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"gop hogan" Discussed on WCBM 680 AM

"It was amusing on Star Trap Primary computer. It was entertaining on Knight Rider were get think they give you a radio. What would you like to hear? What the hell was that? But now, science fiction is science Fact has no reason before increased volume and talking to your smart devices as easy as telling it. Which station you'd like to listen to. And her smart devices don't need oil changes. Ha ha ha! This His talk radio 6 80 wcbs a 30 something right now and talk radio 6 18 wcbm bit more on the story about the start. Weaver's Shawn because it's important. No, this story has been out there. About this guy for some time and the swamp media buried it over over and over again. For example, back in 2004. The Karl Rove on noted that Weaver had made a pass a young man at a state Republican function in Texas. Weaver would not reply to what the Atlantic called a smear. But those close to him told the Atlantic that their outrage at this an old lie well, it wasn't a lie. The swamp media covered it, then coded for the next couple of decades on now, finally, that it's no longer useful to have him out there attacking Trump finally. The truth is being told. Imagine if you were one of these young men that Weaver made a pass at you trying to say Hey, hello. This guy is not He's not a good guy, and I was 14. He made a pass at me. And being ignored because somehow Weaver was fitting your agenda of being the guy inside the Republican Party who's attacking the Republican Party. Well, it's the Democrat mantra. Who cares? Let's say we're it. Z Governor Andrew Cuomo, who cares? It's the media. Who cares if it's a Democrat? Who cares? Was Republican. We're gonna nail Millwall Bond. We've we've noticed that that is this typical, hypocritical double standard that we see now and the cancel culture again. There there. It's just off the charts. We have Washington Compost in an op ed. Says Trump must never be allowed to have a presidential library. Now they want to take that away from the president. There. Decider of this now? Oh, yeah. Washington Compost and Jeff Bezos. Dr John Eastman. Remember him? He was probably featured during the election. Fraud run up. He was fired from Chapman University on Friday after he spoke at the January 6 Rally in D. C. Former students are coming to his defense. Doesn't matter. Cancel culture will get you no matter where you go if you're trump associate ID, and there's a rumor now, according to CNN, the two lead lawyers Three other attorneys fired from Trump. There are not far from Trump, who left Trump's team, You know that they were the fascist thugs in the left. We're after them. And so they decided to get out of dodge, just like we saw the president election terms, but I don't want to point out that Bob Ehrlich might have been the last real Republican toe hold. The governor's mansion in the state of Maryland, and that might be for the foreseeable future. Because we have now. These are the names of Republicans were considered running in next year. Rhino, Michael Steele. Ehrlich. So lieutenant governor. Hogan's other GOP Hogan's lieutenant governor, Boyd Rutherford. Nice man, but nothing really remarkable there. Very Glassman is the Harford County. Executive. On Ben on the Democrat side. You've got Peter Franchot. The controller from the formerly from the People's Republic of Takoma Park. Fiscally not too bad but socially. You know your typical back a little radical Tom Perez. Oh, my God. And Anthony Brown was a military background. But now is a policy progressive. Jonny zero. AM and prep. Maybe the guy that on the Democrat side that wouldn't be all that bad. John Delaney The former business brain. He is completely out of step with today's Democrats know many. Many of those you just listed are. I think that the smart money is going to go on Peter Franchot, but you know, I was way wrong on the race for Baltimore County executive I didn't think was just get a chance. Frankly, I'm he's now the county is that s O. Who knows? Yeah. And you look at the number of progressives of the General Assembly. And you look at the weakening of the Republican Party. You know, for all his criticism of Donald Trump, Larry Hogan did nothing. Repeat nothing. To build The Republican Party in the state of Maryland over to grow it. He failed in the drive for five, and now the Republicans have become less conservative. Maura Center left. In our General assembly. It's Zaghloul food that's going on right now. But do you for see really the way the state is constructed and the way that you see the General Assembly now with a veto proof progressive majority? Any shot of a real Republican. No winning statewide again here in the state right now that's currently constructed known and unless there is a significant realignment and End to the brutal Jerry Mandarin we see in this state. I don't see that there's an opportunity have more than one Republican Congress person despite the fact that what that would imply is That we only have, you know, a pretty 1/7 of 1/8 of Republicans in this state that just it's not reasonable to think that That they've managed Jerry Mander a couple of district so badly that the Jew P doesn't have a chance there. No. When I first came to Baltimore, there were there were four Republican members of Congress say here Yeah, Yeah, and and two of those were largely very liberal to center left Republicans, but Again. It's we've watched it over the years dwindled down to one and yours will be with us tomorrow on the way in studio, so we'll get his latest on that in his new Competition for despite the fact that Governor Hogan was not successful in the drive for five. He has consultants from what I understand her putting together some additional Which is that you might use moving forward free s'mores for four. Um, up the tree for three. And, hey, it's you for two, So they have not settled on which they're going to go forth yet, but I just wanted. You know, Sean, they're still working away of this. They're working away a 43 right now. Traffic and weather on the threes. Chuck Baker. Hey, Alexis Moores. You like the s'mores there? Okay. I think it's in the grass and up and never mind. Okay? His mind was working that entire time that you were reading that off. He just he goes. He goes to change the camera looking at growth. That's what I was thinking about the whole time. Listen, I've been stressed out since five o'clock this morning of all this crap. Oh, yeah. Little relief time here. It's so rough for you, huh? Yeah, my dear listeners, Mark Dear listeners just pointed out. Leave the roof of your car. You know, you see this stuff and she got going that road..

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