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Ho! Ho! Ho! It's a Christmas Special

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Ho! Ho! Ho! It's a Christmas Special

"The report was good people. It's your boy richie rich against the men and welcome to another episode of black book. The podcast today. We'll go full house joy. I'm buying my man. Kill someone. Sanchez was going on people. Romy romy miss fi fi and this is a christmas special time of year where everyone gets. Merry bit wavy because chocolate chocolate on the menu. What's game on kobe plan. And just by the time of year well families get together quite big insane coaches not so much in others but of course when asked to solve with his. What does christmas mean to you. Want to start off well. I'm the biggest christmas fan. Hey i'm sorry about family. Food presents the food again. Food alcohol six and the baby still ahead okay. So what are we talking about them. My family is everything. No now say wa- table comes hinder eighteen tech. He got the lamb. Got the geest. Got the pheasant that runs across the road against everything so you have to make sure everybody on the tables causes to some mac and cheese and because over the years. Vegetarians have come into the family. Annex shifts piece of squashed on the table saw me to teheran than these new trends may see you accommodate all. Come on the table you know. Why rage pilots to keep everybody happy. Okay cool cool co. he's always say what's christmas like food. Food is well. Yeah we'll see what nigerian about. Gardening office definitely jello question. Those nigerian ghanaian joel a different general. I'm going to be biased. I'm going to say even nigerian going to say guardian. I think it because not julian stole. You've boise to the ones of have tried to the best of chefs senate. So you go there you go. That's why the nigerian dav had support. No one day. Say yeah say okay. Jell fries whilst more traditional dishes or stick to western so foods well for me mostly above some african on british But may i just stick to my often the beef. Yeah and. I'm badgering man. That's the only time very often could notify mccollum. Run have some parliament members that just work twenty four seven were clue. Just just everyone around the daewoo into can be foolish. And yeah you know. That's what it's all about mary. Month sange war. As everybody else said food oversee we in was being jamaican and guyanese. So you obviously there's the or i don't eat red meat so no pork beef. Norrland orlando for myself. i'm. I'm just now missing christmas with a crack. How can you be trying to tell backing swine. Ccc the puck is still there and pat cap. Good to know you is there. S and p's the coleslaw. Mac and cheese rose chicken as mom cooks the alarm and the pork is obviously my mom. My siblings eat it. Yes what was he christmas being. I've got massive family myself under off. Kgo eight siblings. Pretty time is mad for you. Then kinda matter now got two nephews as well so the family graham very family orientated. So i see my mom's side of the family on christmas day. And then i have a second christmas on like the box. In the order. Twenty-seventh my dad's side of the family. Because my grandma still alive to this day fight. Gordon razor invest in ninety. So that's out of the family link-up hers because he's a little bit difficult now because of corona traditionally. That's what we do. So i see both sets of the family. The ones that are in this country anyway said food family music. Alcohol notice nobody. Nobody truly to still barrington levy on sanchez. Kicking him boy mobile missile for me. Christmas is all about say common together as a family in love all of that. Yeah sweet sweet. Listen for me. Oh it's going to be has to be the president's hands down. Sorry is a seasonless. Look good though i am. I am actually. I literally listening attentively. To what a person ones so also questioned by. I won't happen addition never when popular coffee. I get you the bucks at exactly so the presence. I will say food second knowing that oversee. My dad's is europa. My mom is having both to different. Nigeria yeah yeah the both nigerian two different tribes so alabama caliber so with my mom side. Soups are amazing. So that's the time we get to basically have lots of soups and vegetables. So it's very is no soup. Coconut rice fee to be swimming cheeky hanging. But we've we've. The soup is really healthy. Spinach of green very likely literally taylor day clean out so it's good to eat more food so it's quite so yeah definitely it will definitely be the alcohol for me as well tells down trysts. Oh okay so is. There isn't any don't say it looks like is a girl still guessing. What do i do a in oklahoma experience experience listener. Rich chocolates always awake and then pullover rameez well. Romeo food thirty eight with me as well. I love to serono as well. It's sweet as well cumbria. Cranberry cranberry with apple juice. So that's just run and spy taking notes just a quick digression juice orange juice so we about bits. Bits bit conversations to be ten cents. Bits on that. I'm smith cow but anyway go molina yeah. Christmas is yeah just family. My sister will come with the kids. She's got six of them. Yes say that for the whole day. S with all the presents and the money and the puck right now from the kids. That don't belong to me. Can we give them back after doors commoner because see it she's like i don't know i love to eat and like i said the pork belly. Okay he tuning hurry Also cheese and the immune hunger about but Yeah and the drinking So you're kirby as well so you have a double any of like non caribbean non who've like western dishes attacking africa caused the frosting at christmas time. Ever try anything new now say. My dad is a stickler. He thing every year timeline. I spend christmas girlfriends families time time and she made me a roast go from from the uk and other games ktichen sunday race roasting yorkshire putin's and stopping in them things the starting oppressed. You know to be open minded and say so. Let's say without with anymore in turn was similar to you guys Been club a big paul. My so christmas memories. Would i say. I've been much of christmas person over the years. You know what i mean like. I've had a lot of like weird ups and downs of my family. So i've never really had a stable source of like christmas experience so we spend if a mom and whatnot of my dad and then his beim over time and what not by myself own towers not part had like very mixed christmas. We have one particular memory that can attribute to say okay. Christmas day december seventeenth. I look up. They don't feel like christmas this year for christmas. D normally put them up now. I don't know if i'm with some of the time and see how can accommodate me personally of never felt that the so i'm i'm on these women in her christmas tree in november. I want to nine tree. I got my from my late grandmother. Mp's ones growing up. She will have the tree. I don't know who's listening. Fema actually might not least abbott decorations. Yeah we want to the same age land to the poor and the ceiling back in the eighties thing. My grandma used to plot the phones removed to data room and those kind of course woodland and the food and the family together. The paper chase there pay pay part the paper. The paper change and making snowflakes and stick on the window brought up in that type of christmas. Christmas my master's gridiron. I love christmas candles. Lying toda love chris. Milk glow in right now. The start a match on a little bit succeed in of what most of you guys said in towns of the food being in one of my most integral parts of christmas experience so most via probably seen or heard about the recent sales advert Regarding a dad and daughter sharon very intimate moment about dad's gravy and whatnot. Ab song gravy song store and there's been describe it of professional comes. What'd you say. I wanna say controversial. Racial racial disgusted. Short down yeah. Don't worry disgusting comments Regarding you know the whole adver and sainsbury's trying to do is when you guys take on the whole thing and it goes for me. When i heard about it my head would spin seeing myself. That really on my head was offered a some oita had with all the protest in. I mean people kneel in people telling us that choose really. My head was really at lutely heart. I'll give you some of the some of the so on twitter. Some of the comments that were under the they put out onto overseas on tv as well as obviously promoted on twitter. And that's where the comments racial comments came from or there are things such as our anywhere people in britain left. Has this country become africa. Bear in mind this person's after this wrong and there's no capitals absolute idiot anyways even so we have made it clear. They consider why people are dangerous to their staff and they only one customer black families like nonsense it some of the things that people were really thinking to myself. Are you debt stupid. The other ones. I had about the only three percent of the population on one hundred percent of the friend. The one time we don't is when do we as a community. we is hardly ever react. Complaint the majority of the adverse wherever it sainsbury's tesco's audi minute wait adverse we see on british tv predominantly our way. We have never said why they never person. The person is like a biracial couples. The background even still we don't we don't anything is not even the even the whole campaign. There was free separate adver off free separate adverts and they want to they want to if you've got so go on youtube now you tap into saints with elvis the free episodes you know you're going to commit section on the platform you leaders who just cut off from great. How style what is that. You know our representative. We do mickey mouse roles like the bingo. When the woman's they're playing the guitar with yes which makes no sense so comments day. The lady from our program is a program. That's what she's from. Yeah is it something in tattoos nonsense gimmicky. But you know what one time. You have a serious a nice. I'm not gonna night. I'm surprised they don't want anything. When any form of ethnic minorities these tight vouchers having from the twitter thugs of this of these places and start making ninth annoys me the most here about these people. I'm like okay. So you're you're coming on on social media chest with these comments first things first. You're not gonna say monroe life number two a lot of the things that we've arm you're wearing them your eaten them. You're using them are created by a lot of food. That's how many people are making it guaranteed. No don't don't don't get me started on that by law. The food people eat so that they'll go to logo to the local indian on on on a weekend or or the closed. They've got on of made in india or china indonesia. But you'll racist. Yeah so if you're if you're racist why are you. Why eating their food. Why are you. Why are you wearing their clothes. I hate saying sanchez but in terms of the lack of education. How's it make you feel when he saw that advert was proud. I was happy. How did you fill with represented room fuzzy feelings. We'll come every conduct table was cooked first thing had this. The always have a typical stereotype of how about financial looked like probably the data's prison and the mom's a single mother seeing that as a family actually being present in the actual lives of their bridge rating. Wants to see that relatable warsaw that i think and dad grandma bunny and i understood that was relatable that we could relate to all black people of all different coaches different over to africa or could they could relate to that but you know some supermarkets are dad like little played it safe to share with kevin. The character kevin the rabin and women's thinking about potatoes. He really give it to them. Don't be on defense with few of two markets froze Rose received comments. They removed to think channel four. She had a time when she played old. Those adverse back in sort of johnson johnson. He showed that the biggest in it's not just saying breeze that promote the black culture. Also send them by saying because usually it's not really a hurdle for supermarkets play adverts in simcity vernice usually come different slots so by doing that. It's kind of like as an act of guests. Listen we don't care what you say. The same was doing it. It's all of us do quite well one hundred percent. Maybe just not seeing lewis ever now when you the pigeon share to black people because with the gold chain. The photo was a bit. Yeah but i didn't see that. I don't think i've seen that one on one was saying is more or less like gift of love and it's not only christmas. I know was how the pigeons was normal. Kind of gallow. I'm gonna let interested at christmas. Still maybe the saints advert. Did you see the common. They re back to. People of people wanna a himself. Did it say basically said there was like on twitter. Actually ask sayings reads. We wanted to be the most increases retailer. That's why for all our advertising. We aim to represent a modern person. Which has a diverse range of communities. We have three stories of freedom. Different families in our appetizing. That was their comeback to everybody saying. Why is this advert. They standing the question is then. Yes okay. they've done now I want to see that next year. Yeah the year off dr for me. It's not even about the. I want to see us representing the workplace flow for. You say you're going to be your diverse wise not showing in your in your company as well so as oxo of a happier now share with me. We believe your most happiest christmas memory than just to get the audience. A nice to boost going into town. Mclaughlin behaved pick one one. Actually if you think about let somebody else go. One says a memory that i always have from when i was little and obviously santa was that you told when you were growing up. And he believed him. Sorry if you didn't. If i remember we had our president wrapped in santa's ones will never wrapped and he got me the most silliest president it was something so minor it was the law sneaker little sneaky thing and he pulled back the but thank you. Sandra best present ever mom's like kids very happy. Now san doesn't exist. Chest is high stickney. Boy who is going to be hard this year for me personally because this is the first christmas dot. My dad So i'm looking at as more or less kinda thing all the memories of especially for us going growing up being pastas child the christmas with more or less about going to church to church so having that for me i feel like i'm still going to carry on that tradition with my children. That's probably very memory of my dad. Lessons arrested piece donkey few. He's it's good that you've got more than one point atoll I wasn't really So much and i think drew my early stages of attitude who has what point one of the first times. I get got to spend christmas with my mom and siblings so it was nice. Okay i mean of them. Drink well voice. Probably a remember specifically how old hours when i was younger. I was really really really really into trains. The thomas the tank engine can name somebody characters watershed to this date while data on. I remember like i was asking My parents for like obviously the thomas. Tang train says that there was like there was. Thomas does percy james gordon those bury them rolling off the tongue. And i can remember. That was a difficult year in terms of just things that were going on. So i wasn't really although i wanted it. I didn't expect it to them. What was christmas day comes now. And i'm opening opening my presence and among was clever she left that lost So awesome opening and as one experience when you've been disappointed that they weren't you come up with this last president now. I'm not so open in non to see in liz tamer than but the thing is like a few months later i started using those trains as weapons because the trains were hard in. Oh no yes commerce gate. Because i used to trump even the memory of that was good. Yeah yeah that's best best. Well let me go fast food so for me beforehand. I've never really had a real sort of like a great memories for christmas. Christmas person by thing probably the one that stands out to me. The most is when i was about seven years old and i got reunited with my mom and like brethren family in jamaica. Because i was in the states for a bit i was in foster care for about four years so in light of last focuses with my foster parents and you know like i like a lot of different stuff quebec family as well so it was a case of like i always kind of felt like not insignificant but influx matter a lock her child as much she was still take care stalking me presence and whatnot but then it did like i was kinda like the focal point and then when i'd actually did get reunited my mom back into make over in our siblings and whatnot. It was just a of like this home. Feeling mean we didn't have much in will pause hell in jamaica acapella back in the states. But i think just the fact that our with with them and i felt like i was really kind of connected home in. I mean that's feeling against took with me over the years of memory the console resonates with me the most terminent beautiful school i had i think with mine at to be very spotty short. Just a one point two. I think was being with my grandmother. The last christmas before she passed away you could and motta was enjoy every christmas. Because you never know what next shame may bring. And that said 'cause law family aunties and uncles. I do have a good relationship with my family. All yahoo So that particularly yeah ball. Uncles a fung for christmas. A phone a phone call. Listen question so i'll be funny because it would open up resist. Go and what down the treat because also that puts you all of them. Some of them were athletes and autumn. Things they're trying to say is so i'll bought them all different colors all for me. What was the for process that the joke is. I want to see the reaction on the face. Everybody open and what they're actually was one one opening that same says not the uncles offering. Not me late. You know one christmas vessel. I'd be glad you're gonna have you gone because five goose's ready facility up saying is that was one of bio kinda funny memories. Are we give gifts some funny. Things knows emphatic politically. I'm also we do. A raffle was well. So wherever pays win prizes and so forth so and my grandma by introduced it that tradition sit around four stars basic from the first november. Say it won't charge a pound for ticket and it gets very competitive for some people. Some people buy two books. And i'll try to say see gets really competitively by the prison and the phone in the tickets of that russell because this recipe book hands on deck christmas spirit of competitions as well so am best designing christmas cracker johnson sneaking. You said food more than once. She's trying to get every christmas so much fun. Time family is important. Come and go man. Come and go mia she come and go but your family is there to conclude guys. Yeah just wanna hear lack one last all in a statement go into the new year whole listens to know about you know about me. Yeah just one of those days as flick the here is. I'm just me. I am fee comparing very nice with mass. We've had a tough year. just enjoy. what's left of it and bring on twenty twenty one who for me. I've realized this year them actually stronger than i. Four hours and for me and in this year it's more or less not beating up myself. I know in that basically. I have family and friends around me supporting me. And just filling up in that. Love and the surrounded with positivity around me so i would say for those who are basically going through hard times i just said lean on your family and friends you know so yeah definitely definitely salad on a positive note media more who basically same assuming that this does know me. They've known how hard is he has been for me mentally. It's been one of the toughest years of ever had in my life. Okay well as i'm here. Smiling him alive so sexy okay. You know tape puffy on a serious note lousy said despite this being very difficult you notice for myself but for many many people If you are here keep going like his is life is difficult as a continuous journey. There's time for finger turnaround for things to get better. I wish you all a merry christmas happy new year. Twenty twenty one. We'll see what comes burn. Don't don't be disheartened by what happened to share this time. For things turn turnaround. Stay strong and we'll move forward. Bless bless bless him. I'm technically december's for anyone knows very positive person and Moist usually smiling laughing for me this year just to remain just remain positive. Be there for your family and friends. If you can casino you know people will find even know the fine and you know just message one day to say good morning or how you. That's how are you. You can that alone compliance. Someone's day yeah. I mean so. Stay impose from being there for each of like you come to christmas. Everyone comes together for some people that we know only time they can really come see people when you're not to me. Yeah so yeah we well. Hoover knows me. What you see is what you get. Momma is early stone. Don't grow a one mean by. That is when laughing you The and the clock is ticking. You can still continue life. Appreciate your loved ones and you definitely appreciate yourself. Your love is the best love cell. Exactly no man is an island. Nobody alad clo- all. I'm saying is embraced hip embrace every day. You don't what tomorrow next hour mini or second may bring but where you are now appreciate people. Orange percents say basically. This year is been absolute journey. I mean are been for some strange times up seven dollars. Lefts and rights. Mahato has actually this podcast building. If you guys you know nobody said that sharing your experiences you know. I mean just buildings brand. It's been a real highlight of my year. Do want to continue this as much as we can going forward in our building brand identity and it's reaching nuts and those people as can come know uplift or black uk community. And i mean so twenty twenty. Thank you go. Because you've just ended on positivity can we all around to say one position has happened for us this year. Do myself positive this year. I recently so literally about a month ago. I got a promotion in the water. Physiotherapy nice fifteen months after qualifying. They do when you go for sale. Promotions they always ask for two years experience with less than a year and a half. Mr stanch here so dombrowski and the working a good next for me. I guess proof to be honest. I think doesn't mean one particular event or situation. I think has been the best in town of the most positive thing just growth of had over the last twelve months has been immense learning about myself that i don't think A recall tapped into prior to this year. And i mean and obviously given this experience and this knowledge i have going forward. I think it just propels me to be even grades going into twenty twenty one on the phone. Wonderful say for me this year. What by what. I moved out last year and this year are finally started to get in certain things in order in my little place and i've also become a little baker shopping for my cake older in a a tight like cape. I always try to make them. You know i'm the i'm red solve sparked me that is my that is my i. Will you know. I'll my back for me. It would definitely be small spirituality for me just more or less finding time to just meditate and reflect on life. I'm just knowing that you know everything's going to be good. Like simone said you know just being really positive in everything in Always feel like when one door closes another one opens. Oh you know when a window is closed crack someone does open so it's more or less just not giving up and kicking does does down for me. I'll say that she has brought And never given up on hope definitely for me just being alive to be on a c. Experience jinxed like this she has been very been quarried. If you love by news has been out there and each day after. He thinks you're making you'll see a day. I'm truly grateful for that. And also a moved to mrs this year. Your hobby bro. Happy wife happy life spouse happy house no quarantine way was good is on the way to come said. Can you feel you know people talk about covert and can't go nowhere and kind of to do. I loved every moment of it. Okay i had time for myself. I slept i watched. My goal was criminal by heads. I joined it so filipa acidity. I'm signing. i'm don't take granted in perspective. You're trying to say own-account go out. I don't care what up my yard and mission guys thank you so much for your contribution not just today but from the whole yet Spin a blessing to be a part of this if you guys seen in series to two thousand twenty one guy.

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