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"gotha gama club" Discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra

UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra

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"gotha gama club" Discussed on UFC Unfiltered with Jim Norton and Matt Serra

"Monteiro say i'm touching my leg not my deck i mahanama parents well it's uncomfortable i wanna call hr actress as i see asia yeah he's finally this solid apply how great was i'm a guy the adulterers little dutch sox is that i can't see them through those regular uncomfortable oh there's a great length ally the tennis stocks stupid you don't play tennis sergio now you die do so where what chance for eight years you don't play tennis not one second pair musset for not for not for nine years and you just crudely retirement you don't play tennis for nine years now you're gonna say will not one second what would you tennis rare we'll wait is it fucking 16ounce instead shared abbas aren't even a wait i'd made that up what's a way for tennis for i don't know i made it out of sixteen ounce rackin's javagal god looked at up i know i know what your favorite tennis ball i'll wilson wilson greener they call milton green years we're well how do you serve front aback plea both there's no altering overhead that up over here on a bag doesn't even shirt as you back here i'm up by the way i'm gonna be in indianapolis coming up uh it'll be tomorrow night friday night i'll be in indianapolis and i will also be saturday puree illinois to jukebox comedy club oh will you know where i'm going to be where tommy bob colonia on goal go cool on now i am going to be those so fascinating this christmas the twenty second 23rd in in uh i'll be at the dolphin comedy club in new york city gotha gama club the week before christmas 22nd 23rd come see me and have some christmas joy i'm gonna take a quick leak okay we will catch you say so you use a sixteen ounce racket as i do so that's very heavy because typically like an an hour's racket you'd have yes that your i prefer a heavier racket because they get more could boom on the ball that's where i saw.

Monteiro tennis abbas indianapolis illinois tommy bob colonia gotha gama club christmas asia milton new york city sixteen ounce nine years one second twenty second eight years 16ounce