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"gord dwyer" Discussed on Newsradio 970 WFLA

"Had to work a little bit harder. But in there thinking, you know what you know, Sometimes you get a little satisfied, and I know it sounds crazy when you got three games on your belt, but I think that's what's it and they got away from that. Really, uh, hard, defensive plus style of play, they way wide open. There's too many people wide open a lot of backdoor place, which they were really cutting down in. I think to just you know they had a couple days to practice and I think that just gets him back focusing on what they have to do to win because of Tuesday's postponement. This is one of the rare instances this year. In which the lighting you're going to play a team once of the Nazi them immediately again. Maybe one of their instance I think maybe one of the rescheduled James. They got moved is in a similar situation. But For the lightning. They happen to be catching this Carolina team. Carolina's not a lot of players still on the protocol list, so they have had to bring up players from the taxi squad. What do you make of that dynamic like these players have not played in game action since last season. On the other hand, a lot of them are getting an opportunity here, and Stephen Lawrence is making his NHL debut. Well, you know what that energy level's gonna be President that you know, it's really gonna be high. I mean, how well the skill level is gonna match up with the guys that are out, Probably not or else. They've been here a lot sooner, but that's the thing is that No, I haven't told captain of mine and I played a lot of years with Bobby Clarke said. You know, hard work could be channeled every time. But when you have hard working talent, it's very hard to beat. So that's the one thing the lightning have to read it right off the bat. You can bet Carolina's come right after that. They're gonna really try and set the tone and the lightning gonna have to be able to match it. Which I'm sure they will. Because this is the team. As you pointed out, Mr. They've been pretty good. Coming back after losses. They just have to go back in the memory bank and say OK, this is it. We gotta we gotta go and pay attention to the O details. You have a tendency to get a little bit fancy. And I think the assertive stages here, you know, teams the offense has gonna take time to catch up to where the defense is gonna take time to catch up to the offense. It's a lot easier to do the office because that's a natural thing. You like to do it. You know it's more fun. Defense is a little bit more hard work a little bit more determination, and that's what has to be built tonight. Starters in that vast Celeski for the Lightning. Peter Meraz IQ for Carolina vast loss given it to our left in the first lightning skate left to right on the road, whites with blue numbers, Meraz IQ and the goal to our right. James Great to let they're wearing their third jerseys. Black with White numbers. Referees tonight or Gord Dwyer and John McKay, Isaac. The line's been a Ryan Givens and James Tobias opening face off next lightning and Hurricanes..

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