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"governor eureko kohic kobe" Discussed on Japan This Week

"I'll have a little more information on it later in the show. But for now, let's get back to the week's headlines. Ousted. Nissan, boss. Carlos gone has been released from the Tokyo detention center after posting a whopping one billion yen in bail. The couple was arrested after leaving their three year old daughter was severe burns at home while they went out to go gambling Tokyo. Governor Eureko Kohic Kobe is receiving some very harsh social media backlash but not about economic policy or the upcoming twenty twenty Olympics. We'll tell you what that's all about later in the show. Yokohama has been rated the most desirable place to live in the content area. Beating Tokyo for the second year in a row. And in a week where we marked the anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake a banner has been unfurled at the busy. She'll be a crossing intersection marking how high the soon NAMI waves would have reached had it hit. She will all this plus Japan today. Readers comments and commentary. So stick around. Hi, I'm Jeff Richards, and welcome once again to Japan this week, a quick recap of stories we've been following on the Japan today website. It's Friday March eighth two thousand nineteen well in our first story this week ousted. Nissan, boss. Carlos gone was finally released on March six from the Tokyo detention center where he's been held after posting..

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