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Premier League Rolls On


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Premier League Rolls On

"WOKE MEANS LASER VISION OF ESPN AFC here on ESPN. Plus I'm Dan. Thomas joined by Stevie Nickel Rolling Rolling. The show got Markazi will be here for last time in two thousand nineteen because his big takeaways from this season so far plus it finally looks like into Miami. emme have their new coach more later but I is starting to premier league host of matches today. I think the standout results leaving Norwich against pass fast to to once again spurs looking less than convincing. Yea Shetland a false For Thought Nori held the role knowledgeable team. The regardless of the results have been having the got Fi- and and particularly at home. They will go out and tried to to to do that with them. Plus should should've gone to all knowledge when goldenseal load but but the fact is the second half no question talk dominated again. They did to get two goals. which if you get two goals away from home against a relegation-threatened Sade? Yeah you should take all the points. Unfortunately the strangest. I mean just thing under under marina for me is that taught him since eighteen. Oh left have been a lot sharper in my opinion and looked a lot better going forward. Loyd which is not what you associate with Marina. Said's you associate Marino sage with stanton and keeping a tight. Well this taught them say that the bike and in my opinion are all over. The place completely changed his lane in the second half and it still didn't matter. Every knowledge went forward and the retain Norwich Space Base. It was panic stations at the bike for Taunton and unless he shortstop can forget. All for it doesn't as you say is Astana doesn't seem to be on this team at all know. How easy is that to fix? Is it just a matter of time. Get over this period. Get everyone together. I don't I don't believe that a lot of people say well what you need to do. Is You need to get your players on the training field and coach them having been in that position. Some things enj- players either company coached the past the best and in my opinion on the the new contract. I think he's passed these birds. I I certainly believe that the Pasta these best. No he has contracts run annot within. If you look at what else they have. You've got a rate bark basically an Oriole. Who's who's better going forward? And you've got another defender Sanchez. Who yes has piece but I think positionally he's all over the place so regardless us of whatever we lay whether it's a bikes or whether it's a back four which we saw today the struggle and unless they change the the personnel? I don't see how he's not going to continue to struggle. Defensively you mentioned the disallow. Go before we get to that. You take a look at the build up to the penalty that was awarded it should they have been found given the was a challenge from Lamella. The if you were to ask ten different from people you probably get five of face. Stevie now I don't think it's a phobia go this fifty percent. Why in you? I can only tom known and see the. He didn't get any of the ball when he made the challenge. Come and that's why for me. Have you can turn around and say it's a full then. You can't give a full so not obvious sense. You'd think as a toll no okay. Let's talk about the thing that if you've got twitter You know that it just exploded once again. With the second goal as you mentioned was disallowed. For offside it's very very close. But he was off Yup hip people screaming and shouting. It's ruining the game as things something has to be done. You need to be able to look at it all you need to just be able to look at it and if you can't see it from your naked eye then it should be given to the attacking side. Where do you stand on suspicion? The Var was brought and so that we could get the right decisions. Yeah Yep and this gives us the right decision because the technology sure the rookie is not a mile. No one hundred yards. He's he's inches off side but he's off site. So why are you a problem with. That's what the technologies therefore to show whether it's the rate results because we were complaining that we were there was too many occasions with the result. Was the wrong one affected the game. Well this one's right and people are still complaint arguing. The fact that it's such a miniscule amount it doesn't make a difference play. It should be allowed allowed to stand if you can sure that as regardless of as many school if you can show it's still in an offside position then again. Why argue against the that Schwartz Fall? There was a beautiful move. It was a great goal. It's ruining the beautiful game. Well I'm just saying this won't people. Well what do you want. People said the game name was being ruined and we needed technology because there were too many mistakes and with too many games the hinging on decisions right so no we get technology Collagen to help and I think we have to remember something you know. I always think of a young football player when you start off Flynn. There's a professional you like experience. You like composed in big moments you decision making as an always pefect. Perfect Lavar is. It's like a young professional. It's only just stop. People will only begin to get comfortable with and by the time that the experienced the instant. Hopefully we won't have all these all these complaints about again. The real point is when it's the right decision bright's it's the right decision regardless so finishes to in that game between Norwich and Spurs meaning the Manchester United had the opportunity to close the gap On Spurs it move up to fifth that with that win above Tottenham Hotspur now when Wagons Burnley won by two goals. So now you're telling me before Steve this performance impress you much more. Yes and the home victory against new costs which of course they won four one. Yeah I thought that she was a more all complete performance. The dangerous on the break. The shooter had more goals than they did. They gave Beaumont absolutely enough and I think I think they'd one show on target August was a was from what thirty odd steady five yards. They looked comfortable at no stage. Did I think Manchester United would not going to win. This game. Probably always way more impressed with this performance. The wars beating the Newcastle Sade. That just handed them the game last week. So why are they doing right that they haven't done in the past against these sort of teams. What's changed well? I think the problem is with teams at the Post. Beat which bundling are even away from home. The haven't luke dissolve the we're we're going to be able to break them down and in fact the looked under pressure as said I'm shocked at at school more than two goals because when Rochford was running when Moscow was running them we look to me is going to break them down and of course the took the game to them as well too many times away from home for me Mon United as much as we said the the counter attack you can't rely on going to uh-huh teams that you should be beaten. I don't think they did that today. I think they tried to go up only as often as possible and defensively we will rock solid. You talk about a team that makes you fight and challenge will bumbling made them fighting challenge and they stood up to it. He's more likely to finish. Talk for Spurs United Icons of that question but the the the two men the money united and talk them are not not in a position where we have an idea. What's going to happen when they step on the field right so to say it's going to be there are there is disingenuous? Because you don't know what you're GONNA get no money united. I would see the to look as though the beginning. He settled down a little bit more. But I'm not prepared to orange or yes yes it's going to be united So let's take a look at the standings once again shall we. Of course we saw some other big results including Everton Victory Everton with that wind today. It meaning that it is proven three collar too and so to get ahead to myself avenue moving into the top ten what that does mean as a call on chill altis got fifty premier league wins He's done it. The fifth fastest in the history of the League. It's in seventy seventy eight games to reach that landmark. 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Seventy thousand nine hundred is available to download over on the website and earlier earlier in the week and I spoke to his big takeaways about the season so far it's winter break now in its latest reminder having we stand top of the table level on points with forty two lacks in third Roy Moore for Atalanta in faith as we can Gab Markazi and so the show to reflect on what we've learned so far in two thousand nine thousand nine hundred and Gabon wanted to start with Atalanta absolutely look attacking. Football is is back in vogue in in Syria. I think fact I know. Only the Bundesliga has higher goals per game average and a lot of it is the trend. Trend Atlanta started. Perhaps a year ago under Gossiping They were the top fours and city last season or the top scorers in city. Again this season. What's remarkable about them as you don't need great individual players to play attacking football all that also yields results? The next time you see some doofus manager in mid-table talk about why you needed to play the eight one one formation and park three the buses are used to him. He says will help the quality you know what it's not about quality it's about formations. It's about mindset. They don't have the quality either. You've got Papa Gomez is phenomenal. And then you know you've got guys like ruled robbing Goossens. Martin Duran illegit can be special in his day. Mario Passage College. He's doing it with players and they're playing like superstars because the system works and these guys are much greater than the sum of their parts and they're talking walking in there having fun. Meanwhile how do we assess you've season so far. Well well what about you. This season is in. Is that the new. You've it looks a heck of a lot like the old you. We were expecting a revolution a different type of football. He said it wasn't going to be sorry ball. But certainly we didn't expect sort of a friend version of liberty. That's what we got at times turned around a little bit with when we get to see Gwen and and Rinaldo together. But this you've our top of the table so that sheer bloody mindedness and the individuals and the organization and all the stuff that they had under a legally not because of any great innovation the Saudi brought with them. Maybe that's innovation. He hasn't actually changed that many things. How does context report card? Read halfway through the season game what I learned again about coattail is that while we love to point out his inconsistencies as and complain about money and you can be Christ and he's obviously a very sore losers he himself has pointed out he genuinely makes players better Lukaku Martinez art simply better players than they were a year ago. Two years ago three years ago and he's able to get by in for a project by into what he wants to do from his team from fans and that's really important because increasingly increasingly if you're gonNA manage at the highest level you have to also be a salesman goes not just selling hot air. He's phenomenal individual coach. Meanwhile across time rivals. ANC Milan Twenty one point sitting in Eleventh Place Gab. What I learned here was that so the project was fine? You'RE GONNA go for young players. You're going to go for value signings. You'RE GONNA try to go for marginal gains you're going to try to gain efficiencies and whatever else but ultimately you also need a front office. That's that's on board on message and are good at what they do and the reality is neither neither bottle Mondini nor his volume. Your ball had ever held that rule those types of front office Wolf Disease Immune to China and football and I think they paid a pretty hefty price and I think the lesson. There is a if you're going to have a plan get somebody who also perhaps as experienced in writing that the plan is well enough before we get into the issue of the manager which is kind of fixed with purely but obviously you wasted all the time time with jump out of the four that we'll round things up with Napoli gap. Well the lesson learned here is A. Ah It's all about economics than that on the service kind of these no longer than Napoli Manager for one reason but in reality it's other reasons not just the fact that they were doing poorly in the league. It's the fact that getting back getting back up the table in the League league and having a rotten at the top four is more valuable financially to Napoli especially Napoli in this situation with all those players going out on a contract from K.. Hey Hunt others told that they can leave at a certain price. Like Kula. Bali and Allan this whole sacking was a way to to save money to to to to go for for for another pot of gold and two into perhaps started rebuilding cycle without too many people noticing that it had begun on Napoli. Of course I'll feature game when we return in twenty twenty s say. Thank you very much for gap Napoli against into waterway to return in twenty trends. It's a game like the others live on. ESPN plus that matched by the way to forty five eastern Monday January now. Of course this week that is now confirmed said into Miami apparently according to ESPN AFC sources. And it's very close to a done deal regarding diego along so to be their new coaches of course a man who wanNA CONCACAF Champions League with Pachuca back. In two thousand seventeen I'm Monterrey array in two thousand and nine teen so he will much probably being charged for into Miami's opening game. Which of course we'll be live on? ESPN ESPN AGAINST NFC. That's much first at five thirty eastern preceding matt the defending champion Seattle sounders against Chicago Fire Three PM Eastern there are such favorites to win the League. You'd have to put twenty dollars on to win one dollar there in action and of course tomorrow to other games value also Chelsea City Sheffield United. But let's start channel. We seem beaten so found it season. And that's what obviously the next question if they do the whole campaign unrepeatable also date oops possible banana-skin Had this been away from from home. I would say maybe I just don't think of Liverpool. We're going to lose again is going to be at home right. Haven't played onfield having played in front of that that recall the supporters. You never feel as the anything's insurmountable. Show listen if the if something was to go wrong to begin with. You always feel as you're getting a buck if they're gonNA lose as going to be away from home I just don't see. I don't see the Malaysian at home. I do see them drawn against Wolves Iowa. I see this as another victory for Liverpool. You've got of course what was coming to this game off extraordinary win against Manchester City of sound discussion about that second goal. Which of course rory robbed the ball from from Benjamin mandate up some suggesting that if many went down? It's a foul well. Many kids seem referees when a situation late similar similar to that arises the cliff with for any contact full Zoeller. Everybody was yup this one slightly different for me. Yes trailer is going towards Mandy Cindy but Mandy and trying to hold them off the ball back into him so the so the initiation of the contact is coming from Mandy Windy and for me. That's why it's not a free kick and for me. That's why. The referee made the right decision. Based mendy goes down the reference. A freak if many goes down the majority of the teams aims to referee will give the free kick the fact that it didn't go down probably went against them. He should have gone down. I play of that experience. You know what you should have done. I should've stuck his big tool through the ball and kicked over the stand and then ask questions later. That's how this whole thing was avoidable. Be Interesting to see cities reaction Shin then there are mentioned against Sheffield United big favorites going into this game. What sort of city do you expect us to see? I'll be shocked to The city was seen all of this season team. That will go forward team that will create a team. That will probably score But you'll see a team that when you lose the ball and the bolts turned over the opposition this team Sheffield United again after them though bill pilot. So I'm I'm expecting exactly what I've seen all season. Meanwhile of course me give out data in charge of also against Chelsea Chelsea go into this game as favorites and I know you said said earlier in the week Stevie you believe that Chelsea will indeed take all three points a friend this game. That's the big game south of the border. Meanwhile in Scotland Rangers against Celtic Celtic against Rangers. The Old Darby five points separate some of the top of the table I just want to remind everyone that stevie up a big rangers Fan Yep Before we get your Pay For this one. Well I'm when you play professionally. You flee the same team and so she shorts piece of time because the couple but he's pleading to cut last week. It's very unusual that one team once twice right unusual it really. Oh Yes oh and the show little between these two sites the I think ranges are gonna come on Air Baradei's just this radio tells you you watch going. We'll see what happens in five. No lose up so he can sell granges. Yeah right that's it and in and just a reminder tomorrow will be. We'll be looking back at that much. Plus discussing the big gains in the primary link. Steve Nichols off Robeson with me in the studio. What a treat? What went into extra-time Steve Niccolo glasses exile? Would you ever go to bed. I stick mine in the side of his now. Spent two right. I'm late Rawson. I'll take the asleep and then the whole Shebang appreciate it. What would be more impressive for Liverpool and invincible for Munich season? Four Premiere League Champions Take Dublin Camping domain yet. That's more the difficulties rule undefeated the whole season is. I'll tell you though. One team has an against them. I don't feel Hungry Years Playa. Surely you'd want to another trophy them being invincible. I'm surprised you even a discussion l.. Show now you prefer to the whole so you would lose the next round. He'd lose them thank. You don't have to lose. You could lose. You can lose the foul. Oh great see lose in the final four hold on a second right Liverpool City Champions League before Yes yes right right ever GonNa hold her. Many other teams in the interest of the game began of done as a fan I would. I would much prefer for to win win title than go in Vince. I think it's hard to go through all season on defeating. Talk to win a cup competition for yourself so you prefer that as a player you know I could sit here and I'll give you that the when important. No are you roll all right now. Listen if somebody wants to see your season buy your bread. Ball has to be the most important the Lee believe yes but invincible. You don't get extra points extra special thing you will be spoken about next year's put nobody else you'll you'll get you'll get a little lying near the you say that you again. If you ward won five titles Liverpool on a European Cup you trade that European in for an invincible sees. Yeah we did. We did them for you. No no I understand history of the game. It's only one right fishing. Look how I wonder how also fans field why would they traded invincible run for the winning events up Mount Phenomenon. I think they would go. No you know what we retain China's name but maybe I'm wrong. Let us know at Hispanic Z.. Really hate the frequency of the festive pictures or is it just something that manage. Just give me something an exclusive cover the box a bet on June. I don't think HDFS it's something you've always done. You've always been involved in. That happens every Moore's levels so I I don't remember I don't remember plan right. So as Feuerbach's which Combo prefer Kafue Maldini say some lines about four alarmed hasn't thirteen Collini Alvis fifteen lifting or Alexandrov. We can put killing off to try again. He's out of the problem. The problem to try and Wilson is the stock. But that's the biggest problem when you think of the careers and their longevity of Copter Maldini to see this gopher Rowlinson Alley on the Kasimov. You Need Food Mall Dini do along the way. The games played by Toby over with John. Do Without Maldini Manila surfing the region with no Aleksandra Donald. Thank you. I will have totally go with through and Malvinas again today to dismiss in live rashes finish. Tonight's thanks describe the SCRUFFY EST go. You've ever smelled Russia. I can't remember ever fallen over in. That could petting something going. I actually went to school. The hot object against Newcastle. And the fuss want right from my Yondo. Mainly misstep well because I just missed a misjudged. The ball obviously expecting to bowl just to come off the grabbed a little okay and so ended up actually in Britain and we'd be stopped by bully but again ruled good look to be Who Watch yourself much now? You don't have a couple of bud sit back. Put on Youtube. Steve Nichols greatest moments now. What's more difficult playing snowing raining police north? But I can't see you can see through. Did you like bringing the rain. The Difference Between Plan and the rain and just straight down as completely different blowing sideways shade with his way of life swollen. Yeah you know on a sigh of the around around four fairly under the floodlights is going down. And it's where the both the bowl fire them fantastic. Yeah it comes straight down. The wind along with chicken wins or boneless wings. Bonus I come to with the nonsense I will not. I would eat chicken. Golden Fried Chicken Wings. I could not see all this nonsense sitting down. You can get up to your stuffing at the hawk. Okay so you got focus. I've ever been boneless aboard on a million ball as leads us into our laws. Stevia was outbreak of mad cow disease. What would you eat Steven Mintz browbeat? What were the top gear? Chicken Hashtag Chick-fil-a I start ticking. I'm guessing chicken boneless chicken then. Good stuff brings me to another extra time. Just remind I'll be back tomorrow. Shirt Robson will be joining me in studio asking me invincible against the European Cup on us a good show. It'll be interesting. You do good idea yes.

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