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Teva to hold Indivior generic drug launch pending U.S. ruling

Arizona's Morning News

01:09 min | 5 years ago

Teva to hold Indivior generic drug launch pending U.S. ruling

"The mayo clinic is joining a group of hospitals launching a nonprofit generic drug company. It's called civic prescription. And it'll directly manufacturer generic drugs in serious demand professor of surgery and vice dean of clinical practice at the mayo clinic in Arizona, Dr William stone explains why it's needed either. The medication has gotten to be. Prohibitively expensive. Or it may not actually be available. There may be drug that an individual patient needs. But the manufacturer has not produced enough of that. And they may not have it locally fourteen. Generic hospital drugs are the initial focus in are expected to hit the market as early as twenty nineteen hoping to potentially work alongside V as throughout the country Ali vetnar KTAR news on neurological institute in Phoenix now has a fifty million dollar grant to study deadly brain cancer, looking for a cure for the same cancer that claimed the life of Senator John McCain the grant itself is effectively supporting a new type of clinical trials program at the barrow, which is a combination of basic science research and drug development. That's Dr Nodar Sam Sinai with barrows doctors tonight says the gift will push barrows to a new level of personalized

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