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"governor greg qasar" Discussed on KLBJ 590AM

"Crimes against persons remain at 0% change compared to last year. But when you're going to look into the details, murder, 40% of kidnapping 4% of aggravated salts up 18% intimidation of 5% statutory rape. Is up 20 of 9%. So those those numbers when you talk about in percentage is any any increases bad? Yeah, you know. Well, and you have a city. You have a city that has an outstanding police department. And I know I have friends that are on the department and they're very dedicated to it. But you should. You should be going the opposite direction and not having increased on the situation. I think you could tie this specifically to the shortage of police officers We have when you have more cops in uniform and squad cars on the streets. It has a tendency to, you know, shoot crime away. Just the president of cops. Yeah, thank you. Allow your crimes against property actually saw a little bit of an increased robberies up. 7%. Arson is up. 38% extortion up 142% burglary up 11% auto theft up 31%. It's pretty amazing. It really is And I I do appreciate what the point that Governor Patrick is making. I really do. I I think he has our best interests at heart. And this is serious, serious, serious stuff. He's talking about show. Maybe maybe it was a bit of an overstatement. But at the same time I still do appreciate because I know what the goal is. Well, sometimes you have to over exaggerating, hype it up a little bit just to get attention. That's right, because the mayor on one side he's talking about how this is still a C The mayor has the attitude of your safe enough. Yeah, Shut up. You're safe enough. So shut up, right? That's that's the idea. He has shut up and let me get back to overtaxing. I just don't see how this anti police this defunding of police and let's be very clear. Governor Greg Qasar, say governor governor Drugs Mayor Greg Cassard love to disband the police Department would He would. I have been talking about it for years, and I think you just tell us all to behave. You know, no police, and just everybody behave and let's just love each other. Just do there. Okay? All right. We'll do that. Like you is a very, very dangerous man. This is a very, very dangerous city council. It's a dangerous mayor. It is it. It's it's surreal. And and I think a lot of people that voted these people in probably also are thinking. What the hell did I do? There's got to be a little bit of that. Some people are starting to think that way as well. Do you think Here's the thing. All of these incumbents that are up for reelection if they all win, and if prop a passes Austin, Texas deserves what it gets. I was sure does it sure as hell does. That's absolutely because we have enough people in this town to Ah to vote all this away. And if it does not happen, there's not much you can say about it. Yeah, there's no man. Apparently, I saw a report late last night. That about more than 40% of the registered voters in Austin, Texas, have already voted. Yeah. That's pretty tremendous really is I've never seen anything like this. No on. I really don't have any idea where property is going to go. I do not. I will be. I will not be surprised if this does not pass. I will not be surprised if it does. Yeah, either. Either way, I'm not going to be surprised at all. It should not because this This will change the future Boston it will change the population of Boston. It'll be a disaster. It'll be so Wall Street continues to take a little bit of a hit over the past few days, you and according to some stories, I'm seeing they They kind of think it's because of the uptick in Corona virus cases. I think it's something deeper than that. I think they're concerned about this election. They're not sure who's gonna be the next president. It's Ah, It's very feels like a very unstable time. Right now we know street continued a nosedive. It started Monday is all three major US. Indices fell off a cliff during Wednesday's opening bell and amid further increasing concerns about this virus. The Dow has lost 1800 points since the week began, including 943 points yesterday. Well, and I mean, it kind of makes sense doesn't mean we're gonna unstable election going. We we literally at this moment, I have no idea what the future of America looks like. And it just kind of makes sense to have that kind of uncertainty right now. We really because it appears it is going to be a very tight race. I personally don't think it's going to be, but it appears that it does. Hand and then you know, Of course, there's still lack of a passing of AA number. Another stimulus bill and all that, right there. Many reasons further doubt. Yeah, listen, there's one thing I am certain off. If you have a flex steel counter.

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