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"governor john whitmer" Discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

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"governor john whitmer" Discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition

"Out to these structures. You always wanted to be prepared for whatever could possibly come up. I'm training for a type of event that I will be wearing this twenty, four seven getting off the couch and doing something as extreme than yes I'm an extremist. I don't think it's the getting off the couch aspect that makes you an extremist. I mean there's a lot of middle ground between getting off the couch and decapitating mannequins in the woods because that dude was purposefully describing the most benign part of what he was doing. It's like Hannibal. Lecter saying when if setting the table and listening to classical music makes me a cannibal then I guess I mechanical dude was the eating human live apart you eat humans I asked that to fifth. What about these militias? That if you WANNA address in Army fatigues and trained for war. You can do that in the military and they'll pay you and they give you healthcare. This is like someone picking up strangers and they just driving around the city for free man. Join Uber, get yourself some of those stars and look it's clear that these have a warped ideology. But a big part of this. Is just that these guys clearly need friends. They lonely. The scared of change this militia stuff gives them a sense of community. Because of toxic masculinity, the they can feel comfortable bonding is if it's based around violence. I just wish one day. One of them would just be like, Hey, guys instead of spreading all weekend canning beans shooting in the woods. Do you guys maybe just WanNa. Go out for Brunch. Thank you thought I was the only one thinking that I know a place that makes a great eggs benedict. So today's militias are less organized and more heavily armed than the original ones, but there's another big difference to. While, the eighteenth century militias were formed to protect the country. The twenty first century variety usually wants to rip the country apart most of the men charged with a criminal plot to kidnap Michigan, Governor John Whitmer have ties to the BOO Gulu movement..

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