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"gord yanni gore" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"With a lot. Offensive zone visa status. Stamkos you've status. Barkov? Brower markup up. Withdraw Hoover rips. It out the park of center Barkat dangerous year across the lighting left. Circle shots. Rebound Ecuador, right point shot blocked. Kucha has the rebound drop out to center ice. Curls back to his own zone. He makes the middle at center cuts. His way crossed the blue line crops and left lot quick Xiaoyi rate. Stamkos Freud circle right circle plot. Shoot. Pat. Save made Riber rebound is loose Putra. Try to keep it alive. For stamkos shot on net is trapped by rivalry covers it up one zero one remaining in the third. It's four two four. Whitening. Get another offense zone base of your so Putra spent the last year with stamkos and plots, and I always see point Johnson board reunited. Jobs directed to the debt cover up a library. Dubber really tough sees the third period. Got his players dried on kicked loose puck in front. Out here. Paul by the Panthers Babu to make sure is handles his offensive zone as well. Manages the final sixty-one seconds of regulation. Well. Always wild between these teams. Were trailing points that I doubt they ever long to nothing. The next shift. Two to one. Early in the second. Chipped away for the second period ended. Give it credit for all the dried, HUD, accidentally Ready for the face off? Point took a lot the first two periods. Johnson taken the majority of the third. Eight point two four through the first two periods. Spark of Johnson. That's why you call park. Back out there, the draw the wait wait for the right circle of pass the front block. Nick McCloud carries it out to center merit equa points rips at my that l'amico either that buke stabbed. Maybe I was out there to win the draw. L'amico rates circle shoots saved to make rebound dukes Saturday corner. Passes picked up by Johnson thirty eight seconds left in the Third Reich Yanni Gord what's it out to center ice for point top supported the Panthers zone leaguer? We're gonna sidestep Tyler Johnson. For Roure at center ice, toy brower games, the red line dump it in braided point with a force it for Gord Yanni gore does roll it in by the Florida that final fifteen seconds passing holding out of the pocket. Wink, Jared Kansas center leaves at four that was off-side way off sceviour. It's going to be face up back in the Panthers end with seven seconds left. You tried to spring. Have it wouldn't have been a breakaway lightning? How to defense back there? But sceviour was well of his own before the reached him. There will be a up to the left arrive or the Panthers wanted a neutral zone face. I don't think that's where the pass was delivered by weezer exotic I used to change players as what they're gonna do. Stamkos. We'll take the drug. It's far here. Survivors left. Stamkos does win it. L'amico steals. It though it clears it. It's gonna go down the ice is going to be an icing. A little bit of time. Still on the clock point four seconds. Wasn't a clean base for stamkos Atlantic routes through traffic to get his stick in the pocket. Get it down the ice. They're going to have a little bit of time in one second officially..

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