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"gordon huberdeau" Discussed on Xtra Sports Radio 1300 AM

"Possession you couldn't see early on with the tactic is looking here. Sara Lee on a breakaway clean from the neutral zone, He scores, he snuck it five hole on my Brodsky. Just three minutes in the lightning have the lead. Lauren and Cernak with the assists at three minutes, even at the first period, and what a play that was by Anthony Surreally some good sports USA Karma. He was our pregame show guest a little one on one action with him. Speaking of one on one, Janni Gord said, Hey, I could score too. Comes future off into the Florida Zone. Spin move, Hands it off. And Janni Gord sleeps it around the end boards to the left point circuit. Check back to CU Trop, long shot tipped in Want to redirect by Yanni Gord that was going five ft. Wide. It's two to nothing. Tampa Bay 7 24 the time of the goals, circuit chef and culture of getting the assist, and then some more interesting fisticuffs and unsportsmanlike conduct later between Gordon Huberdeau and Jonathan Huberdeau cashed in Panthers keep it alive. Working high in the zone again, its bark off Bennett from the Circle Fat rebounded. Huberdeau scores And it fired from the right circle. Pasa Levski kicked the rebound of the left circle. Huberdeau had a yawning that he didn't miss it. It's 2 to 18 49 top of the Gold Horn, Quist and Bennett getting the assist and one more score coming up late. Ryan McDonagh keeps it at the blue Line is the Lightning have some zone time for a change to tropical drink wide turn that scores let it go from the right point. Traffic in front and the.

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