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"gordon daniel house" Discussed on Premium Hoops

"And i don't think things will be able to figure it out christian elite lob threat and elite point shooter playing that guy designed williamson is just a way of score. A lot of points won't really guard anyone given where we were last year. At least going forward we had superstar potential that later down the road and future assets that if we start being good teams might lead. Players may wanna come to figure out like a real coaching team and then that also dj augustine. Gordon daniel house. We got off a lotta bad money. But got on like more long-term bad money. Eric gordon and the extent but like i want bad money who shoots instead of bad money. Who all is why it value gordon. Augustine i we have two young guards. Entira lewis junior and mikhael alexander walker who have potential of jones jones and things. We can really count on getting august. Inning gordon gives us the ability to give them a chance but also if they don't show themselves than we have options that are at least cover and so we think we can play real five-man units with the team had this year's opposes. Yeah and i think christian would like ability to just dribble also like separates him from someone like myles turner where you can like continue place like you can post up zay and pass it to christian would attacks close out. Passes back design. You know just like that. it's going it would be. I'm pretty sure it would have a historically good offensive rating when those and those guys ingram shared. Get exactly and we're gonna we're gonna do something. It's stupid williams. Focus on offense defense so much unwrap side of things we are fully rebuilding christian would have two years left on his contract. There's no way we're a good team in those two years. Let's deal him now. We got a top ten pick next year and we get bad money and adams and blood silk but at least a good guy move eric. The time working with the bec- we are going. Jaden sprinter at tennessee..

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