweet Melissa Yeah your turn okay all right so CNN reports right CNN verified account You know true news all right. CNN says the true of peel new joker movie lies in its individuals individuals is that the word I N v I D I o u s invidious in there it is I mean invidious alright lies in its invidious validation of the white male resentment that helped bring president trump to power I guess about the joker movie yeah so president trump is responsible for the I super villain in the history of the World Hashtag makes sense to me how delusional do you have to be to say that a fictional character is because of the current president I mean think about that for just a minute it's a fictional it's not real and the movie is set back in the nineteen indies overly about mental health issues no no what they're saying is that mentally disturbed individuals is what got president collected they're saying that the joker would have been a trump voter that's what they're saying that the joke the the the the villain that bat you know what I guarantee you I guarantee you atman would have been a trump voter there's no way Batman would have voted trump all day la billions superman fi Oh wow wow you see ladies and gentlemen L. A. You Harp on me he's calling I will not answer it anyway I guarantee Superman would have been a little baby and light politically correct me up was why hate superman yeah I said America I hate Superman I'm happy tag batman for life he likes the awkward silence says everything no it's not even remotely same ball absolutely nothing elissa likes aquaman because we're able to watch that one with our kids because there's not a lot of a lot of the things that they can't see it on mute yeah yeah so of movies and I know people are listening going happens going on this is our like introduction of normal life here for you guys so it's October which means that Halloween movies are in full of facts chest pain Halloween Halloween Halloween following Halloween Halloween I say what does it matter Halloween Wayne it's favorite movie Halloween Sounds Country Halloween Hashtag America is it Louis or is it Halloween Halloween naturally more country you sound when you say Halloween Halloween elections when saying that monotone anyway the point is so how many of you listening to this remember when the Disney channel had like Disney original move that would come out right so you had like the thirteenth year where that Dude turned into like a mermaid or something you had the luck of the Irish where he was a basketball player and he was like Leprechaun Smart House was one of my favorites under wraps was a good one my mommy mommy went the as yeah so I'm going to introduce them to that but the other day I introduced them to Halloween town Halloween in town how many Hashtag dear America if you remember Halloween town how Dadgum at J. Now I'm going you've never seen Halloween all gosh well I mean all right anyway it's about it's about this this family of witches right but but the kids don't know that they are witches because the grandma all lives in Halloween town which is like this place that you can only get two on Halloween obviously right so they don't know they end up going to Halloween town and then it all out and stuff anyway if you were to watch it by yourself as an adult now you'd be like this is the dumbest movie I've ever seen the when you watch it with your kids you go and you see like the magic in there is again it's like Oh man this was a great movie and my son My middle son Gunnar I kid you not he seeing Aquaman he sees I mean most of like the Spiderman movies has seen any Batman movies yet but I mean he's seen a lot of cool movies that movie ended and he'd stop opt everything and he said seriously guys that movie was awesome like pure quote unquote inflection like he was pop so if you have children I recommend that you introduce them to Halloween that movie and I can't recommend it or not order it on Amazon prime to watch it she gets an email every time the Amazon because you know we've got to watch the kids make sure stuff right so we're watching movie Elizabeth not there I get a text message and it's basically argue shoe that's appropriate it's freaking Halloween it's a channel movie it's like G. T. Disney channel movies though y'all children there are I was just making shots being good moment you got lgbt Q.. Plus being shoved down their throats all the time what's the what's the what's The elephant or bear cartoon where they had the the gay wedding the other day what did you say Arthur again wasn't an author I said I don't know God emergency strike you always see news stories of long lines of people in empty store shelves why are you always film when I do the ad rates I am trying to do an ad right now Eliza how dare you she is filming while we do this but there's no need to be part of that chaos which is Alissa and the possibility of having to deal with theme of food lines. Those that know what's coming are using today to prepare you should make a plan to have starting with building an emergency food supply and I trust and use my patriot supply their experts in emergency preparedness and have gear not two day delivery disasters won't wait so why should you have you seen the walking.

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